It was a sunny and warm day for June. Mike and I ate our sack lunches of bolony. we pulled on cans of cold orange pop. We kept them cold in the creek. We sat perfectly naked in the sun. We were alone deep in the wooded farm land and had no need of clothes.

I had always been afraid of nakedness. This was a new freedom this year. My classmates teased me because they said I was fat. Now we often forgot, Mike and I, where we left our shorts and T-shirts.

'Your it.' Mike suddenly shouted as he grabbed the end of my penis. I ran after him through the tall grasses. My breath was coming in gasps running after his long legs. I fixed my attention on his hard tanned butt. I leaped and grabbed at him around the waist.

'Now your it!' Grabbing his penis in return. We fell in a heap after our brief intense sprint. I leaned my head on his chest still heaving up and down. I kissed the salty sweat from this nipples then looked up into the soft eyes with long luxurious lashes.

'You can let go of my dick, now.'

'No, I want to keep it.' But I let it go and stood up over him. Mike was taller than I, very muscular but thin. He had those long limber muscles of a runner. His hair was curly brown. His eyes, yes his eyes were the wonder. But between his legs were huge loosely gathered testicles and a large penis, at least it was larger than mine.

I lay down, stretching my body along his to grab that penis in my mouth. He sucked me in and we lay entwined pumping our hips over each other's face. I could feel the suction pulling the pleasure from my loins. At the same time I loved feeling the skin rubbing inside my mouth. Senses going everywhere. The joy of my tongue washing his dick. Ribbons of fun washed over us and we drank each other's semen.

The warmth of the day comforted us in our quiet after sex. Not that we knew enough about what we were doing to know that it was sex. We got up and enjoyed the pleasure of feeling the grasses brush by our naked bodies. We walked to the creek and plunged into the frigid water.

'Mike look at you, where did your big balls go?'

'And look at you,' He laughed, 'no penis at all.' The cold shrank us up and made our skin like goose flesh. We walked through the creek, the sun breaking through in pools through the heavy wood. We stopped to watch the water bugs and chase the minnows in schools.

I look up and gasped. There was a woman standing watching us. Where were my clothes? It had been so long I did not know. There was no close place to hide, so I started to run and Mike with me. I suddenly stopped and grabbed Mikes naked waist. I turned and she was still watching us. She made no move.

I turned and walked toward her. As I came closer she pulled off her cloth apron. Then she opened her dress. Her breasts fell out, large and pendulous. I went right up to her and began kissing and sucking at her breast. I thought that my joy at sucking dick started some long time ago with a teat. She lay down and Mike got on top of her. I could not see for all my vision was about breasts.

'Okay, Its your turn.'

I looked at her and then closed my eyes. I did not know where to put myself. The head of my penis found pay dirt. Inside, I was inside. The strong squeezing muscles massaged me. Then I felt the cadence in and out. This is the primordial goal of the male. I had the cum sucked out of me.

The woman started to quiver and shake. It was the second time today for me and I stayed at it a while. I loved the feeling of pumping in and out and finally ejaculating and spurting my stuff inside her.

Mike and I walked back along the creek. We rinsed off but did not want to lose the smell of her. Along the way we found our clothes but did not put them on.


Peter Maxly

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