I was twenty two when I spent the summer waiting tables in a little café on the beach in Galveston and going out to the bars nearly every night. It got to be the same old game so my friend Kevin came up with a challenge. The first one to hook up with a guy the other one would buy the next night's drinks. Since we were both straight it wasn't our norm, but we decided to go for it. 

I sat at the bar in the Rainbow Room and ordered my first drink. I looked up and there was the hottest guy that I’ve ever, before or since, seen. He was standing on the edge of the dance floor, a bronze god. He was three or four inches taller than me, maybe six foot three and two hundred and twenty pounds with incredible bright cobalt blue eyes, curly blonde hair and perfect cupid bow pretty lips. 

He was wearing a white wife beater t-shirt so I could easily see that he had a flat stomach, narrow waist, wash-board abs, broad shoulders with huge biceps. He was very vascular and veins were sticking out just below the skin. I’d never seen anyone like that before, it was different. He wore faded Levis and Nikes with no socks.

I didn’t know it then but his name was Bruce and he was a cop. The aura of control that he emanated made me want to kneel before him and await his orders. 

Ten years later, the image still makes me weak-kneed. I watched him while I drank my beer. I got up to go to the bathroom and as I was walking back to my spot at the bar, he approached me and said, "I think you want to dance with me. Think you can keep up?" 

"Do you mean on the dance floor?" I asked coyly. 

I’d never danced with another man before, but I followed him out on to the dance floor.  We danced for one song, and then without a word he took me by the hand and led me out of the bar and the two blocks to his week-long rental. 

Even though I knew it was coming I was still shocked when Bruce told me to undress him. I literally couldn’t breathe as I gripped the hem of his wife beater t-shirt and slowly pulled it up over his head and took it off. I felt like a kid unwrapping a present on Christmas morning. 

Next to come off was his Levis. I knelt before him and unbuckle his belt, unbutton and unzip them. When I started to pull them down my hands were shaking. 

When I had him stripped down to his panties I had to rock back on my heels and just stare up at him. 

Bruce was the most beautiful man that I’d ever seen…a tan Adonis. 

Somehow it seemed only natural that he was wearing women’s underwear. He had lightly haired pecs with a silken happy trail that got thicker around the navel and spread out as it disappeared into the top of his panties.

Almost reverently I hooked my thumbs in the sides of the waistband of his panties and slid them off his hips and down his legs. But I couldn't tear my eyes away from his crotch. Bruce had the most beautiful cock I’d ever seen, even after having seeing hundreds of naked men in the gym. 

I'm not really attracted to men, but he had such a sweet looking cock.  

It was long and thick, even though it was soft and had thick veins running up and down its length. His cockhead peeked proudly out of the folds of foreskin, arching violently upward. It was delicious looking, thick and round and very pink. 

His balls too, hanging low and heavy were gorgeous.

With his hand on the back of my head to guide me, I leaned forward and slowly took Bruce’s soft cock in my mouth. As it started to rapidly grow in my mouth, he let out a contented, “Ahhhhhh.”

I wasn’t sure what to do so I started to slowly licking and twirling my tongue around the lust swollen head. When his cock started dancing and flexing with each flick of my tongue I knew I was doing it right. 

Then I encircled the reddish/purple head with my lips and slowly took him into my mouth all the way down to his balls. He let out another “Ahhhhhhhhh,” and grabbed the back of my head and started moving his hips and fucking my mouth while he was gently moaning and faintly saying, “Oh yeah suck me man.” 

My head was bobbing up and down, moving my mouth up and down his thick shaft and my fingers were lightly caressing Bruce’s balls. 

Then Bruce confused me. I knew from his body language and his moaning that I was doing a good job. But suddenly he pulled out of my mouth and pushed away. 

As I was lying there on the bed wondering what I’d done wrong and Bruce sat down on my chest ‘reverse-cowboy’ penning my arms under his legs and started jacking me off, then he just sat down.      

His butt cheeks covered my face like a gas mask. I had two choices, lick or smother. Without thinking, I flicked my tongue out and started licking. 

Once he was sure I was going preform properly, he raised up a little to give me room to operate. Hating myself but getting into what I was doing, my tongue darted down and I licked the acutely sensitive skin between his balls and his ass. I could tell by his, “Uuuuuuuuuum,” that he liked it. A few more flicks and then I slid my tongue further up, circling his puckered ass in excruciatingly slow, teasing circles. 

My supple tongue dancing around his tight star made him moan, “Oh god,” and squirm with pleasure. Laughing, I stiffened my tongue and poked it right past his puckered sphincter. Then I started pumping it in and out, the same way that Bruce wanted to fuck my mouth. 

As I licked he continued to jack me off.

I lick until I cummed in his hand. Then Bruce turned around and sat on my chest facing my head.  After he made me lick my cum off his hand, he fed me his big eight inch-plus dick and started fucking my mouth again.

I suppose his legs got tired because he rolled off of me and on to his back. 

Quickly moving back between his legs, I took him back in my mouth and started sucking again.  

Then I stop sucking, pausing to lick the underside of the head and shaft of his cock right where I knew it’s the most sensitive. For some reason that I don’t understand I wanted to suck him off. I wanted him to cum my mouth. I wanted to taste his cum and feel it running down my throat.

Bruce’s cock was as stiff as a lead pipe in my mouth when he held my head, arched his hips and buried his cock to his balls in my mouth. He held it there for a couple of seconds before slightly releasing his grip.

Bruce backed out a little and then almost brutally rammed back into my mouth. Then he settled down to a slow but steady rhythm that went on for a good-ten-minutes. 

Bruce’s moans got louder, his pumping more erratic and the head of his cock started to swell, signalling me that he was about to blow his load. Then he moaned, “O00000h migod, I’m cumming, I'm cum…cum…cumming,” as he started quivering. 

As Bruce held my head and pushed his cock in my mouth, I felt a thick warm blast of cum hit my tongue as he unloaded his balls in my mouth. I felt the swell and flex of each shot and counted five strong squirts and then a warm flow that I was able to hold in my mouth. He was moaning and going, “Ah...ah...ah.” the whole time he was squirting. 

Then Bruce quieted down and let go of my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth. 

I savored his mouthful of cum that he’d pumped into me before letting it slide slowly down my throat. 

I leaned back down and licked a thick pearly drop of cum off the head of his dick at the slit and milked a little more out with a quick deep throat and tight suck back up that pulled a little more cum out. 

Smiling, he said, “I shoot a big load, didn’t I?”

Bruce was finally spent and we were lying there sweaty and entangled, when he said, “Do you know what you are?” Then he answered his own question. “You’re a cocksucker.” 

When I tried denying it, Bruce leaned over me, grasped my face in his large left hand and said in kind of an assertive tone, "Look cocksucker, that’s what you are.  The decision is not yours to make. Whether you like it or not you’ll suck off and swallow the nut for sexually superior men the rest of your life. You have no choice, you were born to it.”

I felt dazed because his grasp was not kind, but meant to hold me in place while his eyes met mine. He went on. "You’re a cocksucker, feel pride in that. Cocksucking is what a mouth like yours was evolved to do best, suck superior male’s dicks and swallow their cum.  And you’re more than just a cocksucker; you’re an ass licker, an ass rimmer. 

“Remember tongue fucking my ass-hole and then thanked me afterward for allowing you that privilege? You were so excited that you ate your own cum when I jacked you off."

He went on. "There is nothing you do that will ever be more important than servicing superior cock and balls, nothing.  Not being a husband, father, a friend, employee, nothing matters except a cock down your throat...got that? 

His friend walked in the door (apparently the door to get into the place was in this bedroom). I was in a post-sex haze, and didn’t make a sudden move to cover myself with the sheet. The guy who came in gave a quick "Oops," and started backing out the door. 

But Bruce jumped up and said, "Don’t leave. This guy’s got a present for you.”

To me he said, “Remember, take pride in what you are.”

I was embarrassed when I took his friend’s cock in my mouth and started sucking it. But what could I do…I’m a cocksucker?

I never told Kevin what happened. Instead I bought the drinks the next night.

The end…



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