The College Guy

…FYI: there is an unsettling incident concerning cum on the floor of a viewing booth. It actually happened but not by me, by someone I use to know years ago…

It was a normal boring Saturday afternoon in the middle of a snowy mid-west winter. I decided to venture down to the local adult bookstore to see if there was any action going on. Like most adult bookstores, the majority of the afternoon crowd was middle-aged married men looking for a blowjob or old trolls looking for a cock to suck. But, being the hometown to a major Big10 University you will occasionally find a college guy looking for something to watch while jacking off, or even, on occasion, a quick blowjob.

This particular store was a borderline seedy joint. Most of the newer, ‘modern’ stores that I've been in have the neon and bright colors and clean design lines and so on. I guess it's to put a ‘happy face’ on the porn business. 

Not this joint, though. The front door was an old, corroded aluminum job, with security mesh covering the window. 

When you walked in, the first thing you notice is the dinghy brown carpet. There was a desk for the cashier at the front and then rows of adult movies and magazines in the middle arranged front to back. The back wall had a doorway cut out of the left side that was covered by a beaded string curtain hanging down. 

Next to the doorway was a big glass display case that showed the box covers of all the movies that were playing in the video booths at that time and an arrow pointing through the doorway. There was also a change machine and a sign that said "Quarters Only Inside."

The back room arcade consisted of two hallways, and each hallway was lined with booths. There were ten booths in each row, totaling forty booths in all. It was very dark back there, so it took customers a little time for their eye to adjust. Above the door of each booth was a little green light that indicated whether or not it was occupied. 

After about an hour of wandering around the bookstore with nothing exciting to look at, in walks a college age guy. He was kind of an average looking guy, the kind that gets lost in a crowd. He was about 5-foot 10, 160 lbs, short dark hair, clean-shaven and a nice build. He was wearing Levis, a polo shirt, Nikes and a leather jacket. 

He stood at the front entrance to the viewing booth area for several minutes looking at the movie listing. 

I walked up beside him and pretended to look at the different movies available, while I was really checking him out. He seemed oblivious to the fact that I was watching him and continued to check out the available videos. 

I glanced down to the bulge in his Levis, which was sizable, but not huge. He appeared to be getting hard, either from the thought of what he was going to do or from looking at the video boxes. In either case, I was hopeful that I would be able to make some use of what was growing down there.

Finally he seemed to have made his selection, because he put in a five in the change machine, scooped out the quarters and went through the doorway into the arcade. 

Once through the door, he moved down the hall to an open booth in the middle of the aisle. 

I slowly walked up to the door and gently pushed on it to see if he’d locked the door. He had. So I gently tapped on the door, hoping that he’d open it and let me help him out. After giving him a few seconds and receiving no response, I moved to the next booth. If I can't join him, I was going to watch him.

The 4x6 feet booths were constructed out of 1-inch thick particleboard and cheap paneling, with lockable doors and inside each booth was a cheap metal folding chair. 

And between every other booth there were 6-inch diameter glory holes drilled at just the right height off the floor. 

After dropping several quarters in the machine, I knelt down and looked through the hole. At first all I could see was his back because he was standing too close to the wall for me to see any more. 

After a few minutes I was about to give up when he stepped backed a few feet and started to unzip his Levis. Because he’d stepped back to the chair, I was now able to see his waist area. 

At this point he was showing a rather sizable bulge in his Levis. 

As I watched, he slowly unsnapped and unzipped his Levis and then slid them down to about his knees. Now he was standing there in just a pair of black boxers that were tented out several inches from his body.

He started slowly rubbing his cock through the boxers, until it slipped out through the fly. 

He had the most perfectly shaped cock that I’d ever seen. It was about 6.5-inches long and about 5-inches around, standing perfectly straight out from his body, with only a slight upward curve. He was cut, with a large reddish/purple mushroom shaped head, only slightly larger then his shaft. Everything was in perfect proportion. 

I could already see a small drop of pre-cum forming on his pee-slit on the tip of his cock. 

After slowing stroking his cock for a couple of minutes, he pulled his cock back through the fly of his boxers and lowered them too his knees.

Now I could see that he had a nice set of hairy balls hanging loosely below his cock. 

His pubic hair was perfectly shaped around the top of his cock, so perfectly so that you would have thought he had shaved the edges to a straight line. From the top of his pubic hair a thin line of fine hair rose up to his bellybutton, but my line of sight stopped there. 

He finally decided to sit down. Once seated, he pushed his Levis and boxers the rest of the way to the floor and spread his legs. With his balls were hanging over the edge of the chair; he started slowly working his hand up and down the shaft of his stiff cock.

I figured this was it, I could either watch him jack off or maybe get his attention and get a chance to suck that perfect cock. 

He’d either ignored or hadn’t seen my finger in the hole, so I cleared my throat to get his attention. 

He looked around at the hole through the partition with a shocked looked on his face, until he saw me looking through at him. Then he got a smile on his face and I got the impression that he enjoyed the idea that he was being watched. He stopped jacking off for a minute, but then slowly started again. 

Since the finger in the hole didn’t work, I decided to be a little bolder and make him an another offer, so I put my mouth up to the hole and said, “If you’d like a blowjob with nothing expected in return, unlock your door and I’ll come over.”  

Instead of unlocking the door, he kept his seat and continued to stroke his cock.

Oh well, I guess he wasn't interested in getting sucked off. But at least he hadn't jumped up and ran out, so I could still watch. 

As I watched he continued to stroke his cock for a little while longer. 

I knew he was getting close because his pace increased and I saw his balls contracting. 

As he was getting closer and closer he started to look around and then reached into his pocket, which was empty. 

I thought that maybe he was looking for a paper towel or Kleenex to catch his load with, so I slipped a paper towel that I had with me, through the hole. Maybe I’d at least be able to recover the paper towel and smell his fresh cum while I jacked off. If I can't swallow a load of cum, smelling it is the next biggest turn on. 

He gave me a quick smile as he reached over and took the paper towel out of the hole. 

Then he quickly returned to stroking his cock with such gusto that I could tell he was getting really close. 

Just then he stood up and turned around. Shit, I wasn’t going to get to see him cum, I thought to myself. 

I could tell by his leg movement that he was cumming, but his legs blocked my view of the action. 

Then he quickly turned around and used the paper towel to wipe off the end of his cock. He dropped the paper towel on the chair where I could reach it, quickly pulled up his pants and exited the booth.

I shoved my hand through the hole and grabbed the paper towel, but it only had a few drops of cum on it. He had to have shot more then that.

I decided to check it out, so I jumped up and opened the door just as he was leaving his booth. He looked over at me and smiled before walking away.

I walked into his booth and there on the floor was a huge pool of his cum. 

I quickly locked the door and drop in a quarter. I turned and looked at the still warm, pool of white cream. I quickly reached down and picked up a glob with my fingers. It was still warm. I brought the white load to my nose and inhaled the tangy aroma and then put my fingers in my mouth and slowly tasted every drop of his sweet load. I quickly lowered my face to the floor and licked up the remaining cum, savoring the salty taste.  

Tasting his cum had made me even hornier then I’d been before, so rather then jacking off I knew I needed to find a dick to suck, even if it didn't belong to a hot college boy. 

I opened the door and left the booth. 

As I walked out of the arcade the college boy was standing by the movie listings. He looked my way, but didn't make a move. Not knowing what he was up to, I decided to move to the back of the arcade.

Within seconds, the college boy walked past his old booth and peered in. noticing that his load had been cleaned up, he followed me to the back area and said, "Did you enjoy it?"

All I could do was respond with a quiet, "yes."

"Would you like some more?" he asked. 

When I almost whispered, "yes," he turned and walked into a booth, leaving the door open. I followed him in and dropped several quarters into the machine.

I told him to select a movie. While he was flipping through channels, I unzipped my jeans and started stroking my cock. He looked over at me but didn't say a word. Finally he stopped on a straight channel with some guy getting a blowjob from a hot looking blonde. 

Seeing it, I asked, "Are you straight?" 

"Yes," he responded. 

"Oh, well are you interested in getting sucked off?" I asked shyly. 


"Okay,” I whispered nervously, “Just let me know when you’re ready."

For several minutes I sat there and stroked my cock while he rubbed himself through his Levis. Finally he pulled his Levis down to his knees and turned to face me. 

I reached out and took his hard cock into my hand and started to stroke it. I looked up at him, but he was just looking at the screen. 

I slowly flick the head of his cock with my tongue, licking up the pre-cum that had formed there. I ran my tongue slowly over and around his head and down under where his foreskin connected to the bottom of the head. He moaned, “Uuuugh,” as I licked on down the shaft towards his balls.

At this point, it occurred to me that this would be a good chance to teach both of us something new. I could tell by his reactions that having his balls licked was something essentially new to his and my experience. 

I lowered my face. As his ball sack get closer I opened my almost panting mouth to lick my first set of balls. 

The pubic hair wasn't really noticeable and the taut skin tasted more metallic than anything else. With my right hand pumping up and down the length of my own shaft, I started licking his big dangling balls.

He continued to stroke himself while I kept licking his balls, my tongue pressing harder as his skin got wetter and wetter. My tongue was on one side, then sloppily sliding over to the other side. 

He certainly seemed to be enjoying the attention that his balls were getting, especially when I took them one at a time into my mouth and gently sucked on them. 

Then I returned my attention to his cock, taking the entire length into my mouth. He didn't say I word, but I heard him gasp, so I started taking his cock so deep that my nose was jammed into his pubic hair and then backing off until just the head was between my lips and then plunging back down again. 

Placing his hands on my head, he started thrusting with his hips. When he started thrusting faster and harder, I knew that if I kept this up he’d shoot soon and I wanted this to last a while longer, so I backed off. 

He looked down at me with a puzzled look so I said, “I’ve got a cramp.” 

Then I suggested that he sit down and that I’d get on my knees. 

Smiling, he quickly took the chair and I knelt down in front of him. I pulled him forward until his balls were hanging over the edge of chair so that I could get to his ass. I was determined to make this the best blowjob that he’d ever had. 

I could tell that he was getting impatient, so once again I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking. 

By this time another nice big pool of pre-cum had started to form, so I savored the flavor while I was sucking on the head. 

After he started getting back into the action I worked my way back down to his balls, my tongue finding its way back to his taint, that acutely sensitive skin between his balls and his ass. 

He started to moan, “Uuuuuuuuuum.” I knew he was enjoying it, so I placed his hand on his cock to signal him to start stroking while I licked his asshole. 

Then sliding my tongue down, I circled his puckered ass in excruciatingly slow, teasing circles. I could tell by the way that he acted that he’d never felt such bliss. My supple tongue dancing around his tight little ass was making him moan, “Ugh, ugh, uuuugh,” and squirm with pleasure. 

Laughing, I stiffened my tongue and poked it right past his puckered sphincter. Then I started pumping it in and the feeling of me fucking his ass with my tongue sent new sensations up the shaft of his purple veined shaft. 

Panting, he was stroking faster and faster as I was sticking my tongue as far up his ass as I could. 

I could tell he was really getting into this, but I didn't want him to cum until he was in my mouth. I placed my hand on his to slow him down, while I started using a finger in his ass. 

At first he said, "Don’t," but I kept at it, as I continued licking his ass as much as I could. I finally had one finger in just enough to massage his prostate. 

After I found his prostate, I moved my mouth back up to his cock, taking him all the way to the base while I fingered his ass. He grabbed my head and said, "I'm gonna cum."  

I backed off as much as I could.  Keeping just his head in my mouth, I used one hand to stroke him, while I used the other to finger his ass. 

Then with a muffled yell, he started cumming. 

Despite that he’d cummed only a few minutes before, it was a huge load and quickly filled my mouth. Reflexively, he pushed my head all the way down on his cock as he kept shooting his cum deep down my throat. 

He shot so much cum that it was leaking from the corners of my mouth onto his pubic hair and balls. 

Finally he released my head and I withdrew my finger from his ass. 

I licked up the remaining cum and handed him a paper towel to finish cleaning up with. 

I couldn't take much more of this so I sat on the chair looking at his spent cock while I stroked mine. I knew that there was no way he would suck me off, but I was at least hoping he’d stay naked until I shot off. 

Then he surprised me by taking my balls in his hand and caressing them while I jacked off. 

Finally I shot my load all over my stomach and chest, making a huge mess. 

With a strange look on his face, he reached down and rubbed a little of my cum into my skin. Then handed me back my paper towel.

After cleaning up I asked, “Do you come here often?”

And he answered, “Yes, I often came down on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, but I never do anything.”  He added that, “Sometimes my roommate comes down too and we get separate booths, jack off, and then go home.”

I told him, “If I ever see you again, I’d be glad to repeat the performance if you want.”

He agreed, but only if his roommate wasn't around.

Even though I kept looking every time I went until they closed the bookstores down, I never saw him again.

The end… 



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