David stood in line waiting to board his flight back to Nashville, Tennessee and hopefully to a wonderful white Christmas. He had been lucky enough to get an 'A' boarding pass so that meant he would pretty much have his pick of seats on the flight. He always tried to grab a window seat, in case he got tired and wanted to nap off the three plus hours it would take to get home from the western side of the states. The work week had been busy and he was ready to doff the tie and dress slacks for a good pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

David stood out in the cattle-like que of people waiting to get on board. He was tall, well built with vivid blue eyes and a clean cut chisled face. His natural good looks were framed by dark curly hair neatly cut in a professional style but still playful enough to not give a stuffy impression. His assistant affectionally nicknamed him 'GQ' and she couldn't have been more accurate. His solid silk tie matched his eyes and was a perfect compliment to his dark blue suit and crisp white shirt. Tiny Christmas trees with red ornaments, tastfully patterned his his dark blue dress socks, giving just a suttle hint to his more playful side. His deep brown Bostonian slip on shoes were polished and as clean cut and impecable as he was.

No one would ever guess that deep within this self assurred business professional was a wild perverted wild man. His custom suit held secrets that were not visible to the roving eyes of his fellow passengers. Unless you were ogling the hell out of his crotch you would have never known that his cock and balls swung free behind the thin suit fabric of his dress pants. David always went commando and loved the feeling of expensive fabrics against his eight inch cock and his hairy balls. No one would have ever imagined that on his blackberry phone were naked pics of not only himself but of some of his hottest fuck buddies and even some of them together.

As the desk announcer began to drone on about boarding procedures David looked up casually from his folded newspaper to scan the boarding area for the hottest men that would join him on this flight. A hot young surfer looking man in much too light clothing stood waiting in shorts and flip flops. His tan legs were brushed with blonde hair that stood out like bold type letters against white paper. 'Beautiful' thought David. In the row beside him stood another businessman like himself except this one was in a gray suit with rugged good looks set against a green and white striped tie and deep neatly cut auburn hair. David could feel his groin twitch a little at this one!

David picked up his long winter coat and draped it over his arm and picked up his laptop carry-on. He disappeared down the corrider and into the waiting plane. As he approached the door of the plane a dark haired, dark eyed stewardess smiled in great appreciation of his entry to the plane. He smiled back in sincere appreciation of her as well but gave no invitation to her in his glance to egg on her flirtation. a blond wavy haired pilot stood just inside. Their blue eyes locked upon discovering each other and David made no hesitation in letting his 'gaydar' do the talking. To a normal passenger, nothing was noticeable but to the two of them, undressing and all kinds of sexual acts began to play out in their minds as their worlds briefly passed each other.

David was soon settling into a window seat about six rows back. His carry-on safely stowed above and his long winter coat neatly folded over his lap. He made no obvious sign that he was in a hurry to get seated but time was money. This was his favorite part of the whole air travel experience. Board early and then watch the parade of hot men saunter by enroute to their own seats. This flight seemed to be blessed with some amazing men. It was like opening that box of chocolates from a well wishing client and looking at all the many samplings available to his pleasure. Young jovial athletes fresh from sport tournaments, the blonde surfer dude, the auburn haired businessman were a few that marched by his secretive but lustful gazes. A set of Christmas sweatered college twins that would have been perfect tucked on either side of his large bed at home, a back to nature backpacking stud of a man and a silver haired father of three with the Barbie doll wife to boot came next. From his round window he looked out at the muscled airport baggage men, strong arms and legs rippling and rugged faces hidden behind sporty sunglasses. They seemed to be minding their own business but he knew very well that some were as lustful as he and were probably ogling his framed face in the window as much as he was ogling them.

The stewardess made the usual announcement about taking the first available seat. David began to sweat this last detail. A plump grandmotherly, gray permed lady had taken the aisle seat on his row. That left the center seat up for grabs. David's mind willed every hot man that entered to take that seat but no one did. He prayed that some fat sweaty guy wouldn't take it or even some flirtatious 'm-r-s' degree seeking desperado. It seemed that no one would end up beside him and he felt a little sad and yet a little grateful that he would be able to stretch out a little more than usual. It seemed that the plane was settled and ready, yet the flight crew waited and watched the door for what seemed to be a few more last minute passengers.

The dark haired stewardess, with a renewed lust in her eyes greeted the running steps of one last passenger. It was like waiting for Christmas itself to see who this last person would be. David gulped as the panting, laughing man boarded and then turned and began coming down the aisle. In front of David was the most beautiful man that had yet to parade unto this waiting plane. He was dark haired like David with a short straight hair cut and an athletic build that heaved from his sprint to catch the flight. He too was in a business suit. His dimpled grin was melting every person he passed as if he was some sort of god come to bless the whole lot of them. David laughed to imagine what sort of reception this 'god' would have received if he had been any less desirable and had passed these same people.

A voice from behind directing the man to the seat beside David, announcing it to be the last on the plane. The grandmotherly lady looking ten years younger beamed up at him and stepped into the aisle to let him grab the center seat. David pulled back his legs and folded his coat further to himself to make room for the guy as well. A perfect white grin with those deep hot dimples smiled at him as the guy brushed into place and practically fell into David's lap in his attempt to hit the middle seat. A perfect round bubble ass covered in suit material greeted his hungry eyes. A wave of the most wonderful heat and cologne hit David as the man fell into place. He fumbled with his coat and spread his legs to shove his carry-on under the seat before him. His straight hair falling into his face as he shoved and manuevered. David could feel his bodyheat pouring into him for a brief moment as their legs collided. When all was settled the dimpled grin came up for air, every hair falling back in perfect place and a hand shoving out at David. 'I'm Seth,' he announced. 'Looks like we're buds for the flight home bro!' 'I'm David' said David with just a hint of stammer. 'Nice to meet you.' Seth then turned and warmly greeted the elderly lady to his left and was met with school girl giggles and a return greeting from 'Ethel.'

David thanked the god of gaydom for putting Seth beside him. This flight was gonna be hot hot hot!

David and Seth took up like old school chums and went through all the conversation topics that are the normal fair of traveling people. David memorized every word he spoke. His voice was that hot sexy Matthew Macaugnehey kind of voice with just a slight twist of an accent that made it even sexier. Seth began pulling at his neck and was soon freed of a vibrant red silk tie. Sweat sealed portions of his white shirt to his damp sweaty chest. David could see that the guy didn't even have a t-shirt under his button down. He could feel a tightness grow in his groin with this new discovery. Seth bent down again between his legs and shoved up once again to David's leg. He folded his red tie into his carry-on bag. David couldn't help but see the white shirt against his v-shaped back go flesh colored as the sweat stuck to his muscled back.

David had learned that Seth was married. He had a beautiful wife and three strapping boys from the age of seven to fifteen. He had seen all the pics in his wallet, including one of him and his family on the beach, him and his boys all clad in just swim shorts. Seth's smooth perfect torso was incedible looking with the sun beaming down on him and the fruit of his cock gathered around him like arrows in a quiver. Seth ribbed David about being single and heaped praise on him for managing to fight off the girls that must flock around him. David turned red and laughed but deep inside all he heard was the compliment that Seth had indirectly tossed his way. Their conversation went on for a whle and then settled into moments of silence. The silence seemed like eternity to David but he fought himself to fill the moment and seem desperate to keep Seth engaged.

After a few more start ups of conversation and a few thousand feet up in the air, the two of them began to settle in for the flight ahead. David closed his eyes and placed his long coat over his body like a blanket. 'I love to nap on planes' said David. 'So do I! said Seth. 'I usually beat everyone to the plane for that reason too so I can get a window seat but my last flight was so delayed there was no way to do it this time.' Silence fell between them again. In mock rest David closed his eyes but kept his head turned more toward Seth. Seth leaned back his seat and pulled his coat over him like a blanket too. The jostling of the plane in the turbulance would sometimes knock their legs against each other. David, lay as lingering and as relaxed against the muscled leg of Seth as he dared before shifting and pulling away again. Each new bout of turbulance would begin the game again. David would have to make sure to put his coat on before exiting. He could feel his hard cock pouring precum into the fabric of his crotch.

Every now and then David would open his eyes and look over at Seth. His profile was perfect. A long deep chin gave him a strong model look. David discovered that in addtion to the dimpled cheeks, Seth also had a divet in his chin to make a perfect triangle of complete irresistable charm. He found himself missing the dimples though and longed for Seth to turn and smile at him again. David imagined Seth's full manly lips kissing his wife and wishing they were kissing him instead. Once in a while Seth would open his eyes and David would quickly close his and allow Seth to enjoy the same lavished gift of private reflection upon himself. David could practically feel the heat of Seth's stare and then dare himself to open his eyes to find Seth with his closed again. After a while, David just satisfied himself with the close proximity of this hot family man. He didn't try to keep from letting their legs touch anymore. David just relaxed and let them fall together. Was it his imagination or was Seth doing the same?

The sunset soon gave way to utter dark and the cabin fell dark as well. The sensation of being close to Seth became even more enhanced as sight gave over to hearing, touch and smell. The scent of Seth's hard worked body and his cologne still wisped David's way every now and then. The deep breathing of Seth's supposed sleep felt like music to David. The ragdoll jumble of leg against leg gave way like the tide on a beach, neither of them holding back or respecting personal space. David slipped off his shoes and the cool air of the cabin refreshed him a little and heightened his sexual desire. Seth must have sensed David removing his shoes and as soon as the jostling turbulance began it's dance again, Seth removed his shoes and repostioned his sock foot closer to David's

David's eyes flew open and he had to stop himself from jolting. Seth's bare sock foot was now edging just a little over his own. The heat poured into him like whiskey making its way to his gut and warming every part of him in some way. He looked over at Seth, his eyes were closed and by all appearances he was fast asleep. More turbulance, more shift, David flexed his toes under the weight of Seth's hot foot and was rewarded with a morris code like response from Seth. Ethel had nodded off into her breasts and snored lightly above her doubled chin. The noise of her seemed to give David more confidence and he slid his toes under Seth's sole back and forth like a carress. Seth responded back in kind and rubbed his foot over the top of Davids and even a little up his pant cuff. David could feel lightening explode in his body and the precum continuing to pour into his pants along his belt line.

David double checked to see if their coats were covering them. The stewardess stopped and asked for drink orders but soon passed assuming the trio to be sleeping sound. 'Well, maybe Ethel,' mused David. 'Definately not him and it appeared not Seth either.' As their hot socked feet began to tangle in obvious firtation David grew bolder and pressed his leg into Seth's. Seth returned the message with equal force. Soon David could feel a strong hand grasp his leg and begin petting it like a lapdog. Soft strokes back and forth under their winter coats pleasured David into a dizzy frenzy. He folded his leg up and peeled his sock off and then did the same with his other. He then rejoined Seth's feet now barefoot. Seth's hand went away from David's thigh and soon Seth's bare feet were again rubbing over David's. David in turn exchanged position with Seth and could now feel the hairy toes and soft hair of Seth's upper foot under his sole. Seth's hand found David's leg and worked up and down his inner thigh all the way up to his balls. David in turn reached over and began stroking Seth's strong legs in response.

Seth's hands roamed up to David's belt buckle and with a fluid rehearsed movement managed to release his belt, unbutton his pants and pull his fly slowly down. David's throbbing cock leaped out from it's prison and swiped precum over Seth's palm. With a quick glance around, David confirmed the unobserving passengers around them. The flight crew was nowhere in sight. David planted his feet firmly and raised his tight muscled ass up off his seat and quickly pulled his dress pants down from his body and didn't stop until they were below his knees. Seth's responsive hands immediately took to David's exposed body and rubbed his right hand over every inch he could reach and explore. David could feel Seth's toes lock unto his pants and pull them completely down and off of his feet. David was now naked under their long winter coats from the waist down.

Seth's hands disappeared and soon he could sense Seth's raised hips and the movement below the coats. Seth reached and pulled David's hands over to the center seat and placed it directly on the thickest uncut cock David had ever had the pleasure of touching. David reached with his closest foot and discovered Seth had managed to get his pants off as well and they were now both naked under the coats from the waist down. With their closest hands and feet they explored, stroked and touched each other. The restrained and discreet passion they gave to each other made it even more erotic and sensual. David pulled his tie from his shirt and crammed it into his coat pocket. He could feel Seth working the buttons of his white shirt and slowly releasing a path up to David's chest with each new conquered button. David in return did the same.

David stroked up to Seth's smooth chest, down to the soft trail that led into the mountain of dark pubes and the thick uncut cock, over his balls and down to his knees. Seth did the same to him and both lay as if fast asleep, using only their sense of touch to run hands up and down each other's bodies. David then moved his hands away for a moment and reached into his front coat pocket. He pulled out a small travel size tube of shea butter lotion and placed a dab into his palm and rubbed it in. Seth caught his breath as David's lubed hand stroked over his rock hard cock. He shoved the tube into Seth's roving hands and he did the same. Soon the two of them were permeated with the scent of shea butter and the pleasure of well lubed cocks. It took all of their determination not to verbalize their new pleasure.

David looked intently now into Seth's eyes and the silence of their locked gaze said everything. David came first and Seth soon followed suit. David began to panic as the scent of cum joined the scent of the shea butter but no one around them seemed to notice. With his toe Seth picked up a sock and dragged it up to David's lap. David did the same for Seth. They soon wiped down the mess that had spewed over their hands, bellies and arms. Seth grinned and brought his sock up to his face and inhaled the cum and even licked some of it off. When he looked down at the Christmas tree design on David's sock in his hand he almost laughed out loud but managed to only mouth a 'Merry Christmas' to David's evil embarrassed grin.

For the next hour they managed to collect their socks with their toes and get them back on. Somehow they managed to get their pants back at least up to their knees. The wet cum that now permeated each other's sock made David instantly hard again. It must have had the same effect on Seth. They were soon stroking off each other for a second time. After a second round of silent mind blowing cumming they each pulled off the dry sock they each had left and started the clean up again. The pilot announced that they would land in about an hour. The two of them slipped cum soaked socks into dress shoes and began zipping and buttoning back into their business attire, grinning at each other like school boys getting away with murder. The process was painstakingly slow but not a person suspected or wondered about the two of them.

Once they were dressed, Seth motioned for David to bend down as if getting something out of thier bags. As they both bent over, Seth reached over and gave David a slow and tender kiss and then sat back up into his place. The warmth of his wet lips put David almost into a trance. Soon the plane was on the ground. Seth took David's hand under their coats and laced his fingers in between David's and squeezed. They sat there and talked as they taxied into the terminal holding hands and pressing legs passionately against each other. As the lights came up they both put on coats. Ethel roused from her hibernation and began rustling for her belongings. 'Sorry I fell asleep boys' she said. David and Seth laughed together and assured her that it wasn't a problem at all and wished her a Merry Christmas.

As they put their coats on Seth offered up a business card to David. David followed suit and did the same. They talked as if they were strangers making chit chat and followed each other off the plane. Seth followed Ethel off the plane, David followed Seth. Once they reached the end of the corridor, Seth turned and winked at David and then disappeared into the busy Christmas crowd enroute to his waiting family. David tried to keep him in his view but soon lost him. He slipped his hand into his coat pocket and felt the business card and his tie. He pulled them both out and to his suprise a bright red silk tie was there instead of his blue one. He checked his other pocket and nothing was there. He smiled to himself and folded the tie neatly back into his coat and said a silent thank you to Seth for the new tie and a wonderful Christmas flight. Somewhere Seth was stroking the blue tie that he had slipped into his own pocket as if touching a cherished lover.


Matthew Barrett



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