"Did ya turn on the dryer?!" a shrill voice barked, echoing up the landing, rebounding off the walls and assaulting my bedroom through the crack in the door.
"Yes!" I replied, cock still in my hand and somehow still as stiff as a board.
"David,did ya turn on the dryer?!"
I could feel the blood draining from my cock and going straight to the back of my eyes. If Mum could summon the energy to walk to the laundry room she'd see a pile of neatly-folded clothes on the table.

Suddenly the sound of angry, high-heeled feet started to hammer the stairs. I quickly pulled up my underwear and minimised a paused video of an olive-skinned bear covered in a thick blanket of black fur going to town on a much younger, and hairless college twink.

"David, did ya hear what I said? Did ya t-"
"Yes. I said yes."
"Did ya fol-"
"Yes. Did you check?"
There was a long pause followed by one of my mother's trademark side smirks.
"Good boy." God she was condescending.
"Dad and I thought it a good idea", she placed a tatty brown envelope on my desk, "if ya started seeing Richard on Tuesdays. It'll do ya good." Richard was my old school coach, then known as Mr. Murphy. I couldn't stand gym class. I'd always skip it and go hide in the woods behind our school. Everyone went there to skip. There was a hole in the fence behind the gym block. No one ever got caught.

After a few minutes of staring blankly into space, deliberating whether to go back to jerking-off or to go for a nap, I decided to open the envelope. Mum had paid for ten sessions starting in the morning. Fantastic. I didn't want to do it but not going would have just given her the fuel for an argument. 

The next morning I unenthusiastically made my way to Mr. Murphy's house. I thought today was going to be horrendous. I just wanted to be back in my bed; wombed by my warm, goose down duvet and brushed cotton sheets. A wave of anxiety hit me like a double-decker bus. I hadn't really engaged with people in a while and had gained some weight since school. I guess I was what you'd call a recluse.

I was here. It wasn't really what I was expecting. A neatly paved drive with meticulously-trimmed hedging, a shiny, pillar-box-red front door with a shiny brass knocker in the shape of a lion, framed in some sort of intricate sun-like disc and two stone greyhound statues either side of the door, standing tall at perfect angles. I paused and hesitantly rung the bell. A pleasant tune chimed. It sounded somewhat familiar but I wasn't sure why.

"It's David, isn't it?" a gruff, soothing voice asked.
"Yeah, my mum sent me for the workout thing..." My eyes focused and I got a better look at him. He was much more handsome than I remember. He had a shaven and balding head which shone in the light, dark stubble and tufts of wiry chest hair peeking out of the top of his white polo shirt. He was bulky and muscular and almost towered over me. He was the kind of guy I fantasised about. I began to blush.

He started to lead me around his house.
"Sorry?" He must have asked something. I was flustered. I wanted to leave. This wasn't going to work.
"Never mind. This is my gym...I think we'll start you with some basic stretches." 

He started positioning me and telling me to hold these ridiculous poses. The warm feeling of his large, leathery hands on my calves turned me on. When he stood behind me, I could feel his breath on my nape. As he ran his hands down my body I could feel my cock start to grow bigger and bigger.

"Woah!" I exclaimed. I faked falling over and arched my back to try and disguise my rock-hard cock.
"Are you okay?" He tried to pull me up.
"N-gh I..." He stared down at my cock. It menacingly tented through my white gym shorts. I wouldn't make eye-contact with him and started to feel faint. I just wanted to go home. My cock was aching and throbbing. I was so ashamed. No words were spoken for what felt like an eternity.

Suddenly, I felt pressure on my cock. It took me a second to realise he was touching me. I stared at his face. He had the cutest, cheekiest most comforting smile I've ever seen. He put one hand on the back of my head and started to kiss me. The feeling of his rough stubble against my smooth face just made my cock throb harder.

He swiftly took off his shirt and sweatpants. I stood there awkwardly, unsure whether I should take off my shirt too, but before I could make a decision I felt his warm hands around my waist. He pulled my shirt off like a sock; it was almost graceful. Then I clumsily and hurriedly tried to take off my shorts, stumbling into an exercise bike and banging my toe.

Taking in a sharp breath through closed teeth, I exclaimed, "Fuck!" We exchanged awkward laughter and went back to kissing...a little rougher this time. He bit my lip and ran his hand through my hair. He had clearly done this before, many times. I felt as if I were being instructed. I followed his lead. It was so exciting.

His cock was now hard, and the tip poked through the hole, battling with the struggling, forced buttons. He unfastened himself and stood proudly as his thick, meaty dick curved upwards threateningly. He looked at me and raised a brow. I may have been completely inexperienced with guys but I knew the signs when someone wanted their cock sucking.

I ran my hands down his wet, furry chest and started sucking on his nipple. I don't think it was his thing because he started to push my head down. I kissed and squeezed his stomach, feeling the warmth of his cock on my chin as I slowly teased my way down his warm, fuzzy body. I was at my destination. It looked so much bigger down here. How was I going to fit his monster in my mouth?

It smelled delicious. Clean, but potent. The kind of smell you notice around a urinal. That sweet, musky, pissy smell. He had a big stretchy foreskin that covered most of the head. I had it in my hands. I could feel the weight of it. A slab of meat. I slowly pulled back the skin and exposed his pink, shiny head. I looked up at him. He suddenly lost a lot of the authority he previously exuded. I was in control now. I had the power to make him whimper; to make him moan; to make him squirm and squeal. I was in charge.

I teased him, not breaking eye contact, I made love to the head. It tasted as good as it smelled. I kept completely stopping what I was doing and smirking antagonisingly like a naughty little fucker. I loved the looks of disappointment he'd give me as my spit made his untouched cock feel cold and exposed. It craved sanctuary in my warm, wet, boy mouth. Every so often he'd try and force it by pushing down on my head. I would firmly shut my mouth and grin aggressively as he struggled. This was on MY terms.

He grunted and aggressively bent me over the workbench where he had been sitting. It was wet from where his ass and balls had sat. I was so excited and a little embarrassed. He stretched my cheeks open and made a caveman-like grunt as my tight little pink arse hole was exposed. I hadn't prepared for this. I was a little anxious.

He loudly spat into my hole. I felt aroused and violated. I felt a finger delicately caress the outside of my virginal butt hole. I kept whimpering and sweat was gathering around my forehead. I was so nervous. Suddenly, without warning I felt two fingers roughly break me in. In and out, rhythmically and angrily. Look who was in control, again.

A third finger made an entrance. It was more painful than I expected. I bit down on my lip and scrunched up my face, letting out accidental moans every so often. Each time I let out a moan he'd go a little harder. He was a mean bastard.

I kept trying to fight it until suddenly he stopped. There was a calm. He walked out of the room and I remained in my position. I felt so humiliated. I just waited. My back was arched, my arse was in the air...I felt like a slut and I loved it.

The sound of footsteps as his big feet plodded back into the room. He was armed with some sort of oil. I heard a bottle cap click and felt a cold sensation around my hole. He put two fingers in, which I briefly mistook to be his cock and let out a silly sigh as if to say, "Wow you're big (is it in yet)", and suddenly my heart started racing when I realised otherwise.

He got the head in. I struggled and kicked and made pained birthing noises.
"Stop, stop, stop, stop!" I pleaded, tightening my sphincter and scrunching my face. He pulled my hands behind my back which started to give me cramp (the least of my worries), and continued to slither into my unforgiving hole. 

Finally, he was all the way in. I let out a debilitated cry. My thighs were shaking, tears were streaming down my face, my arms were cramped and yet somehow...somehow I still had the hardest, wettest erection of my life.

He started to gently thrust, moaning and letting go of my hands so he could grab my waist. The warmth of his hands on my skin was comforting and my hole started to accept its fate. His weighty, pendulous balls smacked against me with each thrust. I was in a state of pure ecstasy.

He started getting faster and rougher and once I started to acclimatise it felt fucking amazing. Each pump sent tingles that shot straight through my prostate and caressed my cock. His balls and thighs would smack loudly against my skin. It sounded so wet and dirty. I started to masturbate carefully, but after only two strokes I couldn't contain myself. I let out a stupidly-loud moan and my load shot across the bench. A thick, creamy, white fertile load. I just kept cumming. An inhuman amount. Six thick ribbons of cum, the first three of which were almost equally as thick as each other. I had never cummed like that before. My whole body tingled and convulsed...every nerve in my body sent sparks to my brain. 

I kind of wanted him to stop. I was spent. I just wanted to collapse. I felt like I had squirted out my soul on that bench. I had nothing left in me.

He finally started to breathe heavily on my nape, squeezing me so tight that I couldn't breathe. He roared like a beast as he exploded inside of me. I didn't feel the cum at first...I wasn't really sure what had happened. He collapsed on top of me and breathed forcefully. 

We lay there for a few minutes, exhausted. No words were exchanged, I just used every ounce of strength I had left in me to continue breathing under the weight of him.

His breathing calmed and he got off of me, pulling his still-hard cock out of my hole. It was like a plug. It made a wet, rubbery noise which made me feel extremely embarrassed. So that's where the cum was. It gushed out of my hole and down my thighs, like a faltering jet. We had made a mess.

I sat myself up and we looked at the state of the workbench. I shrugged my shoulders.

"Oh dear", he said, smirking. We exchanged laughter and I cautiously put my clothes back on. I sat on the bench staring into the weird paper cone-shaped cup of water he offered me and thought to myself, "I don't know why I ever skipped gym class."


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