Two months after my eighteenth birthday, and ready to get the hell out of my parent's house, it happened. It became the fantasy of every wet dream I would ever have for the rest of my life.

My mom's boyfriend, whom I never thought of as a father figure, was a beautiful man. He had strong broad shoulders, bulging pecs and a hot silver haired chest. His cock was massive, I knew because he used to walk around the house in loose fitting sweat pants and no underwear that revealed all. Sometimes I would come down in the middle of the night for a drink of water to find him in the kitchen eating something, in nothing but his tight blue boxer-briefs. Oh god how I wanted to get past them. To feel him, to have him in me. I always had to try hard to stare, but when in the summer he's shirtless all the time, it becomes even more of a challenge when you never look at him. Sometimes he would be sleeping on the couch and I would snap a pic on my phone and send it to myself in an email. I once even was daring enough to touch him, to stroke him, to kiss him- all while he was asleep. Just when I had his cock out of his pants. His beautiful thick member inches from my mouth, he woke up. He may have saw me, I don't know but I jumped onto the other couch and covered myself to pretend like I was sleeping and that his fit woke me up. His words were,

'My pepe is hanging out.' I had to say something,

'Your pants prolly unzipped while you were sleeping, happened to me before' After that he got up and went to bed. I just slowly touched myself for two hours after that. One day I was in the living room, but the television wasn't on. He came in the door and ran straight to the bathroom without closing the door, I slowly crept behind the couch to take a peak. I wasn't watching him shit, but I was waiting for him to stand up, to reveal that beautiful dick that swung so low.

But enough about sweet memories, let's talk about now, what this story is really about. One day I came home from work and went to the kitchen to make myself a snack. I wanted to open up a bag of chicken nuggets but I couldn't get it. I looked for scissors but there weren't any. So I decided to look inmy parent's bedroom. He should have been home from work by then, but when I knocked on the door no one answered. I let myself in, and when I walked through the door to find the answer to all my prayers.

Biceps pumping legs tensed a two pound sausage in hand there he was, George, jacking off, and he didn't stop or cover up when I came in.

'Close the damn door, you're letting the A/C out.' I nodded and shut the door behind me. I stood there bewildered watching his balls bounce happily as he stroked faster and faster. He looked at me, I could feel his eyes studying me. 'Nice wood you got there kid.' My eyes widened, shit he saw. 'Well, are you gonna stand there with your jaw on the floor or are you gonna join me?' I nodded once more and crawled into the bed next to him. I unbuttoned my pants and slid them off. He handed me a bottle of lube. Some cheap PPV porn movie was playing on the screen but all I could think about was him. I knew his body, I could draw a picture blindfolded.

I squirted the jelly into my hand, and proceeded to lube up my cock for sure pleasure. As I slowly stroked, I focused on his muscles tensing and relaxing. The tumping and squishing of his lubed up cock. His perfect trim job on his pubes. He was everything I wanted in an older man, everything I needed. He then Shifted and moved closer into me, our shoulders touching. We were both left handed so things didn't collide. I could barely hold my load in. Just being in the same room with him, clothes or no clothes has made me horny for years. I stopped pleasuring myself to do something daring. I whiped my hand off and began to stroke his chest. He whispered 'Grab my nipples.' I wasn't about to disobey. I softly massaged the pink circles rock hard from being exposed in the cold. He moaned for me to pull harder. I did I yanked on those damn things, I squeezed them between my fingers. I meth his right to my face and began to kiss it and lick around in circles, I bit and pulled on it. My still rock hard cock was throbbing now, and I felt his warm, strong rough hand encircle my cock. He began pumping hard and fast. I begged him to slow down. And he did. He placed his other hand under my chin and lead my face to meet his. He looked deep into my eyes and brought me in for the most amazing kiss I have ever had. Prickly stubble in my cheek. Even his lips were strong and powerful. The moment the suction of his lips stopped, I lost control. Muscles convulsed within me. My eyes rolled deep into the back of my head, I shot, oh I shot alright straight across the room and splattering on the floor. Dammit, how could I let myself cum so soon. 'Nice show for a kid your age, but if you give me a little more help, I'll show you what a man's load looks like.' He smiled and I began kissing down his trimmed hairy chest, tickled lips, still sensitive cock, and plenty of lube. All things made me ready. I reached his massive cock and kissed it. I licked around the rim, slowly I took it all in, going all the way down his 9'' cock. I choked and coughed and he told me to take it slow. I kept sucking his cock for ten minutes before he said it was time. He picked me up (HE COULD LIFT ME!) and sat me up against the headboard. He lay on his back and held me up by my legs as I kept balance on the headboard with my hands. I felt his wet squishy tongue fill me. I moaned with pleasure as a mixture of tickling and pressure filled me. I looked down to notice I was hard again. He let me down again only to pick me up again. He moved to the edge of the bed and got off. He leaned over kissed my forehead and picked me up under my shoulders. I then entered a universe (or the universe entered me) where everything was right. He slipped his long thing meat into my tight ass and fucked me while holding me in mid air. My legs were wrapped tight around his hips. He was thrusting, grunting his face red and covered in sweat. He looked me and forced a long kiss on me, this wasn't the soft sweet kiss from before, this was a I know what I want and I'm going to take it kiss. I felt like I could feel every fiber of him screaming in pleasure. I know I was screaming as he rammed me. Many minutes more of amazing vicious sex and he was ready. He took himself out of me. Lay me down on the bed and shot. He shot everwhere, past my head, on in my hair, on my face, on my chest. It just kept, cumming. I didn't think he would stop. Just then I heard the back door open. His room was on the first floor and mine on the second. My step sister had come home from work.

'Daddy' She called.

'Oh Shit' we would be caught.

'Go now!' I ran out the door and bolted up the stairs past where she could see me. I had no time for dressing; this was life or death. My heart was pumping blood to every limb my mind was telling to just keep going. I reached the safety of my room and could breath. I lay in bed, panting, all I could say to myself was,





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