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Alex, age 20, and I, age 19, have been best friends since childhood as we grew up on tobacco farms next to each other in a southern state. Our parents are also best friends.  Alex and I were varisty wrestlers on our high school team for four years. We have no siblings. 

Alex is much bigger than me as to physical characteristics. He wrestled at 190 pounds, stands 6-feet and 3-inches, has sexy coal black hair, black eyes, ripped big muscles, hard thighs, big legs, dark pubic hair, and large feet to go with a big cock. Alex has very little body hair and until the day I caught him masturbating in the barn loft, he had never had sex with anyone, male or female.

During my high school days, I wrestled at 150 pounds. I stand five-feet and 10-inches with sandy red hair, brown eyes, slim hard swimmer type body, very light red fuzz on my chest and legs, and a nice patch of red pubic hair surrounding my 6.5 inch hard dick. I too was a  virgin until the event in the barn.

Alex and I did not go to college after high school but chose to remain on the farms. Alex and I spend most of our free time together fishing, camping, hunting, swimming and riding our motorcycles. We are simply country boys who love the outdoors.

It was last Saturday around 2:00 PM I tried to call Alex but got no answer. I decided to ride my bike over to his home. His parents told me that thought he was in the barn feeding the cows.

When I entered the barn, the cows were out in the pasture and only Alex's golden retriever ran up to me to play. There was no sign of Alex. Soon I heard what sounded like a guy in pain. I noticed some pieces of hay falling down from the loft stairs. I carefully approached the stairs and began to slowly go up the stairs. When I was in eye contact with the loft, I spotted my best friend Alex stretched out on his back on the hay floor butt naked. OH FUCK WOW, Alex had his huge rock hard cock in his hand  wildly jerking off that monster that I learned that day was 9-inches with a bear can thickness.

I was a horny closeted fucking gay dude who had never had sex with anyone. I had no idea what shy Alex's sexual orientation was but I knew he had not had sex and was a virgin. I became instantly horny as hell as I watched my big buddy jerk off. I felt my cock began to grow sliding down my right leg leaking precum in side my gym shorts, as I watched Aex's awesome beautiful cock leaking precum causing his cock head to become shinny. He was moaning and breathing rapid.

At that moment I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I pulled out my aching rock hard cock and began to jerk hard. I noticed a big wet precum spot on my shorts. I grabbed hold of my nuts wirth one hand and used my other hand to masturbate aroused like never before. I'd never been this hot and horny for man sex.

Then came the best moment in my early life when Alex began to talk dirty (he had not yet spotted me on the top of the stairs jerking off) while watching this hot dude jerk off as well. Alex in a loud voice thinking he was alone said: "OH FUCK YEA, OH FUCK YEA, OH SHIT, I'M ONE FUCKING CRAZY FAG NEEDING A DUDE TO FUCK. OH SCOTT I LOVE YOU AND THAT BIG BUBBLE PINK ASS. I WANT TO FUCK THAT MAN PUSSY."

"OH HOLY FUCK," at that moment I saw Alex turn to his right away from the stairs and he took a big photo of me in my wrestling uniform I'd given him the day I won the state championship at 150 pounds my senior year. He began to rub my photo across his cock as he jerked off. Soon his precum stained my photo. As he rubbed my photo across his hard cock, he uttered: "OH FUCK YEA, OH FUCK YEA, OH SHIT, OH SCOTT I LOVE YOU AND THAT BIG BUBBLE ASS OF YOURS. I WANT TO SLIDE MY BIG COCK UP THAT VIRGIN ASS. I WANT TO COME INSIDE YOU AND BREED YOU AS MINE."

I'd never been that HOT, HORNY OR AROUSED. I thrust one finger up my ass and used the other hand to continue jerking my hard dick. A couple more hard thrusts put me over the edge as I took a step onto the loft floor exploded with the largest massive load of spunk of my early life and I yelled: "OH FUCK YEA, I'M COMING, FUCK ALEX, FUCK MY MAN PUSSY. I'M YOURS."

Alex stopped jerking off, jumped to his feet with my now precum stained photo in his hand, looked shocked but sprouted a huge grin as he came toward me with his hard standing straight  cock pointed in my direction. Oh hell would I get that dong up my ass for the first time?

At that moment I was sure thst no two gay dudes had ever been that horny and lusting after each oher and especially those hungry cocks. I lowered and took off my gym shorts and took off my tank top now naked for naked Alex. Alex grabbed me into a hard bear hug as our warm bodies melted together. Oh man, the feel of his slick hot body against mine was beyond hot. I began to have goose bumps and shivers running all up and down my body and I realized Alex was having the same feelings. I'd never felt anything this good. His hard pulsating blood filled cock was pulsating on top of my still hard dick. In all my dreams of making love to Alex, I'd never dreamed it would feel this great.

Alex placed his big hard farm hands on my face, placed his thick sun burned lips on my lips and began to kiss me wildly. He was in charge and I was becoming his bitch at that moment. Within seconds, he parted my thin lips and drove his very thick wet tongue to the back of my throat and began a long sloppy French kissing job that made me wild with lust. Soon warm salvia ran out of our mouths, down our chins and onto our wet chests.



Without any further delay, I laid down on the straw floor, spread my legs and exposed my puckering asshole to that big cock. Alex lubed my ass, lubed his hard cock and poured more lube over my ass crack before he lowered his sexy crotch and began to run his hard cock up and down my ass crack driving me crazy for that big cock up my ass. Finally, I begged: "OH FUCK YEA, ALEX DON'T TEASE ME ANY LONGER. DRIVE THAT HUGE DICK DEEP IN MY PUSSY. I'M ALL YOURS, BABY."

That did it as I felt his huge cock head spread my ass lips wide open and I felt his big leaking snake go inch by inch deep insdie me until he had that entire cock balls deep in my then stuffed ass. As I welcomed his instrument to the depth of my pussy, he wildly used his big hard legs, thighs and hips to plunge that hard aching cock deep in my ass over and over. WOW, my first big cock in my virgin ass was beyond any pleasure I'd ever known.  I learned that he felt my soft ass walls, wet warm ass and my ass muscles on his hard cock had him turning into some type of wild beast as I too became like some wild animal needing that man horse cock to satisfy my carnal needs. Oh I beged for him to give me his milk from those huge balls.

I felt his cockhead expand, the veins in his cock shaft pulsated hard, his breathing became rapid, he began to grunt like a pig and he sped up his hard thrusts deep in my pussy, I knew that the moment had arrived. His balls tightened up against my ass and soon he let out a wild cry as he erupted with a volcanic load of jizz deep in my young virgin pussy. The feel of his warm cum filling my ass caused me to empty my second load of cum between our bodies. Alex rested leaving his dick in me for some five minutes before he pulled out and licked my cum off our bodies and kissed me. As I lay there, his cum poured out of my ass onto the straw.

Soon we heard his Dad enter the barn and call for Alex's dog to take him to the house for dinner. We lay very still until his Dad and the dog were gone. We did the best to clean our bodies and got dressed. WOW what a fuck it had been--we knew gay sex was for us. We kissed one more time before Alex  said: "Now Baby, I look forward to fucking that pink ass every day. It belongs to me now."

What would Alex's parents think about how long Alex and I had been missing?

I had never been happier.

Naughty Eric

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