Greg stripped down and placed his clothes on an extra chair that was sitting outside Josh's trailer.

As they sipped their beer, Josh and Greg looked out at the progress of the house.

'We'll start pouring the foundation on Monday. The most time consuming work is over. After we get the foundation in, everything else will start to move pretty fast,' Greg said.

'I certainly hope so,' Josh answered, not totally referring to the construction. Josh wanted Greg, but wasn't sure of what Greg would do if he moved too fast.

Josh prepared a light dinner for the two of them and after eating, had a few more beers.

'Greg, you've had quite a bit to drink. Why don't you just stay here tonight?'

'That probably would be best. I damn sure don't want to get stopped for drunk driving. I'll crash on the sofa.'

'It's not very comfortable. You're welcome to the other half of the bed. It's a king sized.'

'Thanks, but I sleep like this.'

'So do I,' josh replied. 'So what's the big deal?'

'Nothing I guess. You ready to hit the sack?'

'Yea, I am.'

They went inside and both crawled into bed. Josh so wanted to turn to Greg and Kiss him and stroke his large cock. Instead, after saying goodnight, he turned his back to him and finally fell asleep.

The next morning after breakfast, Greg said he had some errands to run and would see Josh on Monday bright and early.

'Come on back tonight if you want to. I'll be here.'

'We'll see. I'm never sure of what might come up.'

Josh was alone Saturday and Sunday nights. He spent the days walking his property, nude of course. He loved that freedom.

In the next few weeks. the house began to take shape. The daytime temperatures rose and the workers started coming to work in shorts and removing their shirts. Josh tried his best to figure out which two were gay.

Greg would always stay on friday night for dinner and spend the night. Josh loved having him in his bed but it was torture not making love to him.

Then one weekend after the house had exterior walls and a roof, Greg looked at Josh and asked, 'Do you mind if I spend the whole weekend out here? My place is being sprayed and I really don't want to smell that shit all weekend.'

'Of course you can, anytime. What about your dog?'

'I'll board Rex this afternoon then be back out with a change of clothes.'

'Like you'll really need the clothes, and bring Rex with you. I'd like to get to know him better.'

'Are you sure?'

'Fuck yea.'

That afternoon, Greg left and returned with clothes to wear on Monday with Rex tagging along.

Rex loved the freedom to run and while Greg and Josh sat nude having a beer, they watch Rex do just that.

'I can't believe you don't have some girl on the string,' Josh said.

'I was in one relationship, but it just didn't work out. It started out fine but after a couple of years it just began to fall apart. We went our seperate ways. I just haven't found anyone else yet. To be honest, I haven't really been looking. What about you?'

'About the same situation. We were together a while thatn one day I got home to find their clothes gone and a note saying that they had found someone else. That was almost a year ago now.'

'Damn, man, what a thing to come home to.'

After a while, Greg looked at Josh and asked, 'Want to go for a walk and do some exploring?'

'Sure, we can see if we can find that stream that runs through.'

The each grabbed a fresh beer and headed out. They soon found the small stream and as Rex lapped up water, Josh and Greg both let some out. Josh began laughing as they both stood and took a pee. 'Just like two kids,' he said.

'Well, like I said once before. I look at you like the brother I never had,' Greg said.

'And I feel that way about you. Although I do have a brother, we're not on speaking terms.'

'Too bad.'

They began walking back to the site. As the sun set lower, they were walking side by side and their hands brushed against each other. This happened several times then when it happened again, Greg grasp Josh's hand and their fingers meshed together, neither saying a word.

Greg stopped and turned to face Josh.'You may tell me to get the hell out of your sight, but there is something I've wanted to do and have to do.'

Josh looked at him and as their eyes locked together so did their lips. Josh eagerly opened his mouth to accept Greg's searching tongue. They stood and kissed for several minutes. When they seperated, Greg looked at Josh and said, I'm sorry if I offended you.'

'Offended me? Hell man, I've wanted that since the first day we met. I't been hell having you in bed and not caressing your georgeous body.'

'I know exactly how you feel.'

They kissed again and this time their hands began to explore each others bodies. Soon each was gripping the other's rock had cock. 'Shall we remedy that situation right now?'

'Of course.' Hand in hand they quickly returned to the trailer and headed straight for the bed. Once there they embraced again, and soon were in the hottest sixty-nine Josh had ever had. Each was eagerly deep throating the cock offered to them. Soon each man was breathing heavier, nearing his climax. Josh shot first, filling Greg's mouth and throat with his huge pent up load. Seconds after Josh erupted, greg did the same. Each man hungrily and eagerly swallowed the huge offering of man cream that was given.

As thay lay side by side, Josh said, 'Damn that was fantastic. I've wanted to do that since I met you.'

'Greg smiled and said, 'So have I. I had suspicions from the time I came over and you were nude. It's taken me this long to get up the nerve to do anything.'

'I've nearly reached over several times when we've been in bed but I didn't have the nerve either.' They both began laughing.

They cuddled as Rex lay on the floor next to the bed. After a while, Josh went down and began sucking Greg's cock. Once fully hard, Josh looked at Greg and said, 'I want that up my ass.'

'Only if I can have your's up mine.'

'Deal.' Josh reached over and retrieved a tube of lube from the night stand. Greg lubbed his cock and Josh's ass and was soon beginning his entry. As the head popped in, Josh smiled and said, 'Oh fuck yea. Just go slow baby. It's been a lond time.'

greg worked slowlly but soon had his entire cock up inside Josh. 'How's that feel?' he asked.

'Super fantastic,' Josh replied. 'Now fuck me.'

Greg did just that. As they fucked, greg bent forard and began kissing Josh, who eagerly returned the kiss. Before long Josh felt Greg's cock grow even bigger. Then suddenly it happened. Greg exploded, filling Josh with another huge load, but in the other end. Josh felt the hot spray coat his love tunnel and was in heaven. How, he didn't know, but he had manage to keep from climaxing himself.

As Greg pulled out, Josh moved sideways and Greg quickly got on his back and raised his legs.

'Fuck this man pussy,' Greg said. Josh smiled as he lubed them both up. Soon, he was plowing Greg's ass and not being gentle. 'Of fuck that feels great. I want this every night.'

'You got it.' Josh said as his load began boiling up inside him. As his load erupted, he let aout a yell that sounded like a wild animal. Rex's ears shoht up as he looked around.

'Man, that was the best fuck I've ever had,' Greg said.

'You don't hear me complaining do you?' Josh asked with a laugh.

They kissed then returned outside, this time moving their chairs side by side and holding hands.

Josh asked Greg if the entire crew knew that he was gay.

'Yes, I've never hidden that fact from them. They all know that I love sucking cock and getting fucked.'

'You ever get it on with any of them? Some are hot as hell.'

'Yes they are. I'd like to but I've refrained. I think it would be better all the way around.'

'It's gettng hot during the day. What do you think if I told them that they were free to strip down to nothing if they wanted?'

'They wouldn't do it unless I said it was okay.'

'Have they ever had the opportunity to do it before?'


'Then Monday, I'll come out nude and you can let them know that they cam work the same way if they want. Let's see what happens.'

'Are you really serious?'

'Yea. I'd love to see what some of them are hiding.'

'Yea, so would I. All we can do is see what happens.'

That night and the rest of the weekend, Josh and Greg made love. Come Monday, the crew arrived as did the temperature. During the lunch break, Josh commented how hot it was. 'I'm getting comfortable. It will hopefully be cooler.'

He went inside and when he returned he was totally nude except for his sneakers. The workers stared at him and a few laughed. 'Feel free to do the same guys. We all have the same equipment.'

They looked at Greg. 'He's the boss. He pays the bills. If it's okay with him it's okay with me.'

They looked at each other. As they returned to work three stripped down. Within an hour, all were naked. One of the guys up on a ladder looked down and said, 'What about you boss?'

Greg smiled and began stripping off his shorts. He looked at the crew as the gave him whistles.

'All right you guys, get back to work. If any of you up top need to piss, just make sure you wanr the guys under you.'

A couple hours later, Greg looked at Josh and said, 'I cant believe they all did it. All are single except for two. Their married and I figured that they would be the ones to stay dressed. They surprised me.'

'Which are married?'

Greg pointed them out. Both were hot looking studs.

'And they all seem to be working with a much better attitude. I cant get over it,' Greg said.

That evening as they all began to dress to go home, Josh looked at them and said, 'Guys, feel free to do this every day till completion. After everything is complete, I'm throwing a party for just you guys. The pool will be available and nude only. All you can eat and drink. All car keys will be given to me to hold.'

There was a round of cheers.

The next morning greg opened the gate and returned to the trailer. As he and Josh had coffee they watched the crew arrive, one or two at a time. Every one of the men stripped and placed their clothes in their vehicle before strapping on their work belts.

Josh and Greg walked out of the trailer nude as the guys began work. Nothing was said and the work went smoothly. The guys all seemed much happier and at ease.

The following week, Greg and Josh were sitting in the trailer looking out the window. 'Oh shit!' Greg said.

'What's wrong?'

'Matt, the young blond married guy just followed Jeff into the woods.'

'Is jeff one of the gay guys?'

'No, he isnt.'

Greg stood up and said, 'I'll be right back.'

He slipped out of the trailer and followed, taking another route. A while later he returned, his cock leaking precum. Josh licked it off then said, 'Something was going on for you to be leaking like that.'

'Was it ever. I saw them kissing then take turns sucking each other then Jeff fucked the shit out of Matt. I'd never have dreamed it of either of them, especially Matt, with him being married.'

'Are you going to say anything to either of them?'

'Nope. They were on their time and what they do on their time is their business.'

'Well, I wonder how much more of that takes place between the rest of them?'

'Yea, so do I.'

'Maybe we can find out at the party.'

Greg looked at Josh curiously, wondering what he was up to.

Work continued and was soon finished. Josh asked Greg to help him pick out furniture. He wanted to see what Greg liked. Not surprisingly, they both had almost the same taste in furniture and decor. The furniture was delivered and moved in and the lawn area sodded. Josh moved his clothes from the trailer into one of the large closets in the master bedroom, then went to the storage unit, and with Greg's help, moved his personal items into his new home.

'Let the guys know that next saturday is the party. Make sure the married ones know that they will not be given keys to drive home. I was serious when I said everyone turned their keys over to me.'

'I know you were and I'm glad you said it. These guys mean a lot to me.'

As Josh and Greg walked through the house Josh told Greg how pleased he was with the work and how good everything was.

'If I ever build, I want you to do the design for me. This house is perfect. I could be real happy in one like this.' Josh smiled.

The day of the party arrived. Greg had helped Josh get everything ready. Shortly before noon, the workers began to arrive. They parked and were greeted by Josh and Greg, both nude. Josh asked for their car keys, soon locking them all away in his room.

The guys started removing their clothes, just as if it was normal. Josh and Greg sat out the makings for sandwiches for lunch. The evening meal would be grilled steaks. After all the guys had eaten, several were in the pool as some lounged on the patio.

Josh called greg over and said, 'I have an announcement to makeand I want you here beside me when I make it.'

'Okay, but what type of an announcement?'

'You'll see,' he replied. 'Hey, guys, if you would could you all gather round. I have something to say.' He waited as the dozen nude guys gathered around, some sitting and some standing.

'It's my understanding that you all are aware that you're boss, Greg here, is gay. You obviously don't care since you continue to work for him. Well, guys, I'm gay also, and over the last few months I've fallen in love with your boss. Here with all of you as witnesses, I'm professing that love to you all and asking Greg if he would do me the honors of being my life partner?'

Cheers and whistles went up. Greg stood shocked. He suddenly grabbed Josh and kissed him passionately in front of everyone. When he broke the kiss, one of the guys yelled out, 'Well, what's your fucking answer?'

'Fuck yes,' Greg screamed as loud as he could. 'Guys, this is the happiest day of my life. And my new partner is the greatest. I'll be honest, I'll not hide how I feel and you might see us doing who know what. If you're offended or don't want to watch, turn your head.'

Everyone laughed then Josh said, 'Men, be yourself. Anything and everything goes. What happens here today stays here forever. Fuck, it can even be an orgy for all we care. If anyone wants to leave, let me know and I'll get you a ride home.'

No one said a word. Greg and Josh kissed frequently even gropong each others. Before long others were kissing and groping. Ones that Greg had thought were straight were involved. Drew, the other married guy was also kissing but only enjoyed getting sucked. As suspected, the afternoon was an orgy. Both Greg and Josh had sex with most of the workers. Josh eagerly sucked Drew's large cock as Greg fucked Josh in the ass. Josh and Drew both had a sixty-nine with Matt, the other married guy who eagerly swallowed their cum. They both also fucked his hot tight bubble as.

There was a break for dinner but everything started up again afterwards and went on well into the night. The next day, before anyone left, Josh asked the group, 'Guys, would all of you like to get together like this about every two months?'

Everyone said yes and so it was decided. Every other month, everyone would come out for food and fun. The guys all left and Greg looked at Josh and said, 'I haven't had time to say it but you've made me the happiest man in the world.'

'You couldn't say it and neither could I. We both had too many cocks in our mouth.'

They both laughed before Josh said, 'I meant what I said. I love you with all my heart.'

'And I love you also. I knew you were the one for me.'

'How were you so sure?'

'Rex took right to you. He never did like my ex.'

They looked over at Rex, who was laying on the floor by the window. 'Isn't that right, boy. You love Josh too don't you?'

The big Irish setter wagged his tail.

THE END.............



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