I decided to change jobs, wanting to get out of working right downtown. I was in desk sales for a company and wanted a change. I applied for a sales position at a hardware-lumber store in the suburbs.

We carried lawn supplies, hardware, paint, electrical and plumbing supplies, housewares, as well as a variety of lumber for the small contractor and do-it-yourself guys.

I was hired and was told I'd need to learn every department but would be starting out in the lawn and garden department. I was takes to the sales floor and introduced to the manager. I nearly shit when we were introduced. His name was Will Sprout. We instantly recognized each other but acted as if we had never met.

I had met Will at a gay bar several months before and had been to bed with him several times. Once we were alone, we talked and laughed about it being a 'small world' and agreed to keep things strictly on a business level.

However that didn't last long. After a couple of months, Will told me to go check the stock room for supplies to restock the shelves. I did and while I as back there in a back corner, he appeared, cock sticking out of his pants.

"Mark, blow me. I'm horny as hell," he said. I quickly dropped to my knees and soon brought him to a roaring climax. He returned to the sales floor and later in the day he sent me back again. Soon, he appeared saying, "Turn about is fair play. Let me suck you now." I quickly took out my cock and Will sucked me dry.

This occurred once or twice a week, even when I worked other departments.

During this time, we received twice weekly shipments from our major wholesaler, wholesale Hardware, Inc. Their driver was hot as hell. Jim Storey was his name and he was muscular and well built, handsome and usually showed a nice bulge. He was thirty-four and married, which made him more interesting.

Jim would leave Missouri on Sunday around noon, and make deliveries to us on Monday afternoon, stay overnight, then head back to Missouri. He would then leave Missouri on Thursday morning and deliver to us Friday afternoon, stay over night and return on Saturday. He was home with his family only two nights a week.

The receiving department was next to the lumber building and when Jim delivered, I made it a point to take my break and go out and visit with him. Actually, I was cruising him, stealing glances at his muscular body and nice crotch.

Finally, I got up the nerve to make a move. One Monday I asked if he was had anything planned for the evening. He said no so I told him I'd like to take him to dinner.

"Thanks," he said, "but after I make my last delivery, all I want to do is grab a burger, shower and get some rest."

I asked where he stayed and he gave me the name of a small motel out on South Main.

"Well, we close at six and I could be there by half past. Why don't I pick up a six pack, and we can just visit a while."

"Bud, that sounds great. Call the motel and ask for me and I'll give you my room number."

"You got a deal," I replied.

Just before leaving work, I called and asked for his room. After he answered he said he was in room 20. I told him that I'd see him shortly.

I arrived with a cold six pack in hand and knocked on his room door. He opened it wearing just a pair of jeans. His chest was more developed than I had thought and was covered with a light coating of dark brown hair. My mouth began to water.

After letting me in, he closed the door and I handed him a cold beer. We talked a while when he said he was going to get comfortable and ready for bed. My heart began to race at the thought of seeing him in his underwear.

Instead, he sat on the bed and lay down,still wearing his jeans, and pulled just the sheet over him. While covered, he removed his jeans, tossing them onto the floor.

"What was that all about?" I asked.

"I sleep nude and I'm a little on the shy side."

"Well, you don't have to be that way with me. We all have the same equipment," I said.

"Very true," he replied with a smile.

We each had three beers and talked about things in general. When I saw that things weren't going to develop, I decided to excuse myself and leave.

Then the unexpected happened when he delivered on Friday. After he had unloaded our order, he waited until no one was around and asked, "You got any plans for tonight?"

"No, why?"

"If you'd like to come by, I'll pay for the beer if you'll pick it up. It was nice having some company the other night."

"Sure," I said. He slipped a ten dollar bill into my shirt pocket.

I repeated the procedure I had done on Monday. Friday was a repeat of Monday,with one exception. After he got into bed and removed his jeans, it appeared that he was partially boned. there was a larger bulge under the sheet this time.

When I started to leave he said, "Again next Monday?"

"It's a date," I said, smiling.

On Monday, I again called for his room number.

"I'm in room 18 this week. I just got checked in and I'm running behind. I'm going to eat real quick and jump in the shower. Just in case I'm not out when you get here, I'll leave the door slightly ajar. Just come on in."

"Got it," I said.

This time I hurried to the motel and sure enough, the door was slightly ajar. I went in and seconds later heard the shower water turn off.

"Jim, it's me," I said. "I didn't want to startle you when you came out."

"Thanks. I'll be out shortly. Have a beer ready for me."

"Done," I called back.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed when he came out of the bathroom and nearly chocked on my beer when I saw him. He was completely nude, towel drying his hair.

"No shyness?" I asked.

"Hell, I got to thinking about it and realized I was being foolish. I was nude around other guys in the Army."

He took his beer and lay on the other side of the bed from me. We talked a few minutes and started our second beer when I said to him, "You look more tired and tense tonight than normal."

"I am. My rig is in the shop and I had to use one of the company's rigs. It nearly beat me to death. I'm sore all over."

"What you need is a good massage," I said.

"Man, do I ever."

"Well, the guys in college used to tell me I was pretty good at it if you want to try me out."

"Fuck, it couldn't do any harm. Go for it," he said flipping over onto his stomach.

I straddled his waist and leaned forward and began massaging his shoulders and neck.

"Ummm, yea," he said softly.

I moved first to his right bicep then to his left then back to his neck and shoulders. Then I worked my way down his back, moving my body down onto his buttocks. I continued lower to his waist. Moving myself off to one side, I moved to the area just above his buttocks then to his upper thighs. First I did the left leg to his ankles then his right. When working on his upper thighs, he casually spread his legs allowing my finger tips to gently touch his balls as I massaged the inner upper thighs.

I moved back up his body slowly returning to his neck and shoulders.

I then told him to turn over and let me do his front side.

"Well, uh, that might be a little embarrassing," he said.

"Not to me," I replied. "It happens to all of us at some time or another."

"Well, if it won't bother you, here goes."

He turned onto his back and his cock was rock hard and appeared to be a little over seven inches in length.

I began again at his shoulders working my way down. first to his pecs, then stomach, then hips, then thighs and lower, then worked my way back up. His cock remained hard the entire time and had begun leaking clear precum.

As I returned to his upper body, I asked, "How did that feel?"

"Fucking fantastic," he said. Then after a couple of seconds he said, "You missed something. He needs massaged also and it can be any way you want to do it. Whatever happens here stays just between me and you and these four walls."

"You promise?"

"Yes, you have my word on it."

I reached down and gently grasped his cock, wrapping my fingers around it and began to slowly stroke it.

I looked at him and asked, "Have you ever had it sucked by a guy?"

"Just once, back when I was seventeen. I was thumbing a ride and a guy picked me up and before he let me out he said he wanted just one thing. He sucked me off."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Oh yea but I was nervous as hell. We were pulled over on the side of the road at night and I just couldn't relax. I've noticed you checking me out and figured you wanted it and became curious as to how it would be if I was in a private place and relaxed."

"Want to find out?"

"Sure do. That's why I came out nude tonight. It's all yours."

I smiled and leaned over and licked up the puddle of precum off his stomach then off the tip if his cock. He moaned softly as I began swallowing it, soon burying my nose in his thick dark pubic bush.

Slowly, I sucked his cock, taking my time so he could enjoy it. Eventually, his breathing became heavier and I knew he was close. I sucked more vigorously and soon brought him to a massive climax. As his cock exploded he said "Oh fuck yea! Take it all!"

I did and once I had him milked dry, I slowly pulled off and swallowed.

Looking at him I asked "Well?"

"Mark, I haven't had a climax like that in years. It was awesome."

"You're damn good looking. Haven't you ever had guys make passes at you at truck stops?"

"Many times, but I never took any up on it. If other drivers see you taking guys to your rig and into the sleeper, they like to broadcast it on the CB. I couldn't risk that."

"Well, I know I sure enjoyed it," I said.

"Mark, would you like to make this a regular Monday and Friday thing?"

"What about your wife? Wouldn't she be suspicious if you're not good and horny when you get home?"

"Nah. After she had to have some female surgery, she lost all interest in sex. I'm lucky if I get to fuck her once a month. Usually I jerk off in the shower when I lay over or in my sleeper."

"Well, not any more if you don't want to. Every Monday and Friday is cool with me."

"I'm sorry I can't return the favor but I am willing to give you a hand job."

"That's not necessary," I said.

"I'd like to. I want to see what it's like to feel another guys cock. Strip for me."

I did and Jim jerked me off to a wonderful climax. Seeing my load spread out on my stomach he asked, "What does that shit taste like?"

"Well, it usually has a salty-sweet taste, but it can change depending on what the guy has had to eat. It is almost pure protein."

"Damn!" he said.

I dressed and as he walked me to the door, he said, "Between the massage and the blow job, I'm feeling great. Thanks."

"My pleasure," I said. Then, to my shocked surprise, he hugged me.

"See you Thursday," he said.

On Thursday when he delivered, he said softly, "Thinking about tonight has given me a huge boner."

"It will have to wait," I said.

That night and for the next two weeks we repeated the massage and blow job, then he'd jerk me off.

Then the next Monday arrived. After he had unloaded our order, he whispered to me, "We still on for tonight?"

"Of course," I replied. "Why?"

"I'm really looking forward to tonight," he said.

Before I could ask why, someone approached and we went our separate ways.

That evening, I arrived as usual and after letting me in and closing and locking the door, he said "Why don't you go ahead and get comfortable with me now."

"Sure," I said and began stripping. Once i was totally nude he looked me up and down and smiled, but before I could ask what the smile was about, he had stepped up to me and had his arms around me and was kissing me. Not just a lip to lip kiss but a deep throat tongue kiss.

When we separated, I asked what brought that on.

"I wanted to see just exactly what gay men did together, so I rented a few gay movies. I never dreamed all that took place."

"Oh, it does. I don't know what all you saw the guys doing but I can guarantee there is probably more than what you saw."

"I couldn't believe guys were licking each others ass holes."

"That's called rimming. They not only lick the hole they fuck it with their tongue."

"Holy shit!" he exclaimed.

We discussed gay activities more and his cock was rock hard. Seeing his got me hard.

We soon were laying in bed and I decided to test him and see if he was really into kissing.

I rolled toward him and raised myself up and began tongue kissing him. As I did, I began to tweak his nipples then fondle his cock. He moaned as I did both. But he didn't stop the kiss.

When we did separate, I said, "I think you like kissing."

"I do. I always have, and kissing a man isn't much different that kissing a woman."

"I think men get into it much more that women do."

"It seems that way with you," he replied.

Soon, I was sucking his cock as he moaned in pleasure. /after getting my reward of his thick creamy cum and swallowing it, I pulled off and asked, "Would you like to see what being rimmed feels like?"

"Fuck, why not? Go ahead."

I lifted his legs and as he held them for me I spread his ass cheeks and buried my face and tongue in his hole.

After a moment he said, "Mother fuck! Shit, don't stop. That feels awesome."

I ate his ass for several minutes as he moaned in pleasure. Slowly he lowered his legs and smiled at me. "Nice," he said.

I lay back next to him and he leaned over and kissed me again. Then without warning, he quickly slid down in the bed and had begun sucking my cock.

"OH FUCK!" I exclaimed loudly.

Jim sucked me slowly and steadily and as I neared my climax I warned him. He kept sucking and seconds later I exploded into his mouth. There was one small gag before he took it all and swallowed.

When he pulled off, I said, "I damn sure wasn't expecting that."

"I saw how much you enjoyed it and decided I wanted to try it. To prepare myself, the last week when I'd jerk off, I'd cum in my hand and lick it up. Like you said, it isn't bad."

Later, before I left, I introduced Jim to his first sixty-nine and he loved it.

For a couple of weeks, we'd kiss, make out, and he even started rimming me as well as sucking each other.

Then, he said he wanted to fuck me if I'd let him. I said I'd love to have him fuck me. he did and enjoyed it. Then to my surprise he asked me to fuck him. I warned him of the pain but he said he wanted to get fucked. I obliged and by the time I climaxed he was enjoying it.

For the next year and a half we met every Monday and Friday and had wild sex, fucking, sucking and rimming each other. He had divorced his wife and admitted to me that he was totally gay and into men. He said now if someone makes a pass at him, he invites them to his sleeper. He said most are other drivers and quite a few were also married.

We still talk occasionally and once in a while I'll meet him when he's in town. He now drives for another company and has another trucker for a lover. They each knows the other plays on the road and I have had a three way with he and his lover on several occasions.

This is all true and only names have been changed.




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