Hot tears streaked down Adam's burning cheeks, gently tracing sweet and sticky lines from the soft curves of his eyes to the corners of his lips as though they were fingertips caressing his face. His soft and full red lips were slick with the warm, thick spittle that was forming uncontrollably around the wide ball gag crudely rammed into his mouth. The enticing crimson circle was stretched almost to the point of losing definition, becoming merely a stretched, pinkish line around the big black orb that blocked his orifice; but Adam's captor could still see how bright, how full, and how shapely his fresh lips were. From his standing position he looked over his acquisition; kneeling on his shins, wrists and elbows tightly bound, ankles shackled, shuddering breath, dribble trickling from his lips onto his smooth chest, eyes closed. He grabbed the leather straps of the gag that ran around the boy's head and tightened them even further. Each strap visibly dug into his skin, cutting sweet red indentations into his smooth, even, milky flesh.

"Good, good boy", the man thought. He wanted to speak; he wanted to tell the boy so many things, but at this moment couldn't. Flushed skin met his advance; he reached out and softly brushed Adam's cheek with the back of his hand. The boy was too terrified to even flinch. Adam's smooth, sweet face was almost too much to bear and the man, with his other hand, reached down and fondled his rock hard erection. He could feel his heart beating hard and he felt, enveloping all of his other thoughts, an impossible to resist desire to possess Adam, to enter him and make the boy utterly his. Falling to his knees behind the boy, he stroked his cock harder and breathed on the boy's neck. A shudder ran down the boy's spine, a soft, gentle, practically feminine fluttering.

Hot, excited breath kissed Adam's neck and big hands roughly grabbed his shoulders. Though he wanted to fight he couldn't move; he screwed his eyes shut even more tightly and a few silent tears escaped. The hands gripped and played with the small knots of muscle in his neck and shoulders before moving down along the white arms that were so smooth that they may have felt as though they were waxed, and after that they jumped as if between two electric wires to his small but nicely defined chest. The huge red hands mauled Adam's skin, staining the delicate white surface with crude and ugly blotches as they worked down to his nipples. The man initially rubbed them gently - almost lovingly - in circular rubbing motions, and his thumbs flicked the unwillingly erect tips whilst his fingers teased the bright pink areolas. As if in a mockery of sensual pleasure, Adam's head rolled back, drooping onto the man's shoulder; he seemed to take this as an invitation and greedily, hungrily, ravenously began to lick and suck the juicy flesh of his neck.

In this way the man worked himself into a frenzy and began to bite into Adam's neck so hard that he tried to cry out, though of course he could only make a pathetic muffled sob that, if anything, drove the man on more to bite and grope even more vigorously. Between his fingers he held Adam's nipples in a crippling grip, allowing them no escape from the tortuous pain as he rolled them first one way, then the other, and then pulled them as far out from his body as they would stretch. It was only when he felt a warm trickle of blood seeping from the tips of the bruised (yet still sweet and attractive little buds) that he stopped, with an epiphanic expression firmly fixed on his face.

For a brief moment he released Adam from his overpowering embrace as he moved closer to the boy; now his thighs straddled Adam's and seemed to swallow them up, utterly immobilising him; his hips and pubis rested on Adam's supple ass, an ass that protruded alluringly like two sweet round fruits begging to be squeezed and pierced; and his sagging paunch nestled inside the graceful curve of Adam's lower back. Leaning forward, he could feel the pleasant sensation of Adam's wriggling shoulderblades on his big nipples, widely spread on his big chest, thickly matted with dark hair.

One arm suddenly wrapped around Adam, who fell absolutely still as if dead. The other reached down between his legs and grabbed his cock. The shaft was totally engorged, tense and thickly veined to the touch, and the head was slathered in precum. With the shaft being guided by his hand and amidst various subtle repositionings of his hips, he led the swollen tip to Adam's tiny hole. Unconsciously, it tensed, and the musky smell of anal sex rose to the man's nostrils. Gently, teasingly, he rubbed his glans around the boy's rosebud, and he held him tighter as the boy started to writhe and shake, as if finally aware of what awaited him.

And then, roughly, crudely, with no thought of anything but the expected joy of being enclosed by the majestic hole before him, he pushed himself inside of Adam. It took several huge, powerful thrusts to work even the tip in; but he continued brutally and within four or five minutes his entire sizeable shaft was lodged inside Adam's whimpering form. The violence of the entry had left Adam's whole body racked by shallow convulsions and his face covered in a thin film of tears and sweat.

The man breathed, relaxing a little, and allowed the sensation of unbelievable tightness to seep through his cock and into the whole of his body; his skin tingled with bliss. Never before had he felt so utterly enclosed by another human being; never before had he felt so close to another, so near to physical oneness. Even the slightest movement, either from him pushing himself imperceptibly against the boys buttocks, or from within the boy, as a result of his trembling, caused the man more pleasure than he had ever known. He pulled the boy against him, as if wishing to feel the greatest possible amount of his skin against his own as possible; particularly enjoyable was the feeling of Adam's firm, spherical buttocks against the sensitive skin of his thighs and hips. With his thighs he squeezed Adam's legs together even more tightly, leaned down as if to somehow press the boy inside of him, and began to fuck.

Each thrust was incredible; and even from the very first it seemed like a fight not to come too quickly, to enjoy this moment for as long as possible. His glans seemed on fire; his whole body was tense as though it were pulled taut by some invisible current; the rub of friction on his taut skin was like a religious experience. And somehow, as he fucked, he seemed to open the boy up even further, progressing ever deeper inside of him. As the boy's hole finally began to accept the fullness - the pressure exerted from it on all sides, an irremovable blockage that scraped and pushed and utterly filled his whole being - it began to widen, and the man's passage was eased. He sped up, pistoning wildly inside the boy, only slowing down as he felt almost unable to prevent his climax. Eventually though, after agonisingly avoiding spilling his load in the boy's ass several times, he felt unable to hold back and, with a series of deep slamming thrusts that juddered slowly to a halt, reached an incredible climax inside the boy, filling his hole with a pool of thick white cum.

The man stayed hard despite his climax and sat inside the boy for a few minutes with his arms tightly around his waist. As he eventually began to soften he pulled out and a string of cum dropped out of Adam's hole just as it snapped shut again. Standing up he looked down on the beautiful boy, admiring the curve of his back as he curled into a ball, and the flushed pallor of his gorgeous skin. Adam did not look up as the man walked around and crouched down again, and still did not even as the man ran a hand through his hair and touched his neck.

"Thank you", he said. Now Adam looked up, his bright eyes looking even more lovely and demure through their moist veil.

"You've been very good. I'll be coming to see you again later."

Then he stood up and flicked off the dim yellow lamp in the corner. As he left the door of the grey room clicked shut behind him with finality leaving Adam with no light, no sound and no control; all he had was the steadily dripping seed that slowly fell from his bruised and torn hole.

Later that day the man came back and fucked Adam's ass again. He came no less intensely than before and finished by shooting his load deep inside the boy with a sigh of mindless satisfaction.

A strange thing then occurred. With his cock still inside the young man he leaned closer and released the gag from his mouth. Adam instantly turned with a gaping mouth and sloppily kissed his attacker, who returned the kiss no less eagerly.

As they kissed passionately and with a sense of desperate need, two big arms lovingly encircled Adam and held him tight. They stayed there even as the kiss stopped and the man alone continued, nibbling at Adam's lips and cheeks.

"Thank you, baby."

"I love you. I hope you enjoyed that." The man smiled and stroked Adam's wet hole by way of confirmation.

"I'm glad you got so into that... It felt so real. And you look so hot like this."

Closing his eyes and smiling slightly, it was true that Adam looked as good as he'd ever done. Huskily he murmured, "So. Is that all you've got for me?" And, coyly smiling, he arched his back, and opened his mouth expectantly.


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