'So come on Carl, what's all this about you and the summer camp?'

Cyril had a way of asking leading questions just when he seemed deep in thought such as when as he was studying his circuit tester.

'Oh that's ages ago!' I protested mildly. I had thought he was not taking any notice of me.

'Barry reckons you want to talk about it'

'He never mentioned it to me then! Anyway he wasn't there. It's Don and Jeff you want to ask. They saw it all, or no! they didn't actually see it but they were at the camp and got to find out about it.'

'See what?' Cyril finished threading a cable then leaning on the nearest chair looked me straight in the eyes. 'Carl you're teasing me!' He was almost severe in his manner.

I must explain. I had never met Cyril before but in the brief time he had been at work in my house I could hardly take my eyes off him. He seemed so deliberate and sure in everything he did. There was a purpose about his face and he seemed so competent in the way he used his hands. I was trying to do my own things and not make it obvious but he had just taken his jumper off so he was in this sleeveless shirt and he had a modest tattoo on his right biceps. His arms looked so strong and sexy!

'I thought, being that you all worked for Barry you would have worked with Don and Jeff sometimes'

'That's not an answer to my question but perhaps I should be quiet. Oh by way I'll need to work in that corner quite soon so if you want to shift your personal things, that's fine otherwise I can do it.'

Had he seen them? There was nothing in the expression on his face to show he had. But why did he use the word 'personal'? Barry had helped move some furniture before going off on another job and there were all sorts of papers on one of the desks. He had turned the guessing tables on me. If he had already seen them then if I didn't react it would seem I wanted him to find them or perhaps he realised I had put them there deliberately?! Then before I could have done anything he picked each one separately and transferred then to the seat of an armchair without comment.

'Do you really want to know then?' I began. Cyril just went on preparing his wires and hammering staples. I hesitated a bit.

'Go on then' Cyril spoke softly this time as if to encourage me.

'Right here goes! Well you know the way these summer camps go. It lasted about three weeks and within that time we had these four days of military endurance tests.'

'Hang on a minute!' Cyril interrupted. 'why did you go on a thing like that? I mean you're not really exactly built for it! Don't get me wrong you look great but well!' he was looking me up and it gave me quite a thrill as I had just changed into some very brief shorts and a nice tight T-shirt that made me feel very sexy.

'It was some friends of mine I've known since school. They always like teasing me about my effeminate body.'

'So they talked you into it. Go on!'

'You see these army guys started off lecturing us on how being tough and strong physically isn't everything and that you must have mental stamina, strength of character, fortitude, leadership ability ... you know all that sort of thing. I mean they make it pretty plain that unless you've got these qualities you're not a real man. There was this Sergeant Major; his favourite expression was 'You don't just need guts for this boy; you've got to have a proper set of balls on you too!'

'So off we went on this assault course. The others were fine at it but I was getting nowhere. I mean I just don't have the strength in my arms to do things like carrying heavy weights over high walls and when leaping over fast flowing torrents, ant way it makes me scared. It was funny really because you would have expected this sergeant guy to have been screaming at me. Instead he even helped me out a bit and I got a sort of perverse pleasure out of being so inadequate. Well you know, why should I pretend to be different from what I am?'

'Eventually the sergeant decided to pull me out of the competition and was heard to remark that he didn't think I had the 'balls' and they might need to 'look me over'. So he summoned a couple of young Medical Orderlies (MOs) and they took me off each holding my forearm gently but firmly. We went in silence past several blocks then in through a side door and down a deserted corridor. One of them put a key in a door marked 'Examination Room' ordered me inside then turning to look me in the eyes for the first time and with a half smile said 'Right this is it! Get your kit off!'. The room just had an examination couch and bare table and chair. 'Come on get your pants off as well mate, that's the part we want to see!' He ordered me in such a way I would not dare to refuse.'

'They sort of laughed and made exclamations as I took my pants down. 'Wow some dandy we've got here! Not very manly down here are we?' one of them said as they examined my balls. They were feeling them and squeezing my cock so I started to get a bit hard. Then the other guy turned his attention to my ass. He even groped my buttocks and fingered my slit. 'Cor! You'd pass for a chic with cunt like that! Quite a fuck-hole! Let's call it a ripe cherry, what do you reckon?' They were laughing nervously and getting excited as they felt me. Then with a note of aggression in his voice one remarked, 'What you need is a fucking good seeing to mate!''

'He said something like I was a 'real fucking dandy' and pulling my buttocks apart to get a better look at me said the only thing for my chic ass was a 'fucking good stuffing''.

''Hey look here', the senior one said 'we're in uniform we can't do him here'. I could see their denims had huge horizontal bulges.'

''Right time for a bit of education I reckon! Bet you've never seen a proper man' he said drawing a curtain round unbuckling his denims and pulling them down. I must admit he was huge, it curved back almost touching his belly button! I knew what he expected of me and I wasted no time in........ hey sorry I don't why I'm telling you all this!'

Cyril had stopped what he was doing and was listening intently but I began to wonder if I should be telling a strange guy such an intimate story and anyway there were certain bits I knew I couldn't tell.

'You are bloody well going on with it!' he sad grabbing me firmly and putting his hand on my bare skin under my shirt then down inside the back on my pants so he was squeezing my buttocks. His eyes were watering and he was obviously very excited.

'So is where I get to hear that someone else got there first?' he said pushing his hand further down inside my pants. My voice was faltering now as he was making me very excited.

' I don't know, but well yea! ah! I suppose it was. oh! Cyril you're distracting me!'. I couldn't go on as he had one hand in my flies squeezing my cock and the other exploring my ass. My heart was racing and I could think of nothing else. Then suddenly he took hands out of my pants.

'I guess I'm just going to have to be patient and let you go on. You were just about to tell bit where you got fucked, is that right? Or is this story just a wind up?'

'No you see the thing is' I said trying to recompose myself 'It was this cock of his; well, it was so fucking big I just got fixated on it and I just had to kiss his fabulous knob. Honestly you never saw anything like it and, oh hell! it was so hot I could feel the heat on my cheeks as he came close and I just couldn't help it, I completely lost control.'

'So there I was taking this lovely hot meat in my mouth and working my tongue all about his length. It was so fucking hard! and I could feel it starting to throb. I suppose I might have guessed he'd lost it too but when he started gushing spunk in my mouth I wasn't ready and the other guy could easily see it dribbling from between my lips.'

'Oh yea... then I had to take him too, there was no way out of that! And he was even more forceful with me anyway and his cock was just so commanding. I started groping his great big balls as they hung in his ample scrotum. Then there was this fabulous fuck pole where his skin was all stretched up the whole length to his shiny bulging knob. As I sucked him hard I felt him ready to shoot so I ended up swallowing great gulps of jizz as he spurted his virile cum juices straight down my throat'.

'But if you think that was all you didn't reckon with these two! They wanted to see if I was gay and..'

'Hey come on! That's fucking obvious isn't it? What I want to know is why the other guy didn't do you when you bent down with your bare ass because if it was anything like it is now, presented him with a very juicy cherry....'

'They never got a chance because at that moment the door opened and in walked the sergeant and Big Joe who had got first place in the competition I had just failed to complete. 'Cor what do reckon!' exclaimed the sergeant pointing at my ass. 'Fancy a screw mate? You're the winner, he's all yours!'. But he seemed to ignore the sergeant and stretched himself while looking at my nude body. He had on a sweat shirt which clung tightly to the profile of his muscular body. Then almost immediately he removed first this sweat shirt then his shoes, socks, jeans and continued to pull down his underpants very deliberately and without a hint of embarrassment. Meanwhile the sergeant was saying something like 'In this world you've gotta have balls to get on top and if you haven't ..... Well! someone else who has will get on top of you!'

'But Joe wasn't listening to this either. 'Permission to fuck him sir!' said Joe suddenly looking the sergeant squarely in the face.'

'Anyway it was all very embarrassing and I think its best forget it. I don't why I'm telling you; I wasn't ever going to tell anyone this. So er' I was trying to change the subject 'how much more work have you got left?'

Cyril gripped me even harder this time. I suppose I was asking for it but he really hurt me. 'You're going on with this whether you like it or not'. He said as he squeezed what there was of my upper arm like a tourniquet. 'You think we don't know you got fucked then?? Let me tell you there are more stories going around about what happened to you than I've got hairs on my chest.'

As Cyril's broad body was right in front of me at that moment I was well impressed by his personality and power of persuasion. Any way I though perhaps it was better to tell a true story than let the rumours go on.

So it was that I continued to tell the bit which brought back memories I couldn't erase

'So one of the orderlies said it would be better to ask my permission, but you see the sergeant just replied, 'You don't ask permission of a pansy before you pick it do you?! This is what happens to anyone who can't prove their masculinity. And in this case he aen't got any', he said laughing. But now Joe was looking very aggressive and started giving the orders: 'Come on Dandy Boy' he said leering at me, 'you look like you've got a mouthful of cum. Better take this is in your pretty little mouth and suck me well before I fuck that lilly-white chic-ass of yours'. These were the first words he had ever spoken to me and he was so big and commanding I could not do anything but obey. His cock had been swelling steadily since his took his pants down and by now it was huge and very hard. I gently licked his whole length and made sure he was well covered in a thick layer of the MOs creamy spunk.'

'Suddenly he pulled away from me. 'Get your fucking ass over that chair, come on' he said impatiently. The two MOs brought a chair over and indicated I should bend down.'

'At first he came into me quite slowly but it was really painful as he pushed his huge cock into my ass with such force. I had to garb the chair firmly to stop my self falling as he was so strong. I felt his huge massive meat filling me inside as he thrust it up my bum so firmly. I promise I couldn't think of resisting. Oh hell Cyril! He just went on pounding me relentlessly getting rougher and rougher with each thrust. I couldn't hold on to the chair any more and collapsed on the floor. I was sort of on my side as he slammed down on my bum with his huge strong body. I had seen him vault the walls with twice the weight the others were carrying and here he was driving his big fuck pole mercilessly in and out of my bottom.'

'I had just heard girls giggling and I noticed that a number of the others had arrived in the room just in time to see me Joe's cock literally explode up my ass-hole. Oh Cyril he fucked me so much! It was like being flooded with a huge enema. You see I was madly in love with him, I was madly kissing parts of his thighs and chest as he fucked me and all the while the others were laughing at me.'

Cyril was comforting me now as I couldn't restrain my tears. He had taken my shirt of and held my feeble body against his big chest.

'You see he just pulled out and walked away from me. He showed no emotion at all I was devastated!' I said sobbing profusely. 'Then the sergeant walker over pulled out a very long cock, squeezed it several times then spurted great dollops of spunk all over my naked body. This brought more hysterical laughter from the girls'

'Oh come on! Let's go up to your room to hear the rest of the story. I bet the others fucked you after that. Oh fuck! Carl I want you in the fucking nude, I just can't wait to get at your fucking chic bum and stuff your cheeky little ass-hole!' He said grabbing my forearm with one hand and propelling me down the passage towards my bedroom door with his other hand.

'So this was two and half years ago or something' Cyril said thoughtfully obviously trying to calm himself. I think he thought that trying to fight off his excitement was a proof of real manhood. 'But there's still something I don't quite understand. Even after all that you don't have a boyfriend do you? Sorry!' he said suddenly checking himself and touching my bare arm. 'I got a bit carried away. But you did leave all those dildos for me to find didn't you?' I didn't know if he was just trying to excuse himself or was jealous of Joe and wanted to have exclusive rights my humiliation.

'I don't know!' I said blushing and feeling my face go red. 'It seems that there's always some reason why nothing happens. It was the same with that art course I was on for two years. We were twelve students in all eight girls, three guys and myself.'

'I notice you don't count yourself in with either' he said teasingly.

'OK well you see the guys mostly went out with girls on other courses and they didn't show much interest in me. But strange as you may think the girls were always inviting me to their parties. I suppose they liked my company because they saw me a sort of neutral. Anyway the thing is one of them was a lesbian called Clare. She was a big girl and seemed somehow jealous of me. Perhaps she saw me as some sort of rival. I could never really understand but she certainly had a sort of hold over the others.'

'One day there was a bit of an argument and she accused me of being chauvinistic and suddenly got very aggressive and said to the others 'Come on girls he's gonna get it!'. She grabbed at my clothes and started trying to strip me. I think it was because I laughed rather than try to resist that the others joined in and got my pants off. Clare had stripped off down to her bra and panties then she produced this large double ended dildo and waved it at me saying 'Boy you're gonna get it!' She wanted me to suck it as she held in her hand but I tried to get at her nipples but she wouldn't let me pull her bra aside. Instead she inserted the dildo up her cunt by pushing the crotch of her panties to one side and sporting this rather ungainly pole made me bend over a chair then just rammed it straight up my asshole. Oh I don't know how to describe the feeling I had but I got so excited and somehow she was making me shoot cum all over the carpet. I just couldn't help it'

'Of course all the other girls were watching and laughing at me getting shafted. I suppose you could say it was pretty humiliating but it was my one and only experience with girls. I'm sorry Cyril! It's a pretty pathetic story really I'm afraid.'

Cyril, cool as ever just went and got out some tools from his box and went very deliberately to do something to the fuse board.

'Right!'' he said 'That's the power on so now we can go and get showered.'

It was so typical of Cyril, he had made up his mind about it and so there was no hanging about. He opened the shower room door.

'Better get you pants off then.'

I didn't have much to take off but I dropped my shorts and pants together just leaving my T shirt skirting the top of my buttocks. Cyril ran his hand over them in the same expert way that he went about his electrical work, at least at first. But he seemed to be starting to show emotions that I had not seen before in him as he was starting to explore my slit with his fingertips. I could feel him getting very close to my anus and I felt so full of excitement and expectation. Then I looked round and noticed his strong hairy forearm reaching with tensed muscles as his fingers began to probe my ass-hole.

'Don't tell me you've never been done by a guy since! I just don't believe it; it's simply not possible, not with an ass like that. You must be .... Are you shy or something?'

'Perhaps it's because I haven't got the balls!' I suggested my voice quivering with excitement.

These electric shower cubicles are a bit cramped for two people and Cyril was a big guy. So while talking he had been soaping me all over but giving most attention to my ass and genitals. So when he got me to bend right down he had to open the door and was giving my asshole a very close examination.

'Your cunt's as juicy as a guy who's fucked every day. You have the most fucking luscious rose you've ever seen! Honestly a normal guy doesn't have one half the size of yours. You must be getting it real regular man! Or should I say Sis!'

'I'm not telling you lies Cyril I've never had a another guy after Joe er .. even do what you're doing er. let alone anything er ...else'. Cyril was kissing my anus and licking me inside as I spoke and it was difficult for me to concentrate on what I was saying. 'Perhaps it's because I put things in sometimes and Joe was very big' I said forgetting that he had already seen the dildos.

'Yea I suppose that explains it then. But you must be at it all the time man! What a cunt you've got!! There's so much of it like a couple of inches (50mm) or more. If all that's the result of anal masturbation you really are sad aren't you!' Then running his hands down my arms in a gesture of frankness he added more as his usual self. 'In that case I'm going to have to fuck you up that so-called virgin ass of yours so you'll never want anything but the real thing in future.' He kissed me gently on my lips. 'You don't really know me yet do you?' he said pulling me down against his genitals.

The thing about Cyril was that I found him very sexy even with his clothes on; in the nude I found myself quite shy; I think it was because I had such a hell of a crush on him that I was terribly afraid of doing anything he might not want. So at first I touched his cock quite softly but I had a huge effect on him. He started getting really passionate and embracing me which was very sexy as our bodies were all soapy. He had quite long cock at least compared with mine considerably thicker. It would have been quite intimidating if I wasn't so crazy about him.

I found myself kissing him all over his genitals. At one point I took his cock almost completely down my throat and I thought I had gone too far as he started yelling out. But as I tried to pull away from him he held my head so I couldn't release his cock and just then he began to spurt his spunk in my mouth. I had never tasted a guy's semen before I was a funny taste, rather salty but I loved it because it was his. He seemed to go on and on, he very virile and in the end I had a mouthful of his lovely sticky cum fluids.

We were still in the shower doorway and Cyril was leaning against me now panting with exertion. 'Hey man I'm sorry I lost control. You're too bloody good at the Blow Job side of things' he said shaking his head, 'And you're that inexperienced? Bloody hell man you're a professional!'

'I guess it's why I always seem to miss out on getting my ass stuffed' I said then added, 'I didn't really mean to jack you before time but I kind of lost control Cyril', I said kissing his cock again; but then suddenly I got an urge for something else. He had become quite passive now. No longer taking the lead and I couldn't take my eyes off his hairy cleft behind his balls. He made no attempt to stop me as I put on the shower again and applied more soap around his asshole. The sight of his dark hairy slit between his fine muscular buttocks was driving me crazy now. We opened the door again and this time he bent down for me to get at his bottom.

I don't know why an effeminate guy like me should get such an urge but the sight of his little tight asshole made me loose control of myself. With my mouth still full of his cum I went down and licked it all over his tight cherry. It may have been much smaller than mine but I was now determined to fuck his man cunt full of everything I'd got. I remembered those girls and that useless plastic dildo. This would be different Oh Yes! altogether different!!

'Get your fucking legs apart Cyril I'm going in and ..' at this I thrust my little cock into his juicy asshole but it was very tight and it took almost a full minute before I got up inside his hairy bottom. Oh wow didn't I give it him!! I worked in and out gently at first then as I got more excited with his tight ass gripping my throbbing cock I rammed him harder and faster until let go in one massive orgasm the like of which I'd never had before. 'Get this up your fucking ass!!' I shouted at the top of my voice as I felt my jizz racing through my cock canal and spurting up this lovely man-ass. I had forgotten all my shyness now. I seemed to take in every pore of his firm skin as I gazed on his neck muscles and firm shoulders while fertilising his body with my fuck. I suddenly felt so utterly satisfied at the thought of having fucked this beautiful manly frame I admired so much. I thought of his thorough and determined manner which I associated with those strong muscles but now I had somehow subjugated him to me and forced my spunk up straight up his manly bum hole and flooded his rectum with my boy spunk.

'Have a piss right away and wash your cock really thoroughly' he said in a practical way. He was quite right; what I had just done could be dangerous and I needed to clean up quickly.

'You'll be all right' he said reassuringly 'But now I think we should do it properly.' He was leading the way into the bathroom now and I was perplexed at first as he started to fiddle with the old shower that I used to use on the bath taps. He had taken the head off in his usual professional manner and was running the water to get an even temperature it seemed.

'Now get into the bath and bend over; this won't hurt.' He took a soap canister and used it to soap my asshole then after squeezing a bit so it went up inside me he took the tube of the bath shower and very gently I felt it coming into my anus. It was so clinical and he was so deliberate but I loved the feeling of submission as he fed the tubing deeper into me. I felt terrifically sexy as he prepared to give me a rectal enema. I was looking at his strong arms as he pulled the lever and I felt warm water flooding into my bottom. It was like he was fucking me with oceans of fluids. I felt utterly submissive and every time he asked if it was hurting I just shook my head automatically. If there was any discomfort all I wanted was more. I bent further down but then suddenly felt myself getting a bowel action and I had to expel. Cyril was ready and all that came out was water. He flushed me through a couple of times again then took a bottle of baby oil and applied some around the anus then pushed it hard against my asshole as he squeezed and I felt it coming inside me.

'You look fabulous and boy you are ready for the fuck of your life so you'd better get up to your bedroom. Now I want you lying on your side with you knees up. That's right just like you would if the doctor was going to examine you. Except that this 'doctor' is going to do a lot more than that!'

'Oh fuck what a lovely juicy cherry you've got I'm just going to have to taste you a bit first. Hey come on you know about 69s don't you?' I was delighted at another opportunity to get at his cock. This time I was going to have to be more restrained as I didn't want to miss out on getting my ass inseminated this time. He had such a fabulous hood. It was really big in relation to the rest of his shaft with beautiful rounded smooth shiny lobes like mini-buttocks. Why was everything about this guy so fucking exciting. I could see and even feel his little spunk hole reacting to my tongue as I gently licked his tip. He had buried his face in my bottom and it felt like his tongue was almost right inside me as he licked all around inside my outer sphincter.

We carried on in this position for at least half an hour. I think it was because we had both had orgasms recently that we had more staying power. I was exploring him everywhere from his knob down the length of his long hard shaft, all around his beautiful full scrotum and nice big balls, then right up between his legs and deep into the dark hairy cleft between his buttocks.

Finally he jumped up and with a look of aggressive determination he flung me on my back; I felt his strong hands grip my ankles as he forced my legs back and apart. I guess my asshole was opening for him already as I couldn't keep my sphincter muscle closed I was so excited. His long hard cock waved at me with the certainty of a tube train entering a tunnel. Oh how I longed for him in those final moments! But then I felt it! A warm smooth but hard intruder was between my buttocks then it gradually increased the pressure on my hole. It didn't take long before my outer sphincter had accommodated his knob probing my anal hole. Cyril's eyes were gazing down on me with a sort of domination. He was restraining his full body weight with his arms and legs and it made his muscles swell with into big hard bulging hunks. It was just then that I must have yielded to him as I felt myself opening finally to allow his firm phallus to enter my bottom fully. It was the most wonderful feeling I ever had, to see this beautiful man coming down on me and to feel his firm fuck pole filling first my asshole then coming right in and up inside my rectum.

It was like he had conquered me and occupied me completely. I felt totally under his control. Even so I was so impatient to be fucked and I was pushing my ass up and down against his cock. But soon it was Cyril who was taking all the initiative. He drove his penis through me with a concentrated look on his face. He was teasing my prostate gland by massaging it with his knob on each thrust as he worked his cock in and out and all round inside my bum. Each pass was a new thrill and his action was getting rougher each time and I was getting more and more wild with excitement.

He went on fucking me for how long I don't know but I wished it would never end. We were both panting and sweating; our hearts were pounding with excitement and yet it was still getting even better. I must have got up to take off speed or something because all of a sudden my whole bottom started orgasming from somewhere deep inside. I was yelping and out of control. There were huge spasms gripping my rectum. It must have sent Cyril way over the top too because I saw his face screw up in tension then he started shouting and swearing as I felt a warm rush of his cum fluids irrigating me far up inside my bum.

After that we both collapsed on the bed in a state of exhaustion. But I think he wanted to hear about what the others did to me in that examination room, except that we heard familiar voices outside. Cyril rushed to the window.

'Oh Fuck! it's Don and Jeff and they're coming in. Bloody Hell the door's not locked!!' Then he turned to me in wild panic. 'What are you laughing about?'

'Hey what's going on? Cyril! Where are you?' It was Barry's voice at the foot of the stairs.



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