“Crap, now what?”

I just got off the highway and turned up Oak Lawn Ave. and all of a sudden it’s stopped. Traffic is creeping along at a snails pace. Traffic on Oak Lawn is never this bad, something must be going on up ahead. It had been a bitch of a day and after getting off work I got in my car and headed home and traffic hadn’t been bad, I flew down I-35 in a flash and I’m thinking I’ll be home with my shoes off and feet up before you know it but it wasn’t in the cards. My apartment wasn’t to far from this mess so I start looking for a turn off to zig zag across the neighborhood or as we call it, the Gay-borhood as it backs up the the strip where most of gay Dallas go’s to party. I creep up to Maple Ave and turn left but it look’s as though I wasn’t the only one so I immediately turn right on Shelby and hang a left on Fairmount St. It’s looking like a made a good decision, I just might make it home in good time after all. Lots of stop signs but at least I’m not just sitting in a line of traffic. This is a quiet area in the day time, apartments and some older single family homes, I’d lived in the area for years so I knew several guys who lived here and had been in a lot of those apartments. I’m sitting at another stop sign as the cars are going past and something catches my eye. Is that a naked guy on the balcony of that apartment? His lower body isn’t in complete view but it appears he’s stroking his cock! I’m just sitting there in my car and leaning forward trying to get a better look, thankful no one is behind me. I drive across the street and I’m still looking up as I approach his perch. Well, I was almost correct in my assumption, he’s not naked, he has on jeans but that all. His naked torso is fantastic, this guy is hot. His jeans are open and only held up by what I would discover was a perky as hell ass and big muscled thighs and that fat cock with it’s neatly trimmed black bush was almost a shock on his pale creamy smooth skin. It’s like he’s a marble statue come to life. His skin is so pale and fine, his nipples are like large pink spots on his big pecs. His hair is black and that plus his pubes and a few dark whisps in his pits seem to be the only hair on that beautiful body. But that cock! Holy fucking shit, that cock was a work of art. His balcony was off his bedroom and he kept walking back and forth from the bed to the raining apparently on the phone but playing with his hard cock. I drove on and made a U turn and now I’m across the street looking up watching him. Ether he’s oblivious to that fact that he’s being watched or he’s ignoring me. Ether way, I’m rooted in my spot watching his hot looking guy stroke that cock. He steps back into his room and sits on the bed and is absentmindedly stroking his cock as he’s talking on the phone and that’s when he looks down at me across the street in my car and smiles and makes a head jerk to let me know to come over. I get out of my car and make my way across the street and I can se into his big open picture window. I see him coming down the stairs, finally off the phone and looking so sexy, bare foot shirtless and still with that big hard cock out. He opens his front door and welcomes me in.

“Hi! How long were you sitting there watching?” He grins at me

“Not long, I was enjoying the show. Need some help with that?” I nod to his big cock. I reach down and grab hold and start stroking it. He has something slick on it and it feels great in my hand but not like all slimy and slippery like most lubes.

“Sure dude, go for it”

“I love that you stroke off on the balcony”

“I like to do more than that up there, wanna go up?”

“Lets go”

He turns and runs back up the stairs and that’s when I noticed that perky round ass that was holding his jeans up. I follow him up and no sooner than we reach the top he stripped out of his jeans and he’s totally naked except for a chrome cock ring. His ass is fabulous, not a hair on it and his body is naturally smooth and so pale, not a trace of a tan line.

“Get out of your cloths, lets have some fun”

I’m stripping as fast as I can and he’s sitting straddling the corner of his bed stroking his cock. I get the last of my clothes off and kneel down in front of him in the open doorway of his sliding glass door onto the balcony. No one to watch us but I can hope. I swallow his cock down my throat and what ever that lube is, it’s tasteless and kind of helps me slide it down easier. He’s holding my head and fucking my face, I’m holding his muscular thighs and loving this. He slides his right hand down my back and reaches for my ass and slips the tip of his index finger around my ass lips and pops it in. I arch my back so he can reach better and he starts finger fucking me.

“You wanna fuck?”

I pull off his cock and turn around.

“What do you think?”

With that, he reaches over and grabs this white plastic jar and scoops two finders into this white stuff that looks like Crisco and starts stroking his cock. He slides down in the floor and positions himself behind me were I kneel. He slides those lubed up fingers up my ass again and starts opening me up. Still stroking his cock he pulls his fingers out and replaces it with his raw cock. Slowly he slides all the way in me until he bottoms out, slips back a fraction and bangs back in really hard.

“By the way, I’m Steve. You got a great ass. Sure know how to take a cock”

This all happened so fast, one minute I’m sitting in traffic all pissed off and a very short time later a total stranger is balls deep up my ass barebacking me.

“We got an audience, you ok with that?”

“Hell yeah. Pull it out and show him that big cock you’re fucking me with. Oh yeah, ram it back in, fuck my ass” I could see the guy across the street behind my car, stroking his cock and pinching his nipple. He’s loving the show and Steve is loving being watched.

“Dude, I’m getting close. Where do you want it?”

“Cum in me, breed my ass, don’t pull out. Fill that ass full.”

“Oh yeah, take that cum, hear it comes”

Steve just kept slamming away at my well used hole. Slowly he stops fucking and slips his still hard cock out of me. I look over at out watcher, a 20 something and he has lifted his ass off the seat to show us.

“Steve, that kid is fixin to cum, ram back in me and help him get off. Make him jealous that it’s not his ass you’re breeding. You know he wants some”

With that he rams back in me and the watcher starts blowing his load all over himself and the car. All of a sudden it dawns on him that he’s sitting in his car nearly naked cock in hand and cum everywhere on a public street in broad daylight and drives away but not before he gave us the thumbs up. We start laughing as he drives off.

“He’s cute, hope he stops back by sometime for a ride on my cock. Bet he’d be fun”

“I didn’t expect to be getting fucked but I’m sure glad I saw you standing out there. Have you lived here long? I drive by here once in a while and I’ve never even seen the blinds open and I’ve never seen you”

“Moved in last month and discovered it was a great apartment for picking up a easy fuck. I get at least one piece of ass a day and more times than not, several. I get really horny and want some ass. I love being watched when I fuck’

“I like being watched and I love being fucked so anytime you want it. I just live around the corner if you like repeat performances. So, do breed every guy you fuck?”

“No, some guys wanna use a fucking condom so I tell them I just ran out. Some will let me fuck them raw anyway but some just end up sucking my cock”

“I like it bareback’

“Yeah, I saw that. I’m gonna wanna fill that ass again, I love it raw”

That was the beginning of a great friendship. I’d stop by ether driving by or walk over and hang out. We would sit around in boxers or shorts and see who would slow down and look in and he’d fuck me for them to watch. Sometimes we’d just hang out and talk and sometime he’d just throw me a quick fuck. Steve was a really friendly guy, not the brightest bulb on the string but a great fuck and a beautiful body.

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