My name is Jaron, and I'm 21 years old. All throughout high school I'd been made fun of because I was a little skinny, and because I didn't know I was gay. Everyone else did though.

I came out a year after high school.

I had blue eyes and spiky blond hair. Since I left high school, I'd started lifting weights and attempted to put on some muscle, and it was successful! I looked good! Narrow hips, broad shoulders, and I'd even made my ass get tight and round.

In a good way of course.

Anyway, I had worn contacts since I was 12 years old, and I needed some new ones desperately. I hadn't been to any eye clinics recently, so I made an appointment at the local place down the road from my college. I'd never been there before.

I walked there from my single bedroom apartment on a warm Saturday morning. I was wearing my favorite Green Day shirt, some khaki shorts, and some white TOMS shoes.

I knew I looked good.

As I stepped into the eye clinic, a bell jingled somewhere in the back. A young man came up to the counter, and I immediately recognized him.

Andrew Compton. A hunky football player and wrestler who was a year older than I was. My God he still looked sexy. I'd always wanted to have sex with him, but I never was brave enough to proposition my fantasies went unfulfilled. He had dark hair and light eyes, broad shoulders, a small belly, and great legs and a beautiful ass. He didn't wear glasses back then, but now he wore a pair of dark rimmed ones, they were kind of square, but they made him look hot and smart. I nearly drooled.

He didn't recognize me at first.

'Can I help you?' he asked.

'Yeah, I'm Jaron Colbert and I have an appointment scheduled for 10.'

'Oh, sure. Come on back, you're my only appointment today.'

And without anything else, I followed him past the counter and walked behind him down a hallway full of creepy pictures of eyes and eye diseases...these doctors were weird!

As I followed him I checked out his ass. Damn. He had a nice ass, and when he turned suddenly, I didn't notice until I was staring at his crotch. I looked up suddenly.

'Right in here, please,' he said as he pointed into a room. He didn't seem like he'd noticed my staring. Thank goodness.

'Thanks,' I replied.

The room was nice enough. An examination chair and a stool, a small computer and an eye chart. And that was it.

'Go ahead and have a seat on the chair, and we'll get started.'

I sat.

'Do you have your contacts in or not?' he asked.

'No, I didn't put them in this morning. I don't wear them that often, but I just need some new ones.'

'Okay, not a problem, let's just get some tests done here,' he said, and then the tests began.

After about 20 minutes, Andrew had a packet of papers on my eye health and pictures of my eyes. He studied them for awhile and then put my new contact lenses in for me, which was a little odd, but I didn't complain about the closeness between us.

'Okay, I'm just gonna have to come out and say it, do I know you?' he asked suddenly.

'Yeah, I think you do. We went to high school together.'

'Right! Jaron! I can't believe I didn't recognize you at first, you look good. You used to be so skinny.'

'After high school I kind of changed my eating habits and started bulking up. You look good too, by the way,' I added.


And that was it for a few seconds. He asked me about my contacts and other eye related topics for a few minutes, and then something slipped out that I wasn't expecting...

'So, have you come out of the closet yet?'

'Yeah,' I answered without thinking. Immediately I blushed.

'Well it's about time. Everyone knew you were gay, we just were wondering when you'd tell everyone.'

'It's no concern of yours what my sexual orientation is or not,' I said, getting heated.

'Whoa,' he said, 'I don't mean to offend, I'm just asking questions.'

'Sorry, it's a touchy subject. People made my life a living hell in high school. Your friends, even.'

'I'm sorry about that. But, we just wanted to know. I wanted to know,' he said.

'Why would you want to know that?' I asked.

'Because I wanted to is all. Only curious.'

'Yeah, well if you're really curious, you'd do something about it,' I said.

'Suck my dick, then.'

I didn't need telling twice. I climbed out of the chair and started undoing his belt. He started unbuttoning his shirt and took that off, leaving his black tie in place against his stomach. I got his belt undone and unzipped his khakis, letting his large member flop out, and it hit me in the face. I took it in my mouth immediately, and he moaned.

'Damn, you do that better than a girl!' he cried.

I released his dick and took it in my hand, kissing his lower abdomen.

'That's because I know what guys like. I am a guy, after all.'

'Fuck,' he murmured softly as I took his hard dick in my mouth again. My tongue swirling around his head got him really crazy, and after a minute or two, he grabbed the back of my head and began fucking my face, his 8 inch member sliding in and out of my thick lips.

He moved in and out faster and faster until his cock was touching my tonsils! Damn, he was really into this! Soon, he shuddered and I felt semen go right down my throat, and he shouted loudly, 'Holy fuck!' and then collapsed onto the exam chair.

He looked so hot sitting there with his dark rimmed glasses and tie, a bit of cum oozing out of the tip of his semi-hard cock. My own cock was sitting straight up, stretching my khaki fabric to the max. He looked up at me after a minute and then looked at my cock. He had a fire in his eyes I'd never seen before, and then he looked up at me.

'Go ahead,' I said.

He stood up and unzipped my pants, and began jacking me off. His smooth hand felt so good on my cock, and his face, strained with the effort of keeping up a fast pace turned me on so much! Not three minutes went by when I felt it...the rushing before the explosion, and before I could warn him I came, all over his face.

He laughed.

'Damn, you came a lot!' he said, wiping the cum off of his face with a tissue.

'Yeah, well you turn me on. I've wanted to suck you off since high school,' I replied, hoping I wasn't revealing too much.

'Well don't get used to it. I got a girlfriend and she'll be pissed if she knows I'm gettin' sucked off by another guy. Even if you are better than her,' he said, putting his pants back on. 'You can go ahead and wait for me outside.'

I left the room after pulling my shorts back up. I was nervous, wondering what he was going to do to me now. Now that I'd shown my true colors.

He came out of the room about 2 minutes later, looking like nothing had happened, except for a spot of cum he'd missed on his chin.

'So, after you left the room,' he began, 'I gave it some thought, and I'm gonna leave this a secret . Only you and I can know about this. Okay?'

'Okay,' I said. There wasn't another option in my book.

'And,' he said as he reached into his pocket, 'here's my business card. I'd like to do more with you. If you're horny, whenever, day or night, give me a call, and we'll get down and dirty.'

'You're joking,' I said.

'No, I'm not. I think you've turned me,' he said, smiling. 'Either that, or I didn't realize that all those images I had in my head of you sucking me off meant that I was gay all along!'

I giggled slightly, and leaned in close to his face. When he didn't move away, I wiped the cum off his chin with my finger, placed it in my mouth, and then leaned in to kiss him.

He responded eagerly, grabbing my ass in the process. After we broke apart, he told me to go ahead and go. Promising to give him a call, I walked out the door, not even realizing I didn't pay until I was back home.

I'd never felt luckier in my whole life.


Alex Chamberlain

[email protected]


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