He turned over and his cock was rock hard and close to eight inches long. I simply began massaging his legs, then stomach, chest, and neck. Moving back down, I took a deep breath and slowly lifted his cock.

As I did, I softly closed my fingers around it and began slowly stroking it. With the other hand, I gently cupped his large round balls and softly massaged them. Josh, moaned softly.

As I stroked, a large drop of precum eased from the slit and I leaned forward and gently licked it off. Josh moaned again, and when I continued going down, taking about half his cock into my mouth, he said, 'Oh, shit, Matt, I've never done anything like this before. Maybe we should stop.'

Pausing, I said, 'Does it feel good?'

'Fuck yes!' he exclaimed.

'Well, just lay back and enjoy it, but if you really want me to stop, I will.'

I watched and waited for his response. He simply took a deep breath, closed his eyes and lay his head back. I took that as a signal to continue, but said, 'If you decided you do want me to stop, just say so.'

He remained silent and I again took his cock into my mouth. As I sucked, I gradually took more and more into my throat. Josh continually moaned and when I swallowed it all and buried my nose into his bush he said, 'Oh, fuck, yea. Maybe it's wrong but please don't stop.'

I slowly ald lovingly sucked Josh to a climax, listening to his almost continual moans of pleasure.

After a moment, his breathing increased and he said, 'Fuck, Matt, I'm close. I'm going to shoot any second now.'

I sucked more eagerly and seconds later his cock exploded and he yelled out 'Mother fuck! I'm Cummmmmmming! Now!'

Rope afer thick creamy rope fired from his throbbing cock and into my mouth and down my throat. Once I had him drained, I slowly pulled off and said, 'You good and relaxed now?'

'Oh, fuck, am I. All the tension is totally gone.'

'Josh, I've wanted to do that since the moment I met you and know I shouldn't have, but when I saw you hard, I just couldn't resist. I'm sorry.'

'Hey man, it's okay. I was just uneasy because I've never had any type of sexual exerience with another guy other than jerking with a buddy when just a kid.'

'So, that really was your first time getting sucked by a guy?'

'Oh, yea. Some of the girls I've dated have sucked on it, but it never ever felt that good and none of them ever went all the way. What shocked me was the fact that you swalowed it.'

'It's just pure protein. There's nothing harmful about it.'

'Man, all I can say is that it was awesome,' he said,looking into my eyes.

'I'm glad you enjoyed it and weren't turned off by it, but if you would feel better by not staying here, I'll understand. I assure you it won't hapen again.'

'Hey, man, I'm staying because I still feel comfortable around you, but what if I want it again?'

'If you do, you'll have to asked for it. I won't just do it.'


Things were normal the rest of the day and night. However, after dinner Josh asked how long I'd been gay and how I knew I was gay.

I said that I first started sucking other guys when I was 13 with a buddy. I said that I knew I was gay for sure when I found that I much preferred looking at naked men rather than naked women.

That night when we went to bed, I went to my bed and he converted the sofa into a second bed. I so bad wanted him in my bed but refrained from suggesting it.

At some point during the early morning hours, I was awakened when I felt Josh slipping into the other side of my queen size bed. I remained quiet, pretending to remain asleep.

I awoke early the next morning before Josh and slipped out to the kitchen area and began preparing coffee. A few minutes later, Josh came into the kitchen.

'Morning,' he said, a strange look on is face.

'Morning,' I replied. 'I was shocked to find you next to me in bed when I woke up. Was something wrong?'

'That sofa doesn't perform as very good bed even though it's supposed to. I noticed there was room in your bed and decided to use it. I hope you don't mind.'

'Hell, no. You're welcome to share the bed every night if you want to. It's fine with me, just don't be surprised if you wake up during the night and find my arm over you.'

'I wont. I think I could live with that. One of my ex's used to do that.'

We got coffee and a light breakfast and I went outside totally nude and st in a lawn chair to drink my coffee. As I did, I heard Josh say, 'I need to get ready for work.'

Moments later, Josh stepped out of the trailer wearing his hard hat, socks and work boots, and his tool belt.

I smiled and asked, 'You going to work like that?'

'Yea, if there are no objecions.'

'Not from me! But you might frequently see me with a boner. Dressed like that is what we gays call 'fucking hot'.'

He began laughing.

Later, I sraightened the camper then got things ready to prepare lunch. I went out with a large glass of cold water for Josh and found him in the dining area of the house.

'Brought you something,' I said. He turned and faced me saying, 'Thanks.'

Seeing him again, my cock began rising and was soon fully erect. Josh began laughing and said, 'There he goes.'

'I warned you,' I replied.

As I asked Josh if it would be possible to move some interior walls while it was gutted, I noticed Josh frequently glancing at my hard cock. That just kept it hard. I noticed that his cock was quickly stiffening also.

'Yea, we can go over that after I get all thisold wiring pulled out.'

'Great,' I said.

'Matt, take care of him again, please.'

'You sure?'


I went tomy knees and again sucked Josh off as he said softly 'Of fuck yea. That's fantastic.'

I again took his load and swallowed. As I stood, I said, 'I'll call you for lunch in about an hour.'

'Sure,'he said.

As I turned to leave, He called to me, saying, 'Matt,feel free to do me anytime you want to.'

'Josh, are you sure?'

'Yes, totally.'

Smiling, I said, 'You might regret saying that.'

'I doubt that seriously,' he said smiling.

We later ate lunch and as he headed back to work I said, 'Remember, quitting time is four o'clock.'

'I remember.'

At five after four, I stepped out of the camper with two cold beers in hand. As I did he was headed toward me, removing his tool belt.

'Man, just what I need,' he said.

We sat down and aout half way through our beers, he said, 'Matt, can I asked a question?'

'Sure, anything.'

'When guys have sex together, exactly what do they do together?'

'Josh, it might be easier to show you rather than tell you.'

I got up and went into the camper, returning a moment later with two gay magazines in hand.

'Look through these and then if you have questions, feel free to ask.'

He began looking through the pictures showing first the guys kissing, then sucking nipples and cocks then rimming each ohers asses then fucking each other. After he had looked through both magazines, he flipped to a page where one guy very visably had his ongue up he others guys ass and said, 'They acually do this?'

'Oh, yea. It's called rimming and it feels great having it done and it's erotic doing it.'

'Damn. What's it like getting fucked? Doesn't it hurt?'

'The first time or two it hurts like hell when it first goes in but the pain subsides and by the time the guy climaxs the feeling is awesome.'

'Unreal,' he said, handing the magazines back to me.

'Josh, with you being straight, it doesn't make you uncomfortable being around a gay guy?'

'Matt, you're nothig like the couple of gay guys I've known. You're very masculine. They weren't. I know that if I said I wasn't interested, you'd quit. If I said the nudity bothered me, you'd dress. I am totaly at ease being around you, even nude.'

'Thank you,' I said. Holding up my beer in a toast, I said, 'To friendship.'

'To friendship,' he replied, touching his bottle to mine.

He showered and afterward, we ate dinner. Together we cleaned up and settled in with another beer by the pool. Then, deciding to take a swim, we dove into the cool refreshing water.

We surfaced near each other, and as we did, he moved closer, staring into my eyes. As he neared me, he grasped my shoulders and pulled me to him, pressing his lips to mine.

I was surprised but loving it. I was totally shocked when he parted his lips and offered his tongue as he had seen done in the magazines.

I immediately resonded by parting my lips and offering my tongue. When I did, he slippedhis deeper into my mouth for a moment then eagerly accepted mine.

'What brought that on?' I asked.

'One, I was curious as to what it was like to kiss another man.'


'It's not any different than kissing a woman. I've always enjoyed kissing but the women I've dated seldom would get into it like that. It was mainly just lips to lips.

'Was there a second reason?'

'Yea. Looking at the magazines, I realized that in the past at the gym, I was glancing at the guys cocks, not comparing size like I told myself, but wondering what they were like hard. When you said you went nude, I was hoping to see my first hard man cock. I got my wish.'

'Josh, are you curious about having full sex with another guy?'

'Yea, some but I'm also nervous and scared.'

'Letme just say this. If you decide to experiment, it will be up to you to initiate any action. I refuse to suggest anything.'

'Thanks, but can we kiss? That, I like.'

'Anytime you want to. I love kissing.'

He smiled and leaned to me and we kissed again, holding it for several minutes, both our cocks rock hard.

After exiting the pool, he looked at his hard cock then at me and smiled. I gave him his third blow job, and this time as soon as I had swallowed, he grabbed my face and kissed me again, tasting his own cum in my mouth.

'Ummmm,' he said when we parted.

At bedtime, he headed straight to the bedroom and pulling back the covers, he slipped into his side of the bed. After I got in, he turned to me and kissed me gently, saying, 'Good night.'

'Good night,' I replied.

As welay there,he said, 'Matt, for some reason, all we've done feels so normal and natural.'

'It always has to me,' I replied.

Nothing more was said and we went to sleep.

During the night, I was awakened by a wonderful feeling. As i became more awake, I realized Josh was under the sheet sucking my hard cock. I gently lay the sheet back so I could watch.

When I did, he looked up at me in the dim light. I just smiled. He soon brought me to a mind blowing climax. I expected him to either pull off or get up and go spit my load into the toilet, but instead, he swallowed like a professional.

As he lay back beside me I said, 'Awesome. That was great.'

'Thanks,' he said, then cuddled next to me. Soon we were both asleep again.

From that point on for the next couple of weeks we fequently kissed and sucked each other either one after the other or in a sixty-nine.

Then one Friday night, he said he wanted to fuck me and see what it was like. I was thrilled and soon he had his cock buried up my ass.

After he had filled my ass with his huge load, he smilled and said, 'Matt, your mouth and ass both are better than any cunt I've ever fucked.'

'I've tried pussy but it just doesn't compare to sex with a man,' I replied.

He then asked me to fuck him.

'I remember what you said about the pain but I want to get fucked.'

'I'll be as gentle as I can,' I told him, but if you want me to stop, just say so.'

I loosened him up as best I could with my fingers, before inserting my cock. When he head entered him, he screamed in pain but said to keep going. I did and slowly worked my cock in balls deep. After I slowly began pisoning in and out of his virgin hole, he soon began to moan in pleasure saying how good it felt.

'Fuck me Matt. Shoot that load up me. Let me feel you cum.'

I did and after that, I asked if he felt like a teenage girl. He asked what I meant and I said, 'Well, you just got fucked and had your cherry popped.'

'Yea, I guess I do,' he said.

Fucking became a regular part of our sexual activity.

Three months passed and the house was completed. I called the storage company and had the furniure delivered and put in place.

We had moved some interior walls, creating a den in the back facing the pool and patio. The furniture there followed the theme of the antique furniture but was more comfortable and functional.

Josh was there through it all and even went with me to find the furniture for the den. Once the end came, as we sat in he new den, he turned to me and with tears forming in his eyes, he said, 'Matt, I never ever thought that I would ever say this, but I've fallen deeply in love with another man, and that man is you. I hate to think that I won't be waking up to see your handsome face the first thing in the morning, or being able to sit and talk with you about anything on my mind.'

'Josh, why do things have to change?'

'What do you mean?' he asked.

'I, too, have fallen in love with another man and his name is Josh. If he will have me, I'd love for him to move in here with me as my lover and life partner.'

'You really mean that?'

'Yes, I do, with all my heart. I love you Josh. Will you be my partner?'

'Definately,' he replied.

We hugged and kissed for several moments, before I asked when he could move in.

'Well, tomorrow is Friday. I'll go into the office and take care of some things then head to my place and get packed.'

'Call me and I'll come help. I want you here with me as soon as possible.'

Josh moved in and by Sunday he was totally settled in. We had enlarged the master bath and now had a large shower easily able to accomodate four people. We had our first shower together.

The following weekend, I invited several of my gay fiends over for a pool party and barbecue and introduced them to Josh. They all agreed that I had a rea hot stud as my lover.

We've been together six years now, and as a gift, I set Josh up in his own electrical contracting business, and it is very successful.

One weekend when we were out for dinner, he ran ino his last girlfriend. Without hesitation, he intorduced me and said, 'He's my life partner.'

'You're gay?' she asked.

'I wasn't when we were dating but then I met Matt and found that the sex was twice as satisfying and there was no drama. I love him with all my heart.' With her mouth hanging open, she turned and walked off. We both had to laugh.

I still can't believe this loving caring gentle man belongs only to me.



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