I do delivery for my own flower shop. I’m nice, tan, very pretty, maybe not exactly big but nice breasts and just really a sight to see or so I’ve been told. Many deliveries come and go but this one did more cumming than going. There is a local business in town that is male dominated and the guys there buy a lot of stuff to take home to the wives or girlfriends. 

So anyhow I’ve delivered there several times and I feel pretty comfortable with the fellows and there is plenty of flirting going on both ways. Well one day as I made my delivery, I noticed that the boss, Mr. Jenkins in the back was really checking me out more than usual. So I made the flirty comeback, "You like what you see?" 

And of course he said, “Yes.”

 Then I went into his office and said, “Why such a look, not getting it at home?” 

We laughed and Mr. Jenkins said, “Maybe, but I’d love to give you a massage right here.”

Now somehow Jenkins was speaking my language because I love being rubbed and felt of all over my body.  My dream is to be massaged by several men at the same time. So now very sheepishly I said, “I wasn’t expecting that answer, but I do love getting massages.” 

We chatted a little more and I decided to give in just a little so I said, “Ok, but only shoulders and neck and than I have to get back to the shop.”

 Oh My God…when Jenkins softly massaged and rubbed my shoulders, he made me melt away. I forgot all about where and who and what. He had magic fingers or if not it sure felt like he did anyway.  

Before I realized it my nipples were as hard as pencil erasers and moisture raging in between my legs. 

Then I felt another set of hands on my feet gently digging their thumbs in my soles and stretching my toes. Then I felt another set of hands, the fingers kneed on my upper legs. Oh shit, I thought, I’m in my dream world? I completely forgot all about my surroundings and my inhibitions. 

I felt my blouse being unbuttoned and I thought no, but I couldn’t or didn’t want to stop it. So instead I lifted my shoulders and arms to allow my blouse to be taken off of me

I was now able to focus for a little and saw that I had five men’s full attention at the moment all focused on me. 

My dream was coming true. 

As the massaging continued Hawthorne stood beside me and leaned down to unbutton and unzip my pants. When he started to pull them down, I wiggled my ass to help him. When they puddled around my ankles I helpfully raised my feet so he could get them all the way off.

Standing there in my bra and panties, I blushed crimson but didn’t want the hands to stop. Then Miller reached around my back, unhooked my bra and when he pulled the straps from my shoulders slumped forward allowing my bra to slide down my arms and fall to the floor. 

My perfect breasts with their delectable dusky-rose nipples now revealed, I stood there posing topless for Clark’s cell phone camera.

Moaning low in his throat, Jenkins walked up behind me, reached around my chest and started playing with my breasts and tweaking my erect nipples. "Good Marilyn,” Jenkins murmured huskily, “Now let’s get those panties off."  Then he grabbed the sides of my panties and slid them down my legs. Again I helpfully lifted my feet so he could get them completely off. Suddenly I stood before these men completely nude.

Taking Jenkins place behind me, Williams did a nice job of gently caressing, soft squeezing and easily pulling and pinching my nipples causing me to moan, “Uuuuuuugh,” with pleasure. 

Clark moved up beside me and started running his hand over my hips, thighs and bottom...even gave me a good, crisp smack on the butt.
Caught up in the action Williams moved forward and started grinding his groin into my butt cheeks, rooting around my back door a little bit.

 My whole body was getting taken care of as I stood there naked and in complete ecstasy. 

But you know men, as I became more aware of my surroundings again I noticed that I wasn’t the only one naked. I had five rock hard cocks all around me. 

Now believe me, my fantasy didn’t have me being a slut but seeing all those hard dicks I knew I was in for it now. 

I slowly started to reach around and rub their cocks that were all now at my mercy. 

Then with his hands on my shoulders Williams soft guided me down as I lowered myself to my knees. 

I took Jenkins the boss first, the least I could do. Now on my knees before him, I looked up at him with a sexy lustful smile on my face. We both laughed as I reached up and cup his balls in one hand and with my other, pulled him to me as I guided his throbbing cock into my mouth.

Bobbing my head rhythmically, I massaged Jenkins’s stiff tube of man flesh with my talented lips and tongue. Wiggling his ass, the pudgy man spread his legs as wide he could get them without falling down, had his hands spread across the back of my neck and her shoulders, still massaging.  "Oh, fuck, you're good at that," he muttered, opening his eyes and looking down at me. The wet sucking and slurping sounds made by my eager, tugging mouth only enhanced his pleasure, giving him the impression that I truly enjoyed sucking his cock.

Jenkins’s only response was a muffled and apparently agreeable moan. My hands deftly manipulated his balls, rolling the fleshy sacks in her slender fingers.

"Oh, shit! Oh, shit!" In short order, Jenkins started pumping his hips forward and back, careless of my comfort, just wanting only to get off.  Grunting, he reached down and grabbed a handful of hair, to add some force as he fucked my mouth.

His cock tingled electrically in my mouth, swelling to the limit of stiffness before erupting. Jenkins gasped and spasmed, moaning loudly and shaking as I sucked every last drop of cum from his straining dick, laving the head of his cock with massaging swirls of my tongue.

I finally lifted up, lips pursed closed and decorated with a slimy film of cum and turned to the next hard cock. Easing back Clark’s foreskin and revealing his purple head, my tongue teased the small opening of his pee-hole where a small amount of clear liquid pre-cum had accumulated.

Eagerly sucked his dick, I plunged deeper and deeper with each pump of my soft, full, pink lips. Clark guided my head with his hands, watching as his hard shaft slid in and out of my hot mouth, sinking again and again between my moist lips.

"Mm-hmm," I moaned passionately around his dick, sucking harder, taking more and more in my mouth. Clark gasped, arching his back as his cock slid down my throat.  As I pressed my chin to his balls, my lips fluttered around the base of his shaft. Amazed by the size of his cock, I throat-fucked him for a moment or two longer and then I backed off, my wet mouth poised around the head of his big cock. I gulped loudly, gasped again and then plunged back down, bobbing my mouth rapidly up and down, moaning eagerly all the while. 

Sucking his huge cock like a desperate woman, I slurped my mouth off his dick, my lips shiny and wet. I stroked his cock rapidly with my closed fist, jacking it up and down. The puffy nipples of my firm breasts danced along Clark’s inner thighs as my breasts shook. 

I heard Hawthorne gasped, “Mifuckingod, what a fucking slut." 

With a sexy, purring sound, I willingly swallowed his cock again, sliding all the way down to his pubic hair. Looking down at me Clark grunted with pleasure. 

I jerked my wet mouth off his dick and took it in my hand. I gave Clark an impassioned look, as I pumped his cock frantically while rolling his swollen balls with my fingers. 

I licked my lips and giggled as I went back down, hungrily slurping and sucking once more.  Swiftly bobbing my head up and down and stroking Clark to the rhythm of my hot, tight, sucking mouth. I made muffled little whimpering noises as I anticipated his orgasm. 

And still my head pumped up and down, my lovely, unequaled mouth bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. Clark closed his eyes, savoring the sensations as I sucked and pulled, pumped and stroked.  Rolling my mouth, I stroked him with my supple tongue, squeezing his cock and balls with the sole intention of making him erupt in my mouth. 

"Oh god…I'm cummmmming!" Clark cried, his body spasming, bucking his hips as his cock throbbed in my mouth. I moaned, “Uuuuuuuuuum,” eagerly, sucking as hard as I could, my hands gripping his hips as I pumped my mouth up and down his straining shaft.

"Oh, God!" cried Miller, "Don't do it, buddy…."  But boy did he? Clerk groaned loudly, arching his back as his cock catapulted what had to be the most satisfying orgasm he’s ever experienced into my mouth.  His cum, thick and hot surged between my lips, spurting over my tongue, filling my eager mouth. 

I jerked back a little from the force of his orgasm, sliding my hot mouth back until just the head of his spewing cock was gripped between my lips. 

Clark wiggled, held my head close and dug his fingers into my scalp as he reveled in the intense sensation of cumming in my mouth. I kept sucking, tugging on his dick with my mouth, squeezing his shaft tightly in my fist.

Then I made a quick circle around the room giving each of the remaining guys a turn at my mouth. Once again sucking cocks is not my favorite thing but I was in way over my head by now so more or less had to go through with it. My body was pulsating with eager, anticipating fear but hot with exciting passion. 

While sucking I’d made myself a game plan.  Since I was fixing to get the fucking of my life (I hoped), I wanted the biggest cock last. Oh my god, there was one in the room …Clark’s…that was so big that he made me shudder to think about it. 

Putting my elbows on the carpet I raised my hot shapely ass in the air and rubbed it up against Hawthorne, the one with the smallest dick in the room. I lowered myself face down until the carpet rubbed my skin, then I spread my legs. Moving between my legs, Hawthorne grabbed my hips and his stiff cock part my lips as he enter and started to fuck me. This wasn’t really part of my fantasy. I just wanted to be massaged and touched by a lot of men at once. 

As Hawthorne enthusiastically pumped in and out of me I knew the other guys were watching. I could feel my orgasm building as Hawthorne continued to drive his cock into my sweet pussy. My nipples stiff scrapped the carpet and I knew my moans were echoing through out the office. The feel of his cock in my pussy brought me closer to the volcanic explosion that was threatening to consume me. 

"Bitch," growled Williams. 

"Fucking whore,” muttered Jenkins, not wanting to be left out of the action. 

My nails dug into the carpet and I pushed back. Hawthorne’s mouth came down and bit my shoulder. I screamed and cummed for him. I exploded all over his cock, showering it with my hot fluids. My virginal muscles clenched his shaft and I pushed deeper onto his petite size tool. His balls slammed against my ass and I felt myself shake with lust. 

"Ohh…fuck," I moaned.  As the boys watched my hand moved between my legs, pulling the petals of my delicate-lips open. The vivid red of my nail polish was like an explanation point against the bubble gum pink of my pussy.  By now my clit was so fat and erect that its tip poked up like a pencil eraser, rising far beyond the dark folds of my clit hood. 

Cascading falls of melted honey flowed down the velvet sides of my pussy. Every joint in my body stiffened. I couldn't breathe, think, or speak. For a moment I couldn't see. I just was. I just existed in the black abyss that was void of all feeling and color. 

Then as if someone flicked a switch, a blinding shot slammed into me and my eyes shot open. "OH MY GOD," I screamed as Hawthorne’s shot of hot cum filled my pussy. "OH FUCK," I wailed as the rapid waves of cum oozed out of my pussy and down my creamy white thighs.

Hawthorne was insatiable. He kept impaling me. Another river of fire shot from his cock and collided with my nectar. The juices of our sex mingled and while they did the temperature only added to my frenzied fuck. Hawthorne made me cum over and over as I reached the mountain and fell back down again. He lifted me up, carried me higher and then I crashed again. Each climax was unique and when the final one was pulled out of me I cried. My tears flowed down my face, my head pounded in pain. My lungs hurt. My throat was dry. My lips were sore from the constant biting. The joints in my ankles, knees, elbows ached. Even my fingers tingled.

Catching my breath, I then turned around and backed my ass up to Williams, cock number two. With a moan of pleasure, Williams’ cockhead slipped between my butt cheeks and pierced my pussy. He slowly pulled back as he savored the tight wetness of my just fucked pussy. Then he grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him.  As I back into him he fucked me like a machine, pumping in and out until his cock had rubbed every inch of my tight pussy.
Williams wanted to please me, so he reached around my boyishly lean hips and found my clit with one fingertip. As soon as he touched it, my pussy clamped even tighter in a spasm of hot response. Then he rubbed my clit while he continued to ream my pussy with steady strokes of his hard cock. I was an unfamiliar fuck, but my feverish response to the thrust of his cock and the feel of his finger on my clit made it easy to read my body’s needs. 

My arms suddenly collapsed in the storm of arousal and the angle of his cock rubbing the velvety walls of my pussy became unbearably exciting.

Williams increased the speed of his fingers on my clit and gritted his teeth as his balls tried to discharge too soon. I was whimpering for joy, unable to coherently complete the sounds of my pleasure. And then suddenly my butt pushed urgently back against Williams’ crotch. Strangled gasps escaped my lips as my pussy franticly squeezed his cock as my body trembled in orgasm…and so was he.

Williams could barely suppress a scream of ecstasy as his scalding hot cum boiled up out of his balls and flooded my pussy. Falling forward, we quivered together in a storm of shared ecstasy.

By now I was on fire and pussy juices and cum was running down my inner thigh and I had three more hard cocks to satisfy and one was Clark’s, the biggest cock that I’d ever seen. 

The men were standing around excitedly stroking their cocks and rubbing my firm breast and grabbing my ass. They were all three as hard as rocks.
I rolled over on my back and spread my long lovely legs. When I motioned to him, Jenkins crawled between my legs to enter me while I positioned Miller to fuck my breasts. 

As Miller laid his dick between my breasts, Jenkins shoved his cock into me, and started banging away.  My boobs jiggled as Miller fucked them. WOW, I couldn’t believe it.  A hard cock in my pussy and one between my breasts and right in my face. I was getting banged like a bad little slut. 

I could have stayed there forever, on my back with my legs spread wide and my arms around jenkins’ back, sliding, scratching him, gripping his ass as he hammering me like a whore…pumped his cock in and out of me.

Jenkins was bigger than the first two and with me being on the floor, there wasn’t much give so this time I was getting a good fucking. As I took every stroke deep into my pussy Jenkins’ nice dick felt like it was getting bigger and bigger.
The tit fucking got so hot that Miller moved up to my mouth and finished there but at the last minute pulled out and shot his hot load on my breasts.

I looked down at Jenkins, the man nailing my pussy and said, “Fuck me so I can ride Clark’s big dick. Come on harder.”  And that was it for him, the muscles in his body took over for about ten glorious seconds Jenkins no longer had any control.

The warm cum flew down his shaft and into me. As spurt after spurt went into me, Jenkins kept pumping. I bucked up against him, desperately thrusting my pussy up to meet him. As I felt his cum flying into me, he started to scream. His screams racked out of his body in long sobs. I didn’t know if it was pleasure or pain I was giving him at this point. Even if it had been causing him pain it wouldn’t have mattered to him during that minute of ecstasy. Jenkins could not have controlled his spewing cock if he’d tried.

By now I was so spent that I had no clue what I was really going to do with that monster cock that was left with that raging erection. It looked like it had grown since we’d started fucking. 

Pushing Clark down on the couch that was in Jenkins’ office, I climbed up and straddled his lap. As I inserted his huge cock into me, Clark reached up and held me by my hips, assisting me as I sat down on his lap. Reaching between my legs, I used my hand to guide his cock to my pussy. When the head touched my slit, I naturally moved it up and down in the hot wetness that was oozing out of me. 

My eyes closed and my mouth came open and I was gasping, taking my own pleasure from impaling myself upon the head of Clark’s monster. WOW he spread me open like I hadn’t just got fucked by three men. I ran my hands up from his stomach across his rib cage and past his nipples. Then hands braced on his shoulders, I started to move up and down on about half his shaft taking all I could. The ecstasy and the hot erotic sensations were still there even though my fantasy was over with the massage.

Clark leaned forward and took a erect nipple in his mouth. I was bucking up and down on top of him, starting to moan out my pleasure. 

But then men will be men and Hawthorne said, “I’ll bet you can’t take it all.” 

And of course the challenge was on. So I looked Hawthorne in the eye and said, “Just watch me.” 

Without blinking an eye or even acting like I felt that monster cock plunging deep into my body deeper and wider than ever before. I looked straight at Hawthorne as I slid all the way down until Clark was in me up to the base of his cock, his pubic hair tickling me as I positioned myself.

Then I turned to Clark and said, “Is that all you got or are you gonna fuck me?”  A hush fellow over the room as he started to pound the living shit out of me. OH my god…what a cock I had in me. The big thing just kept bottoming out in my well fuck pussy and it hurt so good but all the time I  just looked at Hawthorne, the man that challenged me and kept saying, “Is he going to fuck me?” 

Clark’s thrusts were powerful, more than I expected. I could feel his arms go around me and draw me to him. He was trying to mumble something, I think it was just an “oh fuck” or maybe an “oh my god”, whatever it was I couldn’t hear him and I wasn’t about to stop him. 

Clark held me tight and bounced up and down on the couch, banged me hard, my butt bouncing up and down on top of his balls. I met his thrusts by ramming my pussy down on him. We rutted like animals in heat. Even though I was in the most wonderful pain I’ve ever felt, I just stared him down. I was in control. 

Then I felt the contractions in my pussy all around his thrusting member and soon each time he jabbed up into me the wetness of my folds increased many times. Soon I felt that cock swell up with cum and shoot a load into me that would have made me cringe any other time but I’d made up my mind that I was going to win this battle. 

So when Clark was done, I said, “That was nothing boys. Thanks for the massage but don't expect this with every delivery.” 

Now when I drop by to make a delivery I know that I have their full attention but I’ve never let them have me again because I’m still in control.

Of course they don’t know about it, but last Friday night to commemorate our little get together I let a guy that I’d just met take me into the men’s restroom at a bar, set me on the counter  and fuck me.  When we were done I knelt down on floor where anyone that walked in could see us and gave him a blow job.   

The end…



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