I hated to use the word 'addict' but it was the only one that fit. I couldn't stop doing it. I just couldn't. I was losing friends because of it. My health was suffering because I wasn't sleeping. My eyes burned all the time, and I'd had a headache for a couple of months. And what it was doing to my libido was unbelievable. I had to face it and do something about it before my addiction destroyed me. The first step was facing it, so I took a deep breath and uttered aloud what I had become. 'I'm an adult chat room junkie,' I said to my computer. My computer already knew that, and remained silent.

I had a long talk with Iron Wolf, who was going through pretty much the same things. I watched his typing crawl across the screen as my cock stood up and made loud, demanding noises. I looked down at it and sighed. Iron Wolf was my first and favorite cyber lover. He could arouse me in seconds, write the most exquisite fantasies, and I had orgasms that were incredible. I was jacking off alone in front of a computer, but unless you've done it, you just don't know. That conversation broke a lot of rules I'd held sacred. We exchanged real first names: mine was Will, his was Kevin and lots of real time information. Including phone numbers. We ended up on the phone that night, discovering that phone sex was even better than cyber sex. I healed my adult chat room addiction. I became a phone sex addict instead. I also convinced myself I was in love with him, and he convinced himself the same thing about me. Despite all the horror stories, not to mention what half a brain would tell you, we decided to meet, each driving half the distance between our homes to meet in a coffee shop. A coffee shop that was attached to a motel. The lack of subtlety about this whole thing was awe-inspiring.

I sat trying to navigate a coffee cup to my mouth with shaking hands. This was a huge mistake. He was going to be a psychotic Quasimodo in person. He was going to turn out to be the wonderful, sexy man I thought him to be...and think I was a psychotic Quasimodo. I took two more aspirin, got another cup of coffee and waited for an eternity. Eventually I looked up to see a handsome, lithe man about my age, who looked scared shitless, enter the room, stop and look around. When his eyes fell on me, he looked hopeful. He walked over, visibly trembling. 'Will?' he asked softly. I stood up, somehow, and stuck out my hand. 'Kevin?' I asked in complete disbelief. He dimpled suddenly. 'Or Iron Wolf.' About 60 seconds later we were trying to strip each other in the elevator on the way to the room I'd rented.

Kevin snatched the key card away from me and frantically tried to get the door to the room open as I, just as frantically and with more success, yanked his slacks and briefs down to his ankles and lunged at his hard cock, lapping at it furiously. He finally got the door open, grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and dragged me into the room. I scurried along after him like a rather large, brainless dog, down on all fours, my tongue hanging out of my mouth. He tripped over his pants, and landed on his stomach on the bed, automatic reflexes preventing him from impaling himself with his own erection. His ass was tight, firm, silky and before me like an offering. I lunged at his round cheek, landing mouth first, and nipped and licked the smooth flesh. He let out the long, shuddering groan that up to that moment, I'd only heard on the phone. It drove me insane. I covered his ass with love bites, some of them hard enough to leave a mark. I'd branded him as mine, and all pretenses at sanity took a hike.

I put my hands on his ass, hard. My palms landed with a hollow slapping sound. He groaned in pleasure. This was the very first time we were in each other's physical presence, but we'd had sex an uncountable number of times over the computer and the phone. I knew his needs and desires as well as I knew my own.

I slapped his ass with both palms again, a little harder. He shuddered helplessly, thrusting his ass at me for more. I continued to deliver the two-handed spanking until his ass was rosy, then ran my fingertips over the hot, silky skin. 'Please,' he whispered. 'Eat my ass.' I leaned forward and bit both his cheeks, then pulled his crack open with my thumbs. His little pink hole was beautiful. I touched it with my tongue, then flicked my tongue back and forth. He was helpless, trying to go to his hands and knees, but too tangled in his pants to move. I exhaled warm breath into his crack, then thrust my tongue in his ass hard. I tongue fucked him for a long time, feeling his helpless twitching and listening to him gasp. I wanted his pleasure to be so extreme it would be unbearable. Eventually, his gasping turned into one extended agonized moan. I stood, and stripped off his shoes and socks, and his pants and briefs. On the third attempt, he managed to coordinate his body enough to roll over. He looked up at me and said 'Um ha...' or something similar. I looked at his engorged purple cock and thought, 'That HAS to hurt.'

I took off my clothes slowly, savoring the desperate hunger in his face and my own arousal. He was here, with me, in reality, and there was now enough time for us to pleasure each other completely. I loved the way he looked at me, his eyes hungering for every part of me. Finally, standing naked, I spread my feet and stroked my cock for him to watch. He licked his lips and tried to stop his eyes from rolling around in his head. 'Uh,' he said again. I smiled. 'You want this?' I asked, pleased that my voice sounded so steady. He swallowed hard, then oozed off the slippery bedspread to land in a pile at my feet. He gathered a little motor control, and got to his knees. He mouthed my thighs, licking and nibbling and sucking, moving his face back and forth from one to the other. I was afraid he'd make himself dizzy, and he did. He had to wrap his arms around my legs to steady himself. His mouth went to my balls, licking, nibbling very gently, then finally taking one in his mouth with a moan. He knelt before me, eyes closed, just holding my ball in his mouth, then gently released it and took in the other. Finally, he pulled his head back and stared at my hard cock. His eyes gleamed and he smiled gently. Then his head moved forward, he sucked me in deep and sucked ferociously.

I gasped and rose up on my toes. He held onto my thighs for dear life, and used his lips and tongue over every inch of my throbbing cock. I could feel my precum pour, and heard the guttural sound of pleasure from deep in his throat. He sucked me HARD, occasionally letting my cock slide almost all the way out so that he could lightly close his teeth on the soft head. He looked at me when he did that, his eyes burning. I was wild at the sight of his strong white teeth closed around my cockhead. He moved his teeth up and down on me in a mock chewing motion that nearly made me faint, then slurped my cock all the way in, his eyes still locked on my face. He saw how close I was to the edge, and took my cock into his throat. I managed one, stunned gasp before the orgasm smashed through me, causing my entire body to jerk helplessly, my cum to pulse out of me with incredible force, and my mouth to scream the rather unnecessary announcement 'I'm coming!!' at the top of my lungs. The room took a sharp tilt to the left, and I floated down to the floor. Eventually, as I held him in my arms, I realized that my shins were covered in his cum. He'd cum all over me when I came in his mouth. I kissed his head in a wordless declaration. 'Me, too,' he whispered softly.

We lay on that hard floor for a long time learning to communicate without a keyboard or a telephone, and did an admirable job. A hot shower and some food later, he sat on the bed, still naked, with his knees pulled up and his arms around them. He wiggled his eyebrows at me. 'Does the fact that I want to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you make me a bad person?' he said, chuckling. I grinned. 'Not as far as I'm concerned.' I reached forward, grabbed his ankles and pulled. He slid onto his back making the little helpless whimpering noises that he knew drove me wild. I mounted his mouth, lowering my stiff cock into it, then leaned forward and sucked his rod in between my tight lips. We fused into one hot, nasty humping unit. My cock slid easily into his throat, and his swollen cockhead went where no man had ever gone before...into MY throat. There wasn't much on me that was cherry, but I had this to give him, and it almost made me cry. I slid my hands under his ass and pulled my face down as far as I could, wanting every inch of his glorious pole inside me as deep as I could make it go. I rubbed my nose and lips in his curly pubic hair, my mouth clamped tight around the base of his cock. It was incredible. I loved his musky, masculine smell. Every time I had a thought like that he murmured at me, as if responding to my thoughts.

We came together, and suckled each other's cocks as we feasted on the hot cum. The sensation was so intense, so sweet, that I thought that if I'd died at that moment, I would die fulfilled and complete.

You don't just bounce back from orgasms like that, so we got dressed, went out and stared at touristy things for a while. The town was lovely, very 'small home town that knows it's in the 21st century' kind of thing. We had a few drinks in the most elegant gay bar I've ever seen. We talked endlessly, until I noticed the gleam in his eyes. I chuckled. 'You're giving me that look again,' I said. He grinned and wiggled his eyebrows. I loved it when he did that, and my cock started to stand up and do the happy dance. 'What,' he said mischievously, 'is the wickedest thing you've ever done?' I grinned. 'You are,' I said. He gave me a tender, loving look, then switched back to naughty. 'I mean it,' he said. 'Ever have sex in a public place? Where you could get caught?' Uh-oh, I thought.

The men's room was equally elegant. Tasteful murals depicting male love covered the walls. The colors were subdued. The counters made of marble. The man washing his hands at the sink wore rich, silver-gray tailoring and had 'doctor' written all over him. He stared at us, then smile gently. 'Try and be quiet,' he murmured. 'Incredible amplified echo in here.' I gaped at him and he chuckled and pointed a long aesthetic finger at Kevin. 'I have one of those at home, too.' I stared after him as he left, then turned to discover my lover pulling his pants down to his knees. I grabbed him and got him into a toilet stall. 'You're nuts,' I said laughing. He practically purred. 'My nuts. My cock. My ass. All for you.'

I turned him around and put his palms flat against the door. He thrust his ass at me. He also fished a tube of lubricant out of his pocket and handed it back. 'Be prepared,' he whispered. I quickly unfastened my pants and they hit the floor with a metallic clink. My briefs went down next, and my cock leaped free, already oozing precum. I got my fingers slick, and worked one into his tight ass. He groaned, a little too loudly, and I shushed him. He groaned louder. I clamped my left hand over his mouth and fingerfucked his ass with my right. My palm muffled the sound, but I knew that if my hand slipped, he'd go off like a fire alarm. The danger of getting caught like this was delicious. I rubbed my slick cock up and down the crack of his ass and thrust it in hard. He howled happily into my palm. I wrapped my right arm around his chest. He humped his ass back at me. One of my arms held him immobile. One hand clamped over his mouth. Fucking the hell out of him in a public place. He began to writhe, and I could hear muffled protests of anal virginity being ravished coming from him. I fucked him like I was insane, as hard and deep as I could, my own harsh breathing echoing off the walls. When I came, it sounded like a regiment had all gotten off at once. I heard the sound of his cum splattering on the door, and my climax extended and got louder.

We eventually got up the nerve to walk out of the men's room, and the standing ovation was very nice. We're regulars there now. Most weekends we meet each other half way. During the week, we add to the coffers of the Phone Company.


Morgan Grayson

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