After Brad's unexpected and shocking hot tongue kiss, I lost all control and knew I had to have him, even if it ruined our friendship.

After the kiss, I began kissing ant licking his neck, ears, and then chest, paying special attention to his nipples. I moved lower and was soon sucking his balls then eating his ass, before returning to his balls.

I went to his cock and slowly lifted it, licking off the clear drop of precum off the slit. He moaned loudly. As we looked into each other's eyes, I began swallowing his cock, soon burying my nose in his pubic bush.

"OH, FUCK YEA!!!" he exclaimed loudly. "Suck it!"

I had already planned on sucking him dry. He didn't need to tell me what to do. I slowly and lovingly sucked his cock as he continually moaned.

I could tell his climax was approaching and began to suck more aggressively.

"Fuck yea, suck that cock. Take my load, bud. Drain me."

he soon climaxed and I hungrily and eagerly swallowed every drop. After I had milked out the last drop of his delicious thick cream, I pulled off and lay beside him.

As I started to apologize for my actions, he roughly grabbed me and kissed me wildly before quickly kneeling between my legs and swallowing my cock.

He sucked me aggressively, moaning and making it obvious that he wanted my load. I soon gave it to him and as I did he hungrily swallowed every drop.

When he was finished, he lay beside me and began talking wildly.

"I vowed never to do that again. I thought I could resist. Damn, I'm married. I can't be going around sucking other men's cocks. What happened?"

"Brad, are you okay?" I asked.

"Mark, please don't let this get out. It will ruin my marriage and career. I beg you."

"Brad, like I said before, anything that happens or is said in this room says just between you and me. Now what was that babbling about?"

"When I said that I had experimented, I guess I lied. It started as experimenting, but I found that I enjoyed it but couldn't admit that I was gay or even bi. I'd resist my urges as long as possible then I'd have a one night stand with any guy I met that wanted it. When I met June I felt I could live normally and I have until this trip."

"Brad, I sorry. I guess I'm to blame."

"Why do you say that?"

"When our conversations turned sexual, I could have changed the subject and not continued continued it. An example is when you said you slept nude. I didn't have to say I did it also or that I lived nude. But the truth is, I wanted you. I admit that."

"It's not your fault in any way. When I saw you shirtless, the urges came back stronger than ever. I thought you were hot and wanted you as well, but wasn't sure if yo were into it or not. I took a big gamble with that first kiss. Then when you started on my body, I was in heaven. I knew then you were gay also."

"Do you realize you just admitted that you are gay?"

"I did, didn't I. But I'm married. What about June?"

"Brad, I've been with several men that are bi. They love their wives but still enjoy a roll in the hay with another man. Personally, I don't consider it cheating. It's just enjoying the pleasure of both worlds."

"I don't know if I can do that, but on this trip, if you will humor me, I'd love to continue sex with you and see how I feel when it's over and I'm back with June."

"Brad, it's up to you. I'm willing but only if you want to."

"I do," he said. "But what happens if someone at work finds out?"

"The only way they will is if you tell them."

He looked at me and smiled. "Well, I'm damn sure not going to go around telling anyone I sucked cock on this trip."

"Aw, why not? It might make working conditions more interesting."

"Smart ass," he snapped.

He turned and looked at me and kissed me again, lovingly and passionately.

We slept together cuddled or spooned together.

The next morning I was greeted with a warm affectionate morning kiss before we began our first sixty-nine. After downing our protein breakfast. we showered together and while we dressed, he asked if I did anal.

"Oh yes, I enjoy it, both giving and receiving."

"So do I," he said. "Guess what I want tonight?"

"You tell me," I replied smiling.

"It's been years, but I want a cock up my ass and the only one around is yours."

"Only if yours goes up my ass afterward."

"Deal," he replied.

We had a regular breakfast then went to the meeting. After the lunch break as we sat listening to the speaker, he whispered, "I wish this day would end. I need you."

"Shhh," I said with a wink.

As soon as the meeting for the day adjourned, we headed for the room. Once inside, he began kissing me and undressing me. I did the same to him and soon we were both nude.

"You have lube?" he asked.

"Always," I replied, reaching into my bag.

He flew to one of the beds and lay on his back, telling me to sit on his chest so he could suck me a few minutes. I did and once fully hard, I moved to the foot of the bed. Brad, quickly pulled up his legs exposing his hole and said, "Go for it."

I lubed his ass and my cock and to make my entry.

"Go slow. It's been a long time."

"I will," I told him.

I slowly entered his hole and see pain in his face. Ever so slowly, I eased in deeper. When I was about half way in, he grabbed my hips and pulled me into him, burying my cock in his ass balls deep.

"OH FUCK!" he exclaimed. "That hurt like hell but at the same time felt awesome. Fuck me, Mark. Fill my ass with your hot load."

I began to piston in and out of his ass and I was hoping that he was enjoying it as much as I was. After a few moments, I told him I was close.

"Do it baby! Shoot that wad up me. Give me your seed."

Seconds later I climaxed and moaned loudly as my load fired up his hot ass.

"Oh fuck yea. I feel it shooting up me and it's hot and awesome. Give me every drop."

Once I was drained, I slowly pulled out and said, "Now it's my turn to get impregnated."

"Show me that ass," he said.

We traded positions and soon he was buried deep in my ass fucking me like a wild man and I was loving it. And when he climaxed, I wondered if my ass would hold all of his huge load.

As his climax began to subside, he leaned down and we kissed passionately. After the kiss, he pulled out and lay beside me saying, "Sex with June has never been that good."

"A lot of my married friends say the same thing about their wives,"I told him.

The rest of the week we kissed, sucked, fucked, and rimmed like sex starved animals.

On Friday morning, as we dressed he asked, "Shall we get wild this weekend?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I want to know if this is my life or if I can live two lives, one with June and the other having sex with men. I was thinking we might find a gay bar or do some cruising around and find a third guy to join us."

"Fuck, Brad, if you want to, then definitely count me in."

After the meeting, we quickly changed into jeans and tee shirts, then rented a car for the weekend. While driving around, I spotted a cab parked by the curb. Pulling in behind him, I got out and walked up to his window and said, "My friend and I are visiting in town and wondered if yo could direct us to a few gay bars." Cab drivers always know where the gay bars are.

He gave me the names of three and their addresses. Then smiling, he said, "If you're interested in under twenty-one but still legal age, you can usually find some college guys over at the park across from the campus. From what I hear, some do it all and others are there to sell their dick for spending money for the weekend."

I thanked him and Brad and I headed out, deciding to check the park after we had dinner.

We arrived and parked the car and after getting out of the car, walked over to a picnic table in the shadows of the security light. We were seated facing the campus and could see when a student was approaching.

We had been there roughly fifteen minutes when we saw a well built guy waiting to cross the street. We sat and watched and as he approached our table he suddenly spotted us. Turning casually toward one of the hiking trails, he reached down and casually rubbed his crotch, nodding a 'hello' as he passed.

He appeared to be eighteen to nineteen and was just over six foot tall. He was muscular and wore shorts and a tank top. His hair was dark and he sported a thin neat beard and moustache.

As he slowly headed down the trail, Brad asked, "Well, what do you think?"

"If he does it all, hell yes, but I'm not out here to pay for cock."

Me either," he replied. "I want someone that is into it like we are."

Together, we began following the stud down the path. After about twenty yards, he turned off the main trail onto a smaller one, barely visible in the moonlight. we followed and seconds later found him in a clearing taking a piss.

"This the men's room?" I asked.

"I guess. It's used for everything," he replied as Brad and I whipped out our cocks making them readily visible to him. When he finished peeing, he began to slowly milk it. We did the same and seeing us do it his cock began to rise. So did ours. Seconds later all three of us were fully boned and standing close to each other.

Casually, he knelt and grasped our cocks, one in each hand. He began sucking me first then switched to Brad. He alternated between our cocks for a while before we had hm stand and together we began sucking his cock. after a few minutes, we stood and the three of us began kissing.

"What you get into?" Brad asked.

"Most anything. I love oral, anal rimming, kissing, making out, and three ways or groups."

"Well, how would you like to go back to our hotel and get it on where it's safer and private?"

"Lead the way," he said.

"You have a car?" I asked. "If not you can ride with us and we'll bring you back when it's over."

"I have a car. What hotel and room number?"

We told him and he said he'd be there shortly.

We had been in the room about ten minutes or so when here was a knock on the door. Checking through the viewer, we saw the hot stud standing there. We quickly let him in and as soon as he was in he started undressing us.

He turned out to be eighteen and like he said, he did it all. We sucked, kissed and made our for hours. We both fucked him and he fucked both of us. We sucked him each getting our own load and he sucked both of us. he left the room asking how long we would be in town. We told him that we'd be flying out Saturday morning.

"May I come back next Friday?"

"Sure," we said. "You know any other hot guys your age that might like to join in?"

Smiling he said, "Sure do. I have three buds that do it all also."

"Bring them," Brad said.

"Sure thing," he said before kissing us both goodbye.

We went to bed totally satisfied. Saturday morning we returned to the park and each would follow studs into the woods and suck them. That afternoon, we scouted out the gay bars.

That night, we returned to each one watching the type of clientele going into each one. The first was older men, some well up in age. At the second, we found several bikers and blue collar workers going in. They looked like they were construction worker type guys. At the third, the crowd was the young yuppies. We decided to go back to the second bar.

We parked and as we approached the door we saw a sing we didn't like. On it was that days date and below it was "Members Only".

We stood and read the sign and turned to leave when a guy in work boots, jeans, and tight tee shirt walked up. He appeared to be about thirty to thirty-five and was damn nice looking and built.

"Not members?" he asked.

"No. We're from out of town and this bar was recommended to us."

"Well, I can't be rude to visitors," he said. "My name is Max and if you'd like, you can come in with me as my guest."

We introduced ourselves and thanked him, but before going in he said, "Do you know anything about this bar?"

"Not a thing," I replied.

"Well, I'll fill you in and you can decide if you want to go in with me or leave."

"Okay, but why do you say that?"

"On members night, anything goes. If you want, you can get a locker to lock up your clothes and go nude. Sex is everywhere and anything is allowed. Sucking, fucking, fisting, watersports, you name it and it will be going on."

"Hey, we're game for most of it," I said.

"If someone wants something you're not into just tell them. One main rule is that you respect someone saying 'no'."

"Fine with us, and thanks Max for letting us be your guest. Do you mind if we hang with you for a while until we get used to the action?"

"Not at all. I was hoping you would. I'm getting a locker and later if you want to you can share it with me."

We thanked him and went inside where he showed his membership and said we were his guest from out of town. Once in the locker room. Brad and I both decided to strip and share Max's locker.

Looking at us, Max smiled and as his cock began to stiffen he said, "Mother Fuck! Am I ever glad I ran into you two. You're both hot as hell. I'll tell you now, I want both of you in both ends of my body."

"Gladly and you're hot also."

We went back into the main bar and ordered beers. Max said the drinks were on him for the night. We circulated and had several guys grope our cocks which were staying more that half hard as was Max's.

"Let's go see what's going on on the patio," Max said.

We went to the back patio and we immediately noticed a guy just to our right on his knees and two bikers wearing just leather chaps were using his mouth as a urinal. Toward the back, a guy in leather was in a sing hanging from the ceiling and another was fist fucking his ass, going in past his elbow.

"You do that," Brad asked Max.

"I love fist fucking a guys ass but haven't gotten up the nerve to get fisted yet."

Seconds later, Max turned his back to me and guided my cock toward his ass. Seconds later I was in him, steadily fucking his ass while he was bent over sucking Brad's cock. Eight to ten guys gathered and watched. Brad had one stand on a chair and as Max sucked his cock he sucked the other guy. We all came at about the same time.

Shortly later, I asked Max where the restroom was saying I needed to piss.

He smiled and called out, "Hey Sam, come here. You're needed."

The guy we had seen taking piss came over and quickly knelt and opened his mouth. the three of us let our flow start feeding it to Sam. Later, Brad fucked Max as Max sucked me. Brad and I both found numerous guys to suck before telling Max we needed to leave. he took us to the locker room to get our things.

As we dressed we talked and found out that he was indeed a construction worker and was divorced. We asked what he was doing on Wednesday evening.

"No plans at all. Why?"

When you get off, how would you like a three way with us in our hotel room?"

"Fuck, I'd love it. I want both of you up my ass at the same time."

We gave him our hotel and room number.

Wednesday he arrived shortly after five and immediately stripped. As we kissed and made out, Brad what had caused his divorce.

"I was home one day because of the weather. she came home from work early one day to find me getting fucked by her dad and sucking her brother."

"Holy shit! What happened?"

"She walked out saying we all made her sick. The next day she packed and moved out and filed for divorce. Little did she know that her dad, brother and I had been having sex since before we married."

Before long, Max had Brad on his back and sat on Brad's cock. Leaning forward, he had me get in position behind him and slide my cock up his ass along with Brad's. The fucking motion and our cocks rubbing together soon brought us both to a roaring climax. We filled his ass with our loads.

Before he left early the next morning, he had sucked both of us, we had sucked him, and he had fucked us. We exchanged addresses and phone numbers hoping to meet sometime again.

Friday night the boy from the park and his three buds showed up early. We did it all with each other sucking, fucking, and rimming, and kissing. It was ne hot six man orgy until after three the next morning.

We returned home and went back to our 'normal' lives. Brad and I wanted to kiss and fondle at work but we of course refrained.

He did make excuses to work late and would come to my place for sex. We grew exceptionally close.

After six months, he told me that he had talked to June and asked for a divorce. He said he told her he realized he wasn't ready to really settle down. He said she ask if he had found someone else and he said he told her no but he wanted to start dating and there was someone he was interested in.

For lack of someplace to live, he moved in with me and as soon as his divorce was final, he looked at me and asked me to be his lover. Of course I immediately accepted.

That was five years ago. When we take vacation

we sometimes visit Max or he will visit us. We are extremely happy together. We look back on that business trip and are glad things turned out the way they did.




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