This is about the day I went into the closet. We'd been taking inventory at work, late on a Saturday. We'd put it off for as long as we could, it was a bitch of a job, and everybody had somewhere else they'd rather be. I'd volunteered to help Chas put the supplies away. We hauled the shit into the big storage closet, and I bumped the wooden block as we walked in. Chas whipped around and said 'Don't....let the door close.' I turned around at the dull thud behind me. I shrugged, went over and tried the handle. Wouldn't move. I shook it. Not a tremor. I looked at Chas. 'It's broken,' he said quietly. 'We can't get out from the inside.'

We pounded on the door an howled for about an hour, then gave up. We were fucking stuck in there until Monday morning.

As far as temporary prisons go, it wasn't too bad. It was the only storeroom, so it had all sorts of stuff in it, including food, drink, a small bathroom, a single cot the owner used when he got pissed off at his lover, a radio with extra batteries, and several bottles of really cheap whiskey. Chas sat on the cot, rested his elbows on his knees and hung his head. I'm a pacer. I paced back and forth, every once in a while looking down at Chas. Funny guy, Chas is. So smart he's scary, competent, reliable...that's how everybody thinks of him. You have to look twice to realize he's got dark, burning brown eyes, a classic face, and a full, tender mouth. I kept pacing, and tried to ignore the bulge in my jeans, and suddenly got scared as hell about what I was doing.

Chas looked up at me. 'You couldn't just do dinner and a movie, could you?' he said quietly. 'You had to lock us up in a fucking tomb.' I stopped pacing. I couldn't look at him. I swallowed hard. 'You know?' I said. 'Yes,' he said quietly. 'I know.' I heard the cot creak as he got up. He was behind me, then pressed against me. I could feel his hard cock thrusting against my ass, his hands on my chest and his lips on my neck. I almost came in my pants. I'd wanted this so fucking long.

I turned in his arms and found his mouth with mine. I slid my tongue in, holding him tight, sliding a hand up to his hair and pulling his head back so that I could slide my mouth down to his throat. I licked and nibbled him, then nipped at his neck. The workhours I'd spent staring at this spot on his neck. His hand went for the front of my jeans and caressed me. A gentle touch, exploring , that grew more passionate. I spread my legs and he cupped my balls, and squeezed gently. I could hear my own breathing get rough and fast. I'd wanted this for so long...and never really dreamed he'd ever let me touch him. 'I'm sorry I'm an ass,' I whispered. He shook his head, indicating I shouldn't talk, then started to unbutton my shit.

We lay naked together on the cot, kiss and exploring with our hands. I was so hard it hurt, but wanted it to last. I was the basic primitive one, and I had gone romantic. The normally poetic Chas had become an animal. I felt his hands slide down my back and cup my ass, then his fingers dug in and he pulled me to him. 'Fuck me,' he gasped. 'Fuck me nasty, Barry.' I looked at his burning eyes, and if there had been a window, romance would have gone flying out of it.

I took his head and pushed it toward my cock. He slid down and gulped my cock, taking it in so damn deep, tightening his lisp around it hard, then it letting it slide back out as he slurped his tongue all around it. He sucked my like a fiend, his head bobbing up and down, humping his hard cock against my leg. I slapped his ass, and pulled his thigh around, and that gorgeous cock was in my mouth. We sucked each other hard. I ran my tongue around his swollen head, tasting it and whispering against it. I told him how he was going to swallow my cum over and over again until I told him he could stop. I 'd wanted him for so long, the beautiful bastard, he was going to pay for it. I put my hands on his ass, gently at first, then slapping the hell out of both cheeks at once as I gobbled his cock. I spread his cheeks apart hard, and found that little puckered hole I'd dreamed about. I licked a finger and put it in hard, finger fucking his ass as I sucked him. He began to pump my mouth, his hips moving up and down as the rest of his body trembled. 'Give me every fucking drop, you little shit,' I growled with his cock still in my mouth. He went rigid and shot cum down my throat. I swallowed it all, greedily sucking at him until he begged me to stop. Then I came all over his face.

I wiped his face with a finger and made him suck my finger clean. He knelt before me, eyes closed, obeying everything I said to do. My head got a little crazy for a few minutes, thinking up all the things I'd like to have him do just because I was now in charge. I licked his face clean. 'Fucking cunt,' I whispered against his delicate eyelids. 'You fucking whore cunt. You've done this to me.' The eyes opened slowly, and I looked into them and damn near drowned.

I pulled him into my lap. He straddled me, our cocks and balls touching and I sucked his nipples. I sucked them too hard, I spanked his ass too hard, I told him I was going to fuck him up his tight little ass until he couldn't walk. He put his hands behind his back, submitting to me completely. I grabbed my tie and tied his wrists together behind his back. I took his own tie and blindfolded him. I put him on his knees before me, and brushed my soft cock against his lips. 'Suck it hard, cunt,' I growled at him. He took it in his mouth and sucked me. It was ecstasy, and I was almost sorry when my cock was swollen and hard again. I put my hands on the sides of his head and fucked his mouth. I could feel the top of his throat as I pumped. I wanted to shove it down his damn throat and fuck him completely. I wanted him to feel me deeper inside than he'd ever felt anything. The fucking prick bastard had rocked my world. I stared down and watched my dark cock slide in and out of the tender mouth fastened around it. He was mine. He was finally mine, and I wanted to fuck him forever.

I pulled my hips out before I did fuck through his head and he whimpered when his mouth was empty. I started to ooze at the sound and dragged him to his feet. I made him tell me he was a whore, a bitch, a prick teasing piece of tail that had shaken his tight ass at me since we'd met, making my cock hard, making me want him. He said everything in his quiet, steady voice. I went wild, and my head took off again. I wanted to slap the shit out of him, but I didn't. I wanted to rape him, over and over again, then make him beg me to do it again. I was insane, holding on to his thick rod like it was a handle, pumping it and squeezing his balls. Mine. My fuck toy. Mine.

I got control back and put him on the cot on his stomach, still tied and still blindfolded. I ran a hand over his velvety ass, then bent and bit him. I marked his cheek with my teeth, then moved and marked the other. 'Slut,' I said. 'Fucking slut.' He shoved his ass up at me and begged me to use it. I spanked him again, hard, then kissed the red handprint, and spread his cheeks. I tongue fucked his ass until my mouth hurt. He wiggled and moaned and told me he was a worthless slut that didn't deserve to be beaten by me. I didn't know what the hell kind of demon had awakened in me, but it was up and roaring.

I had to get off him to get the lubricant, and that gave me a chance to cool down. My cock wanted that tight pink hole, and didn't much give a fucking damn if he was ready to take it or not. I wanted to slam in and tear him open. I splashed cold water on my face, and turned and looked at him. Trussed and helpless. My fuckthing. My whore. Mine.

I ran a slippery finger between his cheeks, getting it nice and coated. I had to slow down or I really would hurt that beautiful ass. I spread his cheeks, and touched the hole. The little puckered beauty was all mine. I entered it tenderly, playing with the tip of my finger, then slowly, easily putting it deeper. His breathing as harsh and his hips trembled as they tried to stay still. 'Tell me you want your master, slut,' I said. He smiled slightly, and said quietly, 'I've wanted you since I met you, Barry. I had to wait until you wanted me, and could live with that. Then I broke the lock.' I turned around and looked at the door. My great plan to have him alone with me...had been his plan.

I knelt over his ass and rubbed my cockhead up and down the crack. I pushed it in slowly, easily, tenderly...and deeply. He took every inch of me up his sweet ass, clenching and releasing his muscles. He was a hard tight ring sliding up and down my cock as I pumped at him. I stretched to my full length and balanced on my hands as I fucked him. He wore a small, contented smile, moving his hips up to meet me. I started to pump harder, and untied his hands. He moved his arms and I laid along his back, pumping my cock in him as hard as I could. The demon was back, and I wanted to own him. He quietly let me fill whatever need caused me to slam my hips down against his tender ass. I fucked him harder than I thought he could take, but all he did was move faster for me. My full, heavy balls hit him and I could feel my cock swell. so could he, and he suddenly started to beg to be full of my cum. I lost it and pumped him full, pulse after pulse of hot cum flooding him. I stayed hard and kept fucking his cum filled hole, feeling it, listening to it, until I couldn't move anymore.

I pulled out of him carefully, and got a wet towel to clean him. He knew I was crying, and other than putting a hand on my knee, he made no movement or sound, letting my cry out my demon. I rolled him over gently and kissed him. He sucked my tongue and nibbled at my lips, taking them in his teeth and pulling gently. I licked down his chest, gently sucked each nipple, then flicked my tongue down to his belly. I played around the belly button, finally putting my tongue in so gently and just holding it there. I rubbed my face through his tight and curly pubic hair, then slid a tongue down his hip to his thigh. I licked down both legs, kissed his feet, and sucked his toes.

Finally, I returned to his hard, swollen cock and took him in my mouth. I sucked slowly, gently, almost reverently, as he put his palms on my head and stroked my hair. I took him deep, relaxing my throat muscles, wanting his pleasure more than I had wanted my own. I sucked him for a long time, and he built slowly, almost dreamily. When his gasps became helpless, when I couldn't wait for his cum a second longer, he arched his back and flooded my mouth, and I swallowed and swallowed all of him.


Morgan Grayson

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