I had my first gay sexual experience while haning out with a freind. I had dreamed of what sex with another guy would be like but never really got the chance to experience it until then. I am a heavy set guy with a 6 inch cock. The day it happened I was sitting on my freinds bed watching him play a video game when the guy who lived in the apartment downstairs knocked on the door. Donny was tall with curly brown hair, brown eyes that sparkled when he smiled and a foo manchu mustach. He was lean and muscular. He was a soft spoken trucker. He sat next to me on the bed. I could sense what he wanted and it filled me with both fear and excitement. Fear because I didn't really know him. We had spoken a few times but only for a few moments. I was excited because this could possibly turn into a sexual encounter.

Suddenly my freind got a call on his cell from his sister. She wanted him to do something her. "I'm gonna have to take you home." "I am not ready to go home yet" I objected. That's when Donny spoke up. "He can hang out with me until he's ready to go and I'll take him home." I smiled and thanked him. My freind left and I followed Donny into his apartment. It was warm outside and when I stepped inside it was like a sauna. H cleared a space off the couch and we sat down. "So, your freind tells me your gay?" I was taken aback. I made a mental note to talk to my freind about telling people I'm gay. I nodded. "I'm bi myself". I nodded. "Have you ever done anything with another guy before?" he asked. I shook my head. "No but I've wanted to try some stuff." Donny raised an eyebrow. "Like what?" I shurgged. "Oh you know, the usual stuff. kiss, suck, anal."

Donnie nodded. "You want me to do it with you?" I smiled sheepishly. "We really dont know eachother that well". He laughed. "I would never do anything to hurt you." My mind was telling me to be cautious and my body was screaming "DO IT!!!" "Ok". He nodded. "Good, what do u want to do first?" I thought. "Could you strip for me?" He smiled. "You got it". He stood. I watched as he lifted his shirt over his head. His chest and abs were smooth and sculpted. He unbuckled his jeans and slid then down over his boney hips. He was wearing a pair of white breifs and I could see the buldge in front. My cock hardned as he slipped his underwear off. His cock popped out like a spring. It was at least 7 inches and rock hard.

He sat down and smiled at me while gently stroking his meat. "Your turn." I stood and slowly took off my clothes. Donny sat there stroking his cock and smiling. I sat down next to him. "Now what?" I asked. He shrugged. "You wanna touch it?" he asked looking down at his hardening cock. I grabbed it at the base. It felt warm and fleshy. I moved my hand up and down. Donny closed his eyes. I leaned over and took the head of his cock into my mouth. He moaned. "Oh yeah, suck me!" I alternated sucking and moving my hand up and down. He ran a hand down my side. He stopped me. "Dont want to cum too early." He stood and told me to lay on my back on the couch. I felt his weight as he laid ontop of me. He moved his hips rubbing his long, heavy cock against mine. I grabbed onto his smooth, firm ass and felt the muscles flex.

He kissed me. "God you're so fucking hot!" he murmered. I smiled. No guy had ever said that to me before. Donny stood. He told me to lay on my stomach. I did and he spread my ass cheeks apart. I gasped when I felt him lick my crack. "That feels so good!" I exclaimed. He stuck his tough further in my ass. I was panting. I felt a slight pain as he inserted a finger into my hole. I grunted. "Damn are you tight!" he exclaimed. I laughed. "What do you expect? I've never been fucked before." He inserted another finger. I felt my sphicter open more. He stood and got a tube of lube and a condom. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked. I nodded. "It's gonna hurt." I nodded. He put on the condom and lubed his hard prick.

He knelt behind me and I felt the head of his cock brush against my hole. "Try to relax" he said. I felt searing pain as he pushed into me. he wiggled the head of his cock in and out a few times to get me to open up more. I sucked in air though my gritted teeth. He pushed more of his prick up inside me. Soon the pain gave way to pleasure. When he was all the way in he laid there ontop of me for a few moments. "You ready?" I nodded but said nothing. He grabbed my hips with both hands and began thrusting. The sensation of his cock pushing and pulling against my anus made me moan. "Yeah, fuck me!" I could feel his balls slapping gently against me as he thrust. "You're so tight!" he moaned.

He reached between my legs and began jerking me off. The room had grown warmer and we were both sweating. Donny really began to pound my ass. "MMMMM! Fuck me!" I whimpered. His breathing had become shallow. I knew he was close. "I'm gonna cum!" he thrust a few more times and yanking the condom off erupted all over my back. We lay there panting. When he went soft he pulled out and told me to flip over onto my back. He positioned himself between my legs and began sucking. I was moaning softly. "Yeah!" He gently rubbed my balls. I felt them tighten. "I'm gonna cum!" I moaned. He jerked me off furiously until I exploaded.

We cleaned up and dressed. Donny took me home and told me that if I wanted to we could do that alot more. I kissed him as I got out of the car. I deffinately wanted to.



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