This had been a memorable year for me. I’d hit the lotto jack pot and won more money than I could ever spend in a life time. To celebrate I took my ex-topless dancer girlfriend Linda on a two week cruise.

As usual, thanks to Linda we were running late and were almost the last passengers to board. We just barely had time to stow our luggage in our stateroom, shower, dress and go to dinner. By the time we finished eating we were passed the twelve mile mark and the casino was open. 

Giving Linda money to gamble with, I sat at the bar sipping a cold seven-up and watching people having fun. The money I’d gave Linda lasted about thirty minutes so I gave her enough the second time to last a couple of hours.

As she walked away this guy walked up and said, “This place is boring. Let’s go someplace where we can have some fun.”

To this day I don’t know why I did but I followed him. Wordlessly Calvin led me down two decks and down a long hallway. As we walked I size him up. He was average looking…about five-foot seven to my six-foot three.

Opening a door, he ushered me into his room. As Calvin shut the door he said, “I’m glad I ran into you. I haven’t cummed in two days and my balls are about to explode.”

Stunned I watched as he unzipping his pants. 

“What the hell is going on?”

“You’re going to suck my dick, that’s what’s going on,” Calvin replied confidently.

“You’ve made a big mistake. I’m not a queer. I don’t have sex with men. I’m here with my girlfriend,” I exclaimed.

“I know that you’re not queer. You’re a cocksucker.”

“No way in hell am I a cocksucker.  I’ve never had sex with a man before,” I said.

“No mistake. I can spot a cocksucker across the room and you’re a cocksucker. You may never have sucked a cock before but that’s probably because you’ve never had the chance. But make no mistake, you’re a cocksucker,” Calvin explained.

As he talked Calvin casually dropped his shorts and stepped out of them. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. I’d never been much of an athlete and hung around in locker rooms seeing other guy’s cocks so when his sprang into view I couldn’t help staring.   

It looked like a log jutting out of his big clump of kinky black pubic hair. 

Mesmerized I watched him pull back his foreskin exposing a blood reddish/purple head the size of a plum. With a hand on my shoulder Calvin gently pushed me too my knees. I was still trying to protest as he put his hand on the back of my head and slip the big head of his cock between my lips.

Obediently I leaned forward and slid my lips over his swollen head, taking almost a third of his fat cock into my mouth. As I closed my lips around it Calvin sighed, “Ahhh,” contentedly.

I closed my eyes in pleasure at the delicious feel and taste of another man's cock. 

I instinctively bobbed my head up and down on his thick shaft, wanting to cram it all down my throat. "Oh fuck I love seeing you on your knees with my cock in your mouth," Calvin moaned as I struggled to take his entire length down my throat. "I wish I had a picture of this." 

I felt his cock swell just before it started spurting a torrent of the hot cum in my mouth. I frantically swallowed, struggling to keep up with the flow as each spurt lasted a few seconds on its own, cum pouring into my mouth. Despite my best efforts I had to cough causing thick streams of cum and spit to run down my chin to fall on my shirt and still Calvin kept cumming. I had to take his cock out of my mouth and swallow what I could. When I gasped for air several long ropes of cum sprayed on my face before I could clamp my lips around the still spurting head. 

“See,” Calvin said. “I told you that you were a cocksucker. You’re a natural. You sucked like a pro and swallowed without being told.”

I still didn’t necessarily agree that I was a cocksucker but it’s kinda hard to argue when you’re kneeling at a naked guy’s feet with his cum all over my face and lips.

“I’m glad that I found you. This cruse is going to be a lot more fun. I guess I better warn you though. I’m highly sexual and will need sucking of at least twice and someday maybe three times a day,” Calvin explained. 

I didn’t care how sexual Calvin was or how many times a day he needed a blowjob. Why it happened I don’t know but this was a onetime thing. I had no intentions of sucking him off again.

With the smell and taste of his cum in my mouth and on my breath, I got back to the casino in time to give Linda a big kiss and a few more dollars. When she lost that we went to the mid-night buffet and then to our room.

Linda was supercharged by the drinks and gambling so by the time our stateroom door was closed, Linda had my pants unzipped and was down on her knees sucking my dick. 

I wasn’t ready to cum yet, so I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. 

There I laid her on my bed and I had a rare moment where I got to eat Linda’s pussy. She worries about her freshness so usually won't let me go down on her. Tonight I spent more time sucking her pussy and clit than ever before. 

Two orgasms later, I knelt between her parted legs and watched her grab my hard dick and lodge its swollen head between the puffy, pink lips of her pussy. Rocking forward, I drove my hard, un-cut, seven plus inch dick into Linda’s tight little pussy all the way to the hilt. With her legs wrapped around my waist, I pounded her hot pussy until she screamed out in pleasure and her third orgasm.

As I lay there catching my breath, Linda leaned over and started kissing my chest. Then with a wicked grin, she moved her mouth slowly down my torso, licking my nipples and kissing my stomach. When she reached my hairy crotch, Linda started flicking her tongue around the head of my dick and then she started to lick our combined juices off it’s the length of my shaft. Smiling impishly Linda then parted her lovely red lips and engulfed my now throbbing dick. I felt her fondling my 'cum' swollen balls, as she slid her eager mouth ever so slowly up and down the rigid length of my shaft. 

By the time Linda took my limp dick out of her mouth, my balls were no longer cum filled. Linda had sucked them dry.

We slept late the next morning and with my manhood restored we went to a champagne brunch. After brunch it was off to the casino. As Linda gambled, again I sat at the bar drinking seven-Up and watching her gamble. It was cute the way she’d squeal when she’d win. 

Calvin was in the bar watching me, but I refused to make eye contact. I was finished with him. The second time I gave Linda money I looked up and he was sitting beside me. So no one else could hear, he said, “You can’t fight what you are so you may as well come with me.”

Then he got up and walked away. Fighting my natural urges, I stayed in my seat…or at least until he got to the door. 

Linda never even noticed me sliding off my stool and following him. 

I wasn’t two steps inside his door before I was on my knees opening his fly. I took out his soft cock and started licking it, concentrating on the head. 

“You’re an eager one today,” Calvin laughed. 

He starting squirming and got hard right away. His cock was about the same size as me, seven and half inches hard and nice and thick. I moved my mouth down and started by licking his balls and slowly worked my way up the shaft of his cock. 

As I sucked I found I had same feelings sucking his cock as I did eating Linda’s pussy. It's all about pleasing another with my mouth. 

By the time I slid my mouth down over the head of his cock, Calvin grabbed me by the hair and pushed me all the way down until his cock was deep in my throat. He held my head and worked his cock deep in my throat and at first he slowly fucked my mouth. His pace increased until he was giving my throat a good rough fucking.

Calvin pulled my mouth off his cock and told me, “Service my balls for a while.”

He put his hands on the sides of my head and told me, “If you want my load, you’ll have to work for it.”  

And work I did. All told I had either his cock or balls in my mouth for more than an hour and a half. Then Calvin said, "I think you deserve to swallow my load now, cocksucker," and grabbed my head and shoved his cock down my throat until he stared to shoot. “Swallow that cocksucker."

He flooded my mouth with a huge load hot salty cum and like the good cocksucker I’m quickly learning to be, I didn't waste a drop. After a few minutes he let go of my head and told me, “Lick my cock and balls clean.”  

While I was cleaning him up with my tongue, Calvin asked, “Will your girlfriend be gambling after dinner?”

“Yes, I’m sure she will be if I know her.”

“Good,” Calvin told me, “You gave me a really great blowjob so you deserved the privilege of coming back here again after dinner so I can dump another load in your mouth. I think you can find your way here by yourself now. I’ll be waiting.”

The rest of the cruise went like that. Lind would gamble twice a day and while she was gambling I’d be on my knees sucking dick. Then afterwards Linda and I would go to our stateroom and I’d renew my manhood by fucking her brains out.

A couple of times when I went to his room Calvin would have a friend there. There was never an introduction I was just told to suck the friend’s cock. I should have been upset by having a second person added to the mix but to tell the truth I kinda liked it.

I think this cocksucking thing is going to be something that I keep doing after the cruise ended. 

When our ship got back to Miami we had to spend the night in a hotel and fly out the next morning. While Linda was down stairs getting her hair done I was in our suit blowing one of the Cuban bellboys.

Yes, I think I’m going to like this cocksucking thing. 



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