At the age of eighteen, I enlisted in the Marines. During the enlistment process, when I was asked if I had any homosexual tendencies, I lied and answered "No."

I had been totally gay since I was sixteen, having started with my best friend in high school. Neither my dad, Jim, nor my younger brother, Mike, knew about me.

Dad was only thirty-five and Mike was seventeen. Both were well built and nice looking. If given the opportunity, I would not have turned down sex with either of them, however they were both totally straight.

In the Marines, I managed to scope out a numerous guys that were into male sex as much as I was.

After basic, I was in training for the military police when my sergeant called me into his room in the barracks. I entered to find him in just his marine issued boxers, the outline of his cock clearly visible.

After telling me that I was doing well in my training, he asked me how I was managing the restrictions we were under, mainly not getting leave until our training was over. I said I was holding up fine.

As we talked, I noticed the outline of his cock get bigger. My own cock responded and began to stiffen, providing the sergeant with a nice view.

One thing led to another and we both became fully erect. He commented that it appeared that I had a 'problem' and ask if he was responsible. I answered no and he said I was responsible for his. Soon, he was feeling my cock. I knew that if I refused his advances he would turn things around and turn me in, saying i had made advances toward him.

Before long, we were both totally nude and on his bunk, tongue kissing passionately as we fondled each others cock. Moments later we were experiencing a hot sixty-nine. It turned out that the sergeant was totally gay and would find one new recruit in each class to have sex with. He was thrilled when he found that i enjoyed male sex as much as he did.

He introduced me to others that were into male sex and the chain began. Before long, I was having occasional sex with nine other Marines, including two officers.

Throughout my enlistment, I managed to have sex frequently and it was awesome. I would even service straight married officers that needed sexual relief.

My second enlistment was to be over the first week of June that year. I decided not to tell Dad and Mike that I was coming home. I wanted to surprise them. I was now twenty three, making Mike twenty two and dad forty.

After my enlistment, Dad wrote and said that he had changed jobs and after Mike's graduation from high school, Mike would be working with him. He only said it involved some traveling.

When I had asked Mike what he had planned for the summer, he said he and dad had a job out of town, starting in June and lasting until mid July.

I was disappointed that they wouldn't be home when I arrived but looked forward to greeting them at the door when they returned.

I got my discharge and closed my savings account, which was nearly all my earnings from my enlistment. After purchasing a nice used car, I headed home. I arrived and settled into my old bedroom, feeling all warm and cozy.

I decided to take some time off before looking for a job in law enforcement.

We lived in a small town in Nevada, two hours outside Las Vegas. I decided to relax for a while and try my luck at the casinos. I drove over, got a room and began my gambling. I did well and the first night I came out five hundred dollars ahead.

At the slot next to me was a hot man in his early thirties and he openly rubbed his leg against mine. I new what he wanted, but decided to let him take it further. Unfortunately, he didn't.

The next night I saw him again and this time he introduced himself.

"You had some good luck last night," he began.

"Yea and I hope it continues," I replied.

"That would be nice," he said. "I'm Brad Turner."

Accepting his outstretched hand I said, "Mark Davis. Nice to meet you."

I went to a blackjack table and he followed, taking the chair next to me. Again he pressed his leg against mine. I responded and returned the pressure. After a while he lowered his hand and rubbed his thigh, letting his hand brush against my thigh. He did this a couple of time then surprised me and rubbed my thigh. To let him know I liked it, I let out a soft moan. he smiled.

Again, I was ahead in my winnings when he asked if I'd like to join him in his room for a drink.

"We can take a break and come back later," he had said.

I agreed and we went to his room. He grabbed two beers from his fridge and offered me one. I sat on the sofa and he sat next to me. Again, he placed his hand on my thigh and looked at me and asked, "You sounded like you liked me doing this at the table."

Smiling, I replied, "I did. Very much."

Sliding his hand up into my crotch,he asked,"how about this?"

"I like that even better," I said, spreading my legs apart so he could easily feel my stiffening cock.

He got a good feel and smiled then asked, "Would you like to get comfortable?"


I let him take the lead and start stripping first. When he was down to his briefs, I began stripping and moments later we were both nude, again sitting on the sofa, our hard cocks pointing up and out.

He reached over and began stroking mine and I did the same to him. Almost immediately we began kissing and trading tongues. It wasn't long before we were in his bed, enjoying a hot sixty-nine.

After devouring each others loads, we lay cuddled together, and he asked where I was from. I told him and asked about him.

"Oh, I live here in Vegas. I find it easier to get guys if I have a room close by to take them to. Most, however, just want to get sucked, which is okay with me."

We talked for a short while when he said, "I'm a member at a hot private gay club up outside Reno. They have hot live sex shows on stage. I was going up there tomorrow afternoon and get a room. Would you like to join me as my guest?"

"Fuck yea," I replied.

"Great. We'll leave about two and drive up, get a room, have some fun, go to dinner then to the club."

"Sounds good to me," I said. "I had no idea that any clubs had live sex acts on stage."

"Oh yea. This one occasionally will let the performer invite a customer on stage if they are tipping big, like in the hundreds."

"What happens?"

"The customer gets to blow the performer there on stage with all the other customers watching."

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed.

After some rimming and another hot sixty-nine, we returned to the casino for a while before going to our separate rooms.

I met Brad in the lobby at two and we headed for Reno. He checked into a motel and once in the room he asked me to fuck him. I did then had him fuck me. We went to dinner then to a casino for a short while until almost time for the shows at the club.

As we entered the club, Brad had to have a fingerprint scan then told them I was his guest.

He had reserved a table one row back from the stage. We took our seats and ordered a beer moments before the show began.

The first dancer came out in only a G-string. He appeared to be in his early to mid twenties, After some dancing on stage he removed he unsnapped his covering, tossing it aside. He danced totally nude, then came into the audience, letting the customers grope his cock. A few offered nice tips and got to suck on it a moment. Once he was totally boned, he returned to the stage and jerked off, firing his load at the customers in the front row.

There were several other dancers and a couple invited their big tippers onto the stage and let them blow them off, making sure the crowd got to see their loads fire into the customers mouths.

Then it was time for the main show.

"Gentlemen, are you ready?"

A loud cheer went up.

"Back by popular demand," the announcer began, "Here is our star performers. As most of you know they are a father and son team. Welcome them back. Here for your pleasure are Tom and Jerry.

All spotlights centered on the curtain at the back of the stage. Suddenly, two men came through, each dressed in a tuxedo and a black leather hood. the danced around the stage for a moment before meeting in the center. Looking into each others eyes, the began tongue kissing through the hoods.

After the passionate kiss, they began stripping, first removing their jackets, then ties, then shirts. Both were extremely well built, their muscular chest covered with a light dusting of dark hair. Then another kiss and as they kissed, they slipped their hands into the other's pants and when they backed away from each other they jerked the others pants from their body. Now they were in hods and black G-strings.

They began rubbing each others crotch and it was obvious each was getting erect. Then, after dancing around the stage for a moment, they jerked each others G-strings off. Both fully erect cocks were exposed and they began groping each other.

After a moment, they kissed again and as the did, they loosened each others hoods. While backing away from each other they removed the others hoods, and turned to face the audience. There they both stood, side by side both totally nude and with rock hard cocks.

When I saw them I froze and exclaimed, "Oh Shit!"

"Something wrong?" Brad asked,

"Uh, no. They just remind me of someone I know, but it's not who I thought it was," I replied.

However, I knew exactly who it was. There on stage, totally naked and boned, were my father and brother. I watched in astonishment as my brother licked his way down from my father's mouth, to his nipples, then to his crotch. I watched as my dad turned around and my brother began rimming him. After a minute or so, dad turned back around and Mike stood and dad did the same to him.

The crowd was cheering wildly as the watched.

When dad again stood, Mike returned to his knees and began sucking dad's cock. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Mike deep throated dad repeatedly and soon brought him close to his climax.

Mike pulled off as dad took over, and as Mike remained on his knees and opened his mouth, dad jerked his cock and fired his load directly into Mike's waiting mouth. Mike collected it all, cleaned dad's cock of the remnants then faced the crowd and swallowed.

As Mike stood up, dad slowly went to his knees and began repeating the same actions on Mike. He rimmed Mike's ass before swallowing Mike's cock. when Mike was close to his climax, dad pulled off and Mike stroked his load straight into dad's open mouth. After dad cleaned Mike's cock f the remaining cum, he too faced the crowd, showed them Mike's load in his mouth then swallowed.

Money in all denominations began flying onto the stage. I saw Brad roll up a hundred dollar bill and toss it onto the stage.

"How did you like the show?" Brad asked.

"It was definitely different," I replied.

"Well, the claim to be actual father and son."

"They probably are. They look a lot alike." I knew for a fact that they were father and son.

"Well, just the thought that they are makes the show even hotter."

"Yes, it does," I answered.

We left and returned to the motel. As we drove, Brad said, "They are performing again tomorrow night. You want to stay over and come back?"

"Will it be the same show or different?"

"Different. I've seen them before and tomorrow they will probably fuck each other."

"Let's stay over," I said.

We did and returned the following night. The beginnings were basically the same although a couple of the dancers got blown on stage by the same guy.

Then it was Dad and Mike's turn. The beginning was basically the same but once nude and without their mask Mike began rimming dad and with dad bent over a chair, Mike slid his cock into dad's ass and fucked wildly with dad moaning for the crowd. When Mike was ready to shoot, he pulled out of dad's ass and emptied his load on dad's ass cheek. There in front of the crowd, Mike leaned down and licked it all up.

Dad then did the same to Mike. I couldn't believe that over the last two nights, I had watched my dad and brother suck and fuck each other. I wondered how long it had been going on.

After Brad and I returned to Vegas, I cruised the streets for cock, finding several hot male prostitutes.

I returned home and called dad's cell phone. I didn't tell him I was home. I just asked when they would be home.

"About three days. One job we had got cancelled. Why are you asking?"

"Well, I'll be home for a visit soon and wanted to make sure you and Mike would be there."

"It will be great to see you," he said. "Let us know when you will arrive and we'll meet you."

"Will do dad."

I cruised the local park and found a couple of married guys to suck on each visit.

I was home waiting, when dad and Mike pulled into the drive. I had parked my car in the garage, out of sight. And while at the club, I had picked up a brochure before leaving that showed pictures of all the performers, including dad and Mike. I had it on the coffee table in the living room.

They walked in and were shocked to find me there. After hugs from both, the said how good I looked.

"You both look good also. Have you two been working out?"

"Just part of the job," dad replied.

They placed their things in their room and we met in the kitchen. We talked and dad asked how long I would be home.

"Permanently," I replied. "I decided not to re-up. I'll probably apply to some of the local police departments."

I noticed dad and Mike look at each other with a questioning look.

Dad insisted we go out to dinner. When we returned home, I told them to get comfortable and I'd grab us a beer from the fridge.

They headed for the living room as I went to the kitchen. When I walked into the living room and handed them each a beer, I noticed the brochure was missing.

As I sat down, dad reached under his leg and pulled it out asking, "When did you find out?"

I told him about meeting Brad and going as his guest.

"Did he tell you it was a gay club?"

"Oh yea. Dad, I've been gay myself since I was sixteen. What I want to know is when and how did you and Mike get into it?"

"Dad, let me fill him in," Mike said.

"Go for it," Dad told him.

About four years ago, dad caught me having sex with the brother of my best friend. We talked and dad confessed that he had been bi since high school. Then after Mom died, he went totally gay. I started making advances toward dad and one night he cam in slightly drunk and I made advances again. That time he didn't resist. We started having sex together, doing it all. Then, about a year later, just after my twenty first birthday dad got laid off. We needed money bad. Then, one guy dad met told dad about the club. We both went and applied as dancers. The guy wanted to hire me but was hesitant about dad. We told him that if he wanted we would perform together, actually doing each other on stage. He agreed to give us a try. The crowd went wild and he booked us for the following weekend. He told other club owners about us. We began getting calls from clubs all over the country. Mark, we've made more money in the last three years than dad did in his entire time at his old job. Everything we own is completely paid for, including the house."

"Unbelievable," I said.

"What was your reaction when you saw us on stage?" dad asked.

"I nearly shit! I was totally shocked since i had no idea you two were gay. It was all I could do not to call out to you two."

We talked until the early hours of the morning when Mike spoke up and said, "Mark, share my bed tonight, please."

"If you want me to."

"I do."

Dad spoke up and said, "Why don't the two of you share mine?"

So it was. Mike and I shared dad's bed and I got to suck both my dad and my brother. they sucked me and we all fucked each other. It was well after sunrise before we went to sleep. For a week after that, it was frequent sex between either Mike and I or between dad and I.

Then one afternoon dad sat us down saying he wanted to talk to us.

"Mark, would you like to join Mike and I and perform with us? I just talked to the owners of several clubs we perform at and they all want you to join and said we'd be big draws."

"I don't know. Let me think about it."

"Well, I'll tell you this. You'll make a hell of a lot more money than you will working for any police department."

I did think about it and decided it might be hot. I agreed and instead of going by Tom and Jerry with a name for me added, we chose the 'Adams Guys'.

We were booked first back in the club in Reno. I contacted Brad and told him only that he needed to be there and see the show. I told him I had heard that Tom and Jerry had a new show.

Opening night arrived and I was, of course, nervous as hell. We were introduced as the Adams Guys with the announcer saying that the act was formally Tom and Jerry but now included a second son just out of the Marines. I did a solo number in my Marine uniform, which I knew was illegal but I didn't care.

Our show started much as their first night show but climax of the show had dad sucking on both Mike and I alternately as Mike and I kissed. Then we both jerked and climaxed into dad's open mouth.

After the show, I found Brad and introduced him to dad and Mike.

"No fucking wonder you were shocked when you saw them that first night," he said. "I bet it was wierd seeing your own dad and brother on stage having sex when you had no idea they were gay."

"It was. And make sure you're here for tomorrow nights show."

"You can count on it," he said.

The following night we began calmly and slowly intensified our actions. During the show dad would alternately suck me a few minutes then Mike. We'd suck him together and rim him. Then, for an ending, I lay on the floor with my legs toward the crowd. Dad sat on my cock and leaned forward, kissing me. As he did, Mike got behind him and inserted his cock in dad's ass with mine. We were double fucking dad and the crowd went wild. When we were close, we stopped and both shot of int dad's face. Then, to the cheers of the crowd, we licked dad clean then kissed him sharing our loads with him.

We've been touring private gay clubs for over a year now and are making tons of money. we not only perform at gay clubs but also at private gay nudist resorts and private parties.

Our love for each other had strengthened and we couldn't be happier. Mike and I have one-on-one sex with each other and with dad. We really enjoy our three ways.

I never dreamed I'd be doing something like this when i got out of the Marines, much less having sex with my own dad and brother.




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