It was a Saturday night and my dad had gone out for the evening. My mom and dad had divorced when I was eight and dad got custody of me.

My name is Mark Sims. I'm an eighteen year old gay male, six two in height and weigh just over two hundred. It's all muscle as I work out a minimum of three times a week.

I was horny as hell that evening. Dad was out and when he was gone I got nude. I loved the freedom nudity gave me.

I decided to sit down at my computer and go into a gay chat room and see if I could find some hot chat to jerk off to.

When I logged in, I went first to a room titled 'Married'. I began chatting with a few married guys, as I love sex with hot married men cheating on their wives.

After a while, I left that room and went to the chat room for my city and state. I began going through the profiles. Suddenly, I received a private chat from a man bu the chat name of 'Div-Dad'.

I quickly checked his profile and found he was thirty-nine years old. We began chatting and quickly began finding out what each other liked. I said I liked older men and did it all and he said he like younger guys and he too did it all.

We continued to chat or a while when he asked if i was busy and if not would I like to get together. I usually didn't meet guys for sex without physically getting to know them in person first but this guy seemed cool. I said I'd like that and asked if he could host.

He said he could as his son was out of town for the night. We agreed to meet at a park and get to know each other before jumping in bed. We exchanged first names only and I lied and said my name was Sam. He said he was John.

'I'll be in Baker Park in fifteen minutes, sitting on a bench by the parking lot with a red polo short on,' he typed.

'I'll be there and will have on a white tank top', I typed back.

I logged off and slipped on a white tank top and a pair of shorts and wore sneakers sock-less.I waited a few minutes then headed out.

I soon arrived at the park and saw his car. He was on a bench, his back to me. I parked and slipped out of my car and walked to him. As I approached, he turned toward me and seeing my face, simply said 'Oh, shit, no way!"

I was looking into the face of Brad Dawson, the father of my best friend and sex buddy, Greg. Greg and I had discovered sex together and had been sucking and fucking each other since we were fifteen.

Greg and I and both our dads were the best of friends, frequently going to sporting events or the gym together.

"Mr. Dawson, was that you in the chat room?"

"Yes, Mark, it was. Sit down. We need to talk."

I sat down nervous as hell, wondering if he was going to tell my dad. I decided he wasn't because he would be admitting that he was gay also.

I turned to him and asked, "Does Greg know anything?"

"No, not a thing. He thinks I'm straight but I'm totally gay. How about your dad?"

"Same here. Dad has no idea."

After a moment he asked, "How long have you been active with guys?"

"Since I was fifteen," I said, not telling him it was with his own son.

"Does Greg know your gay?"

"No," I lied.

"Well, now that our secrets are out, do you still want to do anything?"

"Yes, I do. I've always thought you were hot. Do you want to do anything?"

"Very much. However, it will be weird being around your father knowing I've had sex with his son."

"I know. It will be the same for me when I'm around Greg."

"Well, I'm going home. If you want, you know where we live. Come on by."

Without waiting for an answer, he quickly got up and left. I sat there totally stunned. True, I had always thought he was hot, but I never dreamed he was gay, or even possibly bi.

I got in my car and headed out. Without even thinking, I drove straight to his house. I parked in the street and went to the door, my heart racing and my knees weak.

I rang the bell and when he answered he looked at me and smiled, then invited me in. He had stripped down to only a pair of boxers.

I went in and he shut and locked the door. I turned to face him and noticed that the bulge in his boxers was rapidly growing.

"Make yourself comfortable," he said.

Smiling, I said, "You first."

He immediately grabbed his boxers and pulled them down then let them fall to the floor and stepped out of them.

His body was awesome and his hard cock was beautiful and inviting. I quickly removed my tank top and shorts. There we stood, both naked and hard, drinking in each others body with our eyes.

He stepped up to me and as our hard cocks were pressed between our bodies he hugged me. As he did, I turned my face to his and began kissing him. He immediately returned he kiss and our tongues began exploring each others mouth.

After a long kiss, we parted and he said, "let's go to the bedroom."

He took my hand and led me to his room and to his bed. For over four hours, we kissed, sucked, rimmed, and fucked each other. It was so fucking hot having sex with him especially since he was my best friends dad.

When I left to return the two blocks to my house, we agreed to meet again whenever we could.

I arrived home and saw that dad was still out. In a way i was glad because I didn't have to answer questions about being out, not that he minded but he liked to know if I had a good time. He was a truly caring dad.

On Wednesday, Brad called and asked me to meet him at the old motel on the outskirts of town for a 'quickie'. I did and loved it.

However that week when Greg and I had sex, I had to stop myself from saying how hot sex with his dad had been.

Things continued on as normal, as we all went places together. I noticed that Dad was going out more and more and when I asked if he was dating, he would get nervous and say no that he and some guys were getting together for poker.

Out of sheer curiosity, I followed him one night. He pulled into a Motel 6, and checked in and went to his room.

I was really curious now so I parked in a dark area and waited. A few minutes later a familiar car pulled up in front of the room. I watched as Greg, my best friend, got out and knocked on the door.

After a moment, the lights went out and I knew then what was going on. I couldn't believe that my dad was gay and having sex with Greg.

As I pulled out my cell phone rang, and it was Brad.

"Hey Mark, it's Brad. Greg is over at a friends for the night and I was wondering if you could stop by."

"You better believe I can. I'll be right there. Just leave the door unlocked and be in bed naked and waiting."

"Damn, I'll be glad to. Man, you must be horny as hell."

"Yea, and getting hornier by he minute."

We had wild sex beginning with me ravishing his hot ass with my hard cock.

For three more times, when dad said he had a poker game, I'd follow. Each time he went to the same motel and moments later, Greg would arrive.

Then, one Saturday, Greg called and said his dad was going out of town for the night and would I like to spend the night with him. I said sure.

A short while later, dad informed me that he was going up to a coworkers camp for the night and play poker. I simply said, "Have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do." He smiled sheepishly.

Dad had said he would be leaving about three in the afternoon. I called Greg and asked, "Greg, where is your dad going?"

"He told me he was going with your dad to play poker at some guys camp."

"I see. Hey, I'll pick you up a two thirty. Be ready."

"What's up?" he asked.

"I'll tell you later."

At two thirty, I picked Greg up and he immediately asked what was going on.

"If it's what I think it is, I'll tell you everything, I promise."

I drove to a parking lot next to the motel and parked. Seeing the motel, I could tell Greg was nervous.

Shortly after three, we saw my dad pull up, check in and go to a room.

"I thought he was going to a camp to play poker and my dad was going with him."

"Just wait. If my hunch is right, you're in for a big shock."

Ten minutes later, we saw Brad pull in, park and knock on dad's door. As dad let him in, he looked around outside then shut the door.

Looking at Greg I said,"I assume you know what's going to go on in that room."

"What are you talking about?"

"The same thing you and my dad did in this motel," I said.


I told him about following dad and seeing him join him.

"But my dad's not gay."

"Oh yes he is." I then told him about how I met his dad in the gay chat room and everything we did, then asked how he started with my dad.

"Holy shit! I never had any idea dad was gay. Did you suspect your dad?" he said, then explained that he had met my dad at the restroom at the park and did each other through a glory hole.

After he told me about how he met my dad, I said, "I had no suspicion about my dad until he told me he was playing poker. He's never played poker before. I wanted to see what he was up to. I figured it might be another guys wife until I saw you show up."

"Damn, while I was sneaking around having sex with your dad you were doing the same with mine. Now they are doing it together also."

"Did my dad ask if I knew you were gay," I asked.

"Yes, he did, but I told him no, and he said you had no idea about him either."

"Same with your dad. Surely, they wouldn't say anything to each other about having sex with each other's son."

"Surely not," Greg said. "But what are we going to do about this situation?"

"Let's go back to the house and figure it out," I said.

As we drove back, we told each other about sex with each other's dad. We both agreed that we'd love to experience sex with our own dad.

We got to the house and after we had sex we began to hatch a plan.

I looked at Greg and said, "How does this sound? I think it would be best if we just came straight out and told them everything, first letting them know that we know they have sex together, then telling them that we have been having sex together since we were fifteen and that I'm having sex with your dad and your having sex with mine."

"You think they will accept it or get pissed at each other?"

"I have no idea but I think I can handle it. First though, I want to get pictures of them at the motel together."

We got our pictures in time and after printing them out at home, I suggested to dad that we have them over for dinner.

After dinner I dropped the bomb.

"Greg and I need to talk to you two, but after you hear us out, you have to promise there will be no hard feelings.

They both agreed and I began.

"Dad, I thought it strange that you said you were playing poker, so I followed you to the Motel 6. Greg was with me and after you checked in, we saw Brad arrive and go straight to your room. We know you were there for sex."

"Wait just a minute," dad began.

"Let me finish!" I snapped. "I had also followed you before and saw Greg meet you. I knew what he was there for because he and I are gay and been having sex since we were fifteen. When D confronted him he admitted it. I then confessed to him that I had met his dad on line and had sex with him. So as it turns out, we've all been sneaking around having sex with each other. Me and Greg, me and Brad, you and Greg, and you and Brad. The only thing that hasn't happened is Brad and Greg having sex and me and you having sex and we both want that to change tonight."

"How long have you known about Brad and I?"

"A few weeks. If you had denied it, I had pictures of Brad going into your room. How long has it been going on?"

"Two years. He and I met the same way you and he met, on the chat line. You can imagine how shocked we were to see who we were meeting."

"Believe me I know," I said.

Brad spoke up saying, "So, son, you're anting sex with me and Mark is wanting sex with Don, right?"

"Yes, sir, very much," Greg replied.

Brad looked at dad and said, "Don, they have us dead to rights. We both know for sure they are gay and I know your son is hot in bed, so what do you think? Shall we give in to their wishes?"

"Well, Greg is hot in bed also, and they are both the age of legal consent, so I don't see why not."

Brad said to Greg,"Come on son. Let's go him and see what happens."

"No," Greg replied. "We want to do it here with everyone together. I want Mark and Don watch us and I want to watch them. Then maybe all have a huge four way."

"Holy fuck," Dad said. "That would be hot as hell to watch. I'm game."

After a moment of thought, Brad said, "Fuck, let's do it."

Greg and I smiled at each other and immediately began stripping as our dads watched. Once we were totally nude both dads agreed that we were hot as hell. Then, Greg and I got to watch each of our dads strip. We were already boned but seeing our own dad strip, we got even harder.

We led our dads to my dad's bedroom and all four of us got on the bed. Greg and I began kissing and making out with our own dad ad it was hot. Soon, Brad and Greg watched dad and I have our first sixty-nine, and eat each other's loads. Then dad and I watched them do the same. Later, each pair watched the other pair fuck each other. It was so awesome feeling my dad's cock u my ass firing off his seed.

After a rest and some conversation dad got to watch Brad and I have sex as we watched him and Greg. Then, Greg and I paired off as did Dad and Brad.

That coming out was three years ago. Our get togethers were extremely frequent and dad and I had sex daily. Now, Dad and Brad have moved in together as lovers and Greg and i share an apartment. We have professed our love for each other, but Valentines Day is approaching and I plan to ask him to be my lover. I know he will say yes.

The End




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