I'm a varsity men's swimmer at a large University in my senior year. I've been swimming competitively since I was seven years old. I've got a tall, slender, yet chiseled, body that is commonly referred to as a "swimmer's physique." I've also had the privilege of being a swim suit model for a locally based boutique clothing company in their catalogues these past two years. The short of it is: I'm smoking hot and uber-fit.

My freshman year I was given a work study job at a local fitness and health club as a life guard, swim instructor and towel boy. It was a simple enough job which kept me in spending money.

My life guard duties were twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from six until ten when the pool closed. On weeknights the pool clears out after about eight-thirty in the evening so I was usually alone. It was a cake job to say the least.

One Thursday evening a distinguished looking older guy comes into the pool at about 8:45PM. He was about six feet, three inches and in his early fifties. He was tan with a full and very grey head of hair. He was very fit for his age. I could tell that he was the type who worked out regularly.

He smiled as he walked by me and volunteered, "I hope I'm not too late. I usually do my laps early in the morning but was unable to today." His face was chiseled and he had a pearly white smile.

"You're fine I told," I told him. "You'll probably have the pool

to yourself. "

As he swam his laps I couldn't escape noticing just how graceful he was in the water. He had probably been swimming for years. He had a coordinated, smooth stroke as he glided up and down the length of the pool.

After about an hour, he climbed out of the pool and approached me at the Life Guard's Station. He was friendly and had a number of questions for me. He seemed to have an interest in my work schedule at the club as well. I didn't think anything of it at the time as he reminded me too much of my folks and their friends. As we talked, I couldn't help but notice how his wet swimming shorts were clinging to him and revealed a perfect, three dimensional outline of his remarkably large cock.

After leaving work that night, I paid him no thought at all. The following Thursday, as I sat in the life guard's station, I noticed the distinguished man again as he approached me at about a quarter to nine in the evening. "I thought you were a morning swimmer?" My question seemed to catch him off guard.

"Yeah, just realized on Tuesday how much I prefer to have the pool myself." He punctuated his reply with that brilliant smile of his.

Rather than climb into the pool, he took the opportunity to pepper me with questions. He wanted to know if I also worked out at the club and further, if I was looking for a work out partner. This question made me fight to contain my laughter. The thought that I, as a college athlete, would be in the market to work out with a fifty-something (no matter how fit) was absurd. He let on that he recognized me as one of the catalogue models from the store chain that I did a recent shoot for. This, for the first time, made me suspicious of his intentions. Any doubts I had in his favor were totally negated when he flat out asked me, "So, are you gay, straight or bi?"

My response was quick and pointed, "That's really kind of a personal question you're asking of me."

He got the point and apologized. He quickly recovered in an intelligent, witty way and introduced himself. When I started to call him Mister... he quickly interrupted me and asked that I call him Frank. There was no doubt that more than being a mere admirer of me, this distinguished looking gentleman was making it his mission to fuck my brains out.

I laughed at him inside. He doesn't have a chance with me, I thought to myself. He was just too old - no matter how fit and handsome he was. If anything I was amused by his lofty ambition. Old Frank wants to mount my tight little Greek saddle, I laughed inside. He was way out of his league.

After a couple of weeks, Frank became a regular fixture in the evenings when I was working at the pool. I even began to enjoy his conversations and respected how well he looked, secretly hoping I would one day look as well at his age. Of course there were always the invitations from him to grab a drink or bite to eat after work and always, I politely declined. Despite his relentless efforts, I really just considered him a nice, if harmless old man.

Frank earned points for persistence in my book. He began showering in the stall right next me as I showered at the club. I would occasionally catch him ogling my shapely ass and legs as I showered. Occasionally, I would even purposely drop my soap just to get him all hot and bothered as he eyeballed my spreading ass checks while I bent over with my feet and legs together without bending my knees. I could tell I was driving him crazy and was getting amused, if not turned on myself by teasing the hell out of him. I knew he, more than anything, wanted to fuck my perfect little ass from every naughty little position or angle he could imagine. Yet, there I was, completely naked, and showering right next to him where he could reach out and touch me if he dared, knowing the while he could never have me. I could see the frustration on his face at times and you could cut the sexual tension between us with a knife. If he was going to relentlessly pursue me, I had no problem with being a ruthless cock tease toward him- so much so that I began to look forward to his coming to see me.

One night after we had showered, I noticed him walking across the locker room and entering the sauna. Thinking to myself, this ought to be good, I followed him in. As he sat on one side of the sauna, I laid down, on my stomach, on the other side playfully kicking the heel of my foot against my firm little ass as I bent my left leg backwards. After a couple of minutes of exchanging pleasantries with Frank, I turned my head toward the wall as I continued to lay down in front of him - naked as a jay bird.

Even as I stared at the wall it was as if I could feel Frank's stare - eye fucking me as he took my measure from head to toe. After a few minutes I turned my head back around to see Frank slowly stroking his fully erect cock. Frank's man tool was at least eight inches long with a curiously thick vein running up the length of his thick shaft.

The sight of Frank jerking off as he eyeballed my rock hard body was both a turn on and a bit too weird. Embarrassed, I sat up and exited the sauna. At my locker, Frank approached me and apologized. I reflexively told him, "Don't worry about it."

We quickly changed the subject to his photography hobby and he suggested that it could be mutually beneficial if I sat for a photo shoot with him. He said the photos could build my portfolio as a model and bolster his own as a photographer. I agreed. I knew what his motives were and made sure he understood that I was just coming over to his place only for a photo shoot. He had been trying to get me over to his house forever. Even if he got out of hand and tried to force himself on me, I was confident that I could overpower him physically -if it really came down to it. Plus, I liked the attention he showered on me. It too, was a turn on.

Frank's home was a lovely colonial style mansion in an exclusive area of the city. The interior was smartly furnished in the Georgian-Chippendale style of home d├ęcor. A large, second story room in Franks home had been transformed into a Photography studio. Frank owned expensive, state of the art photography equipment. In his changing room, I smiled as I saw only a few very skimpy swimming suites for me to put on. The swimming briefs were so small that I would never dare wear one in public.

Over a period of some forty five minutes Frank undoubtedly enjoyed every bit of this assignment as he constantly had his hands all over my body under the pretext of posing me for each picture and making sure my body was in just the right position. At one point, under the guise of wanting more shimmer to my body, Frank began to liberally apply oil to my body as he repeatedly slide his hands up and down my long legs even placing his hands on my ass under the guise of adjusting my swimsuit. Although he was acting like a dirty old man, I did enjoy the feel of his large and gentle hands stroking my inner legs, thighs and calves.

After I downed the third glass of champagne Frank gave me he told me he thought I was a bit up tight and asked if I would like a massage. Enjoying his touch thus far and with my inhibitions gone from the champagne, I agreed. After leading me to his bedroom he positioned me on his bed face down. Spreading the oil across my back and legs I became lost in the pleasure his skilled hands provided. His hands slowly worked their way down to my ass. I couldn't remember the last time I was so relaxed. I delighted as his strong mitts worked my ass checks. Then I felt it.

I squirmed with pleasure as this distinguished gentleman, over thirty years my senior, gently caressed my wet man pussy with his finger. I turned around with an approving smile only to notice that Frank had undressed and his massive cock was wholly erect and pointed only a few inches from my face.

Licking my lips with anticipation, I began fondling his huge man pole with my left hand. With the tender grip of his hands on my shoulders he slowly guided me down to my knees on the floor. As I kneeled before him like a sex starved slave before his master, I marveled at the size of his fully erect manhood and it's magnificently huge mushroom head which was now brushing up against my check. Taking his thick shaft into my left hand while cupping his golf ball sized testicles in my right; I began to gently stroke his throbbing cock. I had spent weeks teasing him by denying him this very moment and so I thought I would tease him some more.

Rather than take his hot beefy cock right into my mouth I began to tease it by licking the full length of his hard shaft with my skilled wet tongue. While doing this I tugged gently on his low hanging balls by tightening my grip around his scrotum between this ball and the base of his shaft while looking up at him and looking him in his eyes as he smiled like a man who had waited so, so long to have me. I licked his balls - only able to fit one at a time into my hot juicy mouth at a time. Then I worked my tongue on the inside of his legs and through that area between his anus and his balls. He let out a long moan of pleasure. Slowly at first, I just let his outsized mushroom head into my mouth - swirling my experienced tongue around the head.

Unable able to withstand the sheer anticipation any longer, I felt his hand softly on the back of my head forcing me to swallow more and then still more yet of his rock hard shaft. With my right hand still cupping his gargantuan balls I worked my left hand in a stroking motion up and down the base of his big beautiful cock as it slid in and out of my mouth. For nearly a half hour I pumped my head up and down while changing the tempo so at times I would slowly deep throat the entire length of his shaft while other times I would suck it in place like a lollipop. Still other times, I would quickly slide it in and out of my mouth.

Mostly, as I gave him the best head of his life, I enjoyed keeping eye contact with him as I kneeled before him though in worship of his massive, unyielding cock. As his cock continued to slide in and out of my mouth I could taste the delicious flavor of his pre cum and anticipated the horse sized load of hot goo which would soon fill my mouth. Yet, as I would soon learn, Frank had other plans.

His large hands were again slowly guiding me; this time to me feet. He embraced me with his muscular arms which were pulling me toward him and I remember loving the feeling of his silver-grey furry chest hair rubbing against my clean shaven torso.

Laying me back on his king sized bed so that my tight little ass was on the mattresses edge; he grabbed my long legs as I wrapped them around his torso pulling him even closer to me. With his sweating fingers massaging my wet and hungry little asshole he told me through a smile, "You don't know how long I have waited for this."

As his large mushroom head broached my man pussy I let out a sequel of utter please. My ass was tight and Frank was taking his time and gently working his man pole deeper down into my ass as I gripped his waist ever tighter with my legs.

Slowly, ever so slowly, his hot pleasure rod began working its way up and down the length of my ass canal. Lifting my legs up so my sweaty calves were against hairy chest, he tightly gripped my ankles with each of his oversized hands as his hard cock began sliding out of my asshole. Soon with each thrust my tight ass would provide a pleasurable friction against his cock. I began breathing hard - scarcely able to contain the sheer pleasure of what was happening to me. Finally, I cried out, "Fuck me Frank! Please...Oh god, fuck me harder! Frank was beginning to gain traction from the carpet as he rocked off the balls of his feet thrusting deeper and deeper into my tight pussy in a way no man had done before.

Then, picking me up with my long legs wrapped tightly around his waist and my arms now around his muscular neck and shoulders, he carried me over to the wall and placing me up against the wall as I held him tightly with my legs wrapped tightly around his waist he began to fuck me against the wall.

Wrapped around him with my back pressed against the wall he used that wall like a backstop of sorts to fuck me so incredibly hard. I screamed out again. I didn't care if everyone in his neighborhood heard. "Fuck me Frank! Don't stop! Please don't stop! Frank, although in top physical shape, was tiring.

He carried me over to the bed and while I was on my side he took up a position on his side directly behind me and my fucking continued. With each long thrust, I felt a release of all the pent up frustrations which he held in- side over my being a cock tease to him for so many weeks. As he rammed his still diamond hard cock up my ass he grabbed the back of my hair - pulling it toward him as if to say: You're mine.

As he turned onto his back, he thrust me on top of him and I knew my duty was clear. I mounted him grabbing his manhood, with the oversized vein up the length of his shaft, and guiding it up into my pussy with my hand. As he lay back, covered in sweat, I began mercilessly thrusting my ass up and down the full length of his magnificent cock as he lay back resting with a smile from ear to ear.

As I began moving my ass up and down the length of his cock -faster and faster - the headboard of his king size bed began rattling rhythmically against the wall: Boom, Boom, Boom!

"Oh god!" Frank screamed out as he grabbed my thighs stopping me from humping up and down on him. Instantly, I felt the hot ooze of his gooey load filing up my ass cavity. I felt so good. We had fucked with a passion for nearly an hour and now the pay off was in my ass: his explosion of hot cum. His massive gisim was now inside me.

As I dismounted him, we embraced. No words were spoken as we cuddled and rested my head against his wet hairy chest. We both were drenched in sweat. As a caught my breath, I had pondered the fact that far and above the best sex of my life had just come from a man over thirty years my senior.

The next morning, we showered together. Each of us applying soap to the other. In the shower I sucked his cock until I swallowed the juicy load he had filled my mouth with. I stayed for the weekend - most of the time we spent in bed. Within a week, at his request, I had quit my job and moved in with him. I found my man. One I could serve and pleasure and I did just that.



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