My name is James and I'm a married cocksucker. For the longest time Jerry, my main feeder has been promising to set me up with a few of his friends to whom he's been bragging about 'his cocksucker' and about my talented mouth. It was only when I told him that my wife Barbara would be in out of state visiting relatives for a couple of weeks that he was finally able to make arrangements with three of his friends to pay me a visit.

On Thursday morning Jerry stopped by my house on his way to work to give me a brief but extremely vigorous throat fucking topped off with an ample mouthful of his deliciously thick cum. While I was swallowing it, he explained to me what he'd set up and instructed me on what he wanted me to do and what I was to expect.

His first friend David arrived later that morning as promised. Although his cock was considerably smaller than Jerry's I was able to coax him to cum in my mouth after maybe five minutes of bobbing and sucking. I swallowed his salty contribution, exchanged 'thank you's' while he put his cock away and then he left.

The next day, Kevin, the second of Jerry's friends knocked on my door at 1:30 PM. after some pleasant conversation, he removed his pants and shorts and sat down on the couch. Slipping off my chair down to the floor to my knees, I crawled over to where he was sitting and got down on my knees and took his erect cock into my mouth just as I had done with the first friend the day before. Kevin had told me earlier that it usually took him quite a while before he's able to climax but within a short time he began to very loudly, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, Oooohhhhh fuck I'm cumming."

He held my head as I had requested and proceeded to thrust upward into my sucking mouth while simultaneously releasing a flood of bitter but tasty cum onto my mouth and across my tongue. Just as before, I savored it in my mouth before swallowing it. Kevin effusively praised my sucking skills...saying things like, "Oh god your soft lips, Oh yeah, that's a good cocksucker," and that Jerry hadn't exaggerate. He said, "I'm surprised at how quickly you made me cum," and that it was the best blowjob he'd ever received. He put his pants back on and after some more polite small talk, Kevin too left.

The third friend, Aaron wasn't scheduled to arrive until 7:30 that evening so I went online surfing blowjob clips for inspiration and to pass the time until he got here. Jerry my feeder had told me that I'd be especially pleased with Aaron, his last friend because he was very muscular and that he had quite a big cock, bigger than his. He knew that I was an unapologetically a size queen. I was trained as a teen to be a cocksucker by Roy my best boyhood friend who had an abnormally huge cock. He'd introduced me to the supremely erotic and deliriously sublime sensation of having a very thick cock forced all the way into my throat. Being enthusiastically throat fucked has always been and still is for me, the best part of the cocksucking experience.

Aaron finally arrived, a little later than promised with no apology or excuse. As soon as we shook hand, I could tell that he was the short type guys who was sure of himself and would want to take charge and supply me with the domination I craved and enjoyed. We spoke for quite a while and I told him, like I'd told the others of my history and of my inclination for being submissive and my need to feel "used, but not abused".

He understood and said, "I'd be delighted to indulge you in your particular preference." Then he unbuttoned, unsnapped, unzipped and took off all of his clothes, exposing his strong body and revealing a mouth watering, very large and quite beautiful cock.

Spreading his thighs, Aaron lay back on my couch and I immediately went to my knees and attacked his cock with my mouth...deep throating him to his balls. Bobbing my head up and down, I continued to suck and slobber on his cock, alternating between hard and soft for the better part of an hour. The reason why I was able to suck his big cock for such a long time was because he would stop me whenever he got too close to cumming. I would just lick his cock and softly suck on the head for a while until it was okay for me to take it down my throat again.

I told him, "I wanted you to hold onto my head and fuck my mouth very roughly," the way my best friend Roy used to do it. He was very happy to oblige me. I asked him to, "Cum on my tongue so that I could taste it."

Eventually, after holding back his orgasm for as excruciatingly long as possible, , shaking, with his fingers digging holes in my scalp, aaron cummed into my mouth.

After Aaron finally cummed and I'd finished swallowing it, he and I spent a long time discussing our histories. I was so gratified to have a willing ear and an opportunity to verbalize and to put into words my deepest feelings about my passionate desire to be down on my knees sucking cock and having my mouth fucked and bathed in wonderful, delicious cum.

Aaron responded to my obvious love of being submissive and my strong need to be controlled and to be sexually manipulated. He was also married, but was surprised that I'd confessed to my wife that I used to love sucking my best friend Roy's very big cock for most of high school. I showed him how easily I was able to swallow my Jeff Stryker dildo which was as big as Roy's cock had been. He was amazed as he watched it disappearing down my throat.

Although he had said when he first got to my house that he wanted to try to cum twice, after he came the first time, he got dressed saying that he didn't think he'd be able to do it again. But by the time he saw me swallowing the dildo Aaron's cock was as hard as a rock and he wanted to fuck my mouth again.

This time we did it in my bedroom with him standing up next to the mirror and me down on my knees in front of him. He wanted to be able to watch his big cock going in and out of my hungry cocksucker's mouth. Aaron held me tightly by my head and really rammed his cock all the way down my throat. It felt great. I loved it. Aaron kept calling me a 'cocksucker." This was the best mouth fucking that I'd experienced since high school. And when he cummed again, this time he cummed deep down my throat. But even so, I was still able to taste his cum and there seemed to be even more of it than there had been the first time. By then it had gotten late and Aaron had to leave. He too said that it was the best blowjob he had ever received and left with my number and promising to call. I think I just added another feeder to the mix.

I was so proud of what I had just done. If Jerry, my feeder had been there he would have been proud of me too. In two days I'd sucked off four guys and swallowed all their cum. I swallowed six loads in all, the last one being my own after jerking off with Jeff stuffed down my throat after Aaron left. I love being a cocksucker...I really, really do. I've asked Jerry to come over before my wife Barbara comes home so I can suck him off again to show him my sincere appreciation.

The end...



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