It was the summer between my junior and senior year of high school and i was bored. Chad, my best friend and sex partner, was spending the summer at his grandparents farm, and  if i knew Chad he was getting one or more of the hands into the hayloft for some sexual fun.

I decided to check out the action at a local park and drove out to it.  After parking in the vicinity of the restrooms, i began checking out the crowd.  Out of the corner of my eye, i spotted a car pulling in.  After he parked, he got out and surveyed his surroundings.  As he strolled toward the restroom, i looked him over.

He appeared to be in his late  thirties, about six one or so, and from the way his Poloshirt lung to his body revealing his muscular chest and pecs,as well as his biceps, it was very obvious hat he was well built.  The unbuttoned collar revealed a nice amount of dark brown  hair.  I watched as he casually entered the restroom.

I waited a few seconds and followed him in, finding him standing at the urinal trough against the wall.  Stepping up a foot or so from him, i took out my cock and began pissing.  I noticed him watching as he very slowly began stroking his steadily stiffening cock.  If he was doing that, I knew he wasn't a cop.  

My own cock began to stiffen slightly and as it did, he stepped closer to  me.  Looking down at my steadiy rising tool, he said, "That looks good enough to eat."

"So does yours," I replied.

Smiling, he said, "Meet me out at the table where you were sitting."  With that he turned and left.

A moment later, i exited the restroom and didn't  see him.  I reurned to the table and a few moments later he stepped up and asked, "Mind if i join you?"

"Not at all," I replied.

He sat down and introduced himself as Josh, and i said i was Mark.

"Nice meeting you but i would really like to get to now you better.  i have a motel  room if your  interested."

I asked where and he gave me the  name of his mote and his room number.  "Go ahead," i said, "and i'll meet you there."

He left and after waiting several minutes, i left and drove to his motel.

When he aswered the door,  he was shirtless and as i suspected  he was extremely well  built, and his chest was covered with dark brown hair,which turned me on.

"Make yourself comfortable," he said as he stepped closer.

I was horny as hell and ready for action as i stepped up to him and as i ran my hand over his muscular chest and through his hairy chest, i turned my head up and offered him a wet tongue kiss  He immediately began kissing me back.

After the kiss and as we undressed, i asked how long he would be in town.

"Well,  I am originally from here but have been gone for many years,  I decided to move back and start my own business and look up some old friends." Then he added with a smile, "And meet some new ones.

Within seconds, we ere in bed  both totally naked and making out like crazy.  Momets later, he asked, Do you prefer oral or anal?"

"Well, to be honest, i love giving and receiving  both. What about you?"

"Same," he replied then asked, "Will we be able to meet again?"

"Of course,"I replied.

Before i left his room, we had sucked each other, made out,then fucked each other as we kissed.  

After i had dressed, he handed me a slip of paper with his cell number on it and said to feel free to all anytime,  Then with a smilehe asked, "How often do you like to have sex?"

"When i can, daily."

"I'll be ready anytime you are, day or night.  Just call me."

After another ht tongue kiss i left and headed home.  I arrived just as dad was returning home from work and we decided to go out to dnner.  I compared Josh to my dadand they were so close in age and build it was scary.  I had never before thought about it but today i wondered  if my dads cock was as nice as Josh's.

The next day i again met Josh at his motel and devoured his cockand his huge load of cum before sliding my cockballs deep in his hot tight ass.

Every day after that, i would  meet Josh in the morning and go with him to look  at apartments and houses, before  having sex in his motel room.  

Before long, he had found a house to purchase on the outskirts of town that was secluded and had a pool.  Needless to say we stayed nude around the pool, having sex at a heartbeat.

He soon opened an accounting firm and out sex meeting became less frequent, but no less as hot and intense.  It was agreed that since he might have clients at his house, i should always call first.

I came in from a sexual party with Josh when dad said that he wuld be going out for the evening  and wasn't sure what time he would  be home. it seemed that an old friend of his from high school had called and wanted to get together.  

Chad reurned fromhis grandparents sooner than expectedand he and i immediately returned to our sexual  encounters.  After a hot make out session and some cock sucking and cum eating, he would tell me about some of his encountes with a few of the farm hands and i told him about my first meeting with Josh.

When possible, I would take Chad with me to meet Josh and the sex was awesome.  Chad loved watching me with Josh,  I loved watching him with Josh and Josh loved watching two hot horny high school seniors get it on together.

Then, one night when i was supposd to stay over at Chads while his parents were out of town, things changed. His parents trip was cancelled and they were staying home.  Instead, he and i headed out to our hidden meeting place for a hot slow sixty-nine,after which we wodered if Coach Baker would still be willing to have three ways with us.  that had started after we caught our football coach sucking off the assistnt principal in the gym. Coach Baker was willing to do anything to keep us quiet.

After returning to town, Chad and i split and i heded home.  

As i entered the house, i heard soft moans emitting from my dads bedroom.  Silently,i eased down the hallandfound dad's bedroom door slightly ajar.  As i peaked inside, i froze.

There on the bed was my dad and Josh, both comletely naked and in a sixty-nine. I wasin total disbelief as my cock quckly stifened.  After watching both climax andeat the others hot loads, i heard Josh say, "That was like old times. I've missed you."

"I've missed you,too, Joe," Dad said. "And i hope we can continue this now that you are back."

"I'd like that," Joe/Josh replied.

Then Josh  began telling dad about a fucking hot kid he had met at the park and how hot he was in bed.  "You should meet him," Josh said.

"Nice," Dad said then added, "I wonder if he would like a three way?"

 I had aready stripped and had been slowly sroking my cock when i heard dad mention a three way.  I had seen his hard cock while Josh was sucking it and knew i wanted it also. I decided to make a move.

Pushing the door open,I stepped in and the shocked look on their faces was priceless. 

"Why not ask me?" I said.

"Mark, i thought you were staying withChad tonight."

"Plans changed," I replied as i waked closer to  the bed.  "

Then, wihout warning i leaned over and kissed Josh then turned and kissed my dad before  taking dads cock in my mouth. Suddenly ,i heard him moan before pullig me off and asking, "Mark,  what the fuck is going on?"

I explained to him hat i had been gay for a coupleof years and that Chad and i had sex regularly and that i had met Josh or whatever his name was at thepark.

Josh spoke up and said that he had no idea that i was dads  son.  I got dadto admitt that he and Joe as he called him had been sex partners in high school  and college, and that he still hadmale sex when he could. 

"I have one question.  Just what the fuck is yor name?" I asked.

"My name is Josh Ogdon Edwards, but because of my initials everyone called me Joe."

We taked for a  while and soon i leaned over and issed dad again.  This time he kissed me back.  As we kissed, we both began getting boned and soon Josh suggested we have our first encounter.

As Josh watched, Dad and i turned and had our first sixty-nine. It was awesome and afer eating each others loads, we kissed passionately.  Then dad said he wanted to watch me suck another mans cock and watchd as i sucked of Josh.   

Josh dressed and left and dad insisted that i sleep with him that night.  I agreed but under the condition that he fuck me.  Befre going to sleepwe had fucked each other.

That was almost seven months ago and   Josh visits often for sex as does Chad.  You should have seen Chad's face wheh i told him about catchingdadand Josh in a sixty-nine.  he four of us have sex often and dad really loves watching Chad and i have sex.  Josh has invited dad and i to move into his house with him and we are considering it.




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