Paragon Lad slowly opened his eyes feeling woozy. He lifted his head to look around and saw that he was lying on the floor. It took him a few moments to realize what had happened. He paled as he realized that he had signed away his freedom to the villain Shadowfox.

As soon as he thought of his captor, a voice chiming in his mind, 'I see that you are awake my little hero.' Paragon Lad gasped as a voice that was not his own commanded his mind. He struggled to his feet and sighed with relief as he saw that his cock was soft. He remembered being hard for hours and the pain and pleasure threatened to consume him. He was still in his famous costume that was stained with dirt and dried cum.

His captor Shadowfox was nowhere in sight and he realized the he could use this to his advantage to make his escape. As soon as he thought about escaping, he stiffened as his body suddenly was wracked in pain. Gasping he fell on his knees. He had not felt pain since the day he gained his powers, yet now he was feeling waves of pain streaking through his body.

'What a bad little boy you are!' The strange invading voice sounded in his thoughts. 'You signed a contract giving your freedom to me. You can't escape from me that easily. If you want the pain to go away, you better think thoughts of obedience.'

Paragon Lad gasped as he held himself in pain. He knew he had to fight this, but the pain was too much for him. It was as if his very being was tearing itself apart. Gasping for air, he tried to banish all thoughts of escape from his mind. The hero tried telling himself that his obedience would only be until he could find a way to escape this hold his captor has over him, but that did not lessen the pain only making it worse.

Tears started to fall down his face as there was no escaping the pain he felt. He wanted to fight but that only caused the pain to increase. The handsome hero moaned as he finally gave in to not to try to escape. Ending this pain became his only desire and that meant obeying his captor.

The pain finally began to fade as the hero collapsed on the floor. He was openly bawling his eyes out as he gave up on any hope of escaping this madman's terror.

'That's a good boy. I hope that you learned your lesson well, my boy. Now come to me. I have a gift for your obedience.'

It took Paragon Lad a few minutes to collect himself as the sobbing slowly stopped. His eyes red from crying so hard and his mask soaked with his tears, the hero stood to his feet and walked out of the room. The voice in his head did not say where to go, but it was no problem for him. The new link in his mind seemed to know right away where to go.

He entered the room down the hall and saw that Shadowfox was lounging on the couch. The room was filled with hundreds of books that lined the walls of the room.

The villain smiled as the hero entered the room. "I see that you have learned your first lesson, boy."

Paragon Lad flinched at being called a boy. He was a grown man not some cheeky youth. He started to blush as his captor began to laugh.

"Don't like being called a boy, Paragon Lad?" He said smirking. "Your life as a hero is over. All you are now is a boy enslaved to a better man."

Paragon Lad started to resist but the pain began to return. He quickly banished all resistance from his mind. He wasn't ready to go through that again. He bowed his head in obedience.

"That's better." Shadowfox said with approval. "You will learn quickly that obedience is for your best interest. I have a gift for you, Paragon Lad. First take off your costume; you have no use for it here."

The hero sighed as he did as he was instructed. He disrobed his costume the symbol of his heroism. Now he was no hero but a slave boy to a powerful villain. He dropped his costume to the floor as he stood naked before his captor. Shadowfox made no effort to hide his checking out of the naked hero.

Shadowfox gestured to the corner of the room where a small table stood. The hero walked over and paled when he saw that there was a red collar sitting on the surface. He sighed as he picked it up and fastened it around his thick neck. Now he felt truly helpless as he stood there completely naked except for a symbol of his status as a slave.

Paragon Lad turned back and flinched when Shadowfox was right in front of him. "The collar looks good on you." He said smiling as he brushed the hero's neck. Paragon Lad shuddered as the light touch sent shivers down his spine. He wanted to shy away but something about the touch of his captor felt so good.

Shadowfox took the ring at the front of the collar and led the hero back to the center of the room. He stood there while the villain slowly inspected every part of his body. This was the most degrading moment of the hero's life. He felt like a piece of meat as he was poked and prodded. The most horrifying part of this inspection was that there was a part of him that liked this as evidenced by his cock reaching half-mast.

The villain finally made his way around the hero and stood facing him. He smiled as he started to take off his own costume. Paragon Lad gasped as the villain's mask was slowly taken off. He stumbled back and hit the couch behind him. He fell on his ass as he looked up at his naked captor. Shadowfox was Tim Drapper, who was his neighbor. The villain had known who was really was from the very beginning.

Paragon Lad had no time to realize how he was played because Tim stepped forward and pushed his erect cock towards his face.

"Go ahead and suck it, Brent." Tim said smugly.

Paragon Lad flinched but went to obey. He softly ran his lips over the head of the cock feeling precum slip between his lips. He slowly fell to his knees and he opened his mouth and started to suck his captor's cock. Part of him was revolted at the thought of sucking another man's cock, but there was a part of him that felt pleasure at being degraded like this. To his horror, his own cock started to stiffen as he sucked, kissed, and licked Tim's cock. At first he was timid at his sucking but as the pleasure built inside of him, he began to pick up the pace.

Shadowfox pulled his cock back as he pulled the hero back to his feet. He gently ran the tip of his fingers across Paragon Lad's lips and he smiled. Paragon Lad blushed slightly as he realized the he pleased his master. The thought of Tim being his master send shivers of pleasure running through his body.

The villain stared at the hero his eyes filled with lust. He pulled his slave in close so their bodies pressed against each other. Paragon Lad shuddered as both of their hard cocks rubbed against each other. Shadowfox softly kissed his slave's lips as he held the hero close to him.

"I've waited a long time for this, Brent Mycles." He said softly as kissed him again. "You are going to enjoy being enslaved to me, hero. " Shadowfox laughed as he grasped Paragon Lad's cock. He turned and used the hero's cock as a leash to lead him into the bedroom.

Paragon Lad started to freak out when he realized that his master was going to have sex with him. "Please, Master," he pleaded. "Don't do this to me. I'm not gay."

Shadowfox tugged sharply on his cock interrupting his protests. He pushed the hero on the bed and climbed on top of him. Paragon Lad groaned as they started kissing each other. Pleasure like he never experienced filled his body as his cock was rock hard and leaking precum.

His Master worked his way down his body kissing his chest, nipples, and stomach. When he got down to the hero's quivering cock, he ran his tongue up the length of his shaft.

"It's time for the grand prize!" Shadowfox said with desire. He lifted up Paragon Lad's legs by his ankles and rubbed his cock against his ass.

"Oh no!" Paragon Lad cried out as he realized that his master was going to fuck him. "Not this! Pleas.......... Ahhhhhhhh!"

Shadowfox rammed his cock into the hero's ass, all the way to the hilt. He hesitated for only a moment as Paragon Lad's ass spasmed pleasurably on his throbbing cock before he started to fuck his new slave hard. All those weeks of frustration of waiting for this moment seemed to accumulate to this moment. All of his sexual frustration was focused on his cock invading the hero's ass and making it his.

Paragon Lad first cried out in pain but as his ass was ravaged, the pain was slowly replaced by pleasure. This shouldn't feel good to him but it was the most pleasurable feeling that he ever experienced. His rock hard cock bounced against his washboard abs as Shadowfox continued to pound his ass roughly. As the pleasure built within him, his cries of ecstasy grew louder and louder. When his cries reached its loudest, Paragon Lad began to have his most incredible orgasm without even touching his cock. Cum shot out of his cock hitting the wall behind him in its first shot and the other streams of flying cum hit him in the face, chest, and stomach.

Shadowfox did not stop fucking his slave when Paragon Lad started to cum. He wanted his orgasm too and he was going to fuck the hero until he came. He did enjoy the renewed spasms that wracked the walls of his slave boy's ass, flexing and pressing on his cock in the most pleasurable ways.

Paragon Lad moaned as his orgasm slowly subsided. The pleasure grew too much for him as he was still being fucked. He cried out as his ass could not take any more. "Please, Master!" He cried out. "Please stop!"

Shadowfox had no mercy as he fucked his captive. After a few more minutes he finally reached the point of orgasm. With a loud cried he began to shoot his load into his enemy's ass. The villain felt great as a powerful orgasm filled his body. When his cock stopped pumping he collapsed on the hero exhausted. His cock slowly slid out of Paragon Lad's ass as both hero and villain fell asleep on each other.

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