It was a warm summer afternoon as I saddled up my Stallion, Storm. I felt like going for a long ride up through the upper vast fields of the sparsely populated wilderness. I knew a place where there was not a speck of population around. There was nothing but thousands of acres of woodlands and Meadow.

I was craving solitude; (my lover and soul mate of ten years had passed away a year ago, due to a freak accident while hiking. I was devastated. I learned to slowly deal with my loss, but I still missed him immensely.)

This afternoon I was particularly feeling quite lonely and depressed. I thought that a good long ride with Storm would make me feel better. Maybe there just maybe might be a studly Cowboy hunk for me to meet and start a new life together. I had to laugh at myself. Ya right, there goes my imagination again. If Only

I put Storms saddle on him and then cinched the ropes under his belly so that it wouldn't slip off.

Then I went around to his head and nuzzled his nose affectionately with mine.

I murmured to him in a soft sad voice, "Well Storm, It's just you and me. Are you ready for a long relaxing ride boy?"

Storm whinnied in my face as if trying to say, "I am here for you Budd. Cheer up." I gave him a final pet on the head and then went to his side and mounted him. I settled into the saddle and taking the reins steered him over to the small road that led to the start of the wilderness. I urged him to a trot, then a gallop, and finally to a canter. We were racing over the ground at cruising velocity. The wind was blowing through his mane and up into my hair. I could smell the horsiness of Storm as he cantered over the fields. It smelt so good. There was nothing more heavenly than the scent of a stallion as you rode him. Ask any cowboy, he will say the same thing. A cowboy and his Stallion were very close.

We rode for a good half hour and were enjoying each other's company. Every once in a while I leaned forward in my saddle and gave his neck a friendly loving rub. He would nicker back at me, in what seemed to be his way of showing approval and love back.

As we rode up the path, up ahead there appeared a river. I was surprised, as I had never seen a river around here before. We approached it and came to a stop. It was only about 7 feet across.

Strange how I had never noticed it before.

I considered for a moment and then bending over close to Storms ear I asked him, "Hey Storm, do you think that you are up to jumping that river and then we can see what is on the other side?"

Storm nodded his head and nickered. Oh ya he was game. No problem for this stallion. It was amazing how Storm seemed to always understand my every word. He was one smart Stallion. Without me even having to do anything, he turned around and trotted back a little ways, faced back to the river and then broke into an almost immediate canter. I was quite surprised because normally a horse couldn't do that. They had to start out as a trot to a gallop and then canter. Storm was truly one amazing horse.

He picked up speed and reached the river bed then made a terrific leap and cleared the river coming to a landing on the other side. As he did this there was a sudden FLASH. When we came to a stop I was dumfounded. What had just happened? I glanced to my right and we were on a beach. I turned around and the river was gone. Instead there was what looked like a vast ocean behind us.

I had no idea where we were. Storm seemed to be puzzled too. I looked over to the cliffs in a distance and for a moment thought I saw a well-built man opening his shirt. Wow he looked hot. Then he disappeared. Was it a mirage, was this whole thing that was happening a mirage. But the beach was still there.

I looked ahead of me and saw a long gravel pathway, almost like a small road. In a distance I could see a cluster of trees.

I touched Storm on the shoulder and said to him, "Storm I don't know what this is but that road ahead of us seems to be beckoning to us. Shall we proceed along it?" Storm didn't even hesitate. He immediately started along the gravel path. Storm was going at a slow trot as we moved along. There were beautiful fields and meadows all around us filled with all sorts of wild plant life. It was spectacular.

The weather was absolutely perfect; with the air fresh and crisp. There were scents of the surrounding fields and they smelled like ambrosia. I was really beginning to enjoy this strange ride. We slowly rode up the path at a leisurely pace.

I always felt so comfortably when I rode Storm. It was if he were a part of me. He always sensed my every move and anticipated what I was going to do. Damn if only he were Human. We were getting closer and closer to what seemed like an entrance to a forest. It looked so inviting to me. I urged Storm to go a bit faster and he obliged. We approached the entrance and proceeded in. There were small trees, shrubs and buses on both sides of the path. It seemed to be beckoning us to follow it through to the end. It took us about fifteen minutes to pass through the whole expanse of it. And when we reached the other side.

There spreading before us was a spectacular meadow filled with bright yellow flowers. It was so unbelievably beautiful. I noticed off to the side a small sign. It said Welcome to Serenity Acres. I glanced around at the immense meadow. The fragrance of it was unbelievable. The Trail continued on through the flowered woodland. Storm and I proceeded forward. I looked side to side just drawing in the amazing sight. The meadow seemed like it just went on and on forever. We traveled through it for almost a half an hour. In a distance I could see it coming to an end. We approached the ending of the field and saw spreading before us an open field. As we stepped out of the meadow I noticed a movement to my left hand side. I quickly glanced in that direction and there much to my surprise, sat a truly handsome Cowboy on his Steed. He was looking my way with a look of shock on his face. He was gorgeous. He wore a Denim shirt and tight 591 button fly blue jeans. A white cowboy hat and a pair of jet black cowboy boots. I glanced at his crotch, holy shit, look at that bulge I thought. It was enormous. It stuck out over the saddle horn and looked so enticing.

As I approached him he said in an amazed voice, "Hey stranger, I haven't seen anyone for a number of years. I have lost track of how long I have been here. I was riding my stallion Flash and crossed a river only to find myself on this desert Island. No matter how much I looked I could never find my way back. My name is Jacob, I am so glad to see you."

I reached his side and reached out my hand to him and took his in mine. He felt so good. His hand was warm and had the feeling of a studly man. I could feel the energy transferring between us at his touch.

I replied to him, "Howdy, pleased to meet you. I'm Dex, Dex Wolverine. The same thing happened to me. I must have come to the same river, when my Stallion Storm and I jumped it we found ourselves here. I thought that I was alone. I am glad that someone else is here too."

I still held his hand in mine all this while. Then I realized what I was doing and started to release my grip. But he held my hand tightly not wanting to let go,

"I am just so happy to finally have company. I have been so lonely." He murmured in a deep husky voice. "It is so good to see you."

With reluctance he finally released my hand.

I looked him in the dreamy eyes of his and stated, "Well, when I crossed the river I could see nowhere to return and accepted the fact that I was probably stuck here. It is so great to find that I will not be alone and will have a companion to be with."

We both dismounted our stallions and walked towards each other. I unknowingly was looking him up and down with my eyes. He was a fine studly figure of a man. I could surely fall for him.

Without warning he reached out his arms and embraced me. Hugging me tightly with his body pressed close to mine, he nestled his head onto my shoulder. He leaned back his head and looked deep into my eyes. He was crying. I looked back into his baby Blue eyes and then on a compulsion leaned forward and placed my mouth against his. He didn't even flinch but met my lips with his. Suddenly we were madly kissing one another. Rubbing our warm lips against each other's. Then he parted my mouth and his tongue entered into it. He was hugging me with such intensity as we kissed. I feel his lust pouring into my body as mine poured into his.

We remained that way for what seemed like an eternity.

Jacob took his mouth off of mine and with his arms still around me cried out in a passionate voice,

"Oh Dex, You are a God send. I have been so lonely and now suddenly there is a hot Cowboy in my arms. Holding me and not pulling away. You are a dream come true." He kept hugging me and rubbing his crotch into mine.

"Jacob, I think it was destiny, I lost my loved one about a year ago and have been extremely lonely. I have been craving companionship for what seems like forever."

I murmured affectionately back to him, "And now to find a handsome virile cowboy stud like you. I am sure that we are meant for each other. Let's get to know one another better."

Reluctantly we released one another. And stood back as he looked up and down my body I repeated the act. When our eyes met again, there was such excitement in them. We were made for each other. Both of us magnificent looking Cowboys. Handsome in every way.

And by judging the bulge in his jeans he looked to be hung like a horse. I myself was a good ten inches when hard.

Jacob said to me, "I have a Cabin not far from here that I built. Follow me back to it; I guess it will also be yours now too."

With that said he mounted his stallion as I did mine and led me along the path to his home. It was only about ten minutes away. We didn't say anything on the way there and I just couldn't stop admiring his studly body.

Rounding a bend in the trail there before me was a lovely little cabin. With a stone chimney on the side of it.

How he achieved this amazing place with hardly any domesticated tools at his disposal showed that not only was he handsome but his was talented too. We approached the cabin and he led us around back. There was a small stable with no door on it. Just open a free.

I looked quizzically at Jacob.

He anticipated my question.

"Flash and I were the only ones each other had. I love him and we are extremely good friends." He stated, "I could never pen him in and really don't need too. He would never leave me as I would never leave him."

I laughed and replied, "Well it's the same with Storm and I. We are closer than most humans are and stallions alike. He is like a brother to me, regardless of the difference in species. I would do anything for him and he for I."

We both climbed own out of our saddles and lead the two stallions over to the stable.

"So Storm, what do you think?" I asked him, "Do you approve of the accommodations?"

Storm turned his head and looked me in the eyes and nodded his head snorting. He snorted so hard he got me a bit wet with his drool. I didn't care. It didn't hurt me and besides I loved him.

Jacob and I laughed.

We took off the stallion's saddles and gear. Put them away in the stable and then proceeded to groom them. As we brushed out our boys, Jacob and I kept glancing at each other. Big smiles were on our faces as we relished each other's fine studly bodies.

When the stallions were done Jacob reached out his hand and led me inside the Cabin.

It was small but quaint. There was a double bed made of dried grasses against the wall. A small table that had a couple of chairs that he had built. And a counter with Kitchen utensils that he had carved out of wood.

There were no facilities as can be understood as there were no sources of plumbing or hydro in the wilderness. He mentioned that there was a small outhouse in the back and not far away was a stream where he got his water from.

It was a little paradise, unmarred by civilisation.

Jacob watched me as I admired the interior of the fine cabin he had built.

I blurted out to him, "Jacob, you are amazing. Look what you have done with so little! You seem so multi tasked; I wonder what your other talents are."

Jacob laughed and then grabbing me pushed me down on the bed and jumped on top of me. He started to hug and kiss and fondle me. I wrapped my arms around him as we rolled all over the bed. I could feel the spent up love energy pulsating through each other's bodies. Entering one another and flowing back and forth. Joining us together.

We were becoming one. While we fondled one another, we started to strip off each other's cloths. First off with the shirts then the boots and finally the jeans and boxers.

I looked down at Jacob's body. He was perfect. A nice six-pack chest. And that cock, it was at full mask, it was ten inches long and about two thick. Exactly what I craved and needed. Jacob was looking down at me too. At my firm chest and my hard cock. I was also ten inches and two inches thick. It was almost as if we had twin man rods.

I gently took his cock in my hand and caressed it lovingly, as he did to me. The sensation was unbelievable. I thought that I would blow my load right then and there. But I held back.

Slowly I moved my body down till my mouth was at his cock. He hesitated a moment as he rotated his body so we were in sixty-nine position. Then as one we engulfed each other's cocks. Our warm mouths massaged the shafts as we both took them as far as they could go down our throats.

Jacob tasted amazing, I relished every inch of him as he did me. We built up speed as we sucked harder and harder. I couldn't hold back, I let out a loud moan and started to unload inside of Jacob's gullet. As I did so he also came. Filling me equally with his hot juice. It tasted like ambrosia. I gulped down every drop not wanting to waste any bit of it.

We were both moaning in ecstasy.

Our arms wrapped around each other's torsos, rubbing the cheeks of our asses with firm manly hands. It was truly hot and sensual. As we finished climaxing we pulled off each other and rotated to be face to face. I leaned forward and licked the stray drips of cum off of Jacob's shin as he did to me. We both laughed at each other's joy.

Jacob looked me penetratingly in my eyes with his baby blues, some tears were running down his cheeks. Smiling he said, "Oh Dex, I think I have fallen in love with you. I am blessed that you appeared to me. I need you so much."

I started to weep as well and reaching up my hand wiped the tears off his face and licked my fingers.

"Since I lost my Lover I have been so lonely. And now you have come into my life. It seems to be destined. I also have fallen in Love with you too. Please be mine forever." I pleaded to him.

"Oh yes Dex, forever," He cried out.

We hugged each other firmly and had our faces buried in our chests, as we wept in thankfulness for one another.

As we held one another we could feel each other's energy joining and becoming one. It was amazing. I was becoming his and he mine.

All of a sudden I awoke. We had fallen asleep wrapped together. I glanced into Jacob's beautiful face and watched him for a while. He was perfect. Smooth skin and cute dimples on his cheeks. As I watched him he came to wakefulness. He cracked a smile and licked my face.

We laughed and hugged tighter. Just enjoying one another.

Jacob stretched and then said to me, "Well stud of mine, we had better get up and tend to our stallions and make some breakfast. "

He climbed out of bed and tossed my jeans and boots to me.

"All I want is to have you put on your jeans and boots, I want to admire your firm sexy chest." He begged of me. "As you wish, after all I am here to please you. And if that is what you want then that is what you get." I replied.

We watched each other as we dressed. I felt like I just wanted to undress again and tackle this Cowboy of mine. But it was true, we had stuff to do.

Hand in hand we went out to the stable; both stallions greeted us with warm nickers. It seemed they had made friend overnight as well, as they stood side by side with their bodies touching.

We gave them fresh water and a bit of harvested and cured hay. They seemed satisfied.

Then to my amazement Jacob wrapped his arms around me and kissed me deeply. All of a sudden he whirled me around and pulled down my jeans, they dropped to the ground. He opened his own jeans and then placing his hard cock against my entrance,

In a hot passionate voice, he whispered down to me,

"And Now Dex, I am going to make you truly mine, all the way."

I pushed back towards his cock and he entered me. There was no pain just pure bliss, my gateway eagerly opened to accept him. His huge cock slowly entered into his and now forever love channel. It felt so damn good. It was meant for me. He didn't stop until he had all ten hard thick inches deep inside of me. His balls against my ass cheeks. He let out a moan of pure lust as he held himself to the hilt, embedded in me. My ass was quivering with the wonderful feeling. I could feel his cock pulsating as the blood flowed through his veins in it.

He pulled out and then firmly plunged back in pulling me onto his hot cock. His balls slapped hard against my ass cheeks with loud noises. He built up gusto and was plowing me like the hard stud he was. He was using his new found cowboy as he liked it. I was his and he was mine as he possessed me totally. Over and over again he rode me deeper harder with every thrust. I was in sheer bliss. He rode me for half an hour; I couldn't believe that he had so much stamina.

He kept using me and then with a loud wolf like howl, yelled, "Oh Ya, Fucken Shit, I'm gonna cum. Oh take my load baby. With one final deep plunge he emptied the contents of his full balls and started to fill me up. His cock was pulsating inside of me as I clenched my ass cheek muscles tightly around him. He was howling like mad. Shot after shot filled me up. Then he finished his organism and nearly collapsed on top of my back. I had my hands on my knees so I could support his weight. He stayed inside me and just lay there on top of me. He was panting and sweating all over me. I loved every bit of it and him too. At last he stood up, his body glistened with sweat. His hair was matted and he just looked so gorgeous. The stallions were intently watching and seemed to be horse laughing at us. My ass was dripping with his cum as it ran down my leg. I reached down and massaged the juice into my skin and let it be absorbed. A good skin lotion I laughed to myself. I turned around and we had another fierce hug session with each other. Just loving one another and relishing in our sweat as we mingled together. Hand in hand we went back to the Cabin. For now we were done but then there is always the future.

Whew the End.




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