The sudden absence of light blinded us. The small space we were in was in that moment darker than black.

No sight.
Just touch and sound in a confined space.

I felt another body pressed against my chest. His arms moved to touch the walls and I heard him curse under his breath.

My own breath rabid and haphazard, I don’t do well in small spaces.

“The bloody pricks. Bunch of drunken assholes.” I heard him mutter attempting to turn and presumably face me. I stood pressed against the protruding shelves it was a tight squeeze and maneuvering was almost out of the question at best.

I guess my rigid stance and alarmed breathing didn't go unnoticed by the mystery man against me.

His hands padded my chest, I could feel the heat of his palm mold themselves into my shirt. “Who is this?” his voice but a whisper as our surroundings seem to extract an instinctual behaviour. Speak in hushed tones and moves with caution. You never know what lurks in the dark.

However I sighed a breath of release, this wasn’t some stranger recognized this voice. I recognized his body too, even though I couldn't see it now and I’d never touched it before.

“I – It’s P-Pa…” I started to stammer, there is a reason why I don’t talk too much, I stammer when nervous and I’m nervous often. I felt two hands move up my shoulders, groping and squeezing them to gauge their appearance.

“Patrick?” Steve asked.

I nodded without realizing he couldn't see me yet he seemed to understand my gesture. My nerves subsided some having solved one of the variables of our particular situation. Not stuck with a stranger yet still stuck in a tight confined space.

My breath hitched again as the thought struck me once more. He responded to me immediately.

“Just keep calm Patrick, breathe in through your nose and exhale slowly through your nose.” Steve instructed me. Him being a half a head shorter than I, I could feel his breath against my throat as he spoke. “I’m sorry they did this, Paul’s drunk and the rest of them mindlessly follow his lead.”

“It’ssss ok.” I breathe, naturally feeling the complete opposite but there wasn’t anything we could do about it now. The door had been firmly locked.

“No, it’s not.  Paul’s drunk and he’s a jerk when drunk. -- again he mutter something under his breath so low I couldn’t understand it --  They’ll let us out soon. Christ, I didn’t know they made broom closets this small.” He grunted shifting his feet and accidentally rattled a bucket on the floor as if the universe was doing its upmost to stres his statement. I had been trying not to think about the size of the space we were in but the mere thought of it had my breath hitched again.

“Here.” He whispered sliding his hands down my arms to grab my clammy ones repositioning them on his waist. “Hold on to me and don’t think of anything else. Let the walls disappear. Envision just you and me.”

I closed my eyes not that there was a need to and tried to do as he told me to. Strangely enough it did help. My breathing returned to normal and I relaxed some. I imagined him as I held him, warm bodied and kind smiles. That glint of laughter in his eyes as he's surrounded with friends.

“That’s it.” He encouraged me feeling my tension slowly ebb away. He wrapped his arms around my waist and nuzzled my neck staying silent for a while.

It wasn’t my breath which increased in speed this time, my heart raced for joy. His scent hit my nostrils and suddenly I was hot. The space we were trapped in grew warm and I felt as if I was encased in a furnace.

This was Steve. I’ve had a small thing for Steve for a while now. Though I lacked any courage to actually ask him out. We were friends, had been for years and Steve was nice. I mean genuinely nice, always talked to me when we were out and never ignored me when amongst our other friends even if at the time he had a significant other attached to his arm.

You see that’s how I rate people; how they treat me, if they are nice to me or not. Silly perhaps but not being very attractive myself and far from outgoing that’s how I perceive the world.

Suddenly I felt a little guilty, it should be someone else stuck in this dark hot hole in the wall with him. Someone he’d actually be interested in. I’d seen several guys tonight give him attention, Steve was hard to ignore. 

Then a thought struck me.

“C-Charlie not with y-you tonight?” his boyfriend.

“Charlie? Patrick, Charlie left two months ago.” He giggled making his chest shake slightly.


“Yeah, something shinier caught his eye.” He said matter of factly.

“I-I’m sorry.” I was, Charlie had seemed nice enough although he never spoke to me so my opinion of him was rather limited.

Steve shrugged laying his head down in the crook of my neck, gripping me tighter. I don’t know what he was doing but I was starting to have its affect on me.

“Don’t be. I’m not, not anymore anyway.” He mumbled, breathing in deeply. Again I was puzzled by his actions. Is this how he usually calmed down his friends? Though I can’t imagine getting stuck in a dark dingy broom closet with another guy was an everyday occurrence for him.  It certainly wasn’t for me.

Then that sense of guilt hit me again. If he's single he’d probably rather be here with someone else other than me. I’m nothing special, I’m hardly even part of our group, I just always seem to show up. I'm that guy that tags along. Every group has one just like me.

“Sorry you got stuck here with me then.” I said before I could even think the words I would have otherwise been too shy to say. Darkness apparently digs up all kinds of behaviours in us, ones which usually don’t come to light.

Steve lifted his head and I could faintly see the outline of his short shaggy hair and imagine his glinting eyes look up at me. Brilliant browns.

“Why would you say that?” he said and I imagined I could hear a frown in his voice but quickly dispelled that thought.

“Well, you know… -- I shrugged and immediately regretted it as the slight movement rubbed our chests together bringing the tightness of my trousers to the foreground of my mind. -- I’m me and … er... not the most exciting person to get stuck in a broom closet with.” To this day I have no idea how I managed to say that but I did.

Steve sighed, “Why do you do that Patrick?”. Our voices still cloaked in whispers. Once more I felt his breath against my chin this time, I could only imagine his lips a mere fraction from my skin and my heart started it’s jungle drum again.

“Do what?” 

“Dismiss yourself that way. You always do that. Always dismiss any chance of someone liking you or find you appealing. You close yourself off to anyone trying to get in.”

His words stunned me, not cause there was no truth to them but cause he was the one saying them. I know myself I know I do this, however in my mind with good reason. No need to get hopeful if the chance is simply never there.

“I – I guess, when you’ve been told something your whole life you start to believe it.” I confessed realizing how truthful those words really where as I spoke them.

“You believe you aren’t attractive?” he asked his voice hitched in disbelief. 


“You believe you aren’t worth pursuing?”


Matter of fact answers for a matter of fact truth. He stayed quiet for a second digesting what I'd said. I’ve never consciously told anyone this before. Interesting how the absence of light can put anonymity in ones words. As if them being said in darkness didn't make them real yet kept them abstract. As if I could pretend they weren’t mine at all.

Steve’s hands slide up my back feeling my muscles up to my shoulders, trailing down my arms and clamping on to my waist gently pulling our hips together.

Jungle drums.


“Y-Yes.” I gulped, a genuine gulp. An aide for the ability to actually form words.

“What if I told you I let myself be pushed in here?” he said, his lips faintly touching my chin as he spoke. A shiver ran through my body, electricity I hadn’t experienced before. I heard his words but didn’t believe them. He continued, “I saw what they were going to do, at first I was going to stop it but then…” He lingered leaving sentence unfinished. 

I was hot, the closet was warm and humid, I could feel his breath against my lips, hear his breathing and feel my heart in my throat “Then…?” I croaked.

“I didn’t.” he breathed as felt him slowly shift his weight to his toes. My hand still on his hips and his gripping mine.

I swallowed hard,“Why?”

“Cause I’ve been watching you Patrick. Did you know that Charlie didn’t like you?”

I shook my head the small movement enough for my lips to graze his but not touch them. Not yet.

“None of my boyfriends ever liked you, I could never understand it. I’ve always though you were great." He mused to my amazement. "Then one night it hit me. They saw how I always watched you, they saw it before I did. Before I even realized it. And all I can think to say is... I’m sorry.” He said emotion in his voice as thick as clay.

“F-for what?” I asked I didn’t have to imagine the walls falling away around us this time. I didn’t have to envision there only being Steve and I in this very moment. Cause right them that’s all there was. Only Steve and I in the darkness of our surrounds.

“For never doing this before now.” He said shifting his weight and tilting his head over so slightly so our lips touched.

At first my reaction was stilled, my brain trying to catch up on the unfolding events but when it did it was like a switch. I returned his kiss, a damn broke asI deepened it, poured myself into it as if this kiss was my first and last on this world. In that moment it could have very well been so.

Although we were already pressed together this time we melted into each other.  His arms around my neck and mine across his back. He felt and smelled and tasted wonderful, not just like I imagined it but better. Far better!

His hands cupped my face and I groan into his mouth at the gesture and our tongues dance and play and frolic together. This isn’t a battle cause there's winners all round in a tousle like this. It’s a game and one to be celebrated.

I have no idea how long we kissed, time didn’t seem relevant in the darkness. My hands started to drift under his shirt and his rubbed my chest, our lips never disconnecting.

His skin soft and silky with that pleasant heat emanating from underneath. He unbuttoned my shirt and I notice his hands trembling while held calm and still. He played with my chest hair, curling it around his finger, goose bumps appearing where he touched me.

I dragged my lips from his down along his jaw to his neck making myself master of an apparent sensitive area for him. His head lolled back as he moaned, a sweet secret sound to my ears. My hands sliding down cupping his cheeks grinding him into me. Feeling both our arousals evident through the layers of textile separating us.

His arms clamped around my neck and in a move I hadn’t imagined possible in the confined space we were in I lifted him up as he wrapped his legs around my waist. Rattling the shelves behind me but taking no notice of them.

He used the walls arounds us as support as I pressed his back against the wall. There was just us, the darkness, our sounds and whispers filling the small space, clouding us, enveloping us... 

There was simply no need for more.

“Shit, Patrick.” He panted as I unbuttoned his jeans to slide my hands down his pants. It was my turn to curse in lust as I felt the firmness of his cheeks, groping the muscles which them pert and luscious. His own hand squeezed down between us feeling me hard through my own jeans.

“Yes.” I gasped as he took hold of it molding it in his strong grip  our foreheads together as we tried to breathe through our motions. 

He quickly released me as his hand contorted awkwardly to be able to grab me in our currant position. He quickly dropped his legs to the ground again as he kissed me and opened my belt expertly. Once liberated he slid his hand down inside and I groan again at his touch. I haven’t felt a mans touch in a long time and his hands were dynamite. They held my straining hardness, playing it gently, gripping it firmer every other stroke.

In that very second I wanted nothing more than to do the same to him. I fumbled with his already open jeans, pushing them down his hips. Our hand were our eyes in the darkness and there wasn’t a patch on us that was left untouched at least where we could reach. Not was taken for granted, every single nook and cranny discovered and rediscovered. It was hot and sexy and frantic done in a heightened sense of awareness.

Just the feel of him hard and wanting had me ready. The heat of his flesh and the hardness underneath, the gentle nature of the hanging eggs were more than enough to leave me panting.

Panting and wanting more.

It wasn’t just some body I was fondling in a dark broom closet.  This was Steve. The one I thought would never have me. The one I thought I couldn’t ever reach.

He nibbled my ears as he grabbed one of my hands and guided it between his cheeks. Making me rub and tease and pry open the entrance I found there. He trembled in my arms and I’m sure I wasn’t any different as he handled me.

I felt him shuffle his feet and pushed his own jeans all the way down.

“Patrick…” He moaned as he claimed my lips again. “Why the hell haven’t I done this sooner?” he pressed his whole body against me again and I felt his bare legs touch mine. I pushed his shirt up over his head and behind his neck, coupled with another electrifying responds as our naked chests rubbed together.

“Fuck.” He uttered as I grabbed his cheeks and he instinctively wrapped his legs around me once more. “Imagine what we could have been during all that time.” He panted squirming against me both of us hard as steel ready and open.

“You and me both Ste.”

He pushed my chest back to take hold of my cock, I heard and felt him rip open a foil and the smell of lubricated latex filled our small space. Feeling his way he rolled the sheath over my shaft. I pulsed in his hands and squeeze his cheeks of which I had a firm hold.

“You sure?” I asked, noticing I wasn’t stammering. Strange thing to notice at a time like this but I never seem to stammer during sex.

“Oh god yes Patrick, I’m sure. I’m more than sure but if you don’t –“ I shut him up with my mouth lifting him up and pressing him against the wall even harder our two entities molding into one. His legs tightening around me.

“Just tell me one thing.” I asked in between pants and kisses. “Is this a one time thing?”

Please say no, please say no, please.

I could feel his body shake with anticipation. “No Patrick, not if it’s up to me.” He managed and I could hear more than lust in those words. There was a frailty to them. An apprehension.

"Not just sex?" Probably not the best time to have this particular discussion, I can imagine anyone answering yes just to make me move but it had to have an answer. I needed that. I needed him to say it.

"No." he croaked.

“Good.” I kissed him before I made us both go mad with need.

His hole was already wet with my previous ministrations and we both groaned loudly as my tip touched it. Our groans deepened I pushed through. The second the head popped in I stopped, letting him adjust and giving myself a second to process the sensation going through my groin, body and mind.

The heat between us increased as our breathes had us sweating and slik against one another. I could feel the wall behind him is I slowly sank into him. Feel his arms tight around my shoulder, his nose in my neck and his knees in my armpits gripping my sides. I could taste the sweat of  his shoulder and almost hear the thumping of his heart, or was that mine?

Once my descent completed he groaned. “Damn you feel good. Fuck Patrick I feel full. Who knew you were this big.” I made my dick jump inside him to which he giggled and I couldn’t help but giggle with him. Our lust turning into playfulness as he started to rock into me.

The giggles soon subsided replaced by moans as I thrust into him. Fast, slow, grinding, longdicking…  He took it all and I was pleased I had decent arm strength to hold him as we used the wall as a counterbalance.

“Oh Patrick… Patrick.” He sighed repeating my name over and over and there was nothing I could have wished for more. 

Say my name. Say it again.

I wish I could have said I lasted long but in reality I have no idea how long it lasted. I didn’t count the thrusts or the number of times he pleaded for me to go harder or deeper. I didn’t keep track of my own utterances. All that consumed me was Steve, feeling his weight around me, the hairs on his legs and the smoothness of his chest. Even the line of his neck as I bit and sucked his skin, nibbling his collar bone.

Then it happened. 

He spasmed and his grunts pitched higher. “AAAAhhhh shit Patrick…” he was on the edge, right on that ledge and he whispered something that just about blew my mind. “Can … Can I cum?”

It was so faint and breathless I almost missed it. I nearly stopped right there in shock. I gripped him tighter pressed his leaking cock firm between us. “Yes, cum for me Ste. Cum for me.”

And he did.

He wailed, the silence our our surroundings forgotten out as he came in ropes splattered between us. Making my partner cum always intensifies my pleasure, within seconds I was filling the latex sheath protecting us. Dreaming of the day there would be no need for it.

To say it was intense would be an understatement. To say it was mind blowing would be and understatement. It was in all accuracy all consuming. As if the darkness of our closet swallowed us whole.

Sinking to my knees keeping him firmly in place we slowly regained our breathes. “Oh god Patrick.” He murmured as he kissed me over and over again. Kissed ever bit he could reach as my fingers stroked him gently. We sat there like this enjoying our descent and afterglow. Whispering sweet nothing in each others ears. Confessing our feelings more than once. We sat cocooned once again yet thing time it was a warm loving embrace instead of a oppressing one. This time it was just right.

Suddenly the door rattled and a blinding light flooded our small world of happiness. Blinking up in the faces of several stunned guests I  instinctively shielded Ste’s naked body as best I could.

Pauls eyes bulged as he took us in, talk about in flagrante... “Steve? Stammer boy?” 

Paul really is a jerk when he’s drunk. Come to think of it he’s a jerk even when he isn’t drunk. Ste made no move to scramble away, he just smiled at me. Seeing his face in the fullness of light made me only want him more and it didn’t seem like my face turned him off now it was visible. He nuzzled my neck again rubbed his hands up my back feeling all the muscles present. Counting them with his fingers.

Our audience still stunned and speechless gawking at what they had unexpectedly found. I turned my head to them, reached out and grabbed the doorknob.

“Oh, piss off Paul!” I said before closing the door firmly, shutting out the intruding light and bathing us in darkness.

Ste burst out in laughter. “Well said, love.”

I reached up and stroked his hair, I couldn’t see it as my eyes hadn’t adjusted to darkness again yet but I didn’t need to. Right now the light wasn’t necessary. The outside could wait we had some catching up to do. Only Ste and I in our blanket of darkness was enough. 

We were enough and we've been enough ever since.

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