When I met Glen I had no idea what lay ahead for me. Upon meeting him a one-on-one encounter was as far as my imagination stretched, but then, maybe I was somewhat naïve. Glen was a butch biker and very macho. I was aware that bikers usually hung out together in packs. Being shit-scared of motorcycles I avoided these guys. Glen, however, had a very sexy smile and eyes that could melt the South Pole. After Glen’s former lover had been seconded to an overseas branch of the company he worked, they decided that their long distance relationship simply wasn’t going to work.

The night we met at a gay bar, Glen occasionally referred to ‘The Clan.’ I simply believed they were fellow bikers who enjoyed riding together.

That evening, as it so happened, he had to join ‘The Clan’ for a prearranged engagement but insisted on exchanging phone numbers with me before he left.

The following week, I did receive a phone call from him and we arranged to meet at the same pub that Friday evening. After an enjoyable hour in one another’s company, he invited me home with him.

His place was very Spartan and it was clear that interior design held no attraction to him. In all fairness, the place was clean and tidy.

Before long we were in bed together. Glen was a fantastic lover and his stamina was remorseless.

After we had fucked four times I asked him if he had an on/off switch. After a good laugh, he fucked me again, just to ‘punish’ me for my cheek. We did, however, spent Saturday and Sunday at my home.

During the weekend he told me a great deal about; ‘The Clan.’ They were a group of eight guys who partied together. Recently, however, that number had reduced to seven after his former lover had left him a month before. I was somewhat taken aback by his revelation but as we weren’t an item, I reserved my opinion on the matter.

The group was not into; sex toys, whips, slings, piss, fisting, scat, or any of that silly shit, as he put it. They just got together and had ‘good old fashioned group sex.’ Apparently, there was nothing hectic about their sessions, which were comfortable and enjoyable, according to him.

Allegedly, there were no pussy-boys and all the guys were masculine and revelled in their manliness. There was no role-play and everyone gave and received. The other six guys lived together as couples, but when they got together it was ‘share and share alike.’

I had never had a threesome and quite frankly, never really thought about in doing so. I, therefore, just smiled benignly throughout his revelations.

By Sunday evening, he began pressing me on my feelings about his revelations of ‘The Clan.’ With candour, I told him that the concept didn’t really appeal to me.

Glen lay off the sales pitch thereafter, and when he left early Monday morning I believed that I may not see him again.

Strangely, when I did see him on a number of occasions over the following two weeks, Glen really began growing on me.

When we spent the night together again, twelve days later, he told me that The Clan was dying to meet me and that I had invited me to their Saturday gathering the following evening. Caught between a rock and a hard place, I had to give him an answer.

“Why don’t you just come along and see for yourself?” he then suggested. “I promise that you won’t be forced into anything. You have my word Owen,” he concluded.

After a long pause, I replied, “Okay, I’ll give it a go.”

I spent all Saturday with butterflies in my stomach. What if I really didn’t like one or more of the guys? What would I do if a guy really turned me off? I was pleased that, as he had informed me, that there would be no extreme action because that simply wasn’t my scene.

‘What to do, what to do, what to do,’ I pondered.

Much as I considered pulling out, I did, however, find the thought of an orgy intriguing. I was practically shitting myself as we finally drove off to Spanner and Deccan’s, his buddy’s, home.

I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt as we arrived at our destination. Little did I realize, that nudity was the norm once you arrived and that all clothing was simply left at the entrance of their home, because Deccan (Dec), met us at the door naked.

Upon entering, Glen began to strip with me sheepishly, following suit. After we had both been given a beer, Dec and Glen began kissing and groping one another. It really looked like they were seriously into one other, which I found slightly disconcerting.

Dec then mentioned that the other guys were already in the basement. After following and entering the ‘fuck-den,’ there were four canvassing covered matrasses placed in a square in the middle of the room. Upon there were four of the guys standing around and chatting and the other two other guys on one of the mattresses, blowing each other in the sixty-nine position.

Murphy, Spanner (real name Vincent), and Horvath, (Vath), were the ones chatting. Lyle and Fabio were the two guys busy on the mattress. Spanner was a handyman, hence his nickname. He was the biggest of the entire group and was totally alpha. To my delight, I found all the guys rather sexy. After general introductions, Spanner immediately zoned in on me and no sooner had he placed his arm around me before I was being pulled down onto a mattress.

Next, getting on top of me he said, “Glen wasn’t lying about you, I think I am going to be spending a lot of time with you tonight.”

Before I could answer my mouth was swamped by his lips. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the other four guys pairing off on the other two unoccupied matrasses.

When I had started sleeping with Glen he had a strong manly smell. Initially, I found it a little unsettling, but very quickly took to it wholeheartedly. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t dirty and it was a ‘clean stink’ because he did shower every morning. But, being the middle of summer his evening odour was rather pungent. Under Spanner’s control, however, Glen’s hum seemed rather tame. To my astonishment, I was revelling in the pong.

Spanner was also the hairiest and sweatiest of the group and his oral attack on my head was frenzied and steamy. Flipping my head from side to side with his huge hands, he licked my face like a slobbering dog enjoying a plate of gravy.

In addition, as his thick rump squashed my body and his bloated knob rubbed into my genitals, it felt like I was succumbing to a cage fighter who specialized in grappling. With my legs and arms flailing about in the air, I was being dominated by a submission expert. On and on he continued relentlessly.

Spanner’s ‘stink-o-meter’ also went up by another notch during this tussle and when he later lifted his torso onto outstretched arms, he told me to tickle his soggy armpits. After doing as was told, he intensified his genital grinding.

“Clamp your legs onto my sides and place them around me,” Spanner ordered.

Next, after moving his chunky dick under my balls his thick cock slid down to my arse lips before he hit a home-run, straight up my backside. I would have concussed myself if my head wasn’t already flat on the mattress. Spanner then began neighing like a stallion as his toes ground into the mattress for extra traction. My body kept moving ever upwards as he thumped my hole like a beast. I had never been more aroused in my life. Then, with a final primitive screech, he shot his load into my manhole as his head manically swayed from side to side.

Slumping onto me after he whispered, “I want you and I’m going to make you mine.”

We just lay there in a moist embrace as he licked my ears. I was totally exhilarated, but somewhat confused, wondering what had he meant by that comment.

Getting off me he instructed Murphy to take over. “Let’s get the cream factory going boys, Owen needs to be given a full cum initiation,” Spanner announced.

Murphy turned me over and jumped straight on. Although he had a proper man-sized tool, after Spanner’s fat dick his entry was effortless. Vath moved to the front of me and soon my head was being pistoned up and down his cock. Vath had a comfortably sized dick, so the oral action was not too hectic.

With occasional sideways glances, I observed Fabio fucking Lyle, who was blowing Dec simultaneously. Spanner was also getting his backside speared by Glen.

After a few minutes, Murphy began grunting as he unloaded into me. Vath, who was also reaching his climax, quickly dislodged from my mouth and moved behind me to make his deposit.

Next up, Glen took over from Vath, before I received my fourth offering. Dec then took over the reins, with Fabio and Lyle on either side of him, awaiting their turns.

After Dec had discharged into my arse, Fabio followed, with Lyle eventually completing my initiation. I lay flat on the mattress, cum-filled and smiling.

After moving in behind me, Spanner then announced, “Okay boys, it’s time to churn our fuck bunny’s cream.”

As he commenced grinding his knob in my arse, Spanner’s maintained a slow and rhythmic pace, as all the guys standing around voiced their approval with ‘oohs and aahs’ commenting on the incredible amount of foam that Spanner was generating.

Lyle and Vath kneeled on either side of the action, salivating as they awaited the feast they were about to enjoy once Spanner was done. After Spanner had unloaded, Lyle pounced onto Spanner’s knob, and Vath began munching my butt. Having completed his task, Lyle took over from Vath, suctioning every last bit of spunk out of me.

We all celebrated with a drink after the action with all the guys toasting me. Despite my former reservations I had loved my first orgy.

After a twenty-minute break Spanner placed his arm around me, announcing that he would be taking me to his bedroom for a one-on-one session. As we left, the other guys were already pairing off. The one thing that had become clear to me was that Spanner was the chief of this clan.

Arriving in the bedroom, I asked Spanner what he had meant earlier. He told me that Dec and Glen had always had the ‘hots’ for one another and that he believed a swap would be in order. He wanted me, simple as that! I was delighted, if somewhat flabbergasted.

We didn’t re-join the others that night because Spanner kept me very busy. There wasn’t a sexual position that we did not try out. Glen was a good lover, but Spanner was the cream of the crop. I was very worried, however, about how the news of the swap would be received the following day. I, nevertheless, felt very comfortable with this new arrangement and was very happy to comply.

The following morning, I was totally surprised by how well it went. By nine a.m. Dec and Glen had packed up some of Dec’s belongings and were on their way to Glen’s home. The other two couples also left shortly afterward.

The Clan virtually unravelled after that but we only got together at least once a month.

I was pleased to see that Glen and Dec had become a stable couple, thereafter. According to Spanner, nonetheless, he had finally found the one he had always been looking for.

So had I.


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