After high school, I joined the Marines, not sure what career field I wanted to follow. I ended up becoming a military police officer. After my tour of duty was over, I left the Marines and applied to several civilian police departments. I was interviewed by several and finally accepted the position as a county deputy sheriff in a large heavily populated county in Texas.

I started as a patrol officer, and gradually worked my way up to shift supervisor. All the while, I had to do as I had done in the Marines. I had to hide the fact that I was gay.

I did manage to meet some men on-line to have sex with in a nearby small town but never revealed my occupation to any of them.

By the time I was twenty-eight, I had been promoted to Chief Deputy, a position second to the Sheriff. I was the youngest to ever hold that position.

About a year later the sheriff called me into his office.

"Mark, the sheriff over in Upton county has suffered a heart attack. As you know, Upton county is a small rural county with a small department. The county commissioners have requested that I send my top man to oversee the department until such time as the sheriff can return to duty. You're the best man for the job."

"So, I'll be there as acting sheriff?" I asked.

"Yes. The commissioners have informed me that none of the deputies are qualified to act as sheriff. They are all too new."

"If you think I can do it, then I will."

"mark, you have run this department when I've taken leaves. If you can run this office, then you can run theirs. All the deputies know someone is coming to take over."

"Thanks for the confidence. When do I leave?"

"Tomorrow," he said, stunning me. "Go home and pack. You will be laced on leave from here and be paid your same salary by Upton county. It's my understanding that they have arranged a place for you to live while there."

I went home and packed for an undetermined stay in Upton county. The next morning I headed out, wearing civilian clothes. I arrived in Upton, Texas, and went straight to the county commissioners offices.

After a lengthy meeting, the head of the commissioners asked for my sizes, saying his wife would have my uniforms ready the next morning. I was also informed that there were only three clerks in the department and eight deputies. I was given the address of my new living quarters, a small one bedroom house owned by the commissioner. I went and unpacked and decided to go to the office and check things out.

It was nearing six in the evening and knew that all the clerks were gone. I was told that one deputy was in duty to answer any calls that might come in.

I drove to the small office/jail building and parked. I went in and the place was deserted, or seemed to be. As I was about to call out, I heard voices coming from a small room off to the back corner.

Easing back, I soon heard moaning which made me extremely curious and concerned. I eased up to the door and peered in, suddenly freezing at what I saw.

The room was their break room and contained a small kitchen area as well as a sofa, a couple of easy chairs, and a TV with DVD player.

There in the room were two deputies, both sitting on the sofa, facing the TV, their backs to me.

They were engaged in a hot passionate kiss as a gay porn movie played on the TV.

They separated and one deputy leaned over, Placing his head in the others lap. I could see his shoulders rise and lower and new what he was doing. After a few moments, he sat back up and the other did the same to him. I realized that these two were gay and it made my cock rise to attention.

I quietly eased back toward the front door, adjusting my boner so as not to be so visible. I eased back outside, regaining my composure and letting my boner return to normal before reentering the office. This time I closed the door slightly louder after which I called out loudly, "Hello?"

I could hear scurrying in the break room as one deputy called out, "Be right there."

A moment later, a young deputy emerged and said, "Yes, sir, how can I help you?"

"I'm Deputy Mark Rivers. I think you're expecting me."

"Oh, yes sir," he replied. "I'm Drew Taylor," he added, extending his hand. As we shook hands the second deputy emerged and was introduced as James Davis, saying he went by Jim.

"We weren't sure when you would be arriving," Jim said.

"Well, I'm here. Which of you is on duty?"

"I am, sir," Drew said nervously.

"Well, I want you to contact all the other deputies and have them here tomorrow morning at ten for a short meeting."

Then looking at them, I asked "Why are two of you here?" curious at to their answer.

"Oh, I just stopped by to pick up some papers on a case we're working on," Jim said.

"Very well," I replied, noticing both were sweating and nervous. "I'll see you tomorrow morning." I turned and left, going back to my car. Driving down the street, I parked to see how long before Jim returned to patrol. It was twenty minutes. i wondered if they finished each other off or not.

At seven, Carl Jackson, the commissioner, knocked on my door with two uniforms to get me started.

"Man that was fast," I said.

"We have a few spares on hand for emergencies. My wife finished them off last night."

I noticed that my name had been embroidered on the shirts. I dressed and went to a local cafe for breakfast before stopping by the hospital and visiting with the sheriff.

He was in his early fifties and overweight. He thanked me for coming and said, "Mark, run it as you see fit. You're in complete control. Jim Davis stopped by last night and said you had arrived and that you had called a meeting for this morning."

"Yes, sir, I have."

"I've written a note that I want you to red to them. It simply states that you are in total control and that they are to follow your instructions and rules just as if they were mine. Good luck."

"Thanks, Sheriff."

"You're the sheriff for now," he said.

I held my meeting with the deputies and clerks, setting up my own rules and how I expected them to act in public. I knew that the smaller departments often overlooked minor offenses for friends and businesses. I didn't play that game, at least not yet.

During the meeting, I noticed that all the deputies were young and the most experienced only had four years of service. All were nice looking and muscular. Six were single and two married. I suspicioned that more than just Drew and Jim were gay, or at least bi, by the way they clustered together. One of the married deputies was in that group.

After the meeting, I met with all the commissioners before going to town and walking the streets, introducing myself to the business owners.

I rode patrol with Frank Goodman, the married deputy that was in the group with Jim and Drew.

As the end of the shift neared, we had only made four calls, all minor offences. As we headed back to the office, Frank stopped a trucker for speeding on the highway entering town.

After issuing the ticket, we headed in and I asked, "Just out of curiosity, do any of the ones you stop ask if there is anything that they can do to avoid a ticket?"

"Uh, yea, I've had some ask that, but all on the overnight shift, not during the day."

"Same here. After I started I had them offer services and like you said, all on the overnight shifts. Any offer sexual favors?"

"That's what they usually are," he replied nervously.

"All my offers were sexual. It's amazing what some guys will do to avoid a ticket," I replied.

"Isn't it though," he said.

"Well, handle those any way you see fit," I told him. He glanced at me slightly and smiled but didn't reply. I knew then that he took them up on their offers.

We returned to the office just as the evening shift was heading out. I told them that if they had any problems to call me.

I went into my office and started going over the current cases that they had. There was only two, each were breaking and entering cases. Both seemed to be done by the same person.

Drew stayed by the radio while I was there, doing some filing and reading.

"Any coffee in the break room?" I asked.

"Yes, sir. I just made a fresh pot."

"Drew, when we're alone drop the 'Sir' shit. Call me Mark."

"Sure thing, Mark."

"Let's grab a cup," I said.

We entered the break room and after preparing our coffee, I sat at the table and said, "Have a seat."

He sat across from me and we talked a few minutes. I found out that he was single and twenty-five years old. He was from Dallas but preferred life in a small town.

"Drew, may I ask you a personal question?"

"Sure," he replied.

"How long have you been gay?"

He froze and all the color drained from his face.

He was silent for a second before managing to ask, "What do you mean?"

"Drew, when I arrived yesterday, I had already been in the office and seen you and Jim and what you were watching and doing. I couldn't care less if you're gay or not. I just want you to be honest with me."

Lowering his head he asked, "Am I going to be fired?"

"Hell no, not as long as you do your job. Everyone is entitled to a private life, but in this office is not the place. As you now know, you can be caught."

"You don't care that I'm gay?"

"Nope. I've had gay friends almost all my life. My best bud in the Marines was gay."

"Damn," he said. "To answer your question, I realized that I was gay when I was fifteen and a freshman in high school. It started with a fellow football team mate and our coach."

"Damn, your coach?"

"Yea. The team mate was a junior. I walked into the gym after school to work out some and found them in the coach's office both naked and in a sixty-nine. I was curious and they invited me to join them. I did and found that I enjoyed it. The three of us started meeting regularly. I've been at it ever since."

"Unreal," I replied. I then said, "You and Jim were on the sofa with your backs to me. I saw the kiss then saw him lean over for a few minutes then after he sat up you leaned over. Were you sucking each other?"

"Yes, we were."

"After I left I watched and he was here for another twenty minutes or so. Did you two get each other off?"

Looking at me for a moment he finally said, "Yea, we did."

"I figured as much," I replied.

"Mark, are you going to tell Jim that you saw us?"

"Yes, I am. Get on the radio and ask him to stop by the office."

He went and called for Unit 2 to come by the office. Thirty minutes later Jim walked in and asked, "What's up?"

I stepped out of my office and said, "We need to talk."

He looked nervously over at Drew then at me. We all sat in my office as i told him what I had told Drew.

"Jim, he's cool with it. He has no problem with us being gay," Drew said.

"Men, you can meet in private and suck and fuck each others brains out if you want to, just don't do it here in the office any more. If a citizen came in and saw it the shit would hit the fan."

"Mark, may I now ask you a personal question?" Drew said.


"You said your best buddy in the Marines was gay. Did you ever let him do you?"

"I asked you two to be honest with me so I'll be honest with you. Yes, I did, many times."

"I understand now why you are not against it," Jim said.

"Sheriff," Jim began, "did you ever do him?"

"Yes, Jim, I did."

"Interesting," Drew said.

"Are any of the other deputies gay or bi?" I asked. "Please be honest. They will never know that I know. I just need to know for my own information."

They gave me the names of the gay deputies and said that Joe Ellis and Dave Harris were straight to their knowledge and that Frank Goodman was married and bi. Five of the deputies were single and gay.

"How did so many gay guys get on the force?" I asked.

"Jim and I were on the force already. These were gay friends that needed jobs and we needed deputies. We made recommendations and they ere hired."

"How did you find out Frank was bi?" I asked.

Jim spoke up and said, "One night I was out on the highway on patrol. It was quiet so I parked and set up my radar gun. I clocked a big rig over the limit and was about to stop him when I saw Frank's lights behind him. They stopped about thirty yards from me. I watched and after a few minutes I saw them go to the passenger side of the rig. I was shocked when I saw them start kissing. I eased out of my car and walked up closer. The driver dropped to his knees and sucked Frank off then Frank dropped and started sucking the driver. I got hard and took mine out and started stroking. The driver saw me and motioned me over. I walked up and Frank nearly shit. he stood up real quick and I knelt and started sucking the driver. Frank calmed down and we both got the driver off and kissed afterward then Frank sucked me off. Now we meet abut once a week out on the highway and blow each other."

"Damn, what did I get into? Over half the force sucks cock."

"Including the new sheriff?" Drew asked.

"Yes, including the new sheriff."

"Mark," Drew said, "can we suck you?"

Looking at them I said, "If you really want to."

I stood and walked around to the front of my desk, leaning against it.

Both men knelt in front of me and together began unbuckling my belt and dropping my pants and briefs. As one began sucking my cock the other began sucking my balls. They alternated and Jim took my load then kissed Drew and shared it.

As they stood up, I reached out and grasped their hidden hard cock, saying, "Now it's my turn."

They both dropped their pants as I went to my knees. I was soon alternating between their cocks. i stopped and got Drew off then turned to Jim and got him off, swallowing both loads.

As the three of us put ourselves back together I said, "Fuck, I haven't been here forty-eight hours and have already had sex with two deputies."

They both burst out laughing. "I hope it's not a one time thing," Jim said.

"Me either," Drew added.

"I'm sure it won't be," I told them.

We cooled it for a few days as I got to know the rest of the deputies better, especially the gay ones.

Jim and Drew had my permission to let the others know that I was gay. All except Frank, that is. I had my own way to let him know.

After I knew that Drew and Jim had told the other gay deputies about me, I rode with each one. During our patrols, I would have them pull off onto a secluded small side road and we'd have sex beside the car. It was awesome.

About two weeks later when Frank rotated to the overnight shift, I rode with him. It was quiet so i had him park outside of town and set up his radar gun. Thirty minutes layer a big semi came roaring by, fifteen miles over the limit.

Frank pulled out in pursuit and as he started to turn on his lights, I said, "Not yet."

I new that up ahead was a dark area and as we approached, I flipped on the lights and siren. The driver stopped right where I wanted him to.

We got out and approached the rig as the driver climbed down. I told him why we had stopped him and he was upset.

"Officers, I know I was speeding but I have to have this load at the dock by nine in the morning. Is there any way for me to avoid getting a ticket?"

"What did you have in mind?" I asked as I rubbed my crotch.

I saw the driver immediately look at my crotch as Frank's eyes grew large in disbelief.

"I know that I could make you both feel real good on a night like this."

"Let's get off the roadway," I said.

We walked around to the passenger side of his rig and I said, "Now, just what did you have in mind?"

As Frank and I stood side by side ith the driver facing us, the driver said, "Why don't I show you."

He reached out and began rubbing both our crotches. I looked at Frank and smiled. "Go for it," I told the driver.

He dropped to his knees and starting with me he dropped my pants then did the same to Frank. There we stood, both with our pants around our ankles. the driver began sucking my cock and after w few minutes began sucking Frank. As he sucked us, I leaned closer to Frank and kissed him. He was shocked but quickly returned the kiss.

The driver soon got me off and after swallowing my load, turned and sucked Frank dry and swallowed his. The driver stood and asked, "Did that take care of the ticket?"

"Not quite," I said as I began pening his jeans and shoving them down. I looked at Frank and asked, "You care to join me?"

Without waiting for an answer, I dropped and began sucking the hot muscular young trucker. Soon, Frank was down with me and together we sucked off the driver and shared his load. as we all pulled up ur pants, I said, "Just a warning. slow down for a while. Have a safe trip."

The driver pulled out as Frank and i stood by his patrol car. I turned to him and kissed him a second time and said, "Now we know about each other."

"Yes, we do and the night is still young."

Three hours later we were on a side road kissing and making out before sucking each other dry.

I had sex with all the deputies during the week and it was awesome. sometimes on a deputies night off i would invite them to spend the night with me and we'd also fuck each other as well as suck each other. However, with Frank being married, he and i would fuck each other over the hood of his patrol car.

Weeks turned to months and and the sheriff announced that he had to retire for health reasons.

Even with all the sex, our two breaking and entering cases were solved and crime dropped significantly.

Commissioner Jackson said that there would need to be a special election to replace the sheriff. He, as well as all the deputies urged me to run for the position. I had become well known and liked.

Before i made my decision, I returned home and talked to my sheriff. Although he said he hated to loose me, he said he thought I'd make a great sheriff and urged me to run. He said that just in case I lost, he would hold my position open until after the election.

Three months later the election was held and I won with seventy percent of the vote.

Our department has grown by two deputies, one a friend of Jim's and one a friend of mine, both gay. I've purchased a tract of land outside of town that is wooded and secluded and frequently invite a deputy or two to visit. We hang nude outside and have wild sex. With everyone happy the force runs smoothly. I love all my deputies, even the straight ones and if I could I'd make them all my lovers. However Drew is my favorite.

I know of no other force in the United States that has as high of a percentage of gay officers as we do. And I love the small town atmosphere.




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