Spring 2002, 21 yrs. Old

Miguel and Silve were both away for several weeks on a regular basis. While I was Miguel’s mistress, I also had the freedom to have other lovers as long as I entertained somewhere other than their apartments. I didn’t want a steady lover: I didn't want to endanger my situation with him.

Miguel would often ask about my encounters. He would get even more aroused and fuck me harder. It was almost as if he was proud of others wanting what he had! No matter how many lovers I had, at the end of the day, I was still his. For as long as he wanted me. I had, what I thought, was the best of all worlds: being a kept woman, and having the freedom to roam, should I choose.

I didn’t go out often, mostly with another transsexual named Barbara. We’d go dancing in different clubs. Sometimes, we’d end up in bed at her place. More often than not, she’d go home with a guy. Occasionally, I’d go home with someone, usually another tranny.

Barbara also liked ‘quickies’. She’d let someone screw her in the back of a car or van, or someplace else that provide a chance of being caught in the act.

She took me to one particular club that had a spot at one end of the bar that was fairly dark. One could have a brief encounter with few noticing. Sitting at that spot was a sign you were willing. She often sat on the back stool, ass hanging over the back. On a few occasions, someone would come up behind her and caress her bottom. If she didn’t react, they’d raise her skirt and stick their dick up her ass. It was dark enough that a person couldn’t see the action unless they were very close. She’d let 2 or 3 fuck her, then go home.

Barbara also liked giving blowjobs under the table. She’d suck cock while the guy, or tranny, talked with me. When no one else was around, she’d suck my cock. She’d suck 4 or 5 before moving to the bar stool.

We’d gone out maybe a dozen times, when a couple asked her home, leaving me alone at the bar. I sat at the stool she normally occupied. I’d only been there a short while when a couple of transsexuals I’d seen, but didn’t know by name, came over and offered to buy me a drink. One sat across from me and the other stood behind me.

I soon felt the one behind me feeling my bottom. She cupped a cheek and squeezed firmly. She held the cheek and leaned over and nuzzled my neck.

“You have a nice fuckable ass,” she whispered. “May I?’

“There’s lube on the bar beside me,” I replied.

I lifted slightly and allowed her to pull my dress up. I wasn’t wearing panties. I felt a lubed a finger slip inside my asshole. She continued kissing my neck.

“That feels nice,” I moaned.

“The mouth, or the finger?”

“Both,” I replied.

After a few minutes, she removed her finger, then placed the head of her cock against my asshole. She felt little resistance as the head slid past my sphincter. She put her arms around me and proceeded to thrust up into my ass. She wasn’t thick, but she had a nice length. I felt very good and very naughty letting someone fuck me this way. She thrust into me a few minutes, then stiffened, and filled my ass with her cream.

She pulled out and her friend knelt behind me and proceeded to eat the cream dripping from my ass. She worked her tongue into my hole and sucked. Damn! I felt great! Her friend sat in front and watched my expressions, smiling knowingly. She sucked and licked even longer than she’d fucked me!

When she finished, she stood behind me and pushed her cock into my ass. Her cock was thicker, but not quite as long. She reached around and grabbed a breast then started thrusting slowly upwards. 

“You have a sweet ass, honey,” she purred, then stuck her tongue in my ear.

She was able to reach into the low cut front of my dress and cup my breast, pinching the nipple with a couple of fingers. I quietly yelped in surprise. She rolled the nipple between her thumb and finger. My small cock was getting hard, tenting my dress.

The one facing me laughed and said, ”We’ll have to do something about that!”

The one behind me stiffened and filled me with HER cream! She moved away and the first one came over to lick me. She ran her tongue up my ass crack like she was licking an ice cream cone! These two were great ass-lickers! If I’d had a pussy, I would have come several times!

We went over to a dark booth. One crawled under the table to take me into her mouth. The other sat very close. We made out while the one below the table slowly sucked me. I was so aroused by that time that I quickly emptied into her hungry mouth. She crawled from under the table and kissed her friend, sharing my cream with her!

Both trannies kissed me, then left.

I went home and played with myself, reliving the events of the evening. I fondled my breasts and tweaked a nipple. I could feel my face and chest getting warmer as I neared coming. I stroked faster, I arched my body as I filled my hand with my cream. I thought “Delicious!” as I lapped it from my hand.


Angie K


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