If you are even in the least bit politically correct, you might want to skip over this story. What I am about to say might offend gay people who squirm when it comes to confronting sexual stereotypes such as the promisucuity or open displays of sexuality that the hetero right wing has bashed us with for years. But no matter how much of a PR challenge those stereotypes may present, the truth is that there is a huge component in the homosexual psyche that is sexually driven. I know because I am one of the many homosexual men who devotes most of my time in pursuit of that stimulation. As a result, I have a network of contacts that reinforce me in whatever pleasures I require. Behaviors once considered aberrant invariably appear on the internet with alternative gay support system; I am specifically thinking of a masturbation group I belong to that has not only encouraged masturbation amongst its members but also served as a mentoring community for men who wish to lift their masturbation to a compulsion. I have many friends in this group and we all agree that our sexual desires are so intense that the exteme is always our objective.

While gay men have always been more sexually active than straight men, I have seen, in just the last 10 years, an acceleratiion in sexual acting out that reflects the real core of the homosexual psyche. This years trip to Folsom Street Fair was like stepping into a gay wonderland, and more of a genuine representation of our community than the more known Gay Pride day held in June.

FSF spans 13 city blocks and occurred on a beutiful sunny day. Thousands of men were crammed into the area and many, like myself, stripped down to just sneakers and a backpack (to hold our clothes). I had been to two previous fairs so it was no shock to see men walking nonchalantly down the street with full erections and masturbating. To me, this would be the equivalency of a Norman Rockwell painting of Gaytown, USA. Along the sidewalks, men sat on the curbs naked and masturbating in ages ranging from early 20s to their 70s. A line of Port-a-Potties had been installed this year in hopes that open sexual contact would be less contentious with the city, but they werent very popular. The few I saw in use had men sitting on the toilets masturbating with the doors propped open.

Though this is a big event witht the Castro crowd, whats also interesting is to see the non-leather participants. Twinks and a slew of clean-cut urban homosexuals are just as much at home here as the leather crowd, and just as hungry to get down and dirty. Walking through the crowd that day, my cock was repeatedly touched and fondled in what the fair people call the "San Francisco Handshake".

Of course there are vendors on site as well. Aside from food and refreshments, most are peddling porn or sex toys. One table featured a selection of dildos being promoted as the hottest selling line of toys sold in the gay community today. Made by two companies,one called Zeus and another Exotic Erotics, these massive ass splitters were lifelike reproductions of stallion cocks, right down to the pink and black markings. 15 feet away on the sidewalk, a handsome young man (I later found out he was a school teacher)lay on his back actually using one of the horse toys. I joined a group of about 25 men gathered around him to watch and take pictures. We all applauded when he worked the dick up his ass.

Around the corner, about a dozen men were kneeling on the pavelment serving as human urinals. By the time my friends and I passed them, it was well after 2 pm and many had been there since morning. The men looked tired and thoroughly drenched. One wore a face mask that looked like a miniature urinal.

Not far from the human urinals, we came across a new feature in this years fair and one I could fully appreciate. Two old black homeless men, most likely in their late 50s or early 60s, were sitting on two stacked milk crates with their shirts open and pants down. Between them, on the ground, was a wicker basket filled with 5 and 10 dollar bills. For $10, you could kneel between their old grandaddy knees and suck on their fat black cocks for 5 minutes. They both had cock rings on and looked bored. I paid $20 and stayed for 10 minutes. A crowd of mostly twinks stood in line to take their place. Hobosexuality is alive and well in SF.

I love the FSF and all the hedonism it entails. If you havent been, you have to go and let loose with all your inhibitions or self restraint. You wont be sorry!




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