I woke up screaming from a nightmare. I dove for the lamp and clicked it on, sending vicious light lances into my eyes. Thankfully, the pain cleared my head. I sat and swore for a while, until the anger faded and I was left with an aching melancholia. I looked at the little red '1:45 AM' on the clock, threw the blankets aside, got up and got dressed. That was it. No more trying to force myself to sleep and ending up in the hell of my imagination and memories. I went out, and walked. I lived in the center of a big city, and even at that hour there was a lot available to do. Should one desire to do any of it. All the sex screaming at me from all sides was for straight sex, which didn't interest me. I went into an adult bookstore, wandered through the gay section, and discovered nothing in there interested me either. Shit, I thought to myself. You're fucking hopeless. I found an open coffee shop and went in.

The waitress was sitting down in a back booth having a break, so the cook came out to wait on me at the counter, wiping his hands on a towel. I just stared at him. Short jet-black hair, huge pin-you-to-the-wall brown eyes, face flushed pink from the heat of the kitchen, and a muscular body packed into a white T-shirt and faded jeans. 'May I help you?' he asked in a soft, intelligent voice. I thought of a thousand things he could do to help me, none of which were likely to be on the menu. Finally, I managed to croak out 'Coffee'. He nodded politely, set me up with a cup and saucer, then swung the pot to fill me cup. I stared at the muscles in his arm. He had a very small rose tattoo on his forearm. I admired it a little too much, blushed, thanked him for the coffee and stared at his ass as he walked away. My cock ached and strained to get out of my pants to follow him.

I watched him through the little window as he worked in the kitchen. Occasionally, he looked up and smiled at me. I tried not to sigh happily when he did that. I don't think I succeeded. After who knows how long a time, another cook came bursting through the door. 'Thanks, Recon,' he gasped. 'I really owe you.'

My dark eyed fantasy merely nodded and smiled. He vanished for a minute, then came out to the counter wearing a battered denim jacket. He stopped in front of me and smiled gently. 'There's a film I want to see down the street. Would you like to come?' I goggled at him, I know damn well I did, then nodded so happily my head nearly came off. We walked out into the night together. 'Recon?' I finally asked gently. 'I was a Marine,' he said, with a nostalgic pride. 'Force Recon.' Oh, I thought. 'I'm a kind of a wussy accountant,' I said stupidly. He threw his head back and laughed, a sound that came up from deep inside him. 'Then I'll protect you,' he managed to gasp, wiping his eyes. I giggled. Never in my entire fucking life have I giggled, but I picked that moment to start. He stopped at a small art theater and bought two tickets. It was a beautifully filmed piece about the triumph of the love of...two men. I laughed, I cried, I tried very hard not to come in my pants when Recon laced his fingers through mine and held my hand.

He walked around my apartment, admiring the architecture with a wineglass in his hand. I raided the kitchen, trying to throw together something halfway decent to eat. I assembled some things on a platter, put them on the coffee table, and sat. He came and sat beside me, put his wineglass down carefully, turned to me with smoldering eyes and rapid, shallow breaths, took me in my arms and kissed me. Hungry. That's the only word for his kiss. One arm tightened around me, his other hand gripped my jaw as his mouth worked on mine, his tongue thrusting in deep, then flicking at mine to urge it into his mouth. His strength was very, very evident, and for one moment a thrill of fear went through me. He could do anything he wanted to me, and I'd be powerless to stop him. His hand slid down to gently close around my throat and the thrill increased. My cock hurt, it was so hard. I could hear myself making very unfamiliar sounds. Soft, helplessly aroused whimpers. His kiss became demanding and his hand slid down my chest. He began to unbutton my shirt, fingers moving carefully but rapidly. His mouth slid off mine and went to my throat, and his teeth gently nipped at me. 'Jeff,' he murmured. My back arched at this sound. A dark, possessive sound. His fingers found my right nipple, and he pinched and pulled at it. I felt it tighten and grow erect, and trembled for his mouth. He leaned down, flicked it with his tongue, then sucked it so hard my toes curled. I lay back and let him work my nipples until they twitched. His mouth slid down, and he tongue-fucked my navel. He braced a forearm against my chest, and one over my thighs as he stabbed his tongue into my navel, hard, fast and deep. I recognized it for the symbolic act that it was, and lay submissively and moaned. He undressed me carefully, openly smiling his approval at my body, occasionally flicking the burning eyes at me with an enigmatic smile.

I sat naked, spread out on the couch, with him, fully clothed, kneeling between my knees, toying with my hard shaft with a gentle finger. He slide the tip up one side and down the other, gently encircling the tip, spreading my precum around. 'Do you know what a 'safe word' is?' he asked quietly. I blinked. The term was familiar, but not enough for me to place it. He smiled gently. 'It's the word you say when I go too far. Get carried away. Give you more than you want or can handle. You have the needs, and I will fulfill them. That's what this is about. Fulfilled needs. All I want at this moment is to pleasure you the way you need it, in that silent place inside you. I will pleasure myself. But I will cause you no harm. Use this word when you want it to stop. Saying 'stop' will have no effect. The word 'constellation' will. Do you understand?'

I didn't have a clue as to what was happening to me, but I nodded. 'Constellation,' I repeated. He nodded, and stood. 'Good, pet. Crawl on your hands and knees into the bedroom. Now.' I got down on my hands and knees, feeling a little silly, until I saw the look on his face. He was burning with lust for me as he watched me. Something cracked open inside of me, and buried feelings fought their way to the surface. I crawled for him, my cock twitching and dripping precum all over the rug. When I knew he was staring at my ass, I wiggled it for him, and he gasped sharply.

In the bedroom, he had me kneel, then sit back on my heels, knees spread, my hands behind my neck, my elbows out straight. 'This is the position of submission,' he said softly. 'This demonstrates your complete submission to me. I do not like the words 'master' and 'slave'. You are my pet, and I will address you by name. You will be allowed to address me by my name.' He bent and stroked my cheek. 'I will give you release, pet.' He undressed calmly, staring at me, as I knelt before him, my pole hard and begging. He folded the covers back neatly on the bed, then searched my room. He collected a few ugly ties I had stuck in the back of the closet, a couple of my belts, and some things I had stuck in a drawer: tube of lubricant, a vibrator, and a large dildo. I trembled as he laid out his finds neatly on the bed. He vanished for a second, then came back with a bowl of water. He set it carefully down on the floor and looked at me. 'This is a symbol of your submission to me, given freely. When we are together like this, you will drink only from the bowl. Drink now.' I crawled forward on my hands and knees, lowered my face to the water and lapped it up. He crouched beside me and stroked my back as I slurped up the water. His touch was tender and loving. I trembled as I slurped up the water. I whimpered, and he murmured to me. 'Hush, pet. I'll take care of you. I'll give you release.' I have never been as aroused as I was at that moment.

He ordered me to crawl around the room and perform for him as he watched. I did so, breathless that he watched me. I glanced up at him once, and his eyes were locked on me, his cock swollen and thrusting. 'Good pet,' he murmured at me. He had me stop in the middle of the floor, lower my head and thrust up my ass. He knelt beside me, ran a hand over my ass, then spanked me. I flinched at first, as the repeated smacks of his hand were painful, but relaxed as the sensation changed. I felt the pain, but I also felt incredible arousal and an odd sense of relief. When he stopped, I sighed, and he rubbed his fingertips over my ass cheeks. 'So warm and rosy,' he whispered. 'Lovely.' The skin of my ass felt like silk as he rubbed it. He ordered me up onto the bed.

I scrambled up, staying on my hands and knees. He tied my ankles together with one of the ties. The bonds were tight. He lay me on my back, then tied each arm to a corner of the bed. I stared up at his composed face. He left the room, and came back with a bowl of ice, a white candle and matches. He took an ice cube and rubbed it over my right nipple. I gasped, back arching and felt the nipple tighten to attention. He rubbed the ice in a figure 8, getting both nipples hard, sending melting ice water sliding all over me. It was torture, but I loved it. He was so calm about doing it. He slid ice over me until my entire chest and belly were cold and wet. Then he lit the white candle and held it over me, staring at the flame. I felt like part of some strange, pagan ritual and my balls tightened. He tilted the candle slightly, and I stared at the droplet of wax that formed at the side, hanging there briefly before it descended rapidly to hit my right nipple. I reacted with shock to the tiny, hot pain, then my entire being flushed with pleasure. The candle was so beautiful as it dropped its precum on me. He was so composed, smiling slightly in complete enjoyment of what he was doing to me. He continued to let drops of wax fall all over my chest and belly. I lurched each time a drop landed, groaning, then stared up at the flame lusting for more. The last drop landed in my belly button and I shrieked and rose up off the bed, struggling against my bonds. He calmed me by stroking my thigh, calling me his 'good pet, his wonderful pet.' I whimpered at him, and he shushed me gently.

'The fist time, pet. Just the first time. There will be plenty of time for you to be trained to enjoy so many things. I will give you such incredible release, pet. I promise.' He got the dildo, vibrator and the tube of jelly, then pushed my bound legs up. He worked the slick dildo into my ass. Incredible pleasure/pain, made a hundred times better by knowing his eyes were fastened on the phallus as it took me. 'In and out,' he said quietly, and fucked my ass hard with the dildo. 'In and out.' He rammed it in hard, his fist slamming into my ass with each down stroke. I was thinking about using the word when he stopped and carefully lowered my legs, leaving the dildo inside of me. My pucker felt stretched open, and I swear I could feel every inch of the thing inside me. He took the vibrator, coated it, then turned it on. He used the vibrator on my hard cock and balls, occasionally sticking it down between my legs to hold it against the end of the dildo. I lay, spasming helplessly, until I couldn't take any more, and began to cum. My cock shot out long white streams that splattered all over my chest. When my head cleared, I looked at him. He sat quietly, smiling at me, his chest covered with his own cum. His cock had erupted just from causing and viewing my orgasm.

I don't have nightmares anymore. Sometimes I still wake up in the middle of the night, but its because he's rubbing his hardon against me in his sleep.


Morgan Grayson

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