For the better (or worse) part of two years I had been part of a committee who, with almost fanatical determination had turned an ugly slice of city into a beautifully landscaped park. We had persevered, only been arrested twice, managed to scrounge up more money than we'd ever dreamed possible, and in general struck a blow for the little people. I liked to sit on one of the green benches in the evening and watch the fruits of my labors being enjoyed. Young people, old people, and some very tiny people on the playground. And, as of the past two weeks...him.

He was probably my age. Professional. Dressed well, usually in three-piece-suits. Carried a briefcase. His thick blonde hair was a little long, but well cut. He walked in every night at about 6:00pm, stared off into space for a while, not looking like he was waiting for anyone, then got up and strolled away. He had no idea he was leaving me staring after him with hunger. I didn't know what he'd do if he knew. I had no plans to tell him. It was enough to watch him and think thoughts. I saw him smile suddenly, and turned my head casually to see what he was smiling at. He was smiling at a local couple. A remarkable couple, who had been together for about 100 years or so, they always said laughing. Two little old men. As I turned my head back, my eyes met those of the blonde. For a second we exchanged looks of wistful, tender envy for the two old men, then smiled at each other. He got up and walked to me, his briefcase bumping against his knee, then dropped on the bench next to me. 'You know,' he said, 'I'm starting to feel kinda weird, coming here every night to stare at you. I sit over there in this beautiful park with a hardon and wait for the cops to tap me on the shoulder. It's giving me nightmares.'

He wandered around my apartment, with his hands in his pockets as I threw stuff together for dinner. We had established that he was Michael and I was David. We were both 30, both gay, both well-adjusted to that fact, and both horny as hell. 'I'm beginning to feel I couldn't get fucked in a prison shower,' he deadpanned at me. 'You could in my shower,' I fired back. That established, we relaxed and started in on the evening. Dinner was relaxed and fun. We watched a really bad porno flick together, holding hands, for heaven's sake. As the credits ran, we turned, smiled at each other...and lost complete hormonal control.

I swear, I tried to go easy on his clothes, but I basically ripped them off him. He was so hot and nasty he didn't even try and save my clothes. His eyes had gone dark, his face flushed, his breathing hoarse and ragged...and his mouth suctioned to whatever part of my body was the closest. He tongued my mouth for a long time, then sucked a brand on my neck, turned both my nipples into red bullets, gave me a nice set of teeth marks down my side, flipped me over and chewed on my ass. I'd never been with anybody that turned on, and it was incredible. Finally, I managed to get a hand over his mouth and yank him onto his back. I mounted his upper thighs and stared down at the wild-eyed face struggling under my palm. 'My turn,' I growled, and lowered my mouth to his left nipple. I sucked hard, and he bucked and thrashed and poured precum from a cock that looked ready to explode. I worked on both nipples until they were wet, dark and huge, like little cocks sticking out from his chest.

That made me remember something. I yanked Michael to his feet, dragged him into the bedroom, and basically tossed him over one shoulder onto the bed. He landed like a big cat, staring at me with gleaming, manic eyes. I opened a bottom drawer, and took out a box that had been left down there for a long time. I flipped the lid off with one finger, and scooped out two objects. I held them up. Nipple clamps. Michael's eyes blazed as he stared at them and licked his lips.

First I had to control my animal mate. I managed to get him flipped to his back, avoiding his hands and teeth, and got one wrist handcuffed to the headboard. Cuffing the other wrist was easier. He snarled at me, and began to spit obscenities, fighting against the cuffs as hard as he could. My balls felt like they'd explode. I sat on him, put a leather dog collar around his throat and attached a leash to it. I gave a warning tug on the leash. 'Be good, pet,' I said harshly. He lay still and glared at me. I licked and sucked his nipples, then put the clamp on the left one. He gasped, and his back arched. I clamped his right nipple, making sure they were both in the right place. He writhed on the bed in an orgy of sensory pleasure as I watched. I put another clamp on his scrotum and he went wild.

It took me a minute to find the rest of the things I'd stashed away. He watched me, his entire body trembling. I put a thick studded leather collar around my own neck, and matching wristbands around my wrists. I stared at him hard, then stimulated my own nipples and clamped them. His eyes went wide, and he gasped at me. 'Fuck me!' he groaned. 'Oh, shit, fuck me hard!' I shook my head at him, and dumped a few items on the bed. A leather riding crop. A nasty looking 12' dildo. Several lengths of strong leather cord.

I looped one of the cords and put it around his right foot. I passed one end through the headboard and pulled steadily. His knee went up as his leg folded back. I tied that leg securely, then raised and tied the other. He was completely trussed, his sweet ass exposed for me. I picked up the riding crop and smacked it against my palm. Michael growled at me. I swung the riding crop against his ass. He howled, his back arching, his cock deepening in color to purple. I whipped both his ass cheeks evenly, then stopped because I was afraid he'd shoot his wad on the ceiling if I didn't. 'Fucking little whore,' I whispered. 'Fucking little whore. Think your little ass pussy can take this?' I held up the dildo. The thing was huge, with bumps of different heights and thicknesses all over it. I rubbed it up and down the inside of his thighs to let him feel it. 'Think so, my bitch? Think you can take this?' He thought so. He begged for it.

I got his ass ready with a couple of well-lubricated fingers, then used the riding crop on the inside of his thighs, smacking him a few times just to watch his cock twitch. Finally, I put the dildo against his hole and made him beg. When he'd begged himself into a helpless, horny frenzy, I worked the dildo in slowly. His eyes went huge. 'Shit!' he breathed. 'Oh, fucking shit!' He humped at the thing, trying to slam as much of it inside as he could. I stared down in disbelief as he shoved it deeper and deeper into his ass. I pulled it out a little, and he gasped, then humped his ass at it to take it back in. I slowly and methodically fucked his sweet ass with the vicious thing as he howled and poured precum. Just when I started to worry I was giving him too much, his back arched, his eyes rolled back in his head and he screamed. Cum shot out of his cock with incredible force. I'd never seen anybody cum like that, just stream after stream firing out as if from a hose. It eventually slowed to a dribble and his screams died away. He lay still with his eyes closed, gasping for breath. I withdrew the dildo as gently as possible and untied him. He twitched violently as I removed the nipple clamps, then drifted into sleep. I lay next to him, holding him, keeping him warm, thinking about how long it had been since I'd fucked like this and how much I'd missed it. Finally I fell asleep with my head on Michael's shoulder.

I very reluctantly left the hot, nasty dream I was having for consciousness, then snapped my eyes open and discovered why the dream had been so erotic. I was lying on the bed, my right wrist bound to my right ankle, my left wrist bound to my left ankle. I had a black leather dog collar around my neck. The leash was stretched taut down my body and wrapped a couple of times around my balls. Any movement or struggling on my part would not be wise. I stared at Michael. He stood at the foot of the bed, wearing leather collar, wristbands and belt, and snapping a riding crop against his palm. My cock got immediately hard, pulling against the leash, which hurt a little and made my rod even harder. He smiled at me, and the look was part wicked, part demanding and all horny.

'Tell me you're my pet,' he said simply. I made a show of closing my mouth tightly and remaining silent. He lashed the hell out of my ass with the riding crop. I couldn't fight, because that caused the leash to strangle my balls. I took it for as long as I could, then started to howl 'I'm your pet! I'm your pet!' Michael played with his pet. He sucked and pinched my nipples until I was gasping, then applied nipple clamps. He put clamps on my scrotum, then took clothespins and attached them to my ass. My body was in an orgy of pleasure/pain, my cock so hard and swollen I really thought it would burst. He lashed the inside of my thighs, and each twitching response my body made to the crop caused the leash to tighten on my balls, which in turn caused the scrotum clamps to pull. I submitted to it all, if you can call eagerly lusting after something submitting.

Finally he picked up the vicious looking dildo and laid it on my stomach. I stared at it as he lubricated a finger and worked it into my ass. It seemed to be even more huge than it had been when I'd fucked Michael's ass with it. I swear the damn thing looked as if it was pulsing. My ass took two, then three of Michael's probing fingers, then he gave me a leer. 'Time to play, pet,' he said, and swung his body so that he mounted my mouth and lowered his cock. His shaft was stiffening again, and I opened my mouth greedily to take it. He fucked my mouth for a few minutes, until his cock was good and hard, then I felt the dildo press against my asshole. He worked it in slowly, but it was all I could do not to scream. The fucking thing was huge, and the bumps stimulated my almost beyond endurance. I shifted my hips, which set off a chain reaction of pain involving leash and clamps that made me gasp. 'Suck me,' he ordered. I sucked as hard as I could, and he proceeded to fuck my ass, gently at first, then harder as my ass accepted it's impalement. He lowered his mouth to my cock and nipped it, then sucked it hard. He did something to the leash so that every time he slid his lips all the way down it pulled at my balls. There was so damn much sensation in my body I thought I'd lose my mind. Michael started using his teeth, sliding them lightly up and down my shaft as the furious fucking of my ass with the dildo continued. The pet lost his tenuous grip on sanity. I exploded up to a level of sexual fulfillment I never dreamed existed.

I came so long and so hard I thought I'd had a stroke. My head was splitting, and I wasn't certain of anything except that the room was spinning and all feeling in my body had gone. Michael's cock seemed to be hovering in mid-air in front of me and I watched it pump cum all over my chest. The cum was hot and soothing. He fell over in a heap, then managed to drag himself around to untie my wrists and ankles, which I had forgotten were still bound. He laid me out neatly, then cuddled against me. With the exception of the splitting headache that was the result of the largest orgasm I'd ever had, I was numb.

Michael and I explore the far reaches of our sexuality together on a pretty regular basis now. We also spend every evening sitting quietly together on a bench in the park.


Morgan Grayson

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