I was nervous walking into the tall glass building. I had applied for an entry level job at one of the firms located there. It was a sales position and I really wanted to get it. It had been more than 6 months since I graduated from college and I had to find something, I couldn't keep living with my parents much longer. I hadn't come out to them yet so it wasn't easy trying to hook up and always have to go to the other guy's place.

My parent's had lent me the money to get a new suit. When I went to buy it I tried on several navy blue suits because that's what I've always see successful businessmen wearing. I tried on several but none of them looked right. I had a very attentive salesman. He kept showing me how the shoulders should lay and where the sleeves should hit my wrists and what the right length was to hit my ass just right. At one point as I was looking at myself in the mirror I complained that I didn't like how any of them looked on me. I have a pretty athletic body with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. Every suit I tried on was either too tight in the shoulders and chest to have the pants fit my waist right or they fit fine in my shoulders but were huge in the waist. The salesman told me he might be able to help. He told me that they do custom suits for their better clients and maybe I should consider that approach. I told him that I didn't have the kind of money for that but appreciated the offer. He told me not to worry. He told me to go back to the dressing room and take off the suit I had just tried and he would be there in a moment to take some measurements. Not thinking that anyone would see me in my underwear today I had worn one of my favorite pairs. It was a pair of square cut boxer like shorts with a pouch in the front. When the salesperson came in I could tell that he was checking me out in the mirror.

The salesman took out his tape and measured the width of my shoulders and my arms. Then he put it around my chest and my waist. He then told me he needed to take my inseams. He explained that he needed to do one from my waist to my ankle and then from the crotch to my ankle. He explained to me that was how they figured out what kind of rise I needed. I had no idea what he was talking about. As he took my inner measurement his hand seemed to rub up against my cock and balls, which caused it to start to grow. He told me that with the kind of underwear I had on it would be difficult to get a correct measurement of how big the leg openings had to be depending if I "dressed" right or left. I had no fucking clue what he was talking about. He said I should really take my underwear off if we wanted to get the measurements right. I was embarrassed, especially since I had started to grow. He said not to worry that having my cock being a little more "full" than normal was a better way to get the right measurement. He asked me if, when I was wearing boxers, did my cock lay to the right or to the left. I told him to the right. He said excellent and pushed my cock to the right and took another measurement. By this point he was on his knees and without any warning he took my cock into his mouth. It had been a while since my cock had been anywhere but my hand so it filled out immediately which seemed to please the salesman. He grabbed the base of my cock and held on tight while his mouth went up and down my cock. He seemed to really enjoy what he was doing. Finally I couldn't take it anymore I filled his mouth with cum. It has been so long that I think I almost drowned the poor guy. When he finally pulled off, licking his lips, he told me what a nice cock I had. He also told me to come back tomorrow for the next fitting. He told me it would take several fittings before the suit would be done.

Over the next couple of fittings he blew me at least once each time I was there and one time I even fucked him at his request. He was not the most fit guy, so his ass was kind of flabby but what the hell, he was giving me a great deal on a custom suit.

So even though I'm nervous about the interview I know I look good. The suit fits me like a glove and shows off all my assets because it's been tailored so well.

There was a desk in the lobby of the building so I asked the guard how to get to the offices of Kramer and Son. He directed me up to the 27th floor. I could feel the eyes of the guard on my ass as I walked toward the elevators. While I was in the elevator, which was crowded, I swear someone brushed their hand against my ass and someone else backed up into me pressing his ass against me. Maybe I was just wound a little too tight, I was nervous about this interview, based on the research I had done this firm handled sales for quite a few companies and it seemed like there would be lots of chances for advancement.

When I got off the elevator I was surprised to see that there was a male receptionist who greeted me. He looked to be about my age and very handsome with what looked like a nice body under his sports coat. I told him I was there to have an interview with Mr. Kramer. He asked me which one, Senior or Junior. I told him I really didn't know. He slowly let his eyes roam over my body and told me he suspected it was Mr. Kramer Junior and that I should have a seat. He made a phone call and then told me to go down to the end of the hall where I would find Mr. Kramer's office.

Mr. Kramer met me as I reached his door and told me how nice it was to meet me. He escorted me into his office and asked me sit down. Mr. Kramer was also a very handsome man. He looked to be somewhere in his 40s but obviously kept himself in great shape. He didn't have a jacket on but had a blue dress shirt with his sleeves rolled up and his tie loosened. He told me that the office was rather casual but that when we were out on a sales call we were to dress appropriately. He complimented me on my suit and told me I must have good taste.

He interviewed me for almost an hour, mostly about the classes I took and the jobs I had in college. We found out that we had a shared love for soccer. For me it was mostly because the players had great bodies and wore small uniforms.

After the hour, Mr. Kramer got up and shook my hand. I hadn't noticed before but he really looked like he was packing and that he dressed to the left. He told me that I would hear from him once he had the chance to meet with the other candidates for the job. He took me to his office door, shook my hand again and wished me a good day.

I had been so nervous I had to pee like a race horse. When I reached the receptionist I asked him where the men's room was located. He sent me down another hallway. When I entered the bathroom there was another man already standing at one of the urinals. Since there were only two I took the one next to him. He asked me if I was in for an interview since he had never seen me before. I told him I was and then we both looked at the wall in front of us. When he was done pissing he stood back just a bit to put his cock back in his pants and zip up. I couldn't help but notice that he had a pretty impressive cock. He went over and washed his hands which I did a few moments later. When we were done he stuck out his hand and introduced himself as Rod and I told him my name was Ken. I asked him a little about the company and he was very helpful. I asked him if he would be willing to give me one of his business cards in case I had any questions or just wanted to follow up. I asked him what he thought my chances would be to get the job. He looked me over and said I had a really good shot at the job. He shook my hand again and said he really hoped he would see me again and then left the bathroom. After he left I leaned against the sink and just tried to calm my nerves.

Just as I was getting ready to leave the john the receptionist came in. He told me he was worried about me since I hadn't walked past his desk again. I told him I was fine and that I appreciated his concern. He told me that he would be glad to put a good word in for me because he thought I looked like a good guy. I told him I appreciated it and headed for the door. He stopped me and locked the door. He told me that it was one of his responsibilities to test out each applicant. I asked him what he meant and he told me that there were several partners in the company as well as several other executives that each had different tastes and that he was tasked to find out how each applicant would fit into the company. I started to get the drift of what he was talking about but didn't know which kind of move I should do. I didn't have to wait long, he reached over and checked to make sure I really dressed to the right. His hand felt good against my cock. He told me that the company only hired men who could service all the needs of the executives and that they each differed.

I put my hand on top of his hand and asked what particular service did Mr. Kramer, Junior like. The receptionist, John, told me that Mr. Kramer's tastes varied, that he liked to suck but he also liked to be sucked. He didn't want to fuck because he saved that for his husband. I asked what Rod liked and he told me Rod was strictly a top and loved to fuck and be sucked at least once a day while at work. He then went through the rest of the partners and the executives' particular needs. Some of them were openly gay and just wanted an occasional blow job on stressful days. Some of them were married but really wanted to suck a cock or get fucked every once in a while.

It was at this point that John told me that this was going to be the second round interview. He wanted me to suck him and then fuck him. If I passed his test he would recommend me for the next round of interviews. Without another word John unzipped his pants, pulled out a very nice cock and told me to show him my skills. Not wanting to get any stains on my suit I took my jacket off and hung it up and got down on my knees. I took John's cock in my mouth and teased it with my lips and tongue. After doing that for a few minutes I took one ball and then the other into my mouth and swirled them around slowly. John must have been getting in to it because he then took off his jacket and hung it over mine. He grabbed one of my hands and brought it to his chest where he moved my hand across his pecs. I started to tweak his nipples which I could tell he liked by the way his cock jumped in my mouth. I moved my mouth sensuously along the length of his cock.

I decided to take my fate into my own hands. I pulled off his cock and spun John around. I pushed his lower back forward so that he was bent. I spread his ass cheeks and started to run my tongue up and down his ass crack letting my tongue flick across his asshole. When I could feel his legs start to tremble I focused my tongue solely on his puckered hole. I circled it with my tongue and then started doing short, fast jabs. His whole body was trembling now, I stood up, pulled his hands above his head and leaned him in toward the mirror. I reached around and undid his belt and pants and pushed them down as I kicked his legs apart. I spit on my hand and lubed up my now hard as a rock cock and teased his hole with the head. He started moaning and asking me to fuck him, which I did. I started out nice and slow but he asked to be fucked harder. We could watch each other's eyes in the mirror and I could tell when I was hitting him in all the right places and he could tell when he was squeezing his ass muscles in a way that was making me fuck him harder. He knew just what to do to make me finally cum, I shot my load up his ass and then pulled my dripping cock from his ass, spun him around and took his cock back into to my mouth in time to catch his load.

When we had both caught our breath and straightened our clothes I pulled my jacket on, told him thanks and started to leave. He stopped me and told me that my second interview had gone well and that my final interview would be tomorrow with Mr. Wilson. I asked who Mr. Wilson was and he told me it was the man I had met, Rod. He told me he was the Chief Operating Officer of the company and even though I had met with Mr. Kramer, it was actually Rod that made the finally decision on all hires. When I asked why it was going to be on a Saturday he told me Wilson, Rod, liked to do the final interviews when it wasn't so busy in the office. He also told me I didn't need to dress in business attire but to wear what I would wear for a fun evening out.

As I was going home I thought I should have asked John what he meant for a fun evening out. Going to a movie? Dinner with friends? Clubbing? Based on how the interviews had been going I decided I was going to go with a night where I was going out to get laid. Since John told me that Rod was a top I was very particular on the outfit I wore. I put on a pair of jeans that looked like I had been on my knees a lot. I put on one of my tight mesh shirts that left little to the imagination.

As I approached the building I realized that I didn't know how to get into the building since it was a Saturday. When I reached the building the main door was open and the same man was at the guard desk. He called me by name and said he understood that I was coming and that he was supposed to escort me up to Mr. Wilson's office.

We got into the elevator and started the ride up. The security guard did not speak. When we got to the 27th floor the security guard got off with me and took me to an office that I assumed was Rod's. He knocked and Mr. Wilson told us to come in. Rod looked like he was ready to go play some golf, casual slacks with a golf shirt. He looked even better today than yesterday. Without his suit jacket it was obvious he had a gym built body. He obviously did a lot of bench presses and arm curls.

The security guard didn't leave, in fact he started taking his clothes off. He told me that all applicants had to be fucked by the security guard before he would fuck them. It was a test to see if they had the correct abilities. I knew right away what he meant when the security guard pulled his pants down, he had an extremely large dick. Rod, Mr. Wilson, asked me to take off my clothes and to get behind one of the office chairs that faced his desk. The guard pushed me over the back of the chair, grabbed some lube from Rod's desk and put some on his finger and put it in my ass. He then lubed up his cock. Without and ceremony he started to push his cock up my ass. I grimaced but I didn't do anything else that might indicate that it was difficult for me. While the guard continued to fuck my ass, Rod got in front of the chair and pulled out his cock. It was much bigger than what I thought I had seen in the rest room, in fact it was the biggest cock I had ever seen. He got closer to the chair and put the head of his cock against my lips while the guard continued to fuck my ass. He told me to suck his cock. He didn't ask, he told me. I opened my lips and he plunged his cock into my mouth. Almost immediately it hit the back of my throat and there was still more he tried to push in. I worked past my gag reflex and slowly his cock went further and further in. It wasn't like I was giving him a blow job it was more like he was fucking my throat. After getting his cock as slick as possible in my mouth and throat he pulled out and stroked his cock. The guard must have known what that meant because he pulled out of my ass and Rod got behind me. I could feel the heat coming off his cock as he pushed it against my hole. The security guard pulled a small bottle out of his shirt pocket and told me to take a deep breath as he held it under my nose, he told me I may need it.

Rod started to slide his cock up my ass, I wanted to scream but I held off and then whatever the guard had given me started to hit me. The rate of my heart picked up and all I wanted was to feel Rod deep inside me. It actually was starting to feel good. He grabbed hold of my shoulders and really started to go as deep as he could. He was also doing this trick with his cock that would make it twist a little with each thrust. When I couldn't take it anymore I shot my load all over the back of the office chair and Rod shot his load deep inside of me, deeper than I had ever felt before. He slowly pulled out of my ass.

He told me to get dressed like he was dismissing me but then he told me that I was the first applicant that they had seen in over a year that was able to complete the entire interview process and that he would be happy for me to join Kramer and Son. He also told me that when he asked for me to meet with a client that I should treat the client as he would want to be treated.

I looked forward both to the new job but also going to get my next suit.

Be Well,


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