I returned to my house still shocked at what I had seen. Although I was straight, I had had gay friends in the past and knew basically what guys did together but had never seen any of it. To see these two extremely masculine guys kissing and gropping each other was totally unexpected.

Early the next morning, I put my car in the garage and locked the doors, making sure there was no way Brad or Josh could see inside if they came to investigate my so called departure. Once everything was secure, I returned to the house and waited.

Shortly, after eight in the morning, as I peeked out the window, I saw the two of them slowly emerge from the woods around the house.

Casually, they approached the house and once on the porch, knocked on the door. I remained silent. Another knock. then another.

"I guess he really did leave. Let's check the garage."

They did and finding it locked they were satisfied that I was really gone.

"Well, with him gone, we don't have to worry about him walking up on us for a couple of days," Josh said.

"Yea, we can take our time," Brad replied, as they headed back to the clearing site.

I had put in a fresh tape in my video camera and had it fully charged. I was ready to see exactly what they were up to.

Just after eleven, I headed out to the clearing. Being exceptionally cautious where I walked, I eased up behind a large scrub bush very close to the clearing. I had an excellent viewing spot and could see that both men were already shirtless.

I waited impatiently. Finally, I saw Brad give Josh a signal to cut the engine on the excavator. As he did, Brad walked up to and as josh dropped to the ground, Brad wrapped his arms around Josh and they began to kiss, sucking on each others tongue.

I had started video taping them as soon as Brad gave Josh the signal. As they kissed, they began unfastening each others pants. as their pants fell, I could see that they were both commando.

After a short moment, the broke the kiss and removed their work boots then their pants before putting their boots back on. Now both men stood there totally naked and fully erect. It was the first time I had seen another guy with an erection. My own cock was hard and I wondered why seeing them was having this effect on me.

After another quick kiss, Brad leaned down and began to lick and suck first Josh's left nipple then his right. I heard Josh moan softly and Brad went lower, soon licking the tip of Josh's cock before gently sucking his balls. after a moment, Brad swallowed Josh's cock and began sucking him, taking Josh's cock into his mouth balls deep and burying his nose in the thick hairy bush at it's base.

After a few moments, brad stopped and turned Josh around. With his hand, Brad gently pushed on Josh's back. As he did, Josh leaned forward over the tire of the excavator. brad took his hands and spread the ass cheeks before him and buried his tongue in Josh's ass. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Brad licked and tongued the ass a few minutes then stood and placed the tip of his leaking cock against it and pushed. In one steady forward movement, Brad had his cock buried up Josh's ass as Josh moaned softly and said how great it felt.

"Fuck me, stud!" Josh said looking back over his shoulder.

Brad began pistoning in and out of Josh's ass and soon climaxed, his cock buried all the way up the hole Josh offered.

After a short pause, they traded places and Josh serviced Brad in the same way as Brad had serviced him.

After Josh climaxed up Brad's ass, they walked, still nude, to the truck and after spreading a blanket on the ground, ate their lunch.

As they ate, I heard Josh ask, "Has Jack ever suspicioned that we're having sex yet?"

"Not that I know of. I have evidence that he cheats on me also so if he says anything, I'll tell him what I know. He's been seeing a man closer to his age."

I wondered who 'Jack' was and if he and Brad were partners.

After they ate, they began kissing again and soon ended up in a sixty-nine. After bringing each other to a climax they both swallowed the others load. Afterward, Josh smiled and said, "What a perfect desert!"

The folded and put away the blanket and put their pants back on. After they started up the equipment, I eased back to the house, letting the noise of the machinery help cover the sound of my retreat. As I headed back to the house I suddenly realized that while I was engrossed in watching and videoing them, I had had a spontaneous climax in my own pants. I hadn't even touched my cock.

For the next two days, I again went and videoed their lunchtime activities. I had my tape ready to show them when I was ready to do so.

After supposedly being gone three days, I went to the clearing site and asked how things had been going.

"No problems," Brad said.

"Great, and I hope you two made sure you took your lunch breaks and rested. I don't want you to over do it."

With a funny look on their faces, Josh replied and said, "Oh we did. We pace ourselves."

I smile and told them that if they needed anything to let me know.

I had watched the video several times and my curiosity was reaching the maximum. I was wondering what sex with another man would be like. I knew that sooner or later I had to find out.

On Friday of that week, I went over to the site and asked if either had plans for the evening. Josh said no and Brad said he just needed to make a phone call to change his if necessary.

"Well, I was planning on a steak dinner as a partial thank you for all your hard work."

"Hey, that sounds great. I'll gladly change my plans," Brad said.

"But we'll be dirty and grimy from work," Josh said.

"That's no problem. We'll handle that some way," I replied.

I said I'd see them later and left.

When they arrived at my house shortly after five, I had a plan set up. I was wearing only a pair of nylon gym shorts and no underwear or jock strap underneath.

I invited them in and immediately noticed the way they both looked over my body. It excited me to see that.

"I'm sure you both could use a cold beer," I said.

"You better fucking believe it," Brad said.

"Let's go out to the pool deck," I said.

We did and I pulled three beers from the fridge out there. as I handed them their beers, I said, "If you want to hit the pool to ash off and cool off, feel free."

"That sound great," Josh began, "but there is just one problem. Neither of us has any swim wear."

"So?" I said. "It's just us here and no one can see. We all have the same equipment."

"You mean swim nude?" Brad asked.

"Sure, why not. I'm sure at some point in your life you've been around other guys nude, wither in college, the military or at a gym. What makes this any different?"

"What about you?" Josh asked.

"If it will make you both more comfortable I'll do the same," I replied.

They looked at each other and Brad finally said, "Well, i've never been shy or modest so I'm game."

"hell, why not?" Josh added. "That water sure looks refreshing."

Seconds later, they both began removing their work boots then their shirts and pants. As soon as each was nude, they hit the water. I watched and after they surfaced Brad looked at me and said, "You going to join us?"

Smiling, I kicked off my shoes and quickly dropped my gym shorts and dove in. We swam and splashed each other a while before I got out saying I needed to start the steaks.

I climbed out and remaining nude, I went into the house and got the steaks from the fridge. I could see them talking between themselves.

I returned and started the steaks, then sat in a chair, remaining nude. Eventually, they got out and joined me poolside, also remaining nude.

"I assume it's okay for us to stay nude until we dry off," Josh said.

"Sure, and longer if you want to."

I had them just where I wanted them. I watched as they looked at each other questioningly, totally confused.

We ate dinner by the pool, still nude and afterwards, we went inside, carrying our clothes.

Once in the den and with fresh beers in hand, we settled down, them on the sofa and me in my chair. A moment later, I said, "I've got a movie I think you two might enjoy."

I picked up the remote and pressed the play button. When the screen lit up showing Josh getting off the excavator and Brad grabbing him and kissing him, their eyes grew wide and they looked at each other.

Nothing was said for a moment as they watched the action. As Brad went down and started sucking Josh's cock, Brad asked, "What the fuck is this? It this some sort of blackmail?"

"Just watch the movie," I replied.

They watched and all our cocks became erect, with them trying to hide theirs.

Once the movie ended, I said, "This is no blackmail. That movie will remain just between the three of us, I promise."

"Then what the fuck is it for?"

I explained that I had seen them the day I said I was supposedly going out of town. I explained that I was straight yet curious about what guys did together.

"What does that have to do with us?" Brad asked.

"My curiosity needs to be satisfied. I want you two to show me what sex with another guy is like."

"So you're wanting to have sex with us?" Josh asked.

"Yes. I want to experience it all, but maybe not everything tonight."

"This is fucking unbelievable," Brad said.

Looking at them I asked, "Shall we get started?"

"What you wanting to do first?" Brad asked.

"Let's start with the kissing and go from there."

Brad walked over to me and reached for my hand, indicating he wanted me to stand up. I did and he led me to an open space in the room and had me lay down. with him on one side and josh on the other, he leaned over me and I had my first kiss with another man. After initially just touching our lips, we were soon exchanging tongues. after a moment he stopped and Josh took his place. That evolved into a three way kiss.

Then they both moved to my chest and each began gently sucking and nibbling my nipples. Moving lower, they took turns licking and sucking my balls before Brad later moved to my hard throbbing cock and began sucking me. After a few moments he let Josh take over. I was loving the experience so far.

Brad then returned to sucking me as Josh turned onto a sixty-nine position so he could lick my balls as Brad sucked me. His cock was right next to my head. I decided to go for it and quickly began sucking first his balls then his cock. I was finding it awesome and enjoying it. It wasn't repulsive like I thought it would be.

I was getting more and more turned on and soon neared my climax. Seconds later my cock erupted in a massive explosion, filling Brad's mouth. He collected it all and after he had he kissed Josh and shared I with him.

As they did, Josh reached his climax and quickly filled my mouth with his thick creamy salty-sweet load. I gathered it all and after savoring the taste, swallowed every drop.

We all separated and looked at each other. Brad smiled and said, "I never fucking expected this job to turn out like this."

"Me either," Josh said.

Looking at them, I said, "I didn't either. I've never been curious before. But there is still one problem."

"What's that?" Brad asked.

"You haven't got off," I said, moving around and taking his still hard cock in my mouth. Josh watched as I sucked Brad to his climax and swallowed.

After that, we did some more kissing and brad soon asked, "Well, what do you think so far?"

"No complaints at all. To be honest, I've totally enjoyed all I've experienced."

"Even the sucking?" Josh asked.

"Oh, yea, that too."

That was all for that night but I told them to stop work an hour or so early each day and come to the house for more experimentation. they readily agreed.

All during the next week we sucked and kissed and I rimmed my first two asses and fucked both of them. Then on Friday, I told them I wanted them to fuck me.

They agreed and Josh went first, being very gentle with me. Soon, he was completely in me and the pain was unbelievable at first. But before long the pain had turned to pleasure and I was enjoying it. When he climaxed deep inside me the feeling was fantastic. After he pulled I had Brad fuck me. I wanted to experience more pleasure.

After that, every afternoon they would break for lunch and came to the house for sex. I was sucking cock daily, and getting fucked almost daily. I knew I was now a gay male. My desire for pussy had become non-existent.

We had sex daily almost and before we knew it the job was complete and the fishing business was ready to begin.

During the work, I found out that the Jack brad had mentioned was indeed his lover. He knew Josh was gay also but didn't know that Brad and Josh were having sex or that I had become involved.

I decided to have a party to celebrate the completion and invited Brad and Jack and Josh and his partner. He said he didn't have one.

Brad looked at me and said, "Mark, you know my lover. It's Jack Taylor. If I tell him he's invited, he'll want to know how you found out I was gay and all the details. He'll know then your now gay."

"fuck, he's my lawyer. He's gay?"


"Fuck! No problem. I'll call and invite him myself. He'll never know that I know about you two or him. We'll keep sex out of the evening."

"Thanks," Brad said.

"But I'll tell you two now, I want you two to stop by regularly. I want to see you frequently."

"Every chance we get," Brad said. "We owe you that much."

I opened the lake for fishing at a nominal charge. It was great seeing fathers with their young sons reeling in the catch.

Brad and Josh kept their promise and came by at least twice a week and more if they could.

A few months later, Brad announced that Jack had given him a week to move out because he had found someone else.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm not sure yet. I have to find a furnished place or spend a fortune on furniture. Every thing was Jack's. All I have is some tools and my personal items and clothes."

"Brad, move in here. I'd love the company, and you would still be free to bring home guys for sex."

"You serious?"

"Yes, I am."

"I'll do it but I insist on paying rent."

"We'll discuss that later."

Brad moved into one of the other bedrooms but spent most nights in my bed with me. Having another man in bed with me was super and I loved it. Before long, I realized something that I never dreamed would happen. I fell in love with another man.

After I knew that I loved him completely, it took a few weeks for me to get up my nerve to tell him. When I finally did, he admitted that he also loved me more than he had ever loved Jack.

We became lovers and started going to a local gay bar together. One night there we ran into Jack and his new lover. The expression on Jack's face when he saw me with Brad was priceless.

"I had no idea about you," he told me.

"Well, when we first met I wasn't gay, but I am now."

He looked at Brad curiously. I spoke up and said, "After you broke up with him I gave him a place to stay. I was curious and didn't know about him but I made a pass at him. He was now unattached and he reciprocated. I found my true self and we're now lovers. I owe you a lot."

He turned and he and his new over went to another part of the bar, but he kept looking at us. We gave him a show, kissing and hugging. We could tell he wasn't happy but we didn't give a shit.

Josh and Brad were co-owners of their company and Josh would frequently drive to the house and meet Brad and when they returned in the evening, we would have a three way.

One Friday, I told Brad I wanted to talk with him. Over a cold beer poolside, I asked, "Baby, how do you truly feel about Josh?"

"I love him, but more like a brother. I'll be honest though, and say if you and I weren't together, I'd be considering him, but my love for you is so much stronger."

"I love your honesty and I care lot for him also. What do you think of asking him to move in here as our lover?"

"You mean the three of us as lovers?"

"Yes. We're almost that now when he's here. Neither of us minds the other having sex with him."

"Fuck, I love you even more. Let's do it."

When Josh came over for dinner the next evening we sat him down and talked to him and made the offer. He teared up and readily accepted saying that he had been in love with both of us for a while.

Josh moved in and I ordered a larger king bed to accommodate the three of us. That was four years ago and we're all still deeply in love with each other.

Jack's partnership with the other guy soon ended and he tried his best to get Brad back. Brad told him straight out to go take a flying leap.

They do their job during the week and on weekends the three of us operate the fishing business which is growing steadily. We get such enjoyment watching the excitement of the kids when they catch a fish.


Some of my readers have asked where and how I come up with my stories. I get a general idea about a story such as in this story about two hot studs clearing some property. I start writing and the stories evolve as I write. There is no outline that I follow. As I write the story evolves. One event often leads to another. It's just the way i write and I appreciate ALL comments, good or bad. I love you all. Take care.



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