The Encounter

Several years ago, I was sent up north, not to where I had been before, but to another area.  I was in small town, real small, the little hotel was about 30 rooms and empty at that.  I was there for a couple of days, the place was deserted.  After the second day, I was in the hot tub room, and in comes a guy, he was taller than me, quite muscular.  He got into the hot tube, we made small talk, and with all of the steam and bubbles in the hot tub room, it was hard to see.

Before I realized, he was next to me and had his hand on my thigh. I instinctively, opened my legs and he moved his hand up to my crotch.  He started to fondle my cock and balls, he said, “you got a nice package there.”  I said “thanks” and I reached over and fondled him. 

I said “you are pretty good yourself.”  He kept fondling me, I got so fucking hard.  He and I both agreed that we should go somewhere else as we don’t know if there are cameras in the hot tub room or not.  He said, “let’s go to my room.”   With both of us draped in our towels, I followed him to the second floor, and he was across the hall from me. 

We get to his room; he gets 2 more dry towels.  He tosses me one and we both begin to dry ourselves. He strips down, takes off his swimming trunks, I just stared, he had such a long cock, it really hung, not that big around, but long.  He smiled and asked, “you like what you see?”  I said “yes.”  He was hard as well and his cock stuck out like a tree trunk.  I took off my trunks, and he moved quickly over and grabbed my cock.  I was really hard, he said,” I knew you would have a nice one as well.” 

He began to suck me really hard, I tried to pull away, but he took my balls and held me to his mouth and he sucked very hard.   I came in about 20 seconds.  He said, “man do you ever taste good.”  I said thanks and I reached for his cock.  He moved back and took hold of it, it felt so big and heavy I fondled his balls and I took him in my mouth.  His cock head was so velvety smooth and the rest of his cock was hard as wood.   He said “I will not cum in your mouth that is for your butt.”  He said sternly, “get on the bed, hands and knees.”  He lubed up his long cock and pushed it against my butt holes.  With very little resistance, it slid right in.

It slid right in and I could feel it plowing its way up deep into me and it was stretching me as well.  My god it felt good. he started to pump, slow.  He speeded up and in a matter of a few seconds just as he was about to cum, he stopped and I could feel him really unload into me.  He draped himself across my back, and his cock was still in me.  He began to tweak my nipples, it hurt a bit, but it felt good, I could not get away, and the more I squirmed, it began to make him hard again. He nibbled on my neck, my shoulders, then he grabbed my cock, and began to jack me, ever so slow, god I got hard again.  He began a slow hip action, pumping in and out of me and still draped over me.  As he got harder, he jacked my off, my god did I really cum.  He then straightened up and just pounded my butt, as he was about to cum, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me into him and he really came hard.  When he was done, he just kind of rolled off of me and onto the bed.

I looked and saw his long limp cock, covered with his and my juices.  I went and got a wet towel and a dry one and cleaned him all off.  It is then that I realized how he stretched my butt, it was uncomfortable to walk.  He said “what are you doing.”  I said, “just taking care of my lover.”  He said, “you are so thoughtful.”  After he was cleaned up, I cleaned myself as his cum was leaking out of me.  He said “come here, lay beside me.”   I snuggled down into his arm, and laid my head on his chest.  He said, “you are a good piece of ass, I loved having you.”  I smiled and reached down and took his cock and began to suck it.  I teased him, got him real hard, when he was about to cum, he pulled away and I jacked him real fast. Not very much cum, as he had now cum 3 times in less than an hour. he says, “now I am really done.”  We fell asleep, I spent the night, and waking up in the morning, he was sucking my cock. I came almost as soon as I woke up. he said again,” you taste really good.”  I said “what about you?”  He said “I will get it from you tonight.”  I laughed and said “that is a given.” 

For the rest of the day, for me on the job site, my butt was rather sore, he had really stretched me with that big cock of his. 

That night was a repeat of the previous night, but the next morning I was not sore any more.  My virgin butt hole was now broken in and there was no discomfort.  

 We were together for 5 days and 4 nights, and what I can say, we really took care of each other.  It was great.



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