The Dice Game

I’m Chuck and in March 1999 I was twenty nine years old and had been divorced for five months. I met this eighteen year old girl that I thought looked good. Her name was Christy and she was five foot two and weighs one hundred and fifteen pounds. She has blue eyes and long silky hair that looked reddish in certain light. Her skin was very pale and she has a lot of reddish freckles on her breasts and shoulders. Her breasts were a natural B cup topped with pinkish nipples that got about a half an inch long when she was aroused. She was a shy-sweet, innocent, adorable, chubby little cherubic girl next door type with pouty cupid bow lips and a little round spank-able bottom. She didn’t have any tattoos or piercings and keep her pussy shaved. 

Christy was from east Texas and had an aunt and a cousin here in central Texas. She was staying with her aunt Melba, who lived half a block from me. Her cousin Grace was my oldest brother's ex-wife and we met through her. 

Christy and I dated through December of that year. We had some great sex, but she wanted to move back to east Texas. I didn't care for a long distance relationship so we split up. 

I drove up there for Christmas and another cousin of hers, Jennifer and her rode back home with me to see their aunt Mable that was still living down the street from me. 

We were at my house when my step-brother, John, also twenty nine but six months older than me came by. John was recently divorced as well and lived alone. I was living with my oldest brother Carl at the time. 

John suggested we go to his house for a mini party. The girls were game so the three us piled into my car and met John at his house. He’d stopped and got some Budweiser for me and him a case of Coors.   

The four of us were sitting in his living room, drinking beer and watching some DVD he’d rented when John asked, “You all want to play a game?”

The girls asked, “What game?” 

So he got out a pair of ‘sex game’ dice. You’ve probably seen them. One has different body parts on it and the other has different actions on it. 

John told Christy that, “It might be Jennifer and me doing something or you and Chuck doing something. Hell, it might be me and Chuck. Are you OK with that?”

She said, “Its fine with me if Chuck’s OK with it.”

I said, “Sure,” since Christy and I were no longer a couple and Jennifer was a slim five foot three, one hundred and twenty pound sexpot with a stunning eighteen-year old body with long exquisitely shaped legs and a perfect pert ass, with long flaming red hair (a true redhead I might add), blue eyes, and a set of pouty red-lips made for sucking cocks. She also had a nice firm pair of 38B's. I definitely wanted a piece of Jennifer anyway. 

We decided the rules of the game as we wanted them. 

If it was your turn to roll, the others said whoever you did whatever to and the dice said what to do. 

That person then was next to roll. 

Christy rolled first and we named Jennifer as her first choice. 

The dice said, ‘kiss’ and ‘knee’ so Christy kissed Jennifer's knee. 

After a few rounds it was John's turn. 

We chose Jennifer and rolled. The dice said ‘lick’ and ‘lips.’  Jokingly, John mentioned that he wanted to lick a different set of lips than the ones on her face. Undaunted, Jennifer stripped off all her clothes. 

We all looked at each other, shrugged, and stripped naked too. 

I couldn’t help noticing the size of John’s cock as he quickly got down and eagerly licked Jennifer's pussy for a few minutes. 

After he finished, we talked a little and decided whatever happened that night happened. 

I was chosen for Jennifer and she rolled. She got ‘kiss’ and ‘head.’

As everyone watched, she came over to me and kissed the head of my dick. She said, “It didn't say which head,” and laughed. 

It was my turn to roll and they chose Jennifer. 

I rolled ‘rub’ and ‘your choice.’ So naturally I started rubbing her clit. After a little while she was getting wet, so I stopped. 

Jennifer got Christy, rolled and ‘kiss’ and ‘lips’ came up.  

Slowly, Jennifer started crawling towards Christy’s wide spread legs. Christy’s eyes were closed, her hands planted firmly on the carpeted floor and her breathing heavy and deep with anticipation. 

John and I both watched intently as Jennifer moved between her open thighs and began to gently stroke the hot flesh of Christy’s legs. Her hands travelled the length of her long, tapered limbs, down to her feet, massaging her toes softly and then slowly back up tracing gentle patterns with her fingernails. Further up and up Jennifer's hands travelled until they were on the insides of Christy's thighs again only inches from her now visible pussy.

Christy moaned, “Uuuugh,’ out loud as she felt her cousins cool fingers gently pry open her pink, wet lips and slowly stroke her engorged clit. 

John and I shifted uncomfortably. Christy’s clit wasn’t the only thing around here engorged. We all watched closely as Jennifer's head began to sink lower and lower between Christy's open thighs. Christy howled, “Ohmigod,” and I knew that her cousin's tongue had made contact.

"Oh...yes....lick me Jen ...suck me baby!"

For a second, Jennifer raised her head and smacked her lips. The broad smile on her face told the whole story. She had obviously been waiting to do this for a long time.

"Just lie back and enjoy, baby," cooed Jennifer. 

And then her head was gone again, buried between Christy's thighs.  Loud slurping and sucking noises echoed around the room. Christy, it seemed, was finding it tough to keep still. Her head rocked back and forth as she received the exquisite tongue bath that she had been promised for so long. Her hips bounced raising her butt up from the floor and almost presenting her pussy as a gift to her lover. 

"Oh God, Jennifer, I'm gonna … cum. Oh, God ... Yes ... yes … yes ... YESSSSSSSSSS!”

As her orgasm ripped through her body, Christy's hips jumped up and down like a kid on a trampoline. Jennifer had slipped her hands under her cousin's butt to support her as her face was flooded with fluid.   

Leaving a trembling Christy, writhing and twitching on the carpet, Jennifer moved back to her place in the circle.

Stunned, John and I sat there and whispered to each other how we both wanted to have sex with both girls.

After several more rounds they chose Jennifer and I rolled.  

I got something like ‘poke’ and ‘any orifice.’ 

Jennifer was sitting on the couch, laid back into the corner where the arm meets the back of the couch. I asked her, “Can I do whatever I want?” 

She smiled and said, “I’m game. Do whatever you want.”

With a dick that had been rock hard virtually since the girls had stripped, I moved forward and without hesitation pulled Jennifer's legs over my shoulders and sank my hard cock straight into her dripping pussy. I slid inside her with one smooth thrust and enjoyed the feeling as her hot pussy engulfed my cock as it seemed to pull me in. as I thrust into Jennifer she moved her body to meet mine. All that could be heard was our heavy breathing and the slapping noise that our bodies made as we thrust against each other. 

I pumped in and out just long enough to get her good and aroused and then got off of her. I didn't want to cum yet because I wasn’t finished playing yet.

The game went several more rounds and before long I was doing Christy doggy style while she ate Jennifer’s pussy.

As we played, Christy and Jennifer switched back and forth a time or two. 

Awe struck, John just sat there with a dumb look on his face, slowly stroking himself. Eventually he went and got his video camera, but the battery was dead. 

During the last switch, Jennifer grabbed John’s hand and pulled him into the fray. Before it was over we both did both girls that night. 

We were up pretty late and it was a wild night. 

I ended blowing more loads in that night than I ever had in one night. 

The next morning the girls and I went back to my house and had another threesome. 

After that the girl’s went to Aunt Mable's house to stay for the rest of the day before they went back home. 

After lunch I went back over to John's house. I couldn’t get the sight of his thick cock out of my mind. It didn’t help that he was sitting around naked drinking beer when I got. Still naked he went to the kitchen to get us a beer. As he waked dick swaying back into the room, I couldn’t help staring.

Sitting down, we talked about the night before. John asked me, “Why did you let me fuck Christy?”

I told him, “I’ve always known you always wanted to have sex with Christy. Hell, she’s hot as. Any guy would want to fuck her, given the chance. Christy and I had broken up but were planning on one last fling before she went back home. Jennifer was a last minute addition to the trip down here. When the four of us started playing the dice game, the rest just happened.

There was no way for him not to notice my interest in his cock. Eventually he asked, “Would you like to touch it?”

When I hesitated, he said, “Jesssus, Chuck it won’t bite you,” as he grabbed my wrist and placed my hand on his cock. I’d never touched another man’s cock before so I was mesmerized by the feel of it. Leaning down so I could see better, I unconsciously started stroking it.

John let me play for a couple of minutes and then he gently pushed me off the couch and down on my knees. As I watch he took his cock in his hand and stroked it a few times. With his hand on the back of my head, pulling me forward, he said, “Open your mouth.”  

When the head slipped between my lips, I knew it belong there. It soon bumped the back of my throat. Tightening my lips I backed off until on the head was still in my mouth. My lips still tight on his hard shaft, I started bibbing my head, moving my mouth up and down on his shaft.

I hadn’t given an thought to the outcome to this or what I was going to do but when John tensed up and groaned, “Ohmigod, Chuck, here it comes,” I didn’t hesitate. I swallowed it like a pro. 

As he slumped back on the couch in exhaustion and I knelt there with his now flaccid cock in my hand, I don’t think I’d ever seen John look so pleased.
Kissing the slimy head of his cock, I said, “There’ll be more of those if you want them.”

In a voice so low I almost couldn’t here, he sighed, “God I hope so.”

And so began my career as my friend John’s personal cocksucker.

The end …




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