Hi there, my names Guardian Vulpecula Rocket Nebula Shootingstar The Epic, but you can just call me Rocket. I am a first class divinicuss soul embodiment, that's what a "god" is if your a Tera human. Or if your a agnostic I'm a mega ultra supppp Rheem overlord super wonder God or other. I have a father and mother just like you humans do here in the second segmentverse

My fathers name is Zeptoss and my mothers name is Panthara. Zeptoss created the twelfth Universe and Panthara created the ninth. Before anything elese had been created the five kagay Council created twelve entities and the six Zexarexanators. The twelve entities were the legendary twelve guardian embodiments.

The legendary twelve embodiments came as what you humans might call as a package deal. The embodiments We're two entities in one. The twelve guardian entities were the guardian spirits to the twelve Uni entities or creation entities. And Thus the twelve Uni's created the first twelve universes that would be prime inspiration to those other University to come.

My fathers spirit entity was Vulpecula, which I inherited at birth. Apparently I was only one of two children that had inherited the spirit entity from their father. Of course the other one was Tronamie who inherited Leo. Vulpecula when presenting itself in visible form is a tiger fox without stripes, and Leo presents itself as a golden mean lion bear.

After 2000 Zeptoss Years of birth Tronamie was born. Tronamie was supposed to be delivered to the Zeptoss's universe but an incident happened forcing Tronamie's father, Ragnarock, to send it son to the third universe to be reborn as a human. Yes we "gods" have a special method for surviving the inevitable, When our original entity form is destroyed, at this point, we have two choices. be captured by the death Lords or reincarnate ourselves in a human form.

unfortunately the Fate caught up to me as well Ragna rock kama zaptos and pant are were all destroyed. no one knows what became of the universe's or the people living in them. All seem lost but as long as me and try on me stayed alive hope was in our future. Yes, out of all the fun little places we could have ended up we were sent to yes, your very own planet Earth. Why Earth? I still don't know today, but it is a nice place. For human that is.

Now since I was now human I grew up in a household just like yours with a loving set of parents to guide me. and a really powerful spirit Garden. oh and did I forget to mention when we become human our memory can not necessarily fit in our human brain so it has to stay in the memory of our spirit guardian, and as humans we cannot access that memory until we become divine entities again. So I was stuck having to create all new memories all over again.

My new Tera human name was Mordecai, and I was apparently twenty four Earth years old. I had long silky orange hair with awesome slightly curved ends. My skin was more pale than an albino person's skin. I had these crazy eyes, one blue, the other on my right red. My face was nice and round, it made me look like I was eighteen. Especially science my highroad was only six feet tall. I had a nice slim boddy but I had hidden strength. Some people sometimes mistaken me fir a girl becuase of my looks and other just could not tell if I was either gender. But that did not offended me at all, I liked the idea that I could choose which gender would want to be for the moment or go around having folks not knowing what I was.

Yes, life as a human seemed quite fun. I got to learn a lot about the humans and their unique world. And meet a bunch of awesome women and men. I wondered what more lied ahead for me in my new adult life.


Rocket Nebula Shootingstar

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