From Part 2....................

I soon got a  call that my first interview with my prospected new work crew would be on Saturday morning at nine. I was given the address.  I drove by the day before and found it to be a warehouse.  I began to get more curious about the so called interview.

I arrived at the warehouse shortly before nine and went to the door. there was a note  on the door telling me to go in and have a seat at the table and that someone would be with me  shortly.  I did as i was instructed.

After several minutes, i heard the door open and turned to see who was entering.  I wasn't expecting what i saw.

Part 3.............

I looked towardthedoor and  the first person i wasthe mani had spoken with about the job.  He had told me that everyone just called him Boss, who i later foundout was forty. After he stepped into the room,he was followed by five hot and muscular men.  One by one he introduced them.  What stunned me was the fact that all the men were shirtless and wore either leather vest or chest harnasses.

The first was Zack, who i  later found out was twenty-seven and a biker.  He hadnumerous tattoos on his arms and chest.  I wondered if he had more that i couldn't see.  Next was Buck, thirty years old and had large nipple rings in both nipples and a USMC tattoo above on his left pec.   Then came Rocky, the youngest of the men at twenty-five.  He, too, was a biker, his body was silky smooth and his long black hair just below his shoulders.  He was followed by Moose, a tall and large man with a thick moustache and goatee.  Lastly was Bear, a thirty-one year old, whos body was like a bear.  He had a full thick beard and every inch of skin that i could see was  covered with hair.

After the introductions were complete, Boss took  a seat in an over stuffed chair and said, "Let the intervie wbegin."

The men circled around me and and as one  started removing my shirt and another worked on my  pants. I began to struggle to get  free,not  wanting them to know  that i was definitely enjoying what was being done.  Then, i felt another guy groping my cock,which had begun to stiffen.

Soon i was totally naked and when i looked around before being blindfolded, all the men were nude from the waist down, with Boss sitting in his chair slowly stroking his own thick hard cock.

The men took turns shoving their cocks in both my  mouth and ass, none climaxing. After being used for awhile, the bindfold was removed and and the men released  their hold of me.  About that time, Rocky stepped up tome  and asheput his hands on my shoulders, said, "On your knees bitch.  Suck my cock."

In one quick unexpected move, my armsshot up and knocked his hands off my shoulders as  my hands went to his shoulders and began  pushing himto his knees.  Looking into his shocked face i said, "No way, Bitch.  You get down there and suck mine."

A second later, as Rocky swalwoed me balls deep and sucked onmy cck, i looked around and said, "The restof you will get your turn, just be forewarned.  And Bear, you hairy ass is going to be mine."

Bear spoke up and said, "Boss,  as far as i'm concerned, Mark has passed the interview."

Boss asked for a vote and it was unanimous. Then after threehours of sucking  and fucking with Boss joining in, we paused and the rules were laid out. 

Bossbegan explaining that they not only worked hard but played hard.  All the men lived together, ate together, slept together, and showered together.  Then he looked at Rocky and said, "Tell him what happens if anyone quits to work elsewhere."

Looking at me, he said, he calls your new boss and tells him that you were fired formaking sexual advances on the customers and coworkers.  Mark, he owns us."

I didn't like what i heard but accepted it.

Living with the guys proved awesome.  Boss had his own private quarters, with the rest of us sharing a large area at the end of the warehouse.  Our after work sex began in the showers and eventually moved out to the main room.  I quickly found that the rest of the men loved hot wet tngue kissing as much as i did.  But we did have one secret that Boss knew nothing about.  While in the showers,  we all engaged in hot water sports.  We loved piss play,  both giving  and receiving.

Time went on and we became one big family.  Bear had toldme one night  as i fucked him that i would soon be like them and be in love with teach of  them.  He was right.  I did fall in love with eachof them. That is except Boss.  We all thought he was an arrogant asshole.

After amost a year, i was contacted by a bud back  home that i chatted with online,that my dad had passed away and his lawyer was trying to locate me.

I immediately called the lawyer before  going to Boss and telling him that i needed time off and why.  He expressed his sorrow and told me to take two weeks.

I returned home and was met at the airport by Josh, my high school bud.  What he had failed to tell me when we chatted was that he was now amember of the county sheriff's department. My cock sucking buddy was now  a cop.  When he pulled up at the terminal and i saw him in uniform, i was totally shocked beyond words.  He suddenly burst out laughing.  I loaded my bags  into  the back of his truck and we headed to what was now my house.  He looked so fucking hot in his uniform and i told him so.

"Don't let the uniform give you the wrong idea.  I still love cock and cum, both giving and receiving."  

"I couldn't get  an  appointment with dad's attorney until tomorrow at ten.  Do you have plans for this evening?"

"Nope,"he said, "I have time off coming  and wanted to be availale to help you in any way i could."

As he drove, I asked if he would like to stay with me for a few days.  He said he would be glad to.  Neitherof us mentioned sex.  I knew he mainly wanted to be my support.

He detoured by his place and picked up some clothes before continuing to the house. As we drove,he filled me in on what had  happened.

"You may not know it but your dad's business was loosing money.  His employees ere al getting older and retiring.  Finally, after finishing one last job, he closed up shop.  I visited him a few times and he was extremely depressed  then one day i heard a call on the radio about a man layng in his yard.  I recognized the address and when i got there the EMT's were loading his body.  They said it appeared to be a massive  heart  attack."

As tears began flowing from my eyes for the first time, I managed to say how much i appreciated him visiting dad.

We pulled into the drive and unloaded our  bags from his truck. After entering the house,i checked the  fridgeand  as always, there was beer there. After handing one to Josh, he setit aside and wrappedhis arms arund me and gave me a loving kiss,before saying,  Mark, there is more i need to tell you."

Looking into his eyes,i  said "What is it?"

He led me to the sofa and had me sit down, before sitting next to me.

"Mark, somehow your dad knew that you were gay and that you and i were having regular sex."

"What?  How could he have known?"

"I don't know. He never said, but he did tell me that it didn'tmatter  to  him that you were gay,and that he loved you for just being his son and was proud ofyou."

With that, i burst into tears as Josh pulled me close to comfort me.

I regained my composure and looked Josh over, him still in full uniform and told him how hot and sexy he looked, and that i had always wanted to have sex with a cop. 

Looking at me with a smile on his face, he  said, "Here i am.  I'm all yours."

I had him stand up facing me. and i slowly unzipped his trousers and fished his beautiful stiffening cock out.  Within seconds it was buried balls deep  in my thorat.  I sucked him hungrily and soon got my reward, devouring every drop.

He then dropped to his knees and still in uniform fund my hard cock and sucked it to completion, before letting me watch him swallow my thick load.

Soon,  we showered together, redressed and went to dinner.  Upon returning home, we stripped and headed for the bedroom where we made love like newly weds, sucking and fucking  wildly.

The next morning,  Josh drove me to the attorneys office to go  over dad's will.  

After cordial hand shakes and  condolences. we  sat down for the reading of the will.

The attorney, Mike Sims, began by saying that dad's will was very simple.

"Mark, he left everything he had to you,"  he said.

He started listing things which included the house, his truck and the building that was his business.   Then Mr. Sims said that there was one more thing.

"Mark, he had a burial policy that will more than pay his final expenses and i assume you want him buried next to your mom."   I simply nodded.

"Also,  his checking account had a balance of just under a thousand dollars.  But he had a savingsaccount that he refused to touch to save his business.  He insisted that it was all he had to leave you.  It has a balance of near one hundred  and fifty thousand dollars."

My mouth dropped open as i tried to catchmy breath.  I was totally shocked.

I managed to sign all the papers and Mr. Sims advanced me five hundred dollars to use until the will was probated.

Josh and i left and with the keys to dad's office inmy hand, we drove to the office.  It was strange to be there without dad.  I asked Josh to help me go through the papers and get things organized.  That took almost a week and Josh stood by me.

A few days later, everything was finalized and everything was now in my name.  Josh was nearing the end of his time off and asked me what my plans were.  

"I'd really like it if you came back home."

"I  just  might,"I replied and finally told him all the details of my current employment.

"What are you going to do?" he asked.

"I have an idea.  I'll fill you in later."

He  dropped me off at the airport and wished me well.  I returned to work the following Monday and things were back to normal with Boss ordering us what to do with each other  sexually, using us as his personal entertainment, at times charging men a fee to watch us.

Then, a week later, Boss was out of town during the day and i had a chance to talk to  the men,filling them in on my plan.

"Guys, i grew up working for my dad in his construction business.  He left everything to me.  Ifyou are interested,  we can make it a thriving business again.  You will be working for me.  You will be free to live where you want,  go where you want, have weekends to  do  what you want with who you want.  All i would epect from you is an honest days work.  Your time off would be just that, your time."

"What about Boss and his threats?" Rocky asked.

"What i had in mind is that on Friday, one by one , you tell him you are  quitting .  He will. of course, threaten you, and when i give my notice i will turn to all of you and asked if you would like to work for me.  He can't tell me anything about you  that i don't aready know. And if you everdecideto guit  working for  me your privatelife  will remain  just that, private. "

They said that they would think  about it.

Then, Friday arrived, and we finished our day and returned to the warehouse. After we all showered, I could  tell something was up.  About that time, Bear began packinghis clothes  and when  Boss asked  him what he was doing he said "I Quit."

Then the others followed, with Moose, Rocky, Zack, and finally Buck, informing Boss that they quit.  He flew into a rage and said he would see that they never work again.  Then, looking atme he said,"Well, what about you?"

"I quit also," I said.  Then turning to the others, I asked,  "Men, i know you all love cock but i don't care.  How would you all like to work for me?"

They all said  "Yes'" simultaniously.  Then to Boss's shocked horror, they secured him, stripped him and all took turns in his ass and mouth.

Within two hours we were all on the  road heading to our new home.  I called Josh and had him set up bunks in the warehouse at  the office  for the men to use  temporally.  

After arriving, the men voted and decided that with my approval, they would build a dorm on the  back of the property for them  to share.  I approved and they built their dorm with an entrance and parking area on the back street side and an entrance into the work yard.

I put out ads in the paper that the company was  back in business. As dad had  done, we only took on one job at a time to start.

The business grew and i bought some wooded property outside of town and built a six bedroom house, complete with pool.  Each of the men had  their own room if they wanted company.  Andwith the thick woods surrounding the house and yard, everyne could live nude.  The dorm that was built was for new employees if they chose to use it.

As for Josh, I took out a loan  and advanced him the money to get a  seurity business started, but not until  each of the crew had had the chance to have sex with a cop in uniform.

The day Josh opened his business he quit his deputy position and movedin with me.  Then ith all the guys around he pool naked and enjoying barbeque and beer, i asked Josh to be my life partner.  Allthe guys cheered  when he said yes and insisted that they get to watch is consumate the union.  We didn't dissapoint themand let them watch us have a hot sixty-nine.

Josh and i are very open and are both free to have sex with which of the guys we choose. The guys say we are all lovers.  Whatever we  are, we all love each  other.

THE END.....................



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