It had been three years since the accident and Donnell Wyatt couldn't stand it from the day it happened. He felt guilty and blamed himself for Benny's accident. His brothers Jack and John tried to get him help that he desperately needed, but Don refused. He just wanted to die and be with Benny. It was the usual rainy/storm season that every summer has in his town. Perfect cuddling weather with his man, or at least used to be. Now he'd never feel those arms around him, or the smell that dilled the bedroom whenever he came home late from work. He saw it all again in his fevered mind. He and Benny walkin' down the street, talkin' bout their next group to help support gay and lesbian teens and young adults, a project they'd been working on for five years and every couple weeks about 20 or so would come and tell bout their problems, most were either family or social related. Don had went to work and Benny promised he'd pick him up around 10pm when he got off. Then Don heard the horrifying crash of cars all over again. The crash and panicked screams of those who saw it firsthand. Then the sirens came and then he saw Benny in the way he almost wished he didn't. He wanted to remember Benny in his leather pants and vest he sported well, but could only see him in that somewhat smashed body.

Don sobbed quietly for a long while. He turned and felt a ahnd on his shoulder. He jerked away and stared in shock. There was Benny standing before him.

'N.. no.. It can't b.. be...' Don stammered hoarsely, not sure if he actually spoke or just thought those words. Benny was in Blue jeans and Black leather vest, showing his tattoos and muscles. Don tried to say something else, but Benny put a quietening finger to his lips. 'It's ok Bud, I'm here for you now.'

'But you're dead, Benny. I....' Don began to sob again, hopin he was dreaming and that he'd wake up any second.

'You're not dreaming Bud.' Benny replied, reading the younger man's thoughts. 'I'm here for you now. Don't be afraid or I might disappear and both of us may never see each other ever again.' Benny's face revealed him sadness that the other was scared.

'But how can you be here?' Don asked stupidly.

'It don't matter how I'm here Bud, it just matters that I'm here for you, to help you. Just because I'm dead doesnt mean I stop caring. My spirit cries because you saw me like that that nightt. I cry all the way down my soul. I know you blame yourself, Bud. But don't. It was nothing you or I could do about it.' Benny touched Don's nipples and his cock became instantly erect through his jeans. Don moaned and closed his eyes then reopened them afraid that Benny might vanish forever if he shut his eyes for too long.

'It's ok Bud, I'm not goin' anywhere.' Benny told him, once again reading his mind.

'But don't you... I mean, I..' Don stammered, shaking visibilly. Benny reached for Don. Don staggered away from him and tripped on his own feet and Benny appeared behind him in time to catch him.

'Come on Bud, Stop running from me. I'm not gonna hurt you. I want to take you with me.'

'How?' Don asked again feeling stupid for asking.

Benny held don tight in a reverse bearhug and everything went bright.

'Am I dead?' Don asked what seemed like days later.

'No Bud you're in my world now.' Benny replied, his breath ice cold in Don's ears. Don scoped the world he was now in. He found it strage that all the guys had on leather. The ones that didn't were leashed by leather Masters and were bein' dragged. Don didn't dare look down in fear he'd drop out of the sky. Benny stuck the cigar he'd been smoked into Don's mouth. He leaned against him while Don smoked and passed it back to Benny. 'I told you Bud, I'm not gonna hurt ya. Neither will they, because you're with me. Now come on. I can only imagine how horny you are right now. I'll show you were I bunk every night.' He guided Don through countless halls. The whole place smelled of leather, sweat, must and cigarsmoke which make him hornier.

'Here it is.' Benny said, opening a door wit the number 757 on it. Don scoped around. It was simple yet complex at the same time. Benny snapped his fingrs and Don's clothes were off in a flash! Don looked bug eyed in confusion while Benny changed into his chaps. Don flopped on the bed and stared at the blacklit ceiling as he stroked his cock. Benny returned and fingered Don's hole. Don tried to scoot back from him but Benny persisted. 'I know it hurts Bud and the hole probably closed up because it's been awhile. But trust me isn't it worth it?'

'Yeah it is because your thick cock fills my hole so good.'

Benny lubed up the hole with his spit, Don moaned. 'Ready?' he asked. Don merely nodded. 'Yes fuck me Leatherman.' As Benny trusted his hard pole of a dick in him, Don relived through the first time they fucked five years before. 'Lay on your belly.' Benny ordered. Don flipped on his belly his favorite position when Benny was Topping.

'Mark me, paint my insides again Benny.' don hollered. Benny pumped forwards until he came, filling Don's insides. Don gasped at the sensation goin' through him. It had been so long it seemed. Benny laughed. 'Your insides needed a new coat of paint.'

'I'd say.' Don laughed flipping back on his back.

'Stay with me a while.' Benny said suddenly depressed again.

'I can't, Jack and John will wonder where I am.'

'No they won't Bud, time here is different than time down there. When I take you back and you look at the clock you'll notice about an hour or two will have gone by.'

'Well, since you put it that way..' He kissed Benny and hugged him tight.

Benny laughed as he broke free. 'I'll take that as a yes.'

'It is.' Don replied.




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