I knew I was gay at the age of sixteen but never did anything until college. My dorm room mate brought me out and I will be eternally grateful to him.

Where I grew up, there were several farms and small ranches and I loved working at the local farm supply store during summer breaks. The 'cowboys' that came in always managed to turn me on. From their hats, to work shirts, to the big belt buckles that accentuated the bulge in their crotch to their boots, they were always hot as hell. All were muscular and well built and most were under forty. I especially loved the ones with either a moustache and goatee or full neatly trimmed beard.

After college, I began work for a major advertising company and when I was eligible for vacation, I began an Internet search for dude ranches. I knew where I wanted to spend my off time.

All of them that I found were large commercial type dude ranches. I wanted something smaller and more intimate. I finally found it.

It was the Circle J ranch in Idaho. It was a small working ranch but for extra income it let in outsiders to stay and visit. The cost was five hundred for Monday through Saturday. The maximum number allowed was eight. I called and made my reservation for my scheduled vacation time.

I flew in to the closest town on a small regional airline and was met by Buck. He didn't give a last name. As we headed back to the ranch he I found out that he and another hand named Josh were in charge of the guest and the rest of the hands handled the daily duties that arose on the ranch.

When I got there, I found that I was just one of three that had booked that week.

I was shown to the 'bunk house' where me and the others two would be staying. It consisted of one large room with eight single beds where privacy was achieved with the use of hospital room curtains that could be pulled around your bed.

There was also a pool table at one end along with easy chairs and a TV and on the other end was a communal bath with sinks toilets and showers, all with no privacy.

On the end where the pool table was located was a door that led into Buck and Josh's living quarters. The rest of the hands were in a separate bunk house.

Both Buck and Josh were in their late twenties and muscular and good looking. Buck had a full beard while Josh had moustache and goatee. Both were hot as hell.

Sunday night the three of us were told what was planned for the week. Besides a couple of trail rides, we would be taken out for an overnight jaunt with the working hands to round up some cattle.

Monday, we were shown how to saddle a horse correctly and taken for a ride around the ranch, eating sandwiches next to a small pond before slowly returning to the ranch.

That night we had dinner with the others and while the other two went in to play pool, I stayed outdoors enjoying the night sky and cool breeze. I sat in the shadows of a tree in the dark and after a while I saw Josh head out to the separate stable where the guest horses were kept.

He went in and pulled the door partially closed behind him. After a moment, I decided to go to the stable and see if I could get to know him better.

I arrived at the stable and found the door open enough for me to slip through. I did and looked around, not seeing Josh anywhere. As I was about to call his name, I heard a sound from a stall at the far end of the stable. I eased down in that direction and saw something I didn't expect.

There in the stall was Josh, with his jeans around his ankles and shirt unbuttoned, looking through a gay magazine showing guys kissing sucking and fucking. As he looked at the magazine, he was slowly stroking his large hard cock. Seeing his muscular hairy chest and hard cock made my own cock become rock hard almost instantly.

As I eased closer to get a better look, he heard me and jumped, trying to cover himself and hide the magazine.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" he asked abruptly.

"Hey, it's cool. I just thought I'd come in and get t know you better." I said, then added, "I love the same reading material myself."

As I said this, I moved to the opening of the stall where he could see the bulge in my jeans.

"Oh?" he said.

"Yea, I do. I have several videos of that type action and if you'd like, I'll be glad to take over for you and help yu out."


"May I show you?"

he slowly nodded and I eased over to him and knelt next to him and began stroking his hard cock. After a moment, I leaned forward and swallowed his cock balls deep, hearing him moan softly.

As I sucked his hard cock, I felt his hand begin caressing mine through my jeans. Soon he began unfastening them and pushing them down. I stopped sucking long enough to get them to my ankles then returned to sucking his beautiful hard leaking cock.

He began stroking mine and soon told me he was close. I sucked him more hungrily and soon felt his cock explode into my mouth firing huge volleys of thick cum into it and down my throat. When i had him drained, I looked at him and swallowed, before saying, "Now, wasn't that better than jerking off?"

"You know it, Mark. It was super," he said then continued with, "May I have the pleasure of doing you?"

"Sure, if you want to."

"Oh, I do," he said as I stood and put my cock into his face. He quickly swallowed it and began giving me an expert blow job. It was obvious it wasn't his first time sucking cock. he soon brought me to a roaring climax and quickly swallowed, before standing and tongue kissing me passionately.

After the kiss, he said, "Same time tomorrow?"

"Sure," I replied.

"Great, because I want that rod of yours up my ass."

"Gladly," I said, "and I want yours up mine."

"You got a deal," he said.

I eased out of the stable after another hot kiss and went to the bunk house. Shortly later I went in to shower and was soon joined by the other two guys as well as Buck.

Buck was as hot as Josh nude and just as hairy. His cock appeared to be slightly longer that Josh's and just as delicious. I noticed Buck look me up and down a few times during our shower and wondered if he played also.

The next evening, I met Josh in the stable and when I got there he was already totally nude. I stripped down and joined him and we began kissing wildly.

"Fuck me, stud!" he said, applying lube to my cock before bending over a stack of hay bales.

I soon had my cock buried in his ass as he said how great it felt. As I plowed his ass, Buck suddenly appeared, also nude. I later found out that he and Josh had sex regularly and Josh had tole him about our oral sex and what was planned for tonight.

He slipped into the stall and came up to me and we began kissing as I fucked Josh's hot tight ass.

After filling Josh's ass with my load, Buck knelt behind Josh and as my load drained out, Buck eagerly licked it up.

Then as Josh fucked me, I sucked Buck's hard throbbing cock, soon getting a huge load of thick cum down my throat as Josh deposited his load up my ass. Buck then began licking up Josh's load as it drained out. We sat and talked a few minutes and found that they had been having sex for three years and also with one of the regular hands. Soon, I got hard again and Buck insisted I fuck him. I did and Josh was right there to lick up my load as Buck let it out.

The following day we went out with the regular hands for the overnight camp out. After rounding up several head of cattle, we made camp. After dark, the other two cured up in their blankets and were soon asleep as was the regular cowboys. Josh and Buck eased up and headed away from the campfire nodding for me to follow.

I did at a distance and found them in a grove of trees about seventy-five yards from the campsite. When I arrived I found that they had both already removed their shirts, boots and jeans. I quickly joined them and heard Buck say, "I want that cock of yours down my throat."

He quickly dropped to his knees and swallowed my cock as Josh and I kissed. Suddenly, I heard a soft voice say, "Fuck, you started without me."

I looked around surprised and saw Luke, the 'regular' hand quickly removing his clothes. He had a thick moustache that came down the side of his mouth to his jaw line, was muscular and smooth chested with several tattoos. The most prominent was a large 'USMC' on his left pec above his nipple.

He stepped up behind me and spread my ass cheeks, burying his tongue deep into my hole. after a moment he paused and said, "Fuck, I love eating ass," and went back for more. Seeing his hard cock I said, "Why don't you stop eating and fuck me?"

"Sure," he replied.

As Buck sucked my cock, Luke fucked my ass. I soon filled Buck's mouth as Luke filled my ass. I then sucked Josh off. Later, I sucked and fucked Luke as Josh and Buck had a sixty-nine.

The next morning after saddling up and heading out, Luke rode up next to me and said, "Mark, that was the best night I've had in a long time. you're one hot stud. Tonight meet me in the guest stable. I want your fist up my ass."


"I love getting fisted. Josh and Buck fist me regularly. See you tonight." He quickly rode off. When I had a chance I said something to Buck about what Luke had said.

"Oh yea, He loves getting fist fucked. You ever done it before?"

"Yea, a couple times. It's hot as hell."

"Josh and I will be there also."

That night we met in the stall and sure enough, Luke was ready for me to fist fuck his ass. Before long I had my arm up his ass to my elbow and he moaned in pleasure as he sucked both Buck and Josh then me after I pulled my fist out of his ass.

Every night until I left, the four of us had sex in the stall. We all exchanged phone numbers and call each other fairly regularly. Next week, the three of them are taking vacation together and coming to visit me. I'm taking the week off also and our plans are to stay naked the entire time and have sex as much as possible. they have all three promised me to have sex Itch their boots and hats on. I plan on taking them to my favorite gay bar and introducing them to my best friends and make them jealous.




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