"I must insist you tell me what the problem is before I can arrange for the doctor to see you," the nurse was saying in her clipped, very British accent.

"I'd rather just tell him, if you don't mind."

"Come now, don't be modest. I'm a sister, you know." She used the English term for nurse. I was in London.

"Gee. I noticed this rash on my penis..."

"Oh! Well, never mind," she interrupted, looking embarrassed. "I won't put anything down on the chart. Just tell the doctor. Go into room number 3. Remove all of your clothes. Lie on the examining table. The doctor will be in as soon as he is able."

I went along the corridor to Room 3. I was in the basement of the hotel I was staying at. The company had wanted to impress our English clients, so they had put me up in the most expensive hotel in town. I had asked the concierge if I might find a doctor, and he had recommended the hotel doctor as one of the best. The large examining room was rather gloomy, but I stripped and got up on the paper-covered table. I sat there waiting, knees wide apart, feet dangling. In a few minutes, the door burst open and the doctor came in briskly, carrying a clipboard. His lab-coat was unbuttoned. The sports clothes underneath told me he was ready to leave for the weekend after this Saturday morning duty. He closed the door and looked over at me.

"Oh! You're a big lad!" He eyed me with an expression of surprise.

I grinned. "So are you, Doc! Soccer?"

"Oh, you mean what we call football. No. Not 'soccer,’ I play rugby actually."

"No kidding. I played on a rugby team for three years, after college."

"Really?! I hadn't realized you Yanks knew how to play a MAN'S game." He grinned. You could say we felt a camaraderie at that moment. Survivors of the same battles, so to speak. He looked to be about my age and weight. He was handsome in that British way. You know, sandy hair, fair skin, sort of snobbish ways, with his nose in the air seeming to cover some insecurity. I liked him immediately.

I laughed. "Oh, we Yanks know how to play lots of games."

"Yes, I'm sure you do," he said with a wicked grin. "Now, what seems to be the problem, Mr... Er, umm..." He looked down at the clipboard trying to recall my name.

"Call me Jack."

"All right, Jack, what's wrong? You look perfectly healthy."

"Well, I visited some friends four days ago, in New York. The next day I had to fly over here. Just as I was leaving for the airport, I noticed this redness, like a rash, on my, uh..." I paused. "...uh, on my penis."

"Oh, dear! We can't have that, now, can we," he said. "Well, lie down, and let's take a look at it, shall we?" I lied down. "Now let's have a look." He leaned down over my crotch and studied my genitals for a moment. "Hmm. I'll have to take a careful look at this." The way he stressed the words made me smile. He put down the clipboard, washed and dried his hands, and picked up my penis in one hand to examine it. "You have a very large scrotum, Jack."

"Aw, gee, Doc, all my friends tell me that." I grinned.

"Yes. Well, I'm not making a joke. It is quite large. One of the largest I've seen, in fact, if I do say so. Very full and healthy looking. But, now, about this rash. It looks quite mild to me. Why did you wait several days before coming to see me?"

"Until this morning, I had a such a tight schedule of meetings I couldn't get away. You know how it is."

"Hmm, yes, I suppose so. Is this rash better or worst than it was yesterday?"

"I guess it's better. Yes, it's almost gone, in fact. It's just that it has me so worried, I haven't... Uhhmmm..."

"You haven't what?"

"Well, you know, Doc. I haven't, er, jacked off."

"Oh?! Well, yes, of course. You didn't want to make it worse, did you. So you haven't 'jacked off' for the past few days."


"Well, when you were with these friends in New York, did anything happen?" He was using both hands on my cock, now, poking and probing, stretching and pulling very clinically, nose very close to it so he could see well.

"No. Not that I can remember." I thought about it, arms under my head, looking at the ceiling. "Oh! Wait! They had two cats. I'm allergic to cats, but I love 'em. One came into my bedroom that night."

"I see. And did you pet it?"


"Did you get up and wash, after you petted it?"

"Gosh. No, I didn't. Do you think that's it? A reaction to the cat?"

"Well, Jack, let me ask you. Did you subsequently 'jack off' that evening?" He was pronouncing "jack off" like it was a foreign phrase used only for my benefit because I had used it. He was trying to be nice. I wondered what term he used, but I answered his question.

"Yes. Yes, I did." I said, remembering. He looked up at my face and smiled.

"You 'jack off' every day?" I was more of a statement than a question.

"Well, yes, when I'm travelling."

"Very good. That's quite healthy. You're a young man." He smiled again. "Only once per day?" The question seemed to stray past the line of professionalism into an area of eroticism. Most Englishmen always seemed a little gay, to me, and I wondered if I hadn't caught a gleam in his eye, just then. He certainly could have seen one in mine. Suddenly, I had to concentrate on not throwing a boner into his hand while he held my cock.

"I admit that I do it more than once a day."

"Excellent! I can see now why this little rash was bothering you. Let's see. If you masturbate more than once per day, and you've been travelling now for, what? Three days? Then you will have missed six orgasms. Is that correct?"

"Yeah," I admitted, dejectedly.

"Would it have been more than six? Be honest now, I'm your doctor."

"Well, to be honest, it's more like ten." I decided to exaggerate a little, for his benefit, as I watched his eyes grow big. He was enjoying this. "I've been 'masturbating' three or four times a day for years." It was currently (in my late twenties) only two times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, with an occasional third or fourth time thrown in two or three times a week as the situation arose, so to speak. "Now that I can't jack off, well, it's got me sort of jumpy." That was the truth! And the way he was toying with my cock wasn't helping matters.

"Yes! Well I should think it would make you jumpy! My, my! Well, spread you legs apart." He slid both hands between my muscular thighs and helped to move and separate them till my knees were at the edges of the table. He leaned down, even closer to my crotch, and ran a smooth palm under my scrotum. He hefted it, like he was weighing it. He inhaled like he was smelling it. His other hand was gently rubbing my inner thigh.

"Umm, er... Wha'cha doin', Doc?" It was quickly becoming more and more difficult to keep my cock flaccid.

"Oh, sorry, Jack. I guess I should tell you just to relax and enjoy this. I'm certain there's no infection here. You've had a minor reaction to the cat. That is all. It has all but cleared up, save some redness. But we do need to check out the whole area, don't we. We must be sure that you haven't spread the rash, and that everything's all right down here, while we're at it. Don't you agree?"

"Uh... well..."

"Yes? What is it?"

"I'm pretty sensitive down there right now."

"Yes, I shouldn't wonder! You've not had an orgasm in days. Naturally, your prostate gland will be swollen and sensitive, without a doubt. But I can't help thinking that perhaps your scrotum is also swollen, as a result. It's so nice and big. We have to be certain it hasn't been swollen by the rash. What do you think?" He didn't lift his head, but turned it to look up at my face. He was so close to my thighs that we were both seeing my cock, lying between us. "Is it swollen?"

I smiled at him over my cock. It started swelling. He grinned. I said, "It's got a big load of juice stored up, causing pressure, Doc. I can promise ya that." He stood up, went to the door and locked it!

"Forgot about that," he blustered, smiling, "Can't have anyone wandering in, interrupting us, now, can we."  He paused. "Now, where were we?" He leaned his head way down again, his soft hair tickling my left thigh. "Oh, yes, your balls! You look surprised, Jack. That's what you Yanks call 'em, isn't it? Balls? And such nice big ones, too. Such big, clean balls!" He turned his head to look up at my face again, nose next to my balls, sniffing, his palm under them. He grinned, lewdly.

This time, he was clearly past all boundaries of professionalism. My developing erection became even more obvious.

"Gee, Doc. This exam is starting to give me a hard-on."


"It is?!"

"Yes. You see, I've been wanting you to raise an erection, a hard-on.  I could have come right out and said it, but I find that puts patients off. You have to mention erection, or hard-on, first. You see, I need to examine your penis, ah, your cock as you Yanks call it, in its erectile stage."

"You do?!"

"Yes, of course. We have to see if the rash is hidden in any folds of skin, or penetrating the epidermis, the skin-covering, here..." He slid his left hand up to the elongating cock and wrapped it firmly around the middle of the shaft. He raised it to stand up straight between us as we looked at it. It rose quickly to its full glory, growing to its substantial length, well above the fist that held it. We said nothing as it grew, but his eyes grew larger as mine grew narrower. I was getting hot.

"Goodness!" the doctor said, "you must need to use both hands to manipulate this, Jack. I thought your scrotum was large, but this weapon certainly is beyond what I was expecting." He licked his lips. "Yes, more than I had hoped for!"

"I should have warned you there'd be plenty of skin to examine."

"Indeed, yes, plenty of skin. But, no," he laughed, "I'm quite glad you didn't warn me. I love surprises and this is the best surprise I've had in some time."

"Keep workin' that hand, Doc, and you'll get another surprise."

"Which hand? Oh, you mean this one." His eyes got even bigger as he moved his hand up to the tip of my cock, then slowly, with great kneading pressures and excellent technique, he began a deliberate jacking action on the big organ. He kept his face behind my balls all the time, looking at me beyond the cock from time to time. He grinned.

"This demands much closer inspection. I'd use a magnifying glass, mind you, but it requires a more 'sensitive instrument' on such delicate surface textures. You understand, don't you?" Then his hot tongue licked at my balls.

"Umm, I think so, Doc, but it's kind'a unorthodox, ain't it?"

"Perhaps. For you Yanks. But over here, we doctors like to think we have better techniques. Relax." He put out his tongue and its wetness bathed my balls. They slithered up in the tight sack. I drew in my breath noisily. "Oooh, careful, Doc. That 'sensitive instrument' just might make me release all that stored up juice. We don't want to make a mess in here, do we?"

He leaned into my balls, flattening his tongue, licked and then sucked on them. Then, he backed off and looked up at me from behind his pumping fist. "No, let's not 'make a mess'. But I do have to examine your thighs, here. And perhaps it should be necessary to examine your backside for a moment, just to be sure you haven't spread the rash too far. What do you think? Would that cause you to 'make a mess'?"

"I won't make a mess as long as I can know what to expect. Know what I'm sayin'?"

"Excellent! Well, expect a lengthy examination of your groin, inner thighs, buttocks, anus and rectum. Of course, the exam will have to conclude on your penis, won't it?"

I drew in my breath. "You mean you're going to use your 'sensitive instrument' to examine my, uh, my cock?"

"Yes, of course. We don't want a mess, do we." He smiled. "But how long can you withstand the inspection?"

"Geez, I don't know. But I'll tell ya, Doc, it’s been so long that I'm good for two or three times in a row, right now."

"Oooh, and after only three days. You are a randy lad, aren't you," he whispered, eyes wide and excited.

"Yeah, and I'll tell ya somethin' else."


"I've got a 'sensitive instrument' too. See?" I slowly slid out my flattened tongue until it touched my chin.

"My god!" He stood up and took off all his clothes, quickly, almost recklessly. He wore boxer shorts that were tented out in front and showed some fresh wet spots of anticipatory lubrication. He slid them off and straightened up. He had an excellent, exciting build, and a leaking erect cock, almost the size of mine, and, not surprisingly, an extremely large scrotum, with a dandy sized pair of balls. I reached out my right hand and took hold of them. He gasped. I pulled him closer to the table and looked him in the eye.

"How long has it been since your last examination?"

"Oh, Jack! Too long!"

"And since your last orgasm?"

"It's been days for me, too. I've been so bloody busy. When you were telling me about your sex-life, I was thinking how much alike we two must be. I need a good wank every day, myself. A minimum of once a day. Something kept happening these last few days, and I couldn't. That's why I am so horny. When I saw you sitting there nude as I came in, with your great body, I almost came in my trousers. Now here we are! You're terrific!"

I thought, "So that's the term he uses. 'Wank'." I liked it.

"How're we going to continue this examination, Doc? What do we need to do first? How's about that rectal exam?" I grinned sliding my hand up onto his cock. His eyes got huge.

"Yes! Yes!" He drew himself up and pumped his cock into my hand, as it grew even stiffer. "I had only been thinking of an initial anal skin exam. But if you are serious, that swollen prostate gland of yours certainly requires my attention. Do you think you can accommodate a large rectal probe..." his eyes glazed over, but then he looked disappointed, saying, "Ah, but you probably only meant..."

"I know what I said, Doc. I think you should give me a thorough and penetrating rectal probe in an effort to reduce the swelling of my prostate gland. What do you think?"

"Oh! Oh, yes! I give the best 'penetrating' rectal exams in the country. Health Service should pay me a bonus for them, I'm so good at it. Here, now, slide down to the foot of the table. That's it. Now put your feet up in these special examination stirrups I keep on hand for just such rare occasions, like this. That's it, way, way up. Excellent! Excellent! Now let's get some light on the subject, and pull over this examiner's stool so I can get way down here and make a close inspection. Hmmm!"

My legs were up in the air and spread wide. His nose was at my balls, as he sat on a low stood at the end of the table. His eyes twinkled. "Yes, look at this! What a delightful roseate of tight skin here. Must examine this for rash, indeed, Jack." His moist tongue began lapping at my inner thighs, my balls, my ass cheeks, and, finally, around my "roseate" as he called it. The feelings were sensational.

"Now, Jack, slide you body down some more. No, keep your feet in the stirrups. That's it. Push your body into my face. Ummm, ummm, you taste so good!" My ass was off the table and I could shift it more easily in response to his inspecting tongue, rolling and pumping it, lifting it with the help of my feet in the stirrups. I left my cock alone. I was so hot I knew I'd shoot off if I touched it. Suddenly, his tongue probed into my rectum. I could feel it slide in a surprising distance before my sphincter instinctively clamped against the intrusion. He worked his tongue out and back in a number of times, until, finally, it was not rejected by the sphincter. He pulled out.

"Oh, man! You are good! Tight and tasty! Just how I like 'em,"  he said, standing up between my legs. "It's moistened but not well lubricated. I've many things I could use. What would you prefer?"

"My spit."


"Yeah. Bring that penetrator up here, and I'll get it real wet."

"Here it is. Oooh! Look at it go in. That's it. Oh?! You can suck! My god, it's in half... no it's in two-thirds of the way. Jack, you've got it in your throat! Oh, man, that feels so good. Uhh!" He started jabbing his cock into my mouth, jerking his hips, up on his toes, to feed it to me as I leaned over the side of the examination table, my feet still up in the air, my asshole twitching. With great force and skill I bobbed my head on his thick shaft until it was in up to the hilt. It hit bottom, soft cockhair nestled around my nose.

"Jack, Jack!" he whispered, "this is fantastic! The doctor is IN! No one has ever taken me IN all the way! But stop. Stop! Please! I'm about to lose control. And you'd like to feel that rectal probe, wouldn't you?" He pulled out of my mouth slowly.

"Yeah, I guess so. But, damn, Doc, you've got a real suckable cock."

He moved back to my ass, holding the base of his cock so as not to dry it with his hands. He, muttered, "If my nurse had told me there was a expert cocksucker in the exam room and I came in and saw you, Jack, I'd have thought I'd gone into the wrong room. But you are good! Oh! Here's that tight orifice." His slipped his middle finger into me. It slid in easily. I was still moist from his tongue. He inserted a second finger and rotated them, expertly. He knew what he was doing, both for his enjoyment and for mine. Few men had so well prepared me for what came next. I felt his cockhead against my ass. He slowly pushed it firmly upwards until it was stopped by his fingers. He spread the fingers and inserted the tip of his cockhead between them and slowly pushed. It was a clever maneuver, deflating the cockhead against the stronger stiffness of his fingers. It slid in between them rather easily. Then, the more his hips pushed the cock into me, the more his fingers pulled out, until the cock was in and the fingers were out.


"Deep breaths." He said it unconsciously, using a very professional manner. It turned me on.

"Oh, yes, Doctor. Anything you prescribe!"

"The examination probe is in part way." Again, this time consciously, he used his professional voice. "Now shift your hips. That's it! Roll them. That's it!" He began pulling out and pushing back. Each push put him in a little further. Then I started working my ass like I knew how. I tightened up, sucking in my abdomen and pumping my ass to meet his thrusts. He sucked in his breath. "God! The man can fuck, too! The doctor is IN!" he said excitedly. We pulled out all the stops as we put genuine maximum effort into giving mutual enjoyment, fucking like two professional concert musicians who are expert in their use of top quality instruments. He slipped a fist around my cock and pumped it with skill as he used it to pull my ass even further onto his hot cock, my balls thudding into his groin, his balls thudding against my ass.

"The examination probe is finding it difficult to withhold injecting some medication. Would you prefer that the injection be withheld for external examination on your stomach?" he asked. I thought, "What a delightful way to ask if I want his cum up my ass."

"The patient requires the medication be injected internally," I said, grinning, trying to match his phony professional detachment, as he grinned back. "However," I went on, "note that your probe has united with my prostate, which will eject the medication back through the connector in your hand, simultaneously."

"Wonderful! Yes, the probe has become very steel like and is moving very rapidly. One or two more strokes and I'm going to..."

"Uhh.... Uhh.... Here! Take... your... medicine!" As I felt the first spurt of his cum in my bowels, my cock stiffened to complete rigidity in his hand. He was aiming it towards my face. A white, ropy string of cum burst out, sailed over my head and flew well beyond the other end of the examination table.

"Look at that!" he said excitedly. I grabbed my cock as we continued coming together. Cum covered the front of my body. Both his hands clutched my thighs next to my balls as he spasmed out the remains of his orgasm deep, deep in my bowels, body pumping rigidly, our eyes staring at my spewing cock. Finally, we relaxed. As he started to pull out, the phone rang.

"Don't move a muscle!" he said, quietly, seriously. "We've not yet finished with the exam."

He went to the phone. "Yes? Yes. I see. Yes. Well, I've not finished with this patient yet. Yes, it was a bit more than I'd imagined. Yes. Well, you lock up and go on home then, since there are no more patients. We'll let ourselves out when we're through in here. Yes. No more than 10 or 15 minutes I should think. Yes, you too. Nice weekend. Good-bye."

He grinned as he put down the phone. "Now, where were we. Oh, yes. All this ejaculate on your skin. Can't let it stay there to irritate that rash, can we." His face went down on my chest and his tongue lapped the sticky fluid where I had left it lay, a busy task as I had goo on my chin, throat, chest and abdomen. He missed none of it, bathing me with his thoroughness. Then he licked my cock. It was still hard. His mouth covered the head and sucked some juice from it but then he stopped and stood up.

"Jack, I've never seen semen sail as far as yours did, over your head, off the table, like that. It was extraordinary! We must continue this "examination."  Tell me, what are your plans for this weekend?"

"I'm free till Monday afternoon. Why, Doc? You gonna keep me stuck in these stirrups till then?" I grinned.

"Not in these stirrups. But I know you require further medication. Don't you agree? Why, we've been able to reduce the pressure in your prostate by only one miserly measure."

"Yes, and your probe must certainly require dispensing more medicine, Doc. And you've yet to discover that my probe gives very deep injections,too."

"Excellent! Why don't you go up to your room, throw a few things into a bag, and meet me out front. I've got a brown Bentley. I'm going up to my country house near Ipswich in East Anglia, where, up till now, I've liked to spend time alone. You'll enjoy yourself. Depend on it!"

"Five minutes?" I asked. I got up. We started to dress.

"Take as long as you like. But I'll tell you, you won't be needing much clothing!"


Jack Sofelot


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