The Cat Man

By : A. Williams

My story started when I met this man named Eddie. A tall man, six foot six inches and very attractive. He had dirty blonde curly hair to his shoulders and a very nice firm ass. I was in line behind him in the check-out line at the grocery store. He was buying tons of cat food, cat litter and a six pack of Bud light beer. I was buying the same kind of beer, although a twelve pack, along with two thick ribeye steaks and potatoes for dinner. I spoke to him hoping he was my type of man.

“Hello, are you feeding all the neighborhoods stray cats?” I asked flashing him my killer smile while asking about his obvious load of cat food.

He turned and smiled back, showing me his perfectly white straight teeth and deep brown eyes.

“Nope, just stocking up for my own cats,” he said as he winked at me. "My own cats" should have raised a red flag but I was so caught up in his good looks that I missed it.

“Are both those steaks for you? Or do you have company coming tonight?” he asked smoothly.

“Nope, all by myself as usual,” I said watching the checker ring up his purchase.

He moved up and she quickly rang up my three items.

We walked out of the store together and realized we were parked next to each other in the parking lot. I quickly put my stuff in the front seat of my BMW and then helped him load his many bags into the trunk of his Ford Escort.

“My name is Eddie by the way and you are?” he asked.

“Sorry, I’m Andrew. But most folks call me Andy,” I said as we accidently touched.

“I hate to eat alone and I have the stuff to make a nice salad and garlic bread for us at my house. So if you want to share your steaks, we could eat together and get to know one another. I have a nice grill, all ready to go and we could share the beers we both have. I could use your help to get all this stuff in my house,” he laughed and smiled at me hopefully.

I thought why not? I do get tired of eating alone too so I said, “Sure Eddie. I’d love to. I’ll follow you to your house.”

“Great Andy, it’s not far, see you there,” he said.

True to his word, about eight blocks away we pulled up to a very nice two story brick house on about an acre and half lot.  The yard was picture perfect with a well-manicured lawn, lots of blooming flowers and trimmed bushes.

We pulled into the paved driveway and parked. We both got out of our cars and grabbed his grocery bags to take inside. I got my two bags from my car and grabbed four of his. I followed him up on the porch where he unlocked the door and we entered the living room.

I was immediately hit with an ammonia odor so strong it made me gag. As my stomach lurched, I noticed cats everywhere, there seemed to be hundreds of them. They were on the furniture, on the kitchen table, on the stove and the kitchen counters.

Eddie shooed them off the table and set his bags down as I kept gaging. He must have noticed because he opened a few windows but it didn’t help the foul odor. I sat my bags down and rushed for the front door and fresh air. On my way out I saw litter boxes on the living room floor full to the brim with cat shit and piss.

As I lean on my car and breathed deep, I realized that awful smell was the cats litter boxes. Eddie came out of the house and walked over to me, “Sorry Andy, that’s why I needed the cat litter to clean their boxes. Please stay and go out back and have a beer while I clean up. I promise the upstairs is so much better. Go around back and sit on the patio. I have the beer on ice in a cooler for you already,” he said so pitifully that I agreed to his request.

Later, I would look back and think to myself, “you should have left then, you fool.”

I went around back and found a nice seat under the deck covered patio. The backyard was so private and just as well kept as the front. Eddie had pots of flowers sitting around the patio. He had a large vegetable garden planted along the back of the lot with tomatoes, cucumbers and green beans as well as corn.

Other than those damn stinking cats, everything was perfect and his ass was perfect for fucking, I thought as I sipped my beer.

Eddie came out into the backyard and walked to the beautiful garden with a bucket. He picked a big red ripe fresh tomato and a long seedless cucumber for our salad. Walking back he said, “Let me put these in the fridge to cool, I’ll be right back to join you for a beer.

True to his word, he was back in a few minutes with another cooler full of what I assumed was his beer. He sat down with a heavy sigh and popped open a cold one. “Damn, so much better. I love it out here It’s so quiet and the flowers look nice,” he said trying to strike up a conversation.

“You seem to be very good at gardening. Did you plant the vegetable garden yourself?” I asked him.

“Yes I did,” he said proudly “It’s doing very well this year. We’ve had just enough hot days and I keep it watered.”

“It looks great. You have any other hidden talents?” I asked intrigued.

“I cook a fantastic steak on the grill. I went to cooking school 2 years up in Boston. Oh those were the days,” he said leaning back and laughing.

“Yeah I had those too, when I studied Electronics,” I said thinking back.

“Damn, a smart man. Did you finish and get your degree?” he asked.

“Of course, A-plus honor roll. Top of my class,” I said proudly.

“Hell, I’m impressed Andy. Let’s drink to your success,” he said pulling out two cold Buds.

“Yes, let’s toast…to by-gone days,” I said raising my can to touch his as we both laughed.

We sat in silence a moment. Both of us thinking back, to when we were younger and more carefree with no responsibilities. When we knew no better and wasted our youth. Shit, how I would love to go back and know what I know now. I would change so many things and do so much better for myself.

“Andy, where do you work now?” he asked drawing me out of my thoughts.

“Out of my home. I have my own Business. I do pretty well for myself. Where do you work Eddie?” I asked.

“I work as the main chef up at Bryce Resort” he told me and I knew it very well. In the summer, it was a mountain getaway and in the winter, it had a great ski slope.

“Wow, they only hire the best cooks there. They pay pretty well?” I asked.

“Yes, but its hard work and long hours,” he said popping another beer.

“That’s why I love my down time,” Eddie said laughing and chugging his beer.

“Yeah, I know the feeling. Seems I’m always on call,” I said finishing my beer as well.

We talked on and on. We drank all the beers and finally I asked, “Are we going to eat or just go upstairs, get naked and have sex?”

“Damn Andy, I’ve wanted you to fuck me all night. Hell, let’s go,” he said standing and grabbing my hand.

We raced upstairs and stripped fast. We fell into his bed and rolled around laughing and caressing each other.

“I need you to fuck me hard and make me cum,” he said.

When I rolled him on his back, I saw he had a three inch hard cock. No matter to me, I wanted his sweet ass.

I pulled out a lubed rubber from my jeans pocket and slid it on. I pressed my ten inch fat dick to his quivering hole, “You sure you’re ready Eddie?” I asked.

“Yes come inside me all the way,” he said.

I pressed in hard like he asked and he screamed. FFUUCCCKK….SSSTTTOOOPPPP!”

I held still only half way in. Ready to fuck, but I held still.

“What the fuck you got? A baseball bat?” he asked.

“No Eddie, just my cock. Come on, I need to fuck you,” I said not giving a rats ass about his pain. He wanted it …full and hard…now take it, I thought.

“Go slow for a while please. I don’t want to bleed,” he begged me.

So I did as he asked ….slowly in and out …over and over until I was in balls deep. Then as he lay there like a log …not moving at all…I sped up just to get done and to get off.

I cummed in the condom and pulled out as he just laid there. He was the worst fuck I had ever had. I got dressed quick and made my way out of the house and headed home.

Being a bit drunk, I just crashed in bed and passed out. In the morning I began to itch and had bite marks on my skin. The only thing it could be were the fleas from Eddie’s damn cats. I went to the Doctor and he confirmed what I thought. I bought fifty dollars’ worth of bombs and set them off in my bedroom to kill the fleas and spray to spray in my car and on my clothes.

After a week the fleas began to die …but I was bitten up something awful. Pure sores were on my skin.

 Two weeks later, I was at the grocery store putting my groceries in the trunk when Eddie ran up to me from across the parking lot, screaming at me like a lunatic only six inches from my face.

“Why haven’t you called me or not come by to see me? You’re an ass Andy.”

“Wait a minute! You need to back off and calm the fuck down,” I yelled back pushing him out of my face. A crowd was gathering to watch the drama play out.

“You gave me fleas …from those hundreds of stinking cats you have and you are the worst fuck I’ve ever had,” I yelled as he backed up. Suddenly he swung and hit me with a left hook right in the eye. Well, that’s the only shot he got in. I pushed him to the ground and jumped on top of him, pinning him down. When my fist collided with his face, I felt his nose break as the blood gushed out of his nostrils. I assaulted his torso, hearing his ribs crack and some guy in the crowd finally pulled me off him.

Eddie lay there moaning in a beaten heap. I straighten my clothes and pushed the hair out of my eyes. Then I calmly got in my car and drove away.

I knew I would have a black eye but Eddie was heading to the hospital… That’s for sure.

I’d thought about trying to make him pay for the bombs I’d bought to kill the fleas….but with his upcoming hospital bills…I think I’ll call it even.


The end…


A. Williams

[email protected]


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