Not much into making up stories, but I will try to make my experience as good as I can, it will help me to talk about it.

Im 19 and I was really looking for something differnt to do. I saw a add for a fetish seminar/get together thing. I went for the excitement of going to something differnt and I wanted to go alone. It was at a hotel, and I had to give some personal info to get in, but I went with it and did, and I got in. It was in like a cheap ballroom with people talking exchanging ideas ect., I was getting a little board until a black man came up to me. He invited me to sit with him and another black guy. One said I was very beautiful. About me, Im 5'5, slender build, thin belly, long brown shoulder long hair, blue eyes, small feet/pedicured toenails, small penis, and, a tight belly.

they asked to see me nude. I was embarressed of the question, but I agreed. To be secretive we went into the bathroom and in a stall I took off my clothes so they could see what I desribed. They both smiled and one talked about how my navel was special....a really deep innie hole in my belly. I felt everyone got a cheap thrill, I put my clothes back on and we went back to the table we were at. They asked me some questions about how I lived if I had friends family ect. I told then I lived with a roommate I hardly see, gone on trips often, and how I call my family once and awhile. They then concluded to me I have no commitments, and I said yes.

We talked more, the night ended we all had to leave. It was all fun, so I went home.

After getting home I found my wallet gone, and really late that night I got a call from those men and they had it. I set a time to meet with them the next night, I went to their hotel room to get it. once in, I saw a third black man older who ask me to sit down. He said that others would like to have my body. I was really freaked out by this. He said he was a lawyer for a group who wishes to have me. I did not go for it and he layed out papers and stuff on how they would ruin my life if I did not go with them. More discussion went on, but in the end I was made to leave with the two men. They put me into a car and I was blindfolded and driven off.

For what seemed hours we stopped, and I was lead out of the car. My blindfold was removed and I saw a old house. A heavy black man paid the others and thanked them, then they drove off. The heavy man took me into the house.

Would you like me to continue?



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