My wedding day was rapidly approaching and I had asked my patrol partner to be my best man. I am on the Metropolitan Police Force as a patrolman. I am twenty-three and my partner, Tim Robbins is twnty-five and married. He has become my best friend.

The day before the wedding, I went over to Tim's house early to discuss the batchelor party. We were going to be in Tim's car so I grabbed my digital camera headed for the door. I heard sounds from the back so I went around the side figuring he was in the back yard by the pool.

As I rounded the corner at the back of the house and started to open the privacy gate, I heard 'Yea, Tim, Fuck me.' I recognized the voice as that of Karen, my fiance'. I cracked the gate and was shocked at what I saw.

Besides Karen and Tim, there was Donna, Karen's sister and her boyfriend David, all naked. Tim was on a lounge with Karen sitting on his cock and riding it while she ate Donna's pussy. Tim, meanwhile, was not only fucking Karen but sucking Donald's hard cock.

After getting over my shock, I began taking pictures. The group changed p[ositions and Donald began sucking Tim while Tim ate Donna and Donna ate Karen. I took more pictures. They swapped again and the two guys got into a sixty-nine as did the two women. More pictures were taken.

Tim's wife had been out of town on business but had assure me that she'd be back for the wedding. I left and headed home and once there called Tim and said that the party was off. He asked why and I just told him I wasn't feeling well and that I'd see him at the church. He reluctantly said okay.

I started up my printer and began making copies of the pictures I had taken. I went out and bought two more ink cartridges and more photo paper.

The next day, my wedding day, I got to the church early and with a large stack of sealed envelopes in my arms I slipped inside and put an envelope at each end of the pews.

The ceremony began and Karen looked beautiful, but all I could vision was her riding my best friends cock. I didn't care if she was bi, I could live with that, I though.

When the minister began the ceremony I was ready. My anger had turned to wanting revenge. Karen's family was well known and respected. I stopped the minister and looked at Karen.

'Karen, because of certain events I can not and will not marry you.'

'What? What are you talking about?'

Turning to the guest, I said 'Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize that you had to waste your time today but at each end of the pews you will see a white envelope. Please, do not let any of your children see what is inside but after you view the contents, you will see why I am walking out.'

I turned to tim, who was standing by me with a confused look on his face , and said, 'And I thought you were my friend.'

I began walking to the door as the guest began opening the envelopes. As I opened the doors I began to hear gasps and cries from the women and profanity from some of the guys.

I reached my car and removed Karen's bags from the trunk and as I started the engine, Tim came running out, his face red as fire, a look of pure hatred on his face.

I pulled out and headed for the airport. Karen had always dreamed of spending a week at a dude ranch so that's where we decided to go on the honeymoon. Everything was already paid for so I decided to use it as a get-away and try and gather my thoughts.

At the airport, I cashed in her ticket and waited for my flight. My cell phone rang constantly. It was both Tim and Karen calling. I finally turned it off, not even checking to see what kind of voice mails they were leaving.

My flight was called and I boarded the plane. As soon as possible, I began ordering drinks, strong drinks. I knew my limit and stopped short of that point. The flight attendant smiled and said, 'Scared of flying?'

'No, trying to forget.'

'Oh, I'm sorry sir. If there is anything I can do just let me know.'

We arrived and I was met by the shuttle for the ranch. As I walked up the driver said, 'Are you Mr. Greg Baker?'

'Yes, that's right.'

He began putting my bags in the truck of the limo and asked, 'Will Mrs. Baker be coming out soon?'

'No, it's just me. It didn't turn out that there is a Mrs. Baker.'

'I'm sorry sir. Shall we leave then?'

'Yes, let's go.'

When we arrived at the ranch I was escorted to the desk and was told that the Bridal Suite was ready as I had requested. I informed them that there was no bride and that I'd just take a regular room. The clerk informed me that they were full and there were no other rooms available and that it was already paid for and there were no refunds. I agreed to go ahead and take the suite.

It was fantastic, with a sitting room, dining area, large bedroom with a jacuzzi bath, and a balcony with a spectacular view of the mountains and lake. There was champange iced down and two glasses waiting.

Everyone knew that there was a honeymoon couple arriving and everyone asked about 'Mrs. Baker'. I told the owner, Kevin Sims, a man in his mid thirties, tall, well built and nice looking, to please inform everyone that there was no 'Mrs. Baker'.

'I'll take care of that Mr. Baker. Just didn't work out?'

'No, not even close. You wouldn't believe what happened, and please, call me Greg.'

'I will but only if you call me Kevin.'

'Deal,' I responded.

'Can I buy you a drink?' Kevin asked.

'Fuck yea, and if I have too many will you see that I get poured into bed?'

He laughed and said 'I'll see to it if I have to do it myself. Was it that bad?'

'Oh yes. I got some time? I think I need to talk about it and get it out and you seem like someone that will listen and not judge.'

'I've got all the time you want. Why don't we go to my quarters where no one can overhear us.'

He led me to his quarters and poured our drinks. I began telling him about what happened in detail.

He sat quietly and listened and when I was through he said, 'You said Tim was your patrol partner. What like of work are you in?'

'I'm on the Metro Police Department back home. I have no idea what type of reception I'll get from the other officers when I get home. You know how officers are supposed to stick together, but what I did to Tim might ruin his career and for sure his marriage.'

'You had no idea that he was bisexual?'

'No, none, and I wouldn't have cared but it was the fact that he was fucking the girl that was to become my wife the next day. That's what set me off. I have both gay and bi acquaintences and it doesn't bother me. Hell, when in high school I had one classmate that was gay and we were best friends. He'd do me two to three times a week.'

'I see. What do you think the other officers will say?'

'I have no idea. I'll probably resign and move and find work on another force.'

He poured me another drink and said that if I needed to talk more to let him know. I thanked him for listening and said it helped me to get it out.

I returned to my room and listened to the voice mails that Tim and Karen had left. Karen cursed me harshly, calling me every name in the book and asked if I had any idea what those photos would do to her career and to her family's standing in the community. It was obvius that all she cared about was her standings in society.

Tim also called me all kind of names, saying I probably ruined his career and marriage but he hadn't had a chance to talk with her. He said she stormed out of the church crying and took off in the car.

I had a buzz going and I wanted more. I took the bottle of champagne out to the balcony and sat and as I watched the sunset, I drained it. Kevin came up later and I could barely make it to the door.

'I just came by to see how you were doing,' he said, 'but I think that's obvious.'

He helped me back into the living area and as we walked, I began crying heavily. It was finally all coming out. Kevin took me in his massive muscular arms and held me and said, 'It's okay, Greg. Let it all out. That's the best thing to do right now.'

I threw my arms around his neck and placed my head on his shoulders and cried. He pulled me close and held me. Even through my drunken stuper, I felt warm and safe in his arms. I could also feel his manhood pressing against me causing mine to do the same. Why was this happening? Why was my body reacting this way? I didn't know and at the time I didn't care.

Kevin held me and let me cry it out. When I began to get my composure back I asked him if he'd help me to bed. He said he'd be glad to.

He helped me to the bedroom and sat me in a chair while he pulled back the covers. I tried to remove my shoes but failed. I was drunker than I realized. Kevin began undressing me and through the alcohol induced fog, it was obvious Kevin was aroused. He got me down to my briefs and started to help me into bed.

'Wait, I don't sleep in anything. I need to take these off too.' I was struggling with my briefs. Kevin grasp the legs and pulled them down so I could step out of them. I was still about three-quarters erect.

'Oops,' I said drunkenly, 'I got a problem and no way to take care of it.'

'Hey, don't worry about it. It's nothing I haven't seen before.'

He put me in bed, covered me up and left.

The next morning, I saw Kevin and he asked, 'Hey, Greg, how are you feeling this morning?'

'Like shit, but I want to apologize for last night.'

'What for? There is nothing to apologize for. You needed to get it out of your system and you did. I'm just glad I was there to help.'

'Yea, me too, but i'm a little embarresed about some of what happened.'

'What happened?'

'The state a certain part of my anatomy was in when I took off my briefs.'

'Fuck, man, it happens to all of us. To be honest, I had one also.'

'Yea, I felt it. Kevin, may I ask you something?'


'When you held me while I was blubbering on your shoulder, I could tell that you got an erection.

Are you gay or bi?'

'Greg, I'm gay as is about half the male staff here. We don't flaunt it but that's just the way we are. You're a hot young muscular stud and having you close got me excited.'

'For some reason, it got me excited also. The state I was in you could have done anything you wanted. Why didn't you?'

'Believe me Greg, I wanted to, but that would have been taking advantage of you for my own personal pleasure and I will not do that.'

'I respect you for that. Thanks.'

He looked at me and smiled and nodded. I paused then said, 'When you get some free time tonight, please stop by.'

'Sure. It'll probably be after nine whe things start shutting down.'

'That sounds great. See you then.'

'Oh, yu'll see me before then running around here. And by the way, I've given instructions that you are to be accomodated in any way you want. Just ask for Jake. He's been instructed to be your personal guide and companion while you're here.'

'Thanks, but that's not necessary.'

'Maybe not, Greg, but I like you. I take care of the ones I like. As for the others, fuck'um.'

I began laughing. About that time Kevin said, 'There is Jake now. Let me intorduce you to him.'

He called Jake over and introduced us. Jake was in his mid to late twenties, near six-three or four, dark brown hair, beautiful green eyes, extremely muscular, thick brown hair howing on his chest from his partially open shirt and wearing tight levis.

'Nice to meet you Mr. Baker. What ever you need either outside or up in your room, just call extension 2426. That's my personal extension.'

'Thanks, but call me Greg, and I would like to go horse back riding after breakfast.'

'I'll have our horses ready at nine if that's okay.'

'That will be perfect.'

After Jake left, I looked at Kevin and said, 'He seems like a nice guy.'

'He is. He's as gentle and nice as they come, but if anyone hurts or threatens a friend of his or a guest, look out, because he'll defend them any way he can.'

I ate breakfast and then met Jake for our ride. He had had the kitchen fix us a lunch and had it packed on a third horse. We returned aboput three that afternoon. I was sore of course, and said that I was looking forward to the jacuzzi in my room.

I stopped off at the bar for a beer and when I got to my room, I heard water running. I went to the sound and found Jake getting the jacuzzi ready for me.

'I put in a special lotion that will take the soreness out. I hope you enjoy. If you need anything, call me.'

'I will, thanks Jake.'

After the bath, I felt like a million dollars. I went out for a walk around the property andlooked at all the cabins and saw a small frame building with a sign that said 'SECURITY'. I spotted Jake and asked about it since it looked empty.

'We used to have a security officer and a couple of guys working under him but they left and Kevin hasn't found the right person yet to take over.'

I went in for dinner and after eating, I walked to the lounge where a country music group was playing. I've always liked country music and they were good. About eight I went to my room and waited for Kevin.

When he arrived, I answered the door nude. He was taken aback but came in.

I laughed and said, 'Hey, you've already seen me like this before and besides, this is the way I'm most comfortable.'

'No problem here,' he said as he accepted the beer I offered. I had unterior motives. I had been thinking all day about getting another blow job. It had been at least eight or nine years since the last one. And I was curious about being naked with Kevin and seeing what it would be like to have him hold me when we were both naked.

'Feel free to join me if you want,' I said.

He smiled and said, 'Would that be a prelude to something else?'

'Possibly,' I answered.

He slowly stripped and soon was totally naked with me. We talked a while and he made the comment that I seemed much better than the previous night. I said I was.

I looked at him and said bluntly, 'Kevin, I want you to do what ever you wanted to do last night.'

'Are you sure?'

'Yes, but first I want another hug.'

He stood and I walked up to him and we hugged. As I felt our naked bodies press against each other, my cock began to stiffen. I felt his doing the same thing. I looked into his eyes and for some reason I was drawn to him. Our faces moved closer and before I realized it our lips met. I ffelt his mouth open slightly and his tongue brush across my lips. I responded and parted my lips. Within seconds, our tongues were exploring each others mouth.

We broke the kiss and I led him to the bedroom. I lay on the bed and he positioned himself between my wide spread legs. He slowly lifted my cock and licked off the precum that had began oozing out. He then moved down to my balls and gently licked and sucked each one. Raissing my legs, he began kissing and licking my exposed virgin hole. I moaned with pleasure, loving everything that he was doing.

He returned to my cock and slowly swallowed all eight inches. I moaned again, louder. 'Oh fuck yes,' escaped my lips. He sucked with loving tenderness until he saw I was getting close. He then picked up speed and then it happened. My cock exploded and I waited for him to finish and head to the toilet to spit like the kid in highschool had done. Instead he looked up at me and swallowed. I lay helpless for a few minutes.

'Damn, Kevin, that was fantastic,' I finally said.

'I thought it was fucking delicious. Man you have a beautiful cock on you. Jake would love that up his ass.'

'Jake?' That big hunk is gay?'

'Yep, and he loves getting fucked. Just tell him you want to fuck him and he'll drop his pants in a heart beat.'

I lay there for a second as Kevin came up and lay beside me. I realized that since getting blow jobs in high school I had occasionally wondered what it was like to suck a man's cock. Now was the perfect time to find out.

I sat up, took Kevin's cock in my hand and bent over, licking the tip of it. IT was erotic. I took the head in and soon began taking more in. The longer it was in my mouth the better I liked it and was soon going up and down in a steady rythum. Kevin warned me he was getting close and I wanted to taste his hot thick man cream. I soon got my chance. He exploded and after one short gag, I took all that he fed me and swallowed. When he was finished i raised up and looked at him and asked, 'Well how did I do for my first time?'

'Are you sure that was your first time? Greg, that was awesome. You're a natural.'

I laughed at his statement.

The next day, I told Jake I wanted to take another ride but somewhere nice and private away from the regular trails. He said he knew just the spot and after about an hour we came to a clearing.

We dismounted and I casually walked over to him and as I stood next to him I said casually, 'I'd love to fuck your ass.'

'What ever you want,' he replied as he quickly began stripping. I joined and soon we were kissing and sucking on each other. He grabbed a bedroll off his horse and spread it out. he quickly lay on his back and raised his legs and said 'Fuck away, stud. It's all yours.'

He retrieved a small tube of lube from his jeans and as he lubed us both up he said, 'I'm always prepared.'

I got into position and began the insertion. When the head popped in, he grabbed my hips and pulled hard, driving my cock completely up his ass. 'Fuck away,' he said, and I did. It was so smooth and warm that it didn't take long for me to cum. He could tell I was close and said, 'Shoot it up in me. I want to feel it spray out.' I did just that. When it was over, I sucked him off. I now admitted to myself that I was bi and maybe totally gay. Female sex had never been this satisfying.

We dressed and returned to the main house. That night I told Kevin to come by. He did and I told him that I wanted to get fucked. He smiled and said that it would be an honor to deflower my virgin hole. He took it slow and easy and I endured the pain which soon turned to pleasure. I loved what he was doing to me. The climax was unreal as I felt his hot load erupt and coat my inner sanctum.

During the week, Kevin pointed out other hands that were gay. I had sex with a couple of them and it was great.

The day before I left Kevin spotted me and asked if he could see me in his office. I said sure and followed him in.

'Greg, I have no idea how it will be for you when you get back. But I have something else in mind for you if you're interested.'

'Oh? What's that?'

'We used to have a security head and two assistants. They all resigned to take other jobs.

The Job is yours if you want it. You will have a free cottage to live in and all your meals are free. You'll be paid a fair salary. You'll set things up the way you want. I'd like to have security camera installed and that would be your responsibility. What ever you want you'll get. Here's my card. You can give me a call sometime this week and let me know.'

'Thakns, Kevin, I appreciate the offer. It sounds great and I just might be calling you regardless of how things turn out.'

That night my cell phone rang and it was Tim. I decided to take the call.


'Hey guy, what's up?'

'Not much. HOw's things with you?

'Oh, they've been better.'

'Look, Tim, I'm sorry about what happened but when I saw what was going on by the pool, I just snapped. Can I ask how long had you been fucking Karen?'

'That was the first time honest. She asked if they could use the pool and I said yes. They had a few drinks and began stripping and she came on to me. I know I should have stopped it but I didn't.'

'What happened after I left?'

'Well, by the time I saw the pictures, Sue had already seen them and was crying. I went to her and tried to talk to her but she slapped me and said she didn't know she married a fag. She stormed out and left in the car. By the time i got home she had three suitcases and my uniforms on the front porch. I loaded them in my car and have been living in a cheap motel ever since. I've been put on desk duty while the chief does a review. The other officers are snubbing me saying that officers can fuck whoever they like as long as it's not another officer's wife.'

'What about Karen?' I asked.

'From what I've been told, her dad kicked them both out of the house with almost nothing. Said he paid for what they had and it was going to charity. Cursed them out for degrading the family. Haven't heard about them since.'

'Look Tim, I don't care if your bi or gay. If I had known, there wouldn't have been any pictures. I'm sorry about you and Sue.'

'Hey buddy, don't worry about it. She was bound to find out sooner or later. I should have told you. I was afraid it would affect our friendship.

'No, it wouldn't have. I'm not judgemental.'

'Do you forgive me?'

'Yea, if what you say is true. Look, I'll be home tomorrow. Come by tomorrow night and lets talk. Oh, has the chief said anything about me and what will happen?'

'No, not directly but he was pissed at the way you handled the situation. So are some of the officers but they can see your point.'

'Look, I've got to run. Come over tomorrow night.'

I hung up and went to Kevin's office and told him about my conversation with Tim.

'Is that job still open?'

'Of course, but why the decision so soon?'

'What Tim said about the chief being pissed and the way some of the officers felt. I think it would be better for me to get a fresh start.'

'Great. Take whe time you need. What ever it cost for you to move out here give me the receipts and I'll reimburse you.'

'Deal. And if Tim and I sort things out and are still friends, will you hire him?'

'No, I won't. Your staff is your responsibility. You can hire him if you like.'

I flew home and met with Tim that night. Our meeting was strained at first, but as the night went on it returned to it's old normal friendship. I walked over to him and gave him a hug and said, 'It's in the past. Now all we have is the future.'

'What ever that might be,' he answered.

I never revealed my change in sexual orientation. I simpl;y told him about my job offer and that I was taking it. I said I planned to resign from the force the next morning.

'I hate that. You're the only real friend I have here.'

'How would you like to go with me?'


'Kevin, the owner said I could hire whoever I wanted. I'm offering you a position, but I'd be your boss.'

'I'll take it. I don't care what the pay is.'

'I don't either but we'll work that out.'

We both resigned the next day and began getting things ready to go. We Decided to split the cost of a mover and ship one car and drive the other.

I called Kevin and told him that we were on our way. The first day on the road, I told Tim that we needed to talk.

I told him about my blow jobs in high school and how I had become curious about returning the favor but never did. Then I told him about the ranch and what happened.

'Greg, are you telling me that you are now gay?'

'Yes, Tim I am. I find male sex much more satisfying than female sex. Women seem to put so much pressure on a guy to perform where another man doesn't. When we get a room tonight would you like us to share a bed?'

'Yes, I'd like that,' Tim answered. 'I've always thought you were hot and wanted you.'

WE stopped for the night and with a little awkwardness at first, we were soon making love.

We arrived at the ranch and settled into our living quarters. I had the cottage and Tim was assigned to one of the bunk houses. Kevin had the straight guys in one bunk house and the gays in another.

Kevin and I became lovers and Tim fell in love with Jake. I never did find out what happened with Karen. And to be truthful, I really didn't care.

The End



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