I arrange to meet you at a crowded bar and ask you to wear a very short pair of shorts that barely cover your ass and a sexy fuck-me tank. When you arrive you see me at the end of the bar and I motion you through the crowd. Every guys' eyes can't resist looking at your legs and ass, wanting to fuck you.

I motion you to me and you wedge your way through a sea of hard-ons, feeling them press against your barely covered ass as you make your way to my side. As you arrive next to me you glance down and see my throbbing hard-on peeking through my opened 501s and lick your lips, exciting me even more. You reach down and give it a stroke. The feeling is incredible and I leave a dribble of pre-cum on your palm, which you lick off just thinking of all the guys here that are fucking you with their eyes, knowing that I will soon be doing it for real.

As you order drinks I stand behind you and reach up under your shorts, tugging the waistband of your shorts down, letting them slide down your long legs, not caring if anyone sees. I let them slide to the floor, wondering what the cleaning crew will think when they find them. My cock teases your ass as I press against you from behind. The bartender gives us a knowing wink as he slides our drinks across the bar.

The boy sitting next to us glances down and gasps as you turn around to kiss me and he sees my raging cock pushing at you. Smiling, he begins to rub himself inside his pocket as you slide down with your back to the bar and engulf my hard-on in your hot mouth. He rubs himself harder as he watches you eagerly bobbing your head on my dick, feeling it slide between your lips and across your tongue. Between licks you urge me to kiss him as you finger yourself. Watching me kiss him passionately as you swallow my cock with you both fingering yourselves pushes you over the edge.

Right before I explode I push two shot glasses below the edge of the bar to catch the gallons of cum I feel boiling in my balls. Filling both glasses nearly to the rim with my salty spunk, I grab you by the hair to pull you to your feet and offer you a glass filled with my cum. I slide the second one in front of the stranger, who accepts after his own incredible orgasm. Raising my drink, we clink glasses and do our shots, or should I say you boys do shots of me? Just watching the two of you lick my cum from the glasses makes me hard in seconds and I kiss him as I lead you by the hand towards the patio door with your juices running down your bare legs. You too kiss him and thank him as we pass.

Once outside in a secluded corner, I push you over a table and slide into your sopping wet hole and fuck you till you scream with delight.




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