I had almost drifted off to sleep when the noises began: squeaky springs and heavy breathing. The combination was unmistakable. I'd made those noises too often, myself, not to realize what the guy in the next room was up to. His bunk was on just the other side of the paper-thin wall separating us. As the noises penetrated my consciousness, a picture of what he was doing formed in my mind and my groin responded. Fuck, I thought as I threw back the light covers and reached for my rapidly stiffening cock, looks like another resolution bites the dust.

It was my first night in the men's dorm, the end of my first day at college. The athletic scholarship had come through so I had promised myself to stop jacking-off when school began, figuring it would improve my performance on the ball field. Here I was, then, only one day after making the resolution, happily breaking it as I took up a determined beat on my cock while intently listening to the lusty noises coming from the next room. At 20, after a couple years in the Army, I was in terrific physical condition, my body attuned at the very least to a nightly solo on my instrument.

Suddenly, without the expected crescendo of squeaks and grunts, the noises in the next room stopped. Well, I just kept going. This had already become too exciting for me to halt in mid-beat. My own huffs and squeaks were all I heard for a few moments. Then, after what I thought was a muffled yelp of delight, my unseen partner renewed his toil and his springs began their own rhythmic squeaking again, in earnest, falling into a tempo matching my own. Great! I thought with a smile, now he knows what I'm up to, too, and isn't being a prude about it. I turned my head to the wall and made a little grunting noise, just to test what would happen.

He didn't disappoint me. He gave out a loud grunt. It sounded like his mouth was right next to the thin wall, right next to my ear. "Yeah," I breathed out, boldly.

"Yeah," a deep voice responded. Then, "BEAT THAT MEAT!" it demanded, knowingly. I don't really know how loudly he said it, but those words echoed deafeningly in my mind and I almost shot my load right then and there. My cock throbbed and my balls pulled up tight in their crinkled, firm sac, flat against my cockbase. My body was getting set for a memorable explosion.

I heard myself repeat his demand. "Beat that meat!" I said with my mouth still turned towards the wall. He groaned. I groaned, fist pumping tightly. The rhythms of our jack-off had changed. We were, clearly, in sync. We were now both down to the short strokes. "I'm going to shoot my load, man," he whispered plainly.

"Me, too," I whispered back, immediately.

"NOW! Uhh!" he grunted.

"Uhh," I grunted, "I... I'm..." I stuttered, through my ecstasy, consciously letting him know what was happening with me so his own pleasure would be enhanced, "...I'm coming!" A jet of hot semen hit my chin before I got the word "coming" out. "Uhh," I grunted again. Another hot jet hit my chin.

"Oh... Uhh... Ahhh," was all I heard from the other side of the wall, but it was enough to confirm that we were having a mutual, if separated, orgasm. The grunts and squeaks continued from both sides of the wall for an impressive length of time. Obviously, we were both immensely enjoying this dramatic, but discrete, event.

I scooped up some cum with a finger, lapped it up, grabbed a sock from the floor and wiped up the remains of this unexpectedly delightful experience. "G'night," he whispered quietly. "G'night," I whispered right back, wondering who this guy was and how we'd face one another in the morning. Then I fell into a deep, sound sleep.

I dreamt of a Fairy Prince and a baseball player, a handsome scholar and a jack-off buddy, a big stud and a cocksucker, and woke up with a firm erection when my alarm went off. I listened at the thin wall. I could hear nothing. I got up, did a few stretching and warm-up exercises while I waited for my erection to subside, then wrapped a towel round my waist and headed out for the dorm showers. As I opened my door, a skinny, sunken-chested, pimple-faced kid, obviously just back from the showers, passed me and went to the door next to mine. He unlocked it and without so much as a glance in my direction, went in.

Talk about disappointment. I couldn't believe it. Once again, I realized how vividly the imagination can evolve a fantasy only to have it squashed by reality. But this was really too much. Last night, the guy had seemed so open and sexual and alive, but here he was this morning without so much as a shit-eating grin on his face.

Another disappointment came as I stepped into the shower room. It was a large room containing two of those center-post shower arrangements with six showerheads on each post. Students were expected to stand around them facing one another while showering. I hated it at first sight. I want privacy when I shower, especially on mornings like this when I'm horny and want to jack-off under a nice comforting water-spray.

I hardly glanced at the lone bather in the room, only getting a first impression of a nude male taking a shower. I didn't want to appear rude, arrogant or aloof, so I started a showerhead across from him on the same center-post since it was the one nearest the door. I put my head under the water-spray, then got my entire body wet by spinning around completely under the needle-fine spray before coming out, pushing the hair out of my eyes, and looking directly at him for the first time.

The second impression I got was of straight white teeth smiling at me. "Mornin'," he said loudly, above the noise of the showers.

"Mornin'," I replied, returning the friendly smile. The third impression I got was of a sturdy, muscular body, fully packed, narrow-hipped and wide-shouldered. My smile broadened.

"You a transfer student?" he asked bluntly.

"No," I answered, surprised by his question. "I'm a freshman. Why?"

"Oh..." he responded, as though lost in thought, giving me the once over, very slowly, from head to toe, pausing rather wide-eyed at my crotch, it seemed to me, then adding in a pleasant tone of voice, "...You look older." He smiled at me as if to imply that older meant better.

"Yeah, you're right, I am," I admitted openly. "I did a hitch in the Army before applying for college. What about you? You look..." I paused and gave HIM the once over, equally slowly and being as obvious at looking at his crotch as he'd been with mine. His was very impressive, with a large, dangling cock twice the length of his full, pendulous scrotum. I looked up into his eyes. "...all grown up," I concluded, with a smile.

He laughed aloud. It was a happy, carefree, infectious laugh and I couldn't stop myself from joining in.

"I'm a Junior," he volunteered as if that clarified everything, and he put out his wet hand towards me, "name's Will. What's yours."

"Jack," I replied, "Glad to know ya'." We shook hands firmly, warmly. I liked the guy.

"Say, tell me," he asked, suddenly, as if getting an inspiration, "what room are you in?"

"321," I told him.

"No, Shit," he said quickly, emphasizing each word, a devilish grin stealing across his face. His hands dropped to his crotch and he began lathering up. He was doing it in a very suggestive, almost lewd, bold way. Standing out of the spray. Pulling on his cock. Working it. Drawing blood into the large cockhead. Going through obvious initial stages of masturbation, right in front of me.

"Umm..." I asked, hesitantly, "...what room are you in, Will?"

He smiled, raised and lowered his eyebrows evocatively, and said, "The one right next to yours."

I frowned. "But I just saw some skinny kid..."

His face turned into a grimace of disgust and he interrupted me. "My new fuckin' roommate," he announced with disdain. "Got in real late last night. After two," he said as if he was certain I'd understand. His hands kept playing with his crotch. He was getting a full erection only partially hidden by the soapy lather.

"I went to sleep about 11:30," I admitted.

"I know," he said with an open smile and another suggestive raising and lowering of his eyebrows.

That did it. Now I had no doubt this was my noisy jack-off partner. A wave of pleasure surged through my abdomen, starting in the pit of my stomach and spreading warmly outwards. A weight lifted from my back. My spirits rose.

"You've got a big one," he said with a huskiness in his voice that I recognized from the night before. I looked down at myself. Apparently, my cock had risen with my spirits. It was standing, stiffly, battered by the sharp spray of the water, untouched, but looking red and ready.

"Geez," I said, "look at this. And you, too. You've got a real big one."

"Yeah, but I'll beat it back down to size." He grinned. He shifted his hips so the lather was rinsed away by the spray and then grabbed his cock at mid-shaft, beginning a slow masturbatory motion, up and down, and came out of the spray.

"Right here?" I asked, my eyes bulging out at the sight. I looked around the large, otherwise empty room. "Won't someone catch you."

"Don't you mean, 'us'." He was looking at my crotch. I followed his eyes and was surprised to see that my hand was duplicating his. I was jacking-off. I was almost unaware of it, I had become so entranced by him and so excited by his open sexuality. This was all so different from the paranoia of covert sex in the Army.

"OH!" I said, looking up into his eyes. "You're right. Won't someone catch us?" I repeated, correctly now.

"Who cares?" he said with a broad grin, "what'll they do? Shit? Or join in?"

"You wouldn't care if someone came in and caught us jacking off together?" I asked, rather naively, startled that I had finally met someone who seemed to have so little pretension.

He laughed and whispered, in that deep, husky voice, "Look, man, I came in here this morning so hot from remembering doing it with you last night that I was ready to beat off as soon as I was alone, away from that fuckin' roommate who just left. But now, seeing that you look much better than I'd ever dared hope you'd look, and, Jesus, watching you beat that fuckin' flagpole of yours, I'm almost ready to pop off. So if anyone is goin' to catch us, he'd better hurry in."

He moved towards me. Unconsciously, I moved out of my spray towards him, coming around the center-post. Fists were moving rapidly as we neared one another. His body was exceptional - well formed, muscular, beautiful - causing an ache of desire in my gut. But I could see myself reflected in his expression and realized that the sight of my nude body was producing an equally passionate reaction in him. That thought was very powerful. It brought me to the pinnacle of lust. My cockhead expanded to its most impressive, swelling to skin-tight, shiny arousal. His eyes widened as he looked at it.

"You're ready, too, man. Beat that meat!" he said with a hoarse, lusty whisper, reminding us both of last night's excitement. "Beat that meat. This... is... IT!" I watched his cockhead expand, too, and then felt a splat of his cum against my solar plexus, even before I saw it shoot. It put me over the top. My cum burst out of me, one staggering jolt after another in such rapid succession that my breathing was stopped. I watched it hit first his neck, then his chest, one white splat after another. I felt more of his cum hitting my belly. We were aiming cum at each other. It was sensational. I'd met my match.

Later that day, I entered the Athletic Building to report for the first time to the baseball coach. I was in a great mood. I'd been here less than 36 hours and had already thoroughly enjoyed two highly charged sexual adventures with a guy I could learn to fall in love with. Will had had to leave for class immediately after our encounter in the shower, and I'd had to spend the day with other freshmen, going through orientation and signing up for classes, but I had no doubt we'd get together later. For now, I was anxious to see how the physical, athletic, part of this new college life would take shape.

I was directed to a door at the end of a hallway, took a deep breath, and went in without knocking. I was absolutely startled to find Will, standing in profile to the door, his gym shorts at his ankles, his jockstrap at his knees, his naked butt resting on the edge of a big desk top, one hand on the head of a guy on his knees in front of him, getting a blow-job! Will's other hand had pushed up his tee-shirt and he was pinching a tit, but he immediately dropped that hand to help hold down the head at his crotch in order to keep the mouth from coming off his cock, which was in to its very root.

"Hi, Jack," he said brightly, as if nothing out of the ordinary were taking place, "com'on in and close the door. You goin' out for baseball?"

I nodded, dumbfounded, quickly closing the door behind me.

"Well, I'm team captain this year," he said with a big grin, "and, here, meet the coach!" With that, he both nodded down to the figure between his legs and gave a few obvious, lewd humps of his hips to illustrate, with no doubt, what the two of them were up to.

My mouth fell open. My crotch swelled.

The coach straightened something at his crotch, put his hands on Will's knees and pushed, forcefully, until Will released his grip on his head. He came off the big cock with a noisy slurp and a "popping" sound, then stood up, looking at me with wide eyes. "Who the hell are you?" he asked in annoyance.

I gave him my name and told him I was a freshman, while wondering how my scholarship might be affected, and feeling at once embarrassed for him but also highly turned on by what I was looking at. He was a good-looking, well-developed young man, seeming barely a year or two older than I was, and with a big, obvious bulge in his sweatpants. It was a peculiar predicament.

"Jesus Christ, didn't you ever learn to knock?" the coach asked in exasperation.

Will started to laugh. His profiled, wet erection just stood there vibrating, invitingly.

"You gonna finish that off?" I asked the coach, ignoring his outrage and pointing at Will's hard-on.

"I... What?... I..." the coach stammered, staring at the erection as if seeing it for the first time, lost for words and wondering exactly what I meant.

"'Cause if you're not goin' to," I continued with a smirk, "I am. It sure looks good enough to eat!" I licked my lips, lasciviously.

The coach's mouth dropped open. Will let out a whoop and said, "Right on!" He lifted his ass from the desk and turned towards me, offering me his cock.

What the fuck, who needs a scholarship? I said to myself as I leaned over to suck in the head of the handsome, broad cock. I had been thinking about sucking Will's cock all day long, but never, in my wildest dreams, had ever expected to be doing it right in front of my new coach. It tasted of spicy mouthwash. I smiled. The coach must really have a thing about hygiene, I thought to myself, if he uses mouthwash BEFORE he sucks cock.

"GeeEezz!" Will sighed with a hiss, "he sucks better than you do, coach." His flattery encouraged greater effort from me. I took his cock to the back of my mouth and opened my throat to it. He humped into me with enthusiastic delight. The cock slid a little further down my throat with each hump. I sucked it for all I was worth, hearing Will sigh with pleasure. "He's great!" he said with emotion.

Forgetting about the coach and wanting to receive Will's load in my mouth, I put on a dazzling display of deep-throated cocksucking, bobbing the length of that great cock as if inspired. Will grabbed my head and bent his knees, fucking my face with great humps of his hips, causing his balls to thud steadily, erotically, heavily against my chin as my forehead thudded against his abdomen and my nose ground into wiry cockhair. We fell together into an athletic rhythm of total sensuality and made grunting sounds at one another, just like the night before when the wall was between us, to communicate our enjoyment. Before long, I felt a general stiffening of his erection and the cockhead flared even larger, turning to stone. "I'm going to shoot my load, man," he confirmed huskily.

Exactly the words he used last night, I thought excitedly, but now I'm here to take it in the mouth.

"Christ!" the coach whispered in awe, standing near me.

"Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!" Will grunted in response to the first momentous spurts of his orgasm as they shot out into my delighted mouth. I swallowed and took more, but then backed off, completely, aimed the cockhead with my hand and allowed a jet of cum to hit me in the face before sucking the spewing organ back into my mouth. I heard both of them gasp at seeing the cum-shot hit me. It was great. I bobbed and sucked until Will begged me to stop. I let his large cock pop out and l looked up at him.

"Fantastic," he hissed, smiling down at me breathlessly. "That was fantastic!"

"Wow!" I said with a smile, wiping off the cum on my face with a finger and slurping it up with my tongue.

"You should try it," he said, turning to the coach. "You won't believe how good he is." He smiled back at me and said, "Shit, Jack, and we only jacked-off together. Why didn't you tell me you could..." he hesitated, looking for the right words.

"You two jacked-off together?" the coach asked in amazement. He thought about it. "Already?" he asked. "But he's only been here one day!"

I turned to look at him. My head was at his crotch, inches from his cock as he had moved in closer to watch. The bulge in his sweatpants looked much bigger from this position. Without responding to his question, I slid my hand up his thigh, feeling powerful, well-developed muscles beneath the smooth material, until I came to his balls. The slightest initial touch of my fingers through the material against his testicles spurred him to action.

"God!" he sang out, pulling at the drawstring of the sweatpants. The material gave way and dropped down, revealing a rock-hard, stalwart erection standing out from a pair of very large balls. His naked thighs looked even more impressive than they had felt and his washboard abs were something to behold. The coach was in great shape.

"Nice," I said admiringly, smiling up at him.

He looked down at me, his eyes wild with excitement. "Do me, too," he pleaded.

I really didn't need to be asked. I reached out and slid my fingers around the thick shaft. It throbbed. A drop of liquid formed at the tip. I tested the solidity of the organ by pulling it towards me. It hardly moved, it was so strained to rigidity. I leaned in and lapped at the heavily flanged underside of the mushroom shaped cockhead. It was delicious. I kissed the tip and sucked in some pre-cum. That did it. A lust sprang up in me and I suctioned the big weapon into my mouth, lashing at it with my tongue. It slid in smoothly, aided no doubt by the semen still lingering in my mouth from Will's voluminous orgasm.

The coach sucked in his breath with pleasure and began to hump into me. This second cock seemed much easier to handle, probably because the first had prepared me for it. I gave it my best effort. Apparently that was more than good enough. From his excitement at sucking on Will's cock and then watching me sucking it off to orgasm, the coach was more than a little stimulated. He was quickly brought to the edge of desire. I wrapped a hand sensuously around his scrotum and tugged.

"Oh, man," he said excitedly, "that's got it. I'm gonna shoot!"

I increased my efforts and was almost immediately rewarded with a powerful gushing of cum into my mouth. As I had done with Will, I aimed the cock with a hand and let one of the secondary spurts splash onto my face for both of them to see. "Wow!" they said in unison as I sucked the cock back in and eagerly suctioned out every last vestige of the hardy orgasm until he pleaded for mercy.

I got up and ripped open my trousers. My own erection vibrated solidly between the two of them. Receiving both loads from these sexy hunks had really started up my engines. "Anyone want to take this load?" I asked plaintively.

They glanced immediately at one another but Will was the more alert. He shouted, "I do!" while dropping to one knee in front of me before the coach could react. I could tell that the coach had been on the verge of saying he wanted to, but when Will knelt down to take my cock into his mouth, the coach's mouth dropped open in surprise yet again that afternoon. "You DO?" he asked in amazement. "I've been trying to get you to reciprocate for two years, you sexy bastard." Will was already much too busy to reply.

The coach looked me in the eye and asked, sarcastically, "Are you enjoying college?"

"It... looks like..." I grunted, between lusty humps into Will's hot, inexperienced but enthusiastic mouth, "...I'm gonna... LOVE IT!"


Jack Sofelot


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