Dino pulled into The Club parking lot on his bicycle, his trim frame moving muscularly on the pedals as he came to a stop, his ponytail lying down across one shoulder. He had heard about this club from a friend of his, Marcus, and decided he had to check it out. He parked the bike on the rack outside the revolving doors and walked in.

The lobby was clean, spacious, well-carpeted and full of plants. A well-dressed younger man sat behind the counter, typing on a computer and looked up at him through his glasses as he approached him.

"Um, hello. My name is Dino and-"

"Let me guess" he said, breaking into a warm smile. "This is your first time here?"

"Yes, it is. And it's not quite what I expected".

"We get that a lot" he chuckled. "We're not some fly-by-night group nor a bunch of shabby trench coat-wearing pervs. This place is more... gentile. Would you like a short tour? I can see if Thom isn't busy?"

Dino thought about it for a moment, then replied, "Sure. I'm done working for the day".

"Oh" he said as he dialed the extension. "What do you do?"

"I'm a burgeoning author. I write children's books, sci-fi, horror fiction, fantasy, etc"

"Erotica?" he teased, smiling.

"Um, sometimes" Dino said, blushing slightly. "But that's been mostly... personal."

"Sometimes that's the best kind. And here he is. Thom? This is Dino and he would like a tour, if that's possible?"

Dino and Thom looked over each other, sizing each other up. Dino saw a muscular but not overly so tall man in his early fifties, maybe, sporting a well-trimmed goatee and salt and pepper hair, wearing an expensive suit as if he had been born to it. Thom saw a very tall man with long black hair in a pony tail, dressed in expensive biking shorts and shoes with a dual-layer top revealing just enough of what appeared to be developed pecs. Dino had two piercings, one on each side, in his nose but had no other visible ones.

Thom smiled and beckoned Dino to follow him. They walked down a short hallway and entered an open door into what was obviously his office. Thom sat behind the desk in the big leather chair while Dino sat in the more sparse but still comfortable chair in front of the desk.

"Can I say something first?" Dino asked hesitantly.

"Sure, go ahead."

"Well... I guess the only way to say it is to say it bluntly. I'm

just eighteen. My birthday was this week.

"I know" Thom said, calmly. "You're not our first birthday boy to check out the club and we have many members who are... like yourself."

"Oh, okay" Dino said, with obvious relief. "I just wanted to make sure I could... I could fit in".

"Sure" Thom said, handing Dino a laptop. "Could you fill out these introductory questions while I go see if the tour rooms are ready? It won't take you long. It's not too invasive, I hope. Mostly medical questions, dates for being tested, etc. We run a clean place here."

"Sure" Dino said, taking the laptop and opening it up. He got up from the desk and walked out of the office, saying he'd be back very shortly.

'Hmmm', Dino thought as he typed out the answers to the questionnaire he'd given him. 'Not too invasive, no, but lots of questions on fetishes. And the usual identification data. Of course, with the type of club, that'd be a given.' Dino worked on the questions for a few moments, but began being aware of an increasing feeling of being watched. He looked around the office but saw no obvious two-way mirrors or cameras and went back to his typing.

About fifteen minutes after Dino had answered the questions and set the laptop on the desk, Thom came back into the room with the young man from the front desk. The young man picked up the laptop as Thom motioned for Dino to get up and follow him.

"The first room is right across the hall here" Thom said, opening the door into a larger, well-lit room. On hooks on the walls were varying types of paddles, handcuffs, ball gags and other restraints. "This beginner's tour won't cost you anything except a little time."

Dino walked to the wall with the paddles and stood there as he fingered one for a moment, lovingly, then turned his attention back to the obvious centerpiece of the room. It was a saddle of sorts, on a pedestal somewhat over three feet tall, clearly designed to hold someone on top of it. There were straps and buckles and rings and all sorts of things hanging off from it. He bent sideways and looked underneath. It had a sort of pedestal that could be raised up and down and the saddle itself appeared to be on a large spring, designed so that the saddle could lean forward, back, from side to side or in just about any direction. When he stood back up, he noticed a large screen TV in front of the saddle.

"What's that for?" Dino asked.

"Sometimes the ... participant on the saddle likes to watch themselves". He watched him for a moment, a bemused look on his face, then asked,

"Would you like to try the saddle out, just for fit? It wouldn't cost anything and wouldn't take but a second".

Dino hesitated, then said, "Why not? That's what I came here for, isn't it, to check things out?"

He stepped up on a low stool, obviously placed there for that purpose, then leaned over the saddle. It even had four extension pieces to help rest the base of the arms and legs. He slid around for a moment, then rested his chin on the chin rest in the front, relaxing as he shifted slightly, checking for fit. The middle of the saddle was open, obviously built so as to not crush a woman's breasts... or allow access to them.

"I'm a little long for it, aren't I?" he asked, turning his head to look at Thom as he walked around behind him.

"Possibly. Let's put on the straps and see if it fits."

In a moment he had the straps buckled on, leather straps like belt buckles, snugging him to the saddle like a second skin. He couldn't move any part except his head and his arms and legs below the elbow and knees.

"Can you move?"

"No, I can't. It fits really well."

"Are you sure you can't move?" Thom asked, a strange catch in his throat.

"No, like I said, I can't. It fits well. Can I get down now?"

"Oh, no" Thom said, smiling. "We're just beginning. You see, I told you that the tour wouldn't cost you anything and I wasn't quite... truthful". He took a box down from one of the shelves and opened it up, taking out a long sharp-bladed dagger.

Dino's throat caught. "You're- you're not going to use that on me, are you?" he asked, trembling slightly in fear.

'This? Oh, no" Thom said. "On your questionnaire, you said you couldn't accept bloodplay. You said nothing about edge play, though".

"My questionnaire?"

"Yes. the information age is so efficient. We've already checked on your test dates and so on and everything came up, clean".

Thom took the knife and slid it lovingly, slowly, up the back of his thigh, then in one quick sharp movement, slit Dino's biking shorts wide open, exposing his buttocks. He then took the knife and sliced his shirt up the back, cutting through it like flimsy paper.

"We've got suitable clothing for you when you leave. However, this will make the ... rest of the club feel more appreciative."

"Rest of the club? What rest of the club?" Dino asked, eyes wide.

Suddenly a door in the wall opposite where he came in opened up and a group of men began filing in, clad only in boxers. Tall men, shorter men, black men, white men, till the room was fairly full of them.

"This rest of the club. You see, Dino, in order to join our club, there is an... initiation of sorts."

While Thom talked, Dino saw one man drop his boxers to the floor then walk behind him. Suddenly he felt hands on his buttocks, lifting them up as if for inspection then parting them slightly. At the same time, one of the men in front of him dropped his shorts and then walked up to directly in front of him, his already stiffening cock right in front of Dino's face.

"Initiation? What is the-" Dino's words were cut off abruptly as the man in front of him grabbed his ponytail and shoved his cock into Dino's mouth. He gagged for a moment, not able to breathe, then tried to get air in around his cock as he began pumping in and out of his mouth. At the same time, Dino felt his buttocks lifted up, then a cock slammed deep inside him, hurting him, filling him, making him moan around the engorged penis he was trying to suck so he could get more air.

"Why, the initiation is simply this, Dino." Thom looked around the room for a moment, then back at the man wildly gyrating on the saddle, his hands and feet flailing in obvious distress, his body shuddering under the impact of the two men.

"There's about fifteen men here. Take them all, satisfy them all, swallow them all and you get the first month of membership free. Let one drop of cum fall to the floor, however, and you will be barred from membership. Either way, however, the men will not stop until they're done."

After a minute of watching the men fuck Dino on the saddle, he saw that the man in front was very close to cumming. He grabbed Dino's head and shoved it down on the man's cock, gagging him, filling his cheeks with cock as the man began to explode inside his mouth. Dino swallowed every drop of the salty fluid, however and then, swallowing the last drop, looked up just as the man who'd been behind him walked in front of him, slid off the condom he'd been wearing and shoved his cock into his wet mouth. Less than a minute later, he also came and he also swallowed it all.

After catching his breath for a moment, Dino looked up at him, cum still on his lips and smiled slightly.

"I can do this"Dino said, his voice a little husky. "It's not my first time sucking cock".

"Oh, Dino, that's not the answer you should have given." He pushed a button on the side of the television screen and it lit up, replaying what was obviously a camera video of Dino getting fucked by the two men.

"You see, we like our members to be submissive here and you've not quite gotten the hang of it, yet. So the entire club membership that's here now and not otherwise busy will come down and partake of our newest potential member."

"Entire club?" Dino said timidly as the next two men stepped up to the saddle, one behind and one in front. They gave no warning and just began ramming their cocks into his, front and back.

Thom leaned down to stop the man in front for a moment and whispered into Dino's ear without letting the cock out of his mouth.

"Yes, the entire club. About forty members free at the moment, I think".

Dino stood up and the two men began fucking him again, the man in back ramming his cock so hard into him that his ass raised up off the saddle with each stroke, the man in front with a firm grip on his ponytail and pumping into his mouth so deep he was almost putting his balls into his mouth as well. He walked toward the doorway and through it, pausing for a moment just before he shut the door.

"Fuck him till he's full. Then fuck him some more". Thom shut the door and walked away. The muffled moans, swallowing and gagging sounds as the men lined up in front of Dino to take their turn emptying themselves into him. They wanted to let Dino know that that he would not forget this first visit to The Club for a long, long time.




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