My name is Calvin. I'm from a very small rural town in Nebraska. My five older brothers and I grew up on a 3,000-acre farm where our family grows corn, wheat and 300 head of cattle along with a milk dairy. I'm the youngest and smallest brother at 18-years-of-age. All my brothers are married and with their wives have homes on the farm working with my dad. Mother and Dad have 10 grandchildren.

While my brothers range in age from 26 to 32, I'm much younger at age 18. I guess I'm the runt of the family. All my brothers are over 6-feet and 2-inches, weigh over 200 pounds and have very dark hair and eyes along with dark tanned skin just like my father. I, on the other hand, stand only 5-feet and 6-inches, weigh 140 pounds, auburn hair and hazel eyes. My brothers all have big cocks whereas my cock is only 6-inches erect. I've asked my parents if I was adopted but they say no.

On my 18th birthday I was on a trip to Chicago with my "Future Farmers of America Club" buddies attending a conference. After we had spent the second day in Chicago at the cattle yards (It was my 18th birthday), we went back to the hotel, showered and had an early dinner. I went to my room around 7:30 pm and watched TV until 10 pm when I was hungry and decided to go for a pizza. We young growing guys get hungry often. The doorman at the hotel gave me directions to a pizza place about 10 blocks away and told me there was a short cut through an ally two blocks away. I decided to take the dark ally.

About half way through the ally, a rough looking big dude with black hair and dark clothes approached me. He was wearing a black shirt with the white letters "Tough Dude, Don't Mess With Me" along with a pair of black boots, large pierced ear rings and two long chains hanging from his waist. He approached me and yelled: "Hey Dude, stop. Come here you little bastard. Hey, do you have any weed on you?"

I felt pure fright as I began to shiver and my legs became like rubber as I slowly obeyed his order and approached this mean dude. Holy shit, no one knew where I was and this might be the death of me from a little town in Nebraska. I politely said: "Sir, I'm just visiting Chicago for a future farmers conference. Please don't hurt me. You can have all my money. See I have $75.00, take it and let me go."

The dude replied: "I don't want your fucking money. I want your fucking ass."

I wanted to run but I knew I could not out run this tough guy. He pushed me up against this brick wall of an old building, took his hands and placed them on my shivering shoulders, used his feet to spread my legs far apart and he thrust his hard crotch into my crotch. He  spit in my face and rubbed his big nose on my nose. He was over 6-feet tall and weighed around 190 pounds. I felt his hot breath on my face as he said: "Shit you are one hell of a cutie with that red hair and nice hazel eyes. Look at you in those nice preppy clothes. Have you ever wanted a big fucking fag with a huge cock like me to fuck that little tight ass? I love driving my big dick deep up a virgin twink's ass."

I felt his cock stiffening as he thrust it hard into my crotch as he continued to talk dirty to me. He had guessed correctly that I was a virgin but I was still secretly hiding that I was gay. There was something about his sexy eyes, lustful face and huge cock drilling my crotch that made me horny as hell. Holy shit, I felt my cock began to grow hard in my pants as our cocks continued to make contact thorough our pants. Man, I'd never been hornier and so turned on. I could not believe it when I stuck my tongue out and made contact with his thick juicy lips.

He looked deep into my eyes as our tongues battled for position while our cocks were rock hard and humping our cocks. I'd never wanted anything or any person the way I wanted this dude at that moment. Oh how I wanted him to fuck my virgin ass.

After several minutes of wild sloppy kissing and rough humping our cocks into each other, the awesome hot thug pulled away from me and said: "You little runt, you're totally into me aren't you? Fuck yea, your cock is stone hard and man you know how to run that hot tongue deep in my mouth. I bet you are a fucking virgin looking for a real man to fuck that little ass of yours. Am I right, you little turd? Tell me you want my big cock to rip that pussy of yours."

His hot body, his hot breath, the sweaty smell of his underarms, the feel of what had to be a giant sausage in those pants and all the dirty talk had me wanting for us to rip off all our clothes and have him fuck me raw at that moment.

Animal lust took over my being as I said: "Yea man, I want you to fuck my ass right here. I want you to take away my virginity. Fuck you have me so horny for that big cock. Oh let me be your bitch now."

For the first time, his expression changed, he seemed to become gentle and he gave me the sexiest smile. He used his hands to cup my face, stroked my face and planted soft kisses on my lips as he said: "Hey man, you're so cute. Yea, I'm a fucking bad dude but you're so sexy and I actually want to fuck you. Man, I'm so turned on. I've fucked lots of dudes and many of them in  this ally but you seem so different. I really like you and you need to know that I have a horse sized cock. Most guys can only take about a third of this big dick so maybe we should just suck cock."

His gentle suggestion and the fact that he had a horse cock made me even more lustful to get fucked. I pleaded: "No man, I want your big cock up my ass. I don't care how much it hurts, give it to me. Man, you are so fucking hot. Please fuck me."

We ripped off all our clothes in seconds and stood there butt naked with our cocks standing straight out leaking drops of precum. Holy fuck his cock seemed bigger than some of our bulls dicks back on the farm. Wow, what a huge cock head. I gasped in disbelief when I looked upon his growing erect record sized cock. I began to crave that dick like nothing before in my life. I had to have it at that moment no matter what the consequences.

"Hey big guy, please, please, please let me have that bull cock of yours. Oh fuck, I want you  to shoot that big load inside my virgin ass. Empty those huge balls of all that semen inside my pussy."

With my invitation, I noticed that the dude became filled with desire and lust for my ass. He got a look of a wild beast that had just come  up on his prey. Even If at that moment I had decided to change my mind, I knew it was too late but I had certainly not changed what I wanted. This rugged guy now had a mission to take my pussy for his own pleasure and especially his love for a virgin ass for his experienced cock. I knew I was going to get what I had asked.

The big thug whose name I did not know and I did not want to know making the upcoming fuck even more exciting used his strong rough hands to turn my naked body up facing the brick wall. He ordered me in a kind voice: "OK you sexy twink, your time has come to experience what a  real man can do to that pink pussy. Spread those legs and feet for me, place your hands up on the wall and take a deep breath for the on-sault that is about to happen."

I heard him go down on his knees. He grabbed hold of my ass cheeks and began to kiss and suck my ass, drove his tongue as deep as possible into my ass crack and began a long hot rimming of my virgin ass. He rotated between sucking my ass, sucking on my balls, putting my balls in his big mouth and then he pulled my cock backwards and took it deep in his mouth. The pleasure of his rimming my ass, sucking on my balls and sucking my cock had me feeling waves of shivers, goose bumps and titillating vibes. The thug had my cock pulsating and ready to shoot a massive load. I pushed my ass backward to meet  his hot tongue and lips.

When I was near exhaustion, the sexy dude stood up and warned me to relax and push my ass back toward his big dick to receive his 10-incher. I knew he was not going to be gentle and I was correct. He took hold of my shoulders, pushed my chest hard up against the wall, drove his sweaty body into my back and drove that massive missile deep in my ass with one hard thrust. The assault of his hard weapon was under way. I yelled from the severe pain but I did not want him to stop. I begged him to fuck me as I felt my ass walls stretched making a channel for his giant sausage.

He fucked me with no mercy and violently thrust that huge dick inside me over and over. The most amazing thing was that soon the pain went away replaced with the most awesome pleasure as I felt his cock move around inside my pussy creating a sensuous feeling. I begged: "Oh fuck me yea, oh my god that is such an awesome cock. Please fuck me hard. Oh my god this is the most incredible feeling I've ever had. Please come inside me."

It was at that moment that the cum in my balls gathered and I felt the most amazing rush of cum up my cock shaft and soon the cum splattered all over the wall as my cock and balls rubbed hard against the brick wall. I yelled: "I'm coming, oh fuck I'm coming."

That was too much for the hot thug, I heard him let out a loud grunt as he pushed his cock one more time deep in my pussy as he released a torrent of his cream in my ass. Man, he must have ejaculated for some 30 seconds with that volcanic load. As he pulled out his still stiff cock out of my ass, I felt a river of his cum rush out my ass and run down my legs. He turned me around, put me down on my knees and shoved his cum covered cock head deep in my throat and had me lick his cock clean.

The taste of his cum was bitter but I loved it.

We dressed with some cum still on out bodies leaving the smell of cum on us as I said: "Hey dude thanks. I'll never forget you for deflowering me and taking away my virginity. It was so great. Man you know how to fuck a dude's pussy. How abouut going with me to the pizza place and have a big one. I'm hungary and I bet you are also after that workout?"

"Hey you hot twink, that sounds great. And let me tell you that your tight pussy is the best ass ever to take my big cock."

We had a pizza and the dude walked me back to my hotel to protect me from any other bad dudes.

When I got to my hotel my buddies were in the lobby and were worried what had happened to me and they were getting ready to call the police. I assured them I was fine and rushed to my room and took a shower to get rid of the cum smell.

I'd given my room number to the big dude. My door bell rang at 1 am and it was the dude. We spent the remainder of the night sucking cock and he fucked me two more times. WOW, what a night it had been and I had a memory for a lifetime.


Naughty Eric


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